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by Lonnie B. Collett

John Wayne acted in a total of 142 movies. He died in 1979.

(May 21, 2012) — John Wayne would turn over in his grave with shame if he was able to see what was happening to our once proud country.  By the time America’s unconcerned citizens actually realize what has been going on in Obama’s regime, it will be too late; our precious freedom will be lost forever. Bills are being passed weekly by Congress that are written to conceal the actual meaning to the average citizen. Our government now borders on the edge of total corruption.

One lone soldier for freedom spoke out about how many communists presently occupy our Congress and was immediately slammed by the sold-out media and his fellow congressmen.  Rep. Allen West must have felt total disgust in the realization that the majority of representatives in Congress were against America’s Republic Freedom and that only a handful were true Patriots.

So what has happened since this realization was made known?  Nothing, absolutely nothing!  An investigation by “Proven Patriots” should have been made, and “immediate impeachment” of all those who are members of the Democratic Socialists of America, communist organizations, and any other anti-American groups.  The same should be applied to our State Governments as well.

Obama makes a mockery of American citizens by keeping his records sealed.  He has managed to cover his ineligibility for over three years now, thanks to the Lame Stream Media by making light of those dim-witted “Birthers.”  I’m proudly one of those “Birthers.”  I also go by the term “Patriotic American” with the very same “Pride.”

American courts require proof of innocence or guilt whenever anyone is accused of a crime.  Obama has been accused by American citizens of not being eligible for the office that he presently holds in our government, yet we are denied the opportunity to see proof. If you are ever accused of a crime of which you claim to be innocent, try to deny showing proof of your innocence and see what happens.

Obama is being allowed to waste tax dollars by traveling to every state campaigning for re-election.  He laughs and makes coy statements to his gullible audience.  They love him, or so it seems.  Do you really think that they would continue loving him if they actually knew his true intentions to change our government from the Land of the Free to the United Nations-controlled “One-World Government?”  I find it difficult to believe that the constant cheering we are hearing while he blunders through his presentations would occur with the same enthusiasm.

My thoughts on all presidents’ re-election should be based on the incumbent’s past accomplishments.  Campaigning should not be allowed.  If he was a good president, he would be re-elected by the American citizens.

Obama was never vetted.  It was a pre-planned scheme controlled by Nancy Pelosi and her friends.  McCain was involved with it as well since he also was not eligible to run for president, having not been born on American soil.

Thinking back on the last election, the only eligible candidate qualified to run for president was the one constantly criticized:  Sarah Palin….I know you are thinking about Ole Joe Biden, but if anybody could be considered a “fruitcake” to me, that would be he. Obama selected Biden just to make himself look intelligent.  Democratics and unions pushing for Obama, financially backed partly by George Soros, did everything in their power to make Palin look unqualified.  They criticized non-stop, yet Palin endured the slander.  She would have made a great president but didn’t want to put her family through Obama’s corrupted media again.  God bless Sarah Palin.

We must demand that every state vet all politicians running for office, even if they are presently in office. Can you imagine how many other people have run for public offices that were not eligible?  I’m a conservative but am still not convinced that Romney is actually eligible.  Has any state investigated this candidate? I doubt it!  His father was born in Mexico, and I understand that his grandparents had given up their American Citizenship because of persecution for being Mormons. They were determined to live and die in Mexico. They never plan to return to America.

The majority of American citizens want the vetting process used in every state, especially with Obama.  We also want to see the proof since we can no longer trust “most” of our state politicians, either.

The good Lord knows that America needs another John Wayne…with Sarah as his sidekick.


Editor’s Note:  There have been questions about the presidential eligibility of George Romney and his son, Mitt.  The Post & Email has not researched this matter thoroughly, but if the report that George was an American citizen by virtue of having been born to two U.S.-citizen parents in Mexico, then Mitt would qualify for the presidency as long as neither of his parents was considered a dual citizen of another country at the time of his birth, using the definition put forth by attorneys who have studied the “natural born Citizen” clause.  This statement is not a conclusive legal analysis but is included to provoke research on Romney’s background and eligibility by those who have not already done so.

In a January 9, 2012 article, The Huffington Post states that Romney has “deep roots” in Mexico even though he has never lived there.  It suggests that Mitt Romney could be considered “a Mexican citizen, with full rights” and that he should show his birth certificate and that of his father to someone in “the closest consulate in his domicile.”  However, what the author-less article fails to mention is that Obama, who claims to have had a father who was a citizen of another country, admitted to being born a dual citizen and after stonewalling for three years, showed a “birth certificate” which has been deemed a “computer-generated forgery” by a group of criminal investigators set to hold a second press conference at the end of the month.  Obama also has ties to convicted felons Tony Rezko and Rod Blagojevich.

The Huffington Post neglects to mention that constitutionally, a foreign-born person can serve as governor of a U.S. state and might even qualify as a “natural born Citizen” under certain circumstances as outlined above.  Sen. John McCain, born in Panama to two U.S. citizens, was declared by the U.S. Senate to be a “natural born Citizen” in April 2008; whether or not that assessment is accurate has not been conclusively determined by a court of law as far as we know.

It is possible that George Romney renounced any Mexican citizenship that he might have been given.  Others born to U.S. parents outside of the United States were reportedly deemed eligible for the presidency under Article II of the Constitution, which would mean that mere birth in the U.S. is not the qualifying factor, as Obama’s supporters and the Congressional Research Service (CRS) have claimed.

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