It’s The Age of Men


by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Are there secret police dressed as civilians in the U.S. as these members of the Gestapo were?

(Aug. 23, 2011) — It’s the Age of Men; at least that’s what we thought.  After all, we all saw Frodo destroy the ring, didn’t we? Or was it just another continuity trick and the ring wasn’t really destroyed, the Dark Lord is alive and well in Washington, the Orcs are members of Congress and the dreaded Nazguls are judges, cabinet members, and Gestapo agents.

You laugh, but it’s too true to laugh at. Pelosi and gang want to take us down a dark road, the road to Socialism, forever putting a lid on just rewards for hard work. Believe me, the European countries that tried it have discarded Socialism, or want to. It simply does not work. There are many forms of slavery, and, to some extent, we’re all under that umbrella. Are we not the slaves of the electric company, the water works, and of OPEC? Slave to fashion, to public opinion, to the flavor of the month, and who knows what else? Maybe not all, sure, but some, for sure.

We have millions of Americans who are slaves to the government, and they don’t even know it. They collect “disability” for a reason that would’ve gotten them laughed out of the courthouse in 1950. They collect “welfare” because they are too lazy, too stupid, and too naive to equate cashing the government check to being owned by the government. Think about it: one political party keeps harping that they are for the poor and disenfranchised, but is that really the case? Are they doing everything they can to change the system so yet another generation doesn’t waste their lives away cashing government handouts? Doesn’t look to be the case, does it? They purposely keep the status quo alive and well because it generates votes; that’s it.

They’re selling Socialism through rose-colored glasses, but take the glasses away and you’re left with the naked truth: dictatorship. If I were to encapsulate about fifteen years of college education, I’d just say that the natural progression of a democracy is to a dictatorship, and here’s the reason: once the rights of the individual take precedent over the rights of all others, specifically the rights of the guilty over the party whose rights were denied, what naturally occurs is the abdication of responsibility towards the state in every way imaginable, from economically to militarily, from education to the reporting of fact, i.e., off the gold standard to worthless paper currency; termination of the citizens’ army replaced with enlisted ranks who owe their allegiance to whom they perceive as a person of authority, even if not deserved, or eligible, and not jeopardize their chances of the G.I. Bill and, therefore, additional education at the end of their enlistment; graduating high school students who fail to grasp the need for and meaning of eternal vigilance; and threaten pulling the F.C.C. license of radio and television stations for failure to report what the White House dictates.

So we make up a Fellowship that has but one goal. This is not about taxes, illegal immigrants, the Federal Reserve Bank, what the heck we are doing in Afghanistan, tariffs, why Johnny can’t read, “honor killings,” beheadings, mosques, Muslims, payoffs, bribes, slush funds, “No standing,” and whatever happened to the truth? This Fellowship is about the ineligibility of the lying, fake-Social-Security-number, multiple-Social-Security-numbers, illegal Muslim immigrant who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, de facto president Obama. This Fellowship is about kicking the bum O-U-T.