NBC News Declares Ted Cruz “a Naturalized Citizen”

NBC News Declares Ted Cruz “a Naturalized Citizen”

HLR ESSAY AUTHORS:  “A NATURALIZED CITIZEN CANNOT SERVE” by Sharon Rondeau (Apr. 12, 2016) — On Monday, NBC News’s Pete Williams reported on a ballot challenge heard in New Jersey by Administrative Law Judge Jeffrey Masin contending that 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz is not eligible to the office of the president because he is […]

One-Year Anniversary of Release of Obama “Birth Certificate” Yields Virtually No News Coverage

HAVE THE QUESTIONS BEEN ANSWERED? by Sharon Rondeau (Apr. 27, 2012) — One year ago today, the White House released what was purported to be Barack Hussein Obama’s long-form birth certificate allegedly requested and obtained from the Hawaii Department of Health with special permission from its director, Loretta Fuddy. In her response, Fuddy stated that […]

“A Distraction?”

CITIZENS DENIED REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES by One Peeved-Overwhelming Vietnam Vet, ©2012, Presidential Candidate (Apr. 23, 2012) — Our cowardly politicians have been dodging the issue of Obama’s eligibility since 2008, and here it is, four years later:  when asked the question about the de facto president’s eligibility, all they can parrot is that they are “satisfied” […]

Do We Know Who “Unknown” Is?

SPEAKING IN RIDDLES, OR SPEAKING THE TRUTH? by Sharon Rondeau (Apr. 10, 2012) — In response to Atty. Mario Apuzzo’s account of the ballot challenge in which he represented two New Jersey plaintiffs today, an individual with the screen name “Unknown” has left the following comment: While I can repair some things on my old […]