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by Ron Ewart, ©2012

(Feb. 12, 2012) — “Those who have been once intoxicated with power, and have derived any kind of emolument from it, even though but for one year, never can willingly abandon it.  They may be distressed in the midst of all their power; but they will never look to anything but power for their relief.” —  Edmund Burke

Like political power, a massive black hole is an insatiable beast.  It will literally absorb (eat) anything that gets too close.  It eats surrounding gases, whole stars, star systems and planets.  And as it eats, it grows, and the more it eats, the larger and more powerful it gets.  Its power reaches out deeper and deeper into the heavens and warps the very fabric of space and time.   A black hole is a whirlpool in the universe and its immense gravity powers entire galaxies while it clears the space around it like a giant vacuum cleaner inside its event horizon.  At its center is a point of infinite density where the laws of physics no longer apply.  It is, in its growing sphere of influence, the epitome of absolute power.  Not even light can escape it.

Since the dawn of human civilization, the masses have been, and still are, in a constant struggle against the ever-increasing power of centralized government.  Whether it be kings, despots, dictators, or even democracies, centralized power grows and grows, like a black hole, until it envelops and consumes all those who would attempt to break it up or destroy it.  Even though the Founding Fathers went to great pains to inhibit the rise of the federal government by limiting its powers in the U. S. Constitution, every succeeding executive, legislative and judicial branch of government since George Washington, has wriggled and finagled around its constitutional restraints into ever-increasing political power.   The jaws of absolute power are open wide and lie there in our not-too-distant future if the people don’t take it upon themselves to break up that centralized power and restore it to the states and to the people, as it was intended by those who gave birth to freedom over two centuries ago at great sacrifice.

Throughout history, when centralized power is broken up or destroyed, it usually comes from the people violently rising up, en masse, and restoring political power in the people and dividing all such power into smaller jurisdictions, which was part of the core foundation of the U. S. Constitution.  It was the states that created the federal government,  not the other way around.   It is the states and the people that are supposed to have the supreme power under our Constitutional Republic, not the federal government.

Fractionalized power, split up between many small centers of political power, (i.e. states, counties and cities) is freedom’s only salvation.  Centralized, concentrated authority in a single center of power, in the end, will be freedom’s demise.

For over 100 years the power of the American federal government has grown to the point where it now is the beast whose only goal is to perpetuate itself by “eating” anyone or anything that gets in its way.  Constitutional limitations, or resistance from the states, or the people, are vigorously opposed by those who hold federal power.  The federal government will sue in Federal court any state that tries to invoke its 10th Amendment rights, as Attorney General Eric Holder has done to several states over their attempts to control illegal immigration.  The federal government will lie, dupe, or use propaganda and outright brainwashing to paint a rosy picture of what a good job it is doing for the people.  Obama’s entire campaign strategy for re-election will be and is based on lies and propaganda, since he cannot run on his dismal record of failure.

As an example of this propaganda that government puts out, highly credible individuals have charged that the current unemployment numbers are a complete fraud because the government simply removes a million or so people from the total to make the rate look better by sleight of hand.   David Stockman, in an article in the Business Insider, makes the point that the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ numbers on unemployment are an outright fabrication.

Ladies and gentlemen, if government will so blatantly lie about a national statistic, what else will they lie about?  Just about anything!  Truth is the first casualty of government hell-bent on increasing its power.

The three branches of the federal government that were supposed to check the rise of each other’s power through the Separation of Powers doctrine now work in concert to support and enhance each other’s power.  But the greatest increase in power has risen within the confines of the Executive Branch.  Since the days of Abraham Lincoln, each succeeding president has added power to the executive branch by increasing the size of the President’s cabinet.  Each cabinet secretary serves at the pleasure of the president and will do his bidding when directed.  If the President wants to get around the Legislative Branch, he just gives a directive to one of his cabinet Secretaries to promulgate a “rule” which has the force of law.  Or he just writes an Executive Order.   (FDR, Obama’s hero, wrote more than 3,600 Executive Orders)  If the president wants a better judicial outcome, he just packs the U. S. Supreme Court with appointments for justices-for-life ideologues who will support his ideology or agenda.

The second way that the executive branch has increased its power is by the legislative branch abdicating its constitutional legislative power and granting more unconstitutional power to the president or his cabinet bureaucracies.     Around the time of Christ, the Roman Republic of almost 500 years became the Roman Empire when the Roman Senate abdicated all of its power and granted it to the new Emperor, Octavius (Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus – 27 BC).  Could history be repeating itself again and man has learned nothing in 2,100 years?  Could it be that in time, an American Republic could morph into the American Empire when the Congress abdicates all of its legislative power to the executive branch under his majesty, Caesar Obama, or some other equally narcissistic and arrogant “ruler”?

Each year the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government, coupled with an out-of-control federal bureaucracy, take more and more control of every aspect of our daily lives by passing law after law or promulgating rule after rule.   No area of human behavior is safe from the long arms of the law and rule makers that make up the black hole of centralized government.

From the top down, the federal government now controls public education, the money, the land, the water, the food, the energy and the health care of every American.  America has reached the point where the government can do anything it pleases, but each American must ask permission from the government to do anything they want to do.

Much of this growing federal control has been done in cooperation with the hopelessly corrupt United Nations, along with the world ruling class and the moneychangers.  Government can back up that control with the most powerful military on the planet if they so choose.  Even a totally armed population could not stop the onslaught of the combined forces of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and civilian law enforcement, that is, if those in power could convince the military and civilian law enforcement to fire upon their own citizens.  That is a big “if,” we will admit, but the possibility still exists.

The more laws and rules that government passes result in higher taxes, more aggressive law enforcement, more law-abiding citizens being turned into law-breakers and more brainwashing of the entire population to convince them that all of the new laws are legal, “necessary and proper.”   To further government’s hold on power, they encourage neighbors to be snitches by ratting on their neighbors over real or unreal violations of too many laws.  Instead of neighbors helping neighbors to work against government as we used to do when there was the fire of freedom in our bellies, the government now turns neighbor against neighbor and directs their attention away from government.  Can a police state (think the Third Reich) be far behind if Americans don’t wise up and soon?

But it isn’t always government with an evil agenda that sends us reeling headlong into the black hole of corruption and enslavement.  Sometimes it is just plain stupidity of and by government and it takes on all the appearances of a bunch of crazed inmates running an asylum.

In many of our columns we have struggled with why there seem to be no genuine solutions to our problems even though many plausible solutions are proffered.  This ABC News Watchdog video might explain why.  Government passes a law and then moves onto another law without regard to the reasons for, or the consequences of, the previous law they just passed.  (Should we say Obamacare?)  It’s as if someone who is not playing with all of his marbles was pulling the handle on a slot machine and garbage dumped in his lap with each pull.  But instead of stopping and analyzing why the machine is malfunctioning, he just keeps pulling the handle until he is buried in garbage, a classic example of insanity.

Americans are being drawn in and sucked up into the black hole of growing government tyranny, ineptness ….. and stupidity.  The trap has been set and there is “cheese” on the trigger.  As more and more Americans are drawn to the sweet, enticing smell of the “cheese,” each will succumb to the snap of the trap, as they tumble helplessly down and down into the black hole, finally consumed by absolute power resulting from their own greed.  Man’s short experiment with freedom will have become a sidebar in some history book, as civilization rapidly decays into chaos and anarchy, where the world is run by an Oligarchy (ruling class) and martial law is the rule rather than the exception.  Complete enslavement of the masses will have become a reality if freedom in America dies.

But government could never set the trap with “cheese” and be successful if it weren’t for the not-so-smart “mice” that are always looking for a free meal.  In fact, the government has been so successful that 70% of the Federal budget is spent on those dependent “mice” that are always sniffing around the “cheese” in the trap.  According to Investor.com, under Obama, the number of dependent “mice” has shot up 23% with 67 million “mice” now dependent on some form of government assistance.  That translates into 67 million “mice” that won’t “bite” the hand that feeds them and these “mice” get to vote.  If you wonder whom they will vote for, you are naive.

In spite of the possibility of America’s ultimate demise as a free and prosperous nation, there still may be reason to hope for a more positive outcome.  There is the distinct aroma of determined resistance sweeping across America and that resistance is manifested in more and more people taking it upon themselves to start holding government accountable for what they are doing, or not doing, at the local, state and federal level.  As a result, the left is growing more nervous and turning up the heat on the resistors ….. and “feeding” more propaganda to the naive and un-enlightened.

Even though there are growing signs of resistance, “The Parallax Prophecies” predicts that if Americans who care about freedom don’t find a way to peacefully render impotent this black hole of ever-increasing government power, a certain segment of the population will be forced to go the way of all previous civilizations to restore freedom and break up, by other means, the arrogant monopoly of an out-of-control, drunk-with-power, centralized government.  Unfortunately, if such an event were to occur in today’s world, there is no guarantee that their actions to restore freedom by other means will be a replay of 1776.  Instead, there is a distinct possibility that the freedom-grabbing black hole of government will just get stronger and stronger and larger and larger, unless a superior force is mounted against it.  Two thousand twelve (2012) could be the turning point towards a paradigm shift in the American mindset.  Freedom might just be born anew, but we’re not holding our breath.


Ron Ewart, President


P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027

425 837-5365 or 1 800 682-7848



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