Secession or War – American West Against the East

Secession or War – American West Against the East

FROM “IN DEFENSE OF RURAL AMERICA” by Ron Ewart, ©2015, President, NARLO (Dec. 6, 2015) — When is the Western half of the United States going to get tired of being aggressively bullied by Washington DC and the corrupt, one-world government United Nations, openly supported by DC politicians and reluctantly financed by the oppressed taxpayer? […]

Fools At The Table: A Reality Check pb

Fools At The Table:  A Reality Check pb

“WE ARE ALL IN” by Dwight Kehoe, Editor, TPATH, ©2015 (Jan. 27, 2015) — As the Republican Presidential candidates begin crawling out from the progressive shadows and into the Conservative sunlight, if our country was not in such dire straits, their maneuvering and kow-towing, their side stepping of third rail issues, and their fear of […]

From Fast and Furious To Phoenix

From Fast and Furious To Phoenix

“LEADING THE CHARGE” by Col. Harry Riley, ©2014, Founder, Operation American Spring (May 30, 2014) — Fast and Furious Border Guard killing, Benghazi killings, citizen drone killings, and now Phoenix Veteran killings, although on opposite sides of the globe, are as congruent as conjoined quadruplets. Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and Eric Shinseki are […]

The Serpentine Path of the Petrodollar.

“UNDESERVED OMNISCIENCE” by Doretta Wildes, ©2013, blogging at DorettaWildes (Jul. 1, 2013) — Like a snake, money leaves winding trails in its wake. Tracing such a path, Storm Clouds Gathering, an alternative news source, has composed a video that probes the petrodollar’s role in past and present US foreign policy. You can view The Road […]

Deja’ Vu

Deja’ Vu

ALL IS NOT WHAT IT APPEARS by Steven Neill, ©2013 (Mar. 21, 2013) —  “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” — Winston Churchill Why does most real change happen only after tragedies and disasters? Is it because the voices of those who are warning of future dangers are drowned out by […]

My Opinion of How and Who Controls the People

PART ONE by Steven Wayne Pattison, ©2012 (May 29, 2012) — My opinion comes from many years of research that includes what can be referred to as “He said, she said,” which makes up the story of history. History comes from “his-story,” meaning what we have learned from the ones who are in control, which […]

The Shell Game

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GOLD STANDARD? by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate (May 12, 2012) — Points, margins, indexes, derivatives, liquidity, bonds, all hiding beneath a peanut shell. What’s under that shell? No, I think I’ll pick the other one instead. But, really now, what’s the point if the money isn’t backed by something durable, something tangible, […]

It’s The Age of Men

THE NEED FOR ETERNAL VIGILANCE…AND MORE by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet (Aug. 23, 2011) — It’s the Age of Men; at least that’s what we thought.  After all, we all saw Frodo destroy the ring, didn’t we? Or was it just another continuity trick and the ring wasn’t really destroyed, the Dark Lord is alive […]