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by Doretta Wildes, ©2012, blogging at DorettaWildes

(Mar. 30, 2012) — Mainstream media is cheering on the demise of paper money and coins. Online banking is now commonplace, and RFID chips are being used to track pets and people. The healthcare industry is advocating for their use in Alzheimer patients and others.

They’re sneaking a chip beneath my skin

the next time I take my insulin.

I read recently that chip implants are being used to gain entrance to certain posh nightclubs. And there are the usual useful idiots promoting chips and cashlessness, porters for the NWO kill plan.

They’re putting a chip in the back of my hand.

I hope it won’t hurt when I’m getting scanned

at Walmart or Target or T. J. Maxx

or when I’m paying my income tax.

Naturally, the powers behind it hope people will passively slip on their digital manacles and accept the death of their wallets. So far, that seems to be the majority response. It’s becoming harder to balance a checkbook now that bank statements have become a jumble of electronic and handwritten transactions.

No more forgetting, no more delaying,

When it’s time to pay, they say, “You’re paying!”

When it’s time to spend, your every move

is easy to track and easy to prove.

Paying cash can get you marked as a criminal or terrorist, if FBI recommendations are followed to the letter. So much easier (and safer) to bank online and swipe a card than rummage through a dirty wallet for the correct change.

They tell me I’ll love my microchip

whenever I go on a business trip.

It will save lots of time at the checkout line

and prevent a late fee or a parking fine.

So much easier to swipe a credit card through the digital parking meters recently installed on Main Street in my hometown. The smart meters “know” when your car arrives and graciously bestow 10 free minutes. But what is the true cost of those minutes? What is the true cost of the smart meters being thrust upon homeowners by power companies throughout the US? Sleepless nights and CNS disturbances, from what I understand.

“Those supplements, those heirloom seeds,

those books, those bulbs, those prayer beads–

We’ll know exactly what you bought

and soon we’ll know your every thought.”

We pay with our bodies and souls when we give up control of simple acts, simple transactions. I’m one of the diehards who still writes checks and uses cash. It annoys people in line behind me. I wonder how long it will be before I’m forced to surrender my wallet by an angry crowd?

Perhaps the NWO’s plan to destroy human free will–in part by getting rid of cash–will be carried out by the impatient, the multi-tasking and the trendy. Perhaps microchipping, hatched by the banking industry, will be carried out by the fashion industry.

Just a thought. Take this one for what it’s worth: everything left in your wallet and everything in your soul.

They’ve put a barcode on my life.

They tell me to resist is futile.

But I’ll take ridicule and strife

before I’ll be Big Brother’s poodle.

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  1. “I’m one of the diehards who still writes checks and uses cash. It annoys people in line behind me.”

    I salute you, Ms. Wildes, from another diehard!

    I,too, still write checks,use cash, and am credit card debt free!

    Pay no attention to the people in line behind you, just turn and give them a great big smile, that’s what I do.