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by Sharon Rondeau

(May 25, 2012) — “They created their own criminal court that has no jurisdiction,” said Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, regarding his recent discovery that county criminal courts had been outlawed by the state legislature 28 years ago.  “The enormity of this thing is bewildering to contemplate.”

On May 14, 2012, while performing research for his defense of a case brought against him by what he believed to be the Monroe County Criminal Court, Fitzpatrick reported that in a search using the key words “grand jury,” a reference to a Tennessee law passed in 1984 appeared on his computer screen for the first time after more than three years of research.

The set of laws passed in 1984 sought to reorganize Tennessee criminal courts into districts, leaving the existing county courts to handle civil matters such as probate and real estate.  The new law stated that grand juries were to be chosen from the district “at least twice a year.”  While the judge was allowed to choose the foreman, he or she would be dismissed with the other jurors when their term ended.

Another law passed in 2008, TCA 22-2-314, mandated that jurors be chosen by automated means and that no juror could serve consecutive terms.  There is no special allowance for the grand jury foreman.

Of his recent discovery, Fitzpatrick said, “Without having a county criminal court, you’re not allowed to pick trial juries from the county.  Your trial juries have to be picked from the district like the grand juries, and they haven’t been doing that for 28 years.”

On February 17, 2010, Fitzpatrick had filed complaints with the Tennessee Court of the Judiciary (TCOJ), created by the legislature to consider complaints against judges, against Judge Carroll L. Ross and Judge Amy Reedy.  A response letter written by “J.S. Daniel” dated February 23, 2010 stated that according to “Tennessee law,” trial judges were allowed to choose the grand jury foreman, thereby contending that there was no judicial misconduct to investigate and referencing Tennessee Code Annotated 17-5-30(a).  What Daniel did not reference was TCA 16-16-101 and TCA 16-2-507, which ordered the reorganization of the county courts into 31 districts and mandated that the existing county courts were to handle only civil cases.

First page of complaint form filed with the Tennessee Court of the Judiciary on February 17, 2010. The complaints were dismissed six days later.
Page 2 of complaint
Page 3 of Fitzpatrick's complaint against two Monroe County "criminal court" judges


Top section of page 3 of Fitzpatrick's complaint against two Monroe County judges for "handpicking jurors"
Middle section of complaint
Last two paragraphs of Fitzpatrick's complaint against the two judges

Following his discovery of the 1984 laws pertaining to the judiciary in Tennessee, Fitzpatrick told The Post & Email:

We have an example here that we’ve never had the likes of in this country about how the judges have refused to obey our own laws.  This is willful disobedience.  It’s a criminal syndicate.  They were ordered to reorganized the trial court system 28 years ago into districts, and they didn’t do it.  They said, “We’re going to do whatever we want.”  They disobeyed that law.

I sent to you in a package the exchange between the Court of the Judiciary and me with J.S. Daniels.  That was in February 2010.  All of the Supreme Court justices of the Supreme Court of Tennessee were contacted and told that Mr. Pettway was in the jury for 27 years.  Every single member of the 106th legislature was contacted about it.  We told the FBI; we told the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.   You’ll see that Mr. Daniels’s response was that, “I’ve looked at the law, and the judges have full discretion in how they pick the foreman.”  That was a lie.  If Mr. Daniels had replied to us and said, “Well, you’re right, Walt; there’s a law on the books that said we should have reorganized back in 1984; we haven’t done that yet…”  He said he checked the law, but evidently he did not.

First page of letter from J.S. Daniel, Disciplinary Counsel, Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts
Final page of J.S. Daniel's response to Walter Fitzpatrick's judicial complaint which did not mention that county criminal courts had been outlawed in 1984
Top portion of page 1 of response letter from JS Daniel, enlarged
Remainder of page 1, enlarged

Regarding Gary Pettway, the longstanding “Monroe County grand jury foreman” of more than 20 years, Fitzpatrick said:

Back in the day, we notified everybody about Mr. Pettway.  We put a full-page ad in the newspaper in the local community that he’d been there for more than 20 years.  We notified every judge, every policeman, every legislator.  No one did anything.

County grand juries have no criminal jurisdiction whatsoever in Tennessee.  Today, I heard reports on the radio coming from the “McMinn County Criminal Court.”  No; there is no McMinn County criminal court.  We don’t have a better example of judicial corruption in our midst. The judges are disobeying their own state laws.  They created their own court that has no jurisdiction, and no one has been able to stop them.   They’re using a forum that has been outlawed for 28 years.   This is the most serious indictment that has been brought against the judiciary in our American history.

This is why Mr. Obama is in office tonight. Every time we went to a judge to get them to obey the laws that were on the books, they said, “No.”

These are judges running their own separate government which is not found in our state law or constitution.  It’s against the law, a criminal syndicate.  We’re going to have people go looking into their own communities and finding some kind of takeover to one extent or another.  All of the people who tried to challenge Mr. Obama in a courtroom were denied their due process, and they were denied a hearing because the judges do not care about the laws in our country.

What we’ve found here in Tennessee began by trying to bring a treason complaint against Barack Obama.  That’s how this all began.  We tried to advance it into a government system that is not found in our constitution, and they protected Obama by using their criminal system of government with the judges being immune from any kind of sanction or criminal responsibility under the Tennessee constitution, state statutes, or U.S. Constitution.  It’s bewildering to consider, and it’s real.

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  1. This represents the absolute definition of “lawlessness” and “tyranny”. This is Tennessee. Consider the conspiracy being viciously protected by Hawaii ( who is Obama?); Consider the one hour election board hearing (still on the Net) lead by Orly Taitz & assisted by 4 New Hampshire legislators — whereby ALL evidenceagainst Obama was ignored and ALL past precedent (of actually vetting / removing candidates froma ballot) was ignored “not our job – we don’t do that”; and just for kicks consider the Orlya Taitz Hearing in Georgia (by Judge Mahlili) whereby Obama did NOT bother to show up; and evidence was entered on the record by Taitz AND two other attorneys representing different challengers. Yet the Judge threw it all in the trash can and said “too bad Obama wins”. —– I do not have time or energy to cover the lawlessness in the “OTHER 53 States” (as O man would say). I feel helpless & hopeless. I wish I only watched American Idol and SouthPark and Sports. And it is a FACT that a LARGE percentage of the Presidential votes will be counted by a company in Barcelona Spain (SCYTL – a software firm owned by friends of Soros). The tyranny and corruption is pervasive, endless, and worse of all — when uncovered it is ACCEPTED as the NORM. What to do ? What to do ? That is the question for all informed people.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: We are not helpless. With God and our Constitution, we can rein in our out-of-control government and oust all of the morally-bankrupt politicians and law-breaking judges.