Website Problem Repaired; Not Caused by Google


by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 22, 2011) — The Post & Email was the victim of a hack attack last Thursday or Friday which caused many readers to be redirected to a fake website as described in our previous articles here and here.  The hacker altered the htaccess file, which has now been locked.

The webmaster of the Terry Lakin Action Fund graciously contacted us and repaired the problem very quickly.  We have been told that a “common WordPress hack” was used to redirect readers who used Google and several other search engines.

There were several readers of The Post & Email who contacted this writer and stated the same thing, and we thank them for that.

We are sending the following to Google by means of this article and by fax:

As a follow-up to our contact with you on August 20 via your email contact form and by fax on August 21, 2011, it has been determined that Google was not redirecting potential readers away from The Post & Email, but rather, that a virus had been planted to cause that to occur.  We therefore acknowledge that Google itself was not at fault.  As the hacker’s identity is as yet unknown, we believe we were correct in notifying Google of this problem, as it affects their ability to function properly.  We thank Google for any investigation that it might have begun to determine the cause of the redirect notice, which we have been told is widespread along with recent computer viruses.