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by Sharon Rondeau

Why were Photo ID and social security number required to attend Michelle Obama's upcoming book-signing?

(Jun. 10, 2012) — On Tuesday, June 12, 2012, Michelle Obama will make an appearance at a Barnes & Noble store in Washington, DC to autograph her new book, American Grown:  The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America.

A review of the book states that it is more about “a movement” than actual gardening, which the author admits she had never done prior to moving in to the White House.  She describes how she planned her garden on the “White House lawn” with the assistance of the National Park Service, which The New York Times Book Review commented was “at her back.”  Obama’s focus since becoming putative First Lady has been on childhood obesity, and she has initiated a program entitled “Let’s Move!” which she stated was an outgrowth of her garden.  The White House garden is depicted on Let’s Move! to encourage schools to begin gardens as well.

This spring, Obama planted broccoli, onions, potatoes, spinach and carrots, among other crops, with the help of visiting schoolchildren while the White House Assistant Chef and Senior Policy Advisor for Healthy Food Initiatives, who is from Chicago, looked on.

Another book review agrees with the first, opining that advice on soil types, planting times and gardening tips should have been included and that he views the book as “a piece of propaganda” which lauds the efforts of White House staff who assisted Michelle in her garden endeavor.

Obama believes that “everyone has a role to play” in establishing healthy diets in children, including “elected officials from all levels of government.”

Virtually every child depicted in the online preview of Obama’s book is a minority.

On June 8, two Barnes & Noble employees were quoted as having stated that anyone wishing to attend the June 12 autographing would be required to pass a Secret Service clearance, which includes showing a photo identification and supplying one’s social security number to the Secret Service and purchasing the book at the store but leaving it there, after which “they will be issued a wristband to attend the First Lady’s event on June 12.”  Potential shoppers were warned that the issuance of a wristband “does not guarantee that Mrs. Obama will actually autograph the book” on Tuesday (emphasis the original author’s).

What if someone provided a stolen social security number to the Secret Service?  Do the requirements of providing a social security number and photo ID place an undue burden on the customer, as Obama’s Department of Justice states it does for voting?

Does the policy for Michelle’s book-signing event discriminate against illegal aliens, a group which her husband and his attorney general appear to favor?

Some legal U.S. citizens do not possess a social security number, and there are reportedly various ways in which illegal aliens obtain them.

In regard to an individual providing his or her social security number, one informational source states:

Always ask why your social security number is needed and what the consequences are if you do not produce it or refuse. Federal entities and the United States Government are permitted to ask for your social security number; if asked by other agencies you are unsure about, always question the purpose and legalities involved.

Te Social Security Administration’s website advises:
The Privacy Act regulates the use of SSNs by government agencies. When a federal, state, or local government agency asks an individual to disclose his or her SSN, the Privacy Act requires the agency to inform the person of the following: the statutory or other authority for requesting the information; whether disclosure is mandatory or voluntary; what uses will be made of the information; and the consequences, if any, of failure to provide the information.If a business or other enterprise asks you for your SSN, you can refuse to give it. However, that may mean doing without the purchase or service for which your number was requested. For example, utility companies and other services ask for an SSN, but do not need it; they can do a credit check or identify the person in their records by alternative means.Giving your SSN is voluntary, even when you are asked for the number directly. If requested, you should ask why your SSN is needed, how your number will be used, what law requires you to give your number and what the consequences are if you refuse. The answers to these questions can help you decide if you want to give your Social Security number. The decision is yours.
An Illinois law passed in January of this year requiring photo identification to buy certain industrial-grade substances has been met with some opposition by customers.  In California, there is a law which requires a photo ID for anyone seeking to purchase a police uniform.  Photo identification is reportedly requested by TSA employees and public libraries.
Also on June 8, Michelle Obama went into a bakery looking for food not quite as healthy as that which is depicted in her gardening book.  She was quoted as  having said, “I will be killed if I don’t come out of here with pie.”  Why would the putative First Lady of the United States have uttered such a statement?

Barack Obama’s Justice Department has filed lawsuits against states which have passed laws requiring photo identification in order to vote, claiming that the policy discriminates against minorities. Photo identification has been enacted by several state legislatures in an effort to prevent voter fraud.  The Justice Department has commanded the state of Florida to stop attempting to purge its voter rolls of illegal aliens, and Florida is pushing back.

The states of Texas and South Carolina have filed lawsuits against the Justice Department in an attempt to uphold their respective voter laws.  A “voter ID” law passed in Pennsylvania was challenged by the ACLU, and a FOIA request to obtain records of any communications between the Justice Department and the Pennsylvania ACLU has been stonewalled, resulting in a lawsuit against the Justice Department.  Judicial Watch, founded to fight government corruption “through litigation, investigations, and public outreach,” has reported a “suspiciously close relationship” between the Department of Justice and Project VOTE,” for which Obama was employed during the 1980s.  Project VOTE has been involved in voter registration drives of low-income and specifically, public assistance recipients.

The ACLU is trying to defeat a proposal for a California town to require photo identification for voting, claiming that it discriminates against “Latinos.”

In a press release dated June 6, 2012, Judicial Watch stated that it “Judicial Watch previously obtained documents from the DOJ showing that it worked hand-in-hand with the ACLU in mounting their respective legal challenges to SB 1070, Arizona’s illegal immigration enforcement law that is now before the U.S. Supreme Court.”  Also according to Judicial Watch, illegal aliens using fraudulent social security numbers have received tax refunds in some cases.

Currently, photo identification is required to enter government buildings, and the Massachusetts Democrat Party required them for attendance at its recent convention.  Is there a double standard when it comes to photo identification?

Did Barack Obama ever have to provide his social security number, which some investigators have stated is “stolen,” to the Secret Service?  Does he have a photo ID with his real name on it?

It has been reported that Michelle Obama’s name is associated with more than one social security number and that she forfeited her license to practice law in 1993.

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  1. Gee, if her husband is using a fake one,can visitors use the same fake one too? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander ;)

  2. The only whites I can think of who do not have photo IDs are those who live so far back in the hills that they need to have sunlight piped in. The Census Bureau now says whites are a minority in this country, so it seems that DOJ might want to be more honest about who it is protecting. With Eric Holder looking out for ‘his people’, he certainly isn’t protecting at least one minority — whites. But then we already knew that.

  3. YEAH!, they want to make sure that they have all of the information from the “OBOTS” that would go to “MO’s” event so that IF they VOTE REPUBLICAN, they can go get ‘EM and toss them into Solitary!!!