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by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 31, 2012) — On Thursday, Israeli officials accused the Obama regime of leaking intelligence regarding an Israeli nuclear facility which might have been used to strike Iran amid growing concern over Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

A spokesman for the Obama regime announced new sanctions against Iran in order to send “a clear signal to the international community that Iran’s attempts to evade international sanctions will not go unnoticed.” Obama declared that “world markets have enough crude oil that such sanctions would not hurt U.S. allies.”  A “sweeping defense bill,” the NDAA, signed on December 31, 2011, putatively allows Obama to “determine if there was enough oil supply on the world market to allow countries to cut their oil purchases from Iran.”  The NDAA is also said to allow the executive branch to order detention of U.S. citizens at will if they are suspected of terrorist activity.

Following Obama’s ascension to the White House, Iran’s leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, called for an “apology” for perceived injustices toward his country on the part of the U.S.  Obama stated that he wanted “friendship” and not regime change with Iran, which carries out violent punishments, particularly against women and homosexuals.

The U.S. House and Senate are considering further legislation to address the Iranian problem as gasoline prices continue to rise and nations around the world consider using their reserves to provide some relief.

The left-leaning TIME Magazine opined as to why rising gasoline prices are not Obama’s fault, justifying a continued moratorium on U.S. drilling following the Deepwater Horizon incident on April 20, 2010.  Obama has falsely stated that oil companies are “subsidized” and wishes to remove the tax breaks they currently receive from the U.S. government, claiming that “the future” is “wind power and solar power and biofuels…”  A columnist at Forbes has opined that Iranian sanctions could drive up oil prices even more.

Offshore drilling might be allowed to go forward this summer in the Beaufort Sea after a 20-year moratorium.  An employee in the oil industry has recently written that Obama’s regulations “have forced at least five East Coast refineries out of business in the last year,” which he claims has directly impacted the price of gasoline.

The Jerusalem Post reported that Azerbaijan had provided Israel “access to airbases in its territory along Iran’s northern border for potential use in a military strike against Iranian nuclear facilities,” about which an American official stated the Obama regime is reportedly “not happy.”

Israel has been said to be gathering intelligence in Azerbaijan on Iran, which has publicly announced its intention to destroy the Jewish state.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Obama earlier in March, during which time a discussion regarding an Israeli strike on Iran took place.  However, the White House press secretary, Jay Carney, was vague as to whether or not any specific “deal” had been reached on armaments.  Obama’s campaign website states that he has an “unshakable” commitment to the security Israel, although his record does not appear to support that statement.  A Fox News report states that the Obama regime crafted an agreement with Israel to supply it with “better weapons” in exchange for refraining from an attack on Iran this year.  The White House spokesman denied that Obama himself had participated in discussions about U.S. weaponry.

Prior to the 2008 presidential election, Obama stated to ABC News that he is a Muslim and has been noted to have attended “Palestinian and Arab-American community events in Chicago” and met with many representatives for Islamic causes.

A new advertisement and video from presidential candidate Rick Santorum indicates that a “sworn American enemy has become a nuclear threat” under Obama’s “failed policies.”  Santorum believes  thatObama’s approach to foreign policy “rushes to engage America’s enemies.”  Obama insists that “The United States will always have Israel’s back when it comes to Israel’s security.”

Iran has threatened the U.S. and Israel with retaliation in the event of any military strikes against it.

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