by Sharon Rondeau

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III outside of the Monroe County courthouse in Madisonville on Mary 4, 2012

(May 25, 2012) — On May 19, 2012, The Post & Email announced that an official “Justice Fund” had been established to assist LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.) to regain financial stability in the immediate and raise funds to launch a RICO lawsuit against the judiciary and other lawbreakers in Monroe County, TN who have injured him physically, medically, legally, and in violation of their oaths to support and defend the state and U.S. Constitutions.

Members of the Knoxville FBI could also be implicated in the RICO suit.

The fund was opened prior to the bombshell revelation by Fitzpatrick that laws passed by the Tennessee legislature in 1984 still on the record today have been ignored by the county courts.  Consequently, every county grand jury and the indictments they have issued since that time are without merit.

In 1984, the legislature ordered the county courts to reorganize into 31 respective districts to hear criminal matters.  County courts were designated to handle probate, real estate, guardianships, and other civil matters, but expressly no criminal cases.  Therefore, documents, indictments, summonses, arrest warrants and search warrants issued by the “Monroe County Criminal Court” or any other “county criminal court” are null and void.

The impact of the Tennessee judiciary’s flouting of the laws passed in 1984 as well as a subsequent law dealing with the way in which jurors were to be chosen is as yet unknown.  Todd Sweet, George Raudenbush, James Thunder Quill Wilson, Dennis Burnett and Michael Ellington are just a few of those incarcerated following “trials” in the “Monroe County Criminal Court.”

The Tennessee Supreme Court acknowledges that the Tennessee General Assembly has jurisdiction over its actions and rules.  The Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts supplies reports to the legislature and requests its input on such matters as the need for funding for indigent persons.

Fitzpatrick has filed a series of 25 motions with 24 attachments with the judge, district attorney general and court in response to a deadline of May 25 set forth at Fitzpatrick’s status hearing held on May 4, 2012.  Your donations have assisted him to make copies, travel to the necessary destinations, and very recently, to cover his living expenses.  Fitzpatrick has been targeted by the IRS for a bank levy for which there has been no hearing or judicial notice, and we are told that two-thirds of his military pension is being confiscated each month.

Fitzpatrick’s goal is to reestablish the state and U.S. Constitutions as the law of the land across America, but beginning in Monroe County, TN.  For anyone wishing to support his efforts, the address of the Justice Fund is:

Walter Fitzpatrick III
C/O Michael Lerman, Trustee /WF Justice Lawsuit
P.O. Box 9853
Fountain Valley, California  92728

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  1. Recall that all of Walt’s computer equipment was taken in the SWAT team raid on his house in Sweetwater. All of the legal work that Walt just accomplished was done using a borrowed lap top on a WiFi connection at the library and printing at Staples.
    It was a Herculean effort well done at great effort and expense.
    One of the motions was to return his equipment. We hope that happens and that he is able to get an internet connection so we can hear from The Jag Hunter again.

  2. Thank You, ALL of You for your “Donations!!” I have Followed “FITZ” for years and as ex-Navy, @1960, I support and applaud his efforts in fighting Corruption and IN-Justice!!
    I continue to “Stand in Closed-Rank”, with Fitz, and Pray that there be a Lawful and complete Exoneration for him and the others that are Victims of this Gross MIS-Carriage of Justice and Corruption!!!
    GOD’S SPEED, Good and Faithful Warrior!!