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by Sharon Rondeau

Has Michelle Obama's appearance been altered in any way in various recent photos?

(May 11, 2012) — As scheduled, Michelle Obama delivered the commencement address at 12:00 EDT at Virginia Tech, something she reportedly chose to do “because of the university community’s resilience in the face of several incidents of campus violence.”  The event is reportedly the first time that a (putative) first lady has spoken at a the school.  Her commitment to speak was made at the end of March.

Initially, only a small-sized photo of Michelle Obama was available.  A second photo appearing a short while later depicts the Virginia Tech backdrop at a substantially  different height.

The Virginia Tech website banner contains a thin orange vertical band alongside a brownish-red horizontal banner featuring the institution’s name and motto, “Invent the Future.”

Obama’s hair appears to have more wave in one photo than in the other.

Questions were raised earlier this week by Mara Zebest, a graphics professional, regarding the “Situation Room” photo from May 1, 2011 purportedly showing Obama with military and civilian staff observing the raid on Osama bin Laden’s hideout.  Now the AP is reporting that the photo was “digitally altered by the source,” which is stated in the caption as “The White House.”  In a caption to the right of the photo, the AP editorialized:

In this May 1, 2011, image released by the White House and digitally altered by the source to obscure the details of a document in front of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, at right with hand covering mouth, President Barack Obama, second from left, Vice President Joe Biden, left, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, right, and members of the national security team watch an update on the mission against Osama bin Laden in the Situation Room of the White House in Washington. When Obama first spoke of bin Laden’s demise, he asked the nation to think back to the unity of Sept. 11. Now the killing of America’s most wanted is something else: a concentrated campaign weapon against Mitt Romney, even a bumper sticker message.

The AP was apparently referring to Obama’s campaign video which featured Bill Clinton praising him for making the “difficult decision” to have bin Laden killed and claiming that Mitt Romney would not have done the same.

Was Obama “photoshopped” into the Situation Room photo?  Is it possible that he was not there or that the event, as it is portrayed pictorially, never occurred?

Bill Clinton was reportedly one of the first people to say that Obama was not eligible for the office of the president.  Numerous state judges have stated that nevertheless, Obama’s name will be placed on the ballot because of his alleged birth in Hawaii, which purportedly makes him a “natural born Citizen.”

The Post & Email has reported on several instances of photos of members of the Obama family appearing and then disappearing, being reduced in size within a short time frame, outdated, or simply not being there at all.  The White House admitted to asking various press outlets to remove a story about Malia Obama, who visited Mexico in March accompanied by a friend and 25 Secret Service agents for which the American taxpayer covered the costs.

Is “The White House” also the source of Obama’s long-form birth certificate which is said to be a “computer-generated forgery?”  What else has been “digitally altered?”

Update, 4:50 p.m.:  A video of Michelle Obama’s address to Virginia Tech is now available using the lower backdrop in the later photo.

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  1. Since all documents are only considered “official” when they are sealed and / or signed by the official generating them the digital copies are not valid documents until they meet the same level of authentication. The BC pdf has no mark of proof it is really a government document. It is not evidence of any more than hearsay. All digital transmissions that have no time/ date/ place of origin attached to each piece, the same as required of FAXed documents, are only of entertainment value to urge you to seek verification. What we need is a law that requires all digital transmissions by government be traceable, time/ date/ author/ producer and sworn to that evidence proving it is available and free to those requesting it. We should also be recipients of the best evidence/ originals when video, audio or photo’s are created. If the government wishes to “photoshop or digitally alter any of it we must first have the originals available and they should meet the original test of all documents. There is no question that many different digital documents have been passed off as original copies and only one can be real. That means there is document fraud unprosecuted. Somebody needs to get cracking on this issue of fraud. Obviously it isn’t going to be the DoJ doing it so that leaves grand juries and if you can find a DA with integrity maybe a charge can be leveled at the entities who have claimed more than one as real.

  2. I hope the entire family is a digital creation — so all we have to do is find the delete button to end the Marxist nightmare.

  3. MO’s face appears to me to be distorted. The left eye appears larger or more open than the right eye. Same for her face with the right side more lifted than the left side that her nose appears not uniform as if there are two sides not matching. Virginia Tech is so ‘fitting’ for the Obama’s. Constant problems at this school, often in the news, unlike other schools in Virginia. I have first hand experience with the ‘corruption’ that goes on at VT that does not involve one thing, nor one incident, nor one person or department. I feel so strongly about what I know that I refuse to do business or have anything to do with anyone that attended or taught at that school. It proves the point that birds of a feather flock together. The reason VT was selected has nothing to do with the reason quoted. It has everything to do with Tim Kaine (Obama’s clone) and Senator Mark Warner. Warner’s Vulture Capital company was very involved with VT. Follow this clue.