by Col. Harry Riley, ©2014, Founder, Operation American Spring

(May 30, 2014) — Fast and Furious Border Guard killing, Benghazi killings, citizen drone killings, and now Phoenix Veteran killings, although on opposite sides of the globe, are as congruent as conjoined quadruplets. Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and Eric Shinseki are equally culpable in their wholesale murder of Americans. The common cord that holds them in malevolent bondage is the cohesive, corrupt culture of our federal bureaucracy. To our Slave Masters, easy and unconscionable forfeiture of human lives is simply the consequence of ‘getting the job done,’ and in the ‘optics’ of the bigger picture, a minor ‘bump in the road.’ There is no looking back for these, and their fellow perpetrators, other than to disparage what they view as ‘puerile outrage,’ expressed only by the more ‘extreme’ elements of their unfortunate constituency, totally unworthy of their concern.

These four incidents and their protagonists are but by-products, symptomatic of the root cause of worldwide mayhem and decay. All the myriad efforts to counter each of our societal and political ailments work independently toward their respective cause—just as the Slave Masters want.

Distraction and deflection are tools of the trade for totalitarians. They work every time they are tried: Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot; pick a murdering tyrant and you’ll find the same playbook in his pocket. Their credo: “promise to give them anything they want, and they’ll do anything you ask—especially if you tagline it: ‘…for your own good/safety/protection, or, for the children.” Lies are so effective—and cheap.

The cycle continues, and now it’s Obama’s turn to act as figurehead for the ruling elite. And just as all the others before him, he, too, will be tossed aside in a most undignified way when his usefulness is no longer worth suffering his vexing presence. But there is one factor never in play before. This time the plan involves a force never defeated in a fair fight—Americans.

One American in particular, Col. Harry Riley—not because Col Riley is such an imposing or charismatic leader in his own right, but because he has the unique ability to inspire others to become leaders—to urge them out of their shells, to serve as an example of what one man CAN do. Through Operation American Spring www.oas2014.com, Col. Riley’s quiet, sober, and well-reasoned model for change is motivating others to stand up, step forward, and speak out.

The Colonel’s message is clear and concise: “We’re right, they’re wrong.” And they’ve been wrong for a long time. America is long reputed to be inexorable and undefeatable in the face of overwhelming odds. This time will be no different. But the longer we wait to take action, the stronger we allow them to become and the greater will be our cost.

A quick study of our history from just after the Civil War offers proof of the thinly-veiled duplicity and outright treason committed by our elected oppressors.

1871 – The creation of the corporate “United States of America” as a medium of control by the criminal consortium of European Bankers; and the relegation of our true, Constitutional Republic to a comatose state.  (See republicfortheunitedstates.org)

1913 – Creation of the income tax (illegal), an unholy alliance with the Federal Reserve (illegal) and the IRS (illegal) as the Fed’s collection agency. (The Bankruptcy of The United States, United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993, Vol. 33, page H-1303)

1933 – Roosevelt’s abandonment of the gold standard and the simultaneous destruction of our currency, our property rights, and the enslavement of every free American. (Same as above.)

While there is so much more, these acts alone should be more than enough to spur anyone to action.

Still not convinced? Just read the Affordable Care Act, NDAA, and anything coming out of Congress or from the tip of the Obama Administration over the last five years. Our nation, its people, and its wealth is being dismantled, conscripted, and moved off-shore. That is the focus and the mission of OAS: to begin the removal of the criminals that have illegally and unconstitutionally hijacked our nation and fooled people all around the world into believing the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on mankind.

OAS is leading the charge; no distraction of raising money, no division of purpose, and no deflection from truth. OAS welcomes all who will live by our Pledge, join us in our mission, and commit to Constitutional principles. There are no other conditions, and no qualification by age, gender, race, or creed. OAS is the only true, grassroots movement, without a financial base, or a movement that refuses to work with all other similarly-focused groups. OAS is the solution and America is waking to our call.

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