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by Todd J. Sweet, ©2012

Was Midas's Touch blessed or cursed?

(Mar. 30, 2012) — Not always does the blame set squarely on the shoulders of the law makers and enforcers to the fact that they have to succumbed [sic] to corruption.  In their defense please try to keep in mind a few facts.  First, it is always satan that initiates the temptation of corruption either through the spirit of greed, power, lust or whichever entices the official, public servant, individual, business etc etc [sic].

Second, remember that satan and his demons must use a vessell [sic], a human being, to bring that temptation to full blown sin in the Temptee [sic].  I know this for a fact from experience.  I use [sic] to be that very vessell [sic] that satan used to tempt our officials as well as individuals by useing [sic] money, power, greed and lust.

So with that stated and admitted, I will promise you “The People,” that I will not only expose the corrupt, but those who tempt them for satan no matter what trouble that may bring me.  God has placed this mission on my heart, to expose the gross breaches of our Constitution (laws of our land) as well as the laws of God.  I take that charge very seriously and I will lay my life down for it.

Before we delve into Las Vegas corruption let me clarify that the post & e-mail [sic] does not influence my writing nor do they agree or disagree.  They do however take the facts presented, look into them to be certain Im [sic] not just venting and provide me with a means to help God bring the lost souls to repentence [sic] (for it is God who does the saving.  He only uses me to get them to see the light and He uses the Post & E-mail [sic] as a means to get the job done for those who read this fine electronic news source.

Know that through prayer God puts on my heart what and whom to expose and it is my desire that in doing so God moves on their hearts and leads them to Salvation.  He did it for Paul, He did it for the multitudes, He did it for me.  He can most certainly do it for all.  I was a horrible liar, manipulator, and corruptor of people and situations.

Always remember in whom [sic] we are dealing.  Satanic-demonic agencies and their agents and the much stronger Heavenly-angelic Agencies and their agents.

Sin City.  Las Vegas Nevada.  For those of you who have visited or live in Vegas you know what I refer to when I say that sin is running free there.  For you who havent [sic] been, just trust me and spare your soul the burden, destruction and damage caused by the demons who will ride your back in this desert hells [sic] playground.  Sin is full bore in Vegas.  Every element of it and to every extreme. [sic]

To have all that sin laid down in the desert it takes alot [sic] of officials, law makers and enforcers, to disregard all ethics and morals and look the other way, or to adjust the local and state laws in order to set aside the commands of God and the demands of our Constitution.  Always keep in mind that the Bill of Rights did not – nor was it our founding fathers [sic] intent – to give us a right to set aside what Gods [sic] commands say and lose track of what is morally right or wrong.

In this desert Babylon one person, one business, one sinner stands out to me far greater than any other for I have had personal dealings with him.  I will not personally name him to save the Post & Email [sic] a potential legal confrontation.  Just draw from my words, draw from the facts and clues and you will undoubtedly know who I speak of.  He is who gave me the drive, not drove (because satan did that) but the drive to become a master liar and manipulator, a corruptor of not only people but of situations.

For I have learned through the years that he is one of the greatest, most dangerous, most flamboyant confidence men in all of time.  Even so it is not my goal to hurt him but to lead him to God.  For like me, if he were to use his skills for Gods [sic] kingdom instead of satan’s, he could make a real impact on our great country and in the lives of men and women instead of helping satan destroy the same.

With that please allow me to give you a short lesson in mythology.  Some of you may know of this myth so please bear with those who do not.  Also let me be completely clear that mythology is exactly that – myth.  The only true history book is the Holy Bible.  The Word of God.  but never-the-less [sic] mythology exists and for this posting has its place…..

King Midas.  The name has long been associated with a rich man.  A man who seems to take nothing and turn it into something is said to have the “Midas Touch” from his riches.  His so called [sic] “gift” only lasted less than 24 hours and threatened him with speedy death.

Midas was the King of Phrygia, the land of roses, and he had beautiful rose gardens near and around his palace.  It is in these gardens where servants of the palace stumbled upon old Silenus, who drunk as always [sic] had wandered off from Bacchus’ train where he belonged and became lost.  They took and dressed him in rosy garlands and set a wreath upon his head, woke him, and displayed him before Midas as a joke.  Midas welcomed him and entertained him for 10 days, then led him to Bacchus who was delighted to have him back.  Bacchus then told Midas that whatever wish he wished would come true.

Without any real thought (only greed on his mind) Midas wished that whatever he touched would turn to gold.  At the kings [sic] next meal his food turned to a lump of the precious metal (in some accounts he touched his daughter and turned her to a gold statue).  Hungry and thirsty and totally distraught he quickly returned to Bacchus and implored he take back this gift he now saw as a curse.  Bacchus told him to go wash in the Pactolus river [sic] and he would lose the fatal gift.  So he did and that is the reason it is said that gold was later found in the sands of the river…..

Later on, once again for reasons of stupidity, Midas’ ears were turned to that of an ass by Apollo.

Midas was chosen to umpire a musical contest between Pan and Apollo, the latter being much more powerful.  The rustic god Pan could play very pleasing tunes on his pipes of reed but once Apollo struck his silver lyre, no sound on earth or in Heaven could compare it was said, other than the choir of the Muses.

Though the other umpire, the mountain god Tmolus gave the winning palm to Apollo, Midas, no more intellegent [sic] with music than in any other way, preferred Pan.  Normal prudence would have reminded him of the dangers to side against Apollo, the more powerful of the two.  So, Apollo gave Midas his asses [sic] ears stating he was merely giving to ears so dull and dense the proper shape.  Midas hid them under a cap made just for the purpose, but his servant who was in charge of cutting his hair was obliged to see them.  He was sworn to secrecy but when the secret became to [sic] much to bare [sic] the servant went into a field, dug a hole and whispered into it “King Midas has ass’s ears,” then filled in the hole.

[Editor’s Note:  More on the story of Midas, Pan and Apollo is here.]

In the spring reeds grew and when stirred by the wind they whispered the buried words, revealing to men what happen [sic] to the stupid king and also confirming that when gods are to be in contest against one another the only safe course is to side with the strongest…..

So brothers and sisters [sic] why would a man wish to sue the name King Midas to represent himself and his corporation?  Simple.  he chose to not side with the strongest which is God.  Instead he chose satan.

In the mans [sic] endeavor to build real estate in Las Vegas that provides the “seven deadly sins” he has solely corrupted many, threatened many and hurt many individuals, businesses, law makers and enforcers.  he has helped satan breed…criminals.  He has about him the flamboyancy of satan and will seek and destroy you if you let your guard down.

He is born of Milanese decent [sic].  he is roughly my age.  when I first encountered this man I knew little about him.  In 2003 or 2004 (early) the New York Times, Wall Street Journal or USA Today (I read it but cant [sic] remember which) ran a full length story about him.  They claimed he was a grossly rich condominium builder with his first million in the bank and a Ferrari in his garage at a very young age.  His family back ground [sic] seemed flawless and extremely rich.  No blemishes and everything in his wake was turned to gold.  Those very papers and magazines he was featured in early on helped gain him credibility.  Credibility to hurt, corrupt and destroy what was printed was not the whole truth.  A misrepresentation of the real facts.  A con.

In my case, though very few articles were ever written by informed intellegent [sic] writers and reporters, the articles never-the-less [sic] exposed by lies and my manipulations, the control satan had on my life.

In the Kings’ [sic] case the same un-informed [sic], un-intellgent [sic] print media reporters help satan build upon the lies and manipulations of not only the “king” but many others.

And satan ran with it.

Some ask what would possess me to pass checks of 2 million, 5 million, 7 million and 27 million dollars.  All I can say is it wasnt [sic] rational behavior, it was satan through and through in light of the “king” I was told had access to billions.  You need alot [sic] of money if you plant to fight an enemy that seems to have an unlimited supply of it.

Some ask me what would possess me to employ cops to work my security detail while I was on the run.  When you’ve been shot and can’t go to the hospital in fear of going back to prison you have no choice but to hire the best.  The officers in question were honorable, the best in their town of Monroe County TN.  They were uncorrupted.  Though they were hired under false pretenses I do know one thing for certain.  Had the King sent his knights once again, these officers would have put them down.

I am not trying to make excuses for my manipulative behavior that hurt many.  No, I am trying to give you a broader view and expose the roots of corruption.

Note:  the gun shot wound was reported to Sweetwater P.D. as well as TBI by me and others.  It was later brought out during examination of TBI Special Agent David Guy in open court at my motion for new trial.  The accusation and proof of it go unchecked as to date.  Though it is said I shot myself for the “con” I have offered on more than one occasion to sit through a polygraph examination.  this offer was also declined as to date.  David Guy (TBI) never refuted the fact I had been shot when he testified in court.

Back to the King in Las Vegas.  Several officers and several good people are under his influence.  In future postings, they will be exposed.  If you are one of them I ask you to re-think [sic] your position.  Walk away from the Kings [sic] so called [sic] empire.  God will give you strength and bring you safely under His care if you ask Him to with a pure heart.

To the King.  You know your identity.  Please use your skills for Gods [sic] kingdom instead of wasting them on satans [sic].  sit down and re-think your position.  The flesh and blood battle is behind us.  The real battle is waged in the Holy realms  The spiritual realms.  I will pray for satan to release you from his grasp so in turn you will release the law makers and enforcers from yours.

I ask the readers to pray that god moves on the Kings [sic] heart and brings him to salvation for his own good and the welfare of many.

God bless you.


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