“A Distraction?”


by One Peeved-Overwhelming Vietnam Vet, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

(Apr. 23, 2012) — Our cowardly politicians have been dodging the issue of Obama’s eligibility since 2008, and here it is, four years later:  when asked the question about the de facto president’s eligibility, all they can parrot is that they are “satisfied” that Obama was born in Hawaii, that he is a US citizen, and that the eligibility issue is a “distraction.”

Either the world has gone mad, or we have. A “distraction” from the UN Agenda 21 is a mind-boggling concept. Think about it: here’s an organization that is pro-Islam and anti-American and they’re dictating terms to us? So the so-called distraction is that we’re not supposed to know that this Obama clown actively supports the mandates of the UN, even to the point of overriding the Constitution, and the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, also publicly endorses such an anti-American concept.

I believe that every able-bodied and legally-qualified person in the US should own at least one firearm. I also endorse the concept of a citizen militia, where you’re “on call” as long as you are able to fulfill your designated mission. EVERY CITIZEN. Any infringement on the Second Amendment has not been tolerated in the past and certainly will never be tolerated in the future, and Obama’s childish reasoning for banning the M1 from being imported into this country is an asinine attempt to control our ability to be armed as we so choose.

Since anointed President, the incompetent de facto president Obama has surrounded himself with a goon squad reminiscent of Hitler’s cabinet  in the 1930’s. Each one of Obama’s cabinet members, including him, are intellectually deficient to hold their positions due to a lack of executing the requirements of an oath which requires the support and the defense of the United States Constitution.

It is also plain to see that the Republican candidates for president are just as corrupt (in not declaring that THE ONLY ISSUE IS OF OBAMA’S ELIGIBILITY) as the rest of Congress and the members of the Judiciary.  (If you want proof of how intellectually challenged our judges are, you must watch the Obama ballot challenge in a New Jersey court.  Numerous judges have heard cases against Obama’s eligibility but ruled against the evidence submitted, even as the Obama defense has submitted absolutely no evidence to support his eligibility, perhaps because it would be “an embarrassment to the president.”

This country cannot endure any more of Obama and his Communist tendencies. The US will be but a footnote, if that, in its valiant attempt to make each and every one of us free. The future landscape, in following Agenda 21’s dictates, will be reminiscent of the countries on the other side of the Iron Curtain, a grey concrete wasteland, where everyone is an informer and the world is without hope, without freedom of speech, print, or song.

It makes no difference with which political party you’re affiliated; we should all come together to save our country. Those who refuse to see the danger, who blindly continue to support the de facto president Obama, will unfortunately suffer the same consequences as all the other traitors of the Constitution in the past.  We are at war; make no mistake about it. The government has become the enemy, and it’s up to us to put it right. How we decide to put it right is up to what transpires this year.

Footnote: please make the effort to reference the link to the New Jersey court VIDEO: you’ll be utterly amazed at the sophomoric arguments the judge puts forward. The NJ Secretary of State has ruled that Obama’s name will remain on the ballot, reinforcing the belief that politicians are equally incompetent as the legislative branch of the corrupt Federal Government.



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