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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Solar water heaters are considered a "renewable energy" initiative. They are mounted on the roof of a building or home but may not collect enough sunlight in cold winter climates to make hot water.

(Nov. 6, 2011) — If you’ve ever thought about buying an aquarium, now would probably be a pretty good time. If nothing else, at least you’d have that many more gallons of fresh water, right there in your living room. Thirsty? Grab a straw. You think I jest? I jest not, for in times of want, palatable water will be worth its weight in gold. Build a cistern or devise some sort of water storage scheme for washing, cleaning and flushing: five-gallon buckets filled with rainwater will work.

Of all of the weapons my family owns, the least important doesn’t mean it’s unimportant: I’m talking about my .22 bolt action rifle. The bigger bore rifles with thousand- dollar scopes are great for hunting big game, the kind that shoots back, but they’d all make mincemeat out of a squirrel, whereas the ..22 still leaves enough meat on the spit to eat. Have a healthy supply of ammunition for all your weapons. Weapon of choice for home safety? One pump-action sawed-off shotgun will suffice.

What gives? Simply put, it’s been our failure by reelecting incompetents year after year:  Ron Paul, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and all the other career politicians who’ve never cared one iota about their constituents but just about stroking their own egos. Where are the solar water heaters on all our government buildings? Why have developers been allowed to build slums, buildings without balconies, without cross-ventilation, without cisterns, without window boxes to grow herbs or carrots, no provisions for victory gardens, without regard to the cardinal points of the compass? There’s a house on my street that has large windows and a full- length second-story balcony; the only problem is that it faces north, and gets absolutely no solar heat in the winter months.

We are paying the ultimate price for not being energy-efficient and energy-independent. Who do you think was the largest legal contributor to Obama’s campaign? Ever wonder why the largest ecological disaster in the history of the human race (Gulf of Mexico) has been kept quiet? Can you imagine a direct connection between the two?

Never, ever, give up your weapons. If I were the President, I would encourage all citizens to be armed. Let me ask you this: why do you think millions of Muslims have been given an open-door immigration policy to America? Is it, A) the Muslim women will finally get to wear bikinis at the beach, B) they want to live in a country where, if they leave Islam, they won’t have any fear of an “honor killing,” or C) Obama will have his own private Praetorian Guard in place, the Islamovilles throughout the country will produce freshly-trained Jihadists, and all the mosques will be stocked with the necessary provisions to wage an urban guerrilla war?

So I suppose the most important bit of advice is to always go armed, stock up on fresh water, don’t ever vote for a politician to serve more than one term, and pick your friends with care: there are traitors among us, besides the 535 in Washington whom we already know about.

I believe that all this talk, all this hot air, is about to end. To expect government employees to understand that it’s their necks as well as ours that are at stake is asking too much. I do know, however, that many in the military will be on our side; count on it. Our politicians got us into this mess and to expect a politician to get us out of it is a bit much, don’t you think? In order to save our country, the America that we knew, we really need someone who doesn’t give a damn, who will see what HAS TO BE DONE AND DO IT.

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  1. Nice article. And I’m your brother. I was Infantry (11 Charlie). But I’m not sure why Ron Paul is #1 on your list of bad politicians and usurper Obama, who is a habitual top 10 most corrupt politician (on the Judicial Watch list), isn’t named in your list.

    In the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Positions Matrix, Ron Paul supports the Second Amendment and wants to repeal the Patriot Act.

    Forbes had an article entitled, “Ron Paul Should Be the Next President of the United States.” It stated in part, “The United States of America may potentially be on the precipice of a Greek-style debt crisis within a few years, and our economy is increasingly looking like it may be at risk of entering another recession – and the Financial Crisis 2.0 could make the Great Recession look tame…. All of this could have been averted if we had taken heed of Dr. Ron Paul’s warnings years ago. This
    man has been fighting with absolute integrity and honesty for the values that this country was founded on for the last 30 years – sound money, balanced budgets, free markets, noninterventionist foreign policy and civil liberties. Most every other GOP Presidential candidate is an Establishment panderer who is beholden to entrenched special interests. Why should we trust another Establishment politician after being subjected to the lies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama, not to mention nearly every other politician in Washington D.C.? … Into this void has stepped a man whose reputation for integrity, honesty, and principles is unimpeachable. He has ideas which address nearly every single problem that this country faces. He
    wants to follow the Constitution, restore civil liberties, end the foreign occupations, downsize government, restore sound money and reform the Entitlement State…Ron Paul represents the idea of a radical reformation of our country – based on the principles enunciated by the founding fathers.”