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by Doretta Wildes, ©2013, blogging at DorettaWildes

(Jul. 1, 2013) — Like a snake, money leaves winding trails in its wake. Tracing such a path, Storm Clouds Gathering, an alternative news source, has composed a video that probes the petrodollar’s role in past and present US foreign policy. You can view The Road to World War 3 here.

While not a popcorn-munching kind of video, The Road to World War 3 is a fast-moving, high-pitched documentary.

It establishes the dollar’s utter dependency on an agreement that former president Richard Nixon established with oil-producing countries between 1973 and 1975: that oil would be exchanged exclusively for US federal reserve dollars.

Tricky Nixon simultaneously severed the tie between the dollar and gold. His agreement forced all countries to maintain a constant source of federal reserve paper. The only way to obtain it (paper dollars) was to export goods to the US, assuring a kind of money monopoly for the federal reserve banksters.

The video goes on to link every major US attack on oil-producing countries such as Iraq and Libya to attempts by those nations to free themselves from the dollar’s stranglehold.

In Libya, for instance, Ghaddafi had been organizing African countries to create a gold-based currency – the dinar – as a replacement for the US dollar. Shortly afterward, the US/NATO toppled the Ghaddafi government, murdered Ghaddafi and set up a Libyan central bank.

The US is setting a twisted course for war against Iran via Syria for similar reasons. The Road to World War 3 brings this to the fore with cogency. Even if a few countries veer from the petrodollar, the film’s narrator tells us, the dollar will collapse. Thus, Washington will do anything to create political pretexts for invading Syria and ultimately Iran, despite the inevitable and horrific consequences. Those pretexts include falsely accusing the Syrian government of using nerve gas against the “rebels,” who are primarily made up of CIA-run Al Qaeda groups.

Other equally cogent videographers, interviewers and writers sounding the alarm bell on this subject include:

Ben Swann

Paul Craig Roberts

James Corbett

Michael Snyder

Paul Joseph Watson

Christopher Greene

While it’s obvious to me that the dollar is no longer tied to gold, I question whether its underpinnings are necessarily anything at all, including oil or even drugs and weapons, at this point. Perhaps the dollar’s only current value is in the minds of those who use it to place bets on weather, famine or the next war. Those minds are becoming more prescient as NSA data warehouses engulf valleys in Utah and golf courses in Maryland. Who knows? Perhaps the only thing the dollar will be tied to in the future will be data–vast tracts of data–used by the omniscient elite to beat each other to the trough, making the basis for the dollar stolen knowledge. Undeserved omniscience.

There’s another term for it: pure evil. I think many of us can agree that this has been the basis for the dollar since 1913.

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  1. The once almighty dollar was once worth something tangible, silver and gold.
    Today the dollar represents a slice of the productivity (of a person) to multiply more dollars, for “ostensive” profit, but in reality to “pay off” the National Fleece, which is another way of saying we’re all economic slaves working for the people who pull the puppet’s (the de facto Obama and other heads of States) strings.
    It’s a dangerous game, these behind the wall of secrecy people who manipulate the world’s currency.
    They’re playing with fire, because they have an irrational belief that Islam can be controlled, be kept at bay, like some circus trainer keeping a Bengal Tiger caged and “tamed”, performing acts of jumping from one pedestal to another and jumping through “The Hoop of Fire”.
    Wrong thinking.
    These petrol-dollars are financing the destruction, the total elimination of Western Civilization: we’re already paying the price: the cost of a gallon of gasoline is DOUBLE since Little Georgie Bush was our last president.
    There is no “energy independence” for America on the horizon. Why should there be, with our politicians accept campaign “donations” from the oil companies (Arab oil producing countries)?
    We need to abolish the Federal Reserve Bank. We need to get the dollar back where it’s worth something for real, even if it’s a couple of ears of corn.
    The mess that our dollar, and the mess that we’re in, can be fixed.
    All we need is the will to back people who get the picture, understand that this is a fight to the death, or else we and future generations will be forced to continuously jump through “The Hoop of Fire”.