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by William Lolli, ©2011

The Birther Summit will take place on March 28-39, 2012, in Washington, DC

(Aug. 15, 2011) — A historical review and evaluation of the Birther movement as an evolving political dynamic reveals a tentative conclusion that despite new revelations and potential sensational distractions, the movement is coalescing around the factuality of the criminal acts committed by Obama and those who continue to conspire to propel the Fraud on the American people.

I am certain most would agree that the Birther movement began somewhat like the Tea Party, in that sparely located individuals kept asking questions about Obama’s origins and credentials. These individuals then began to keep in contact with one another, sharing information and forming disjointed action-plans and inspired by the initial wave of citizen-lawsuits which endeavored to address the stark violation of Article II, Section 1.

The years 2008, 2009 and 2010 were roller-coaster rides of heightened hopes and crashing disappointments. Over time, however, we have been able to piece together crucial truths about our federal, state, and local governments and the judiciary: how willfully ignorant they are of the Founders, how skilled they are at using the tactics of delay, obfuscation and lying, and how coordinated they are with an incentivized MSM to mock, ridicule, strawman, and blacklist any who challenge their authority.

But our opponents are not the only ones that harmed our movement and stifled our objectives. We ourselves have contributed to our own setbacks.

When we used racially-charged invectives like Long-Legged Mac Daddy, or monikers like Traitor, Usurper, Marxist, we did ourselves harm. When we latched on to a supposed Kenyan birth certificate without forensic validation, we kicked ourselves in the shin. When the attorneys pursuing their various lawsuits in different states and jurisdictions failed to achieve agreement and had litigatory food-fights, we helped our opponents.

When we allowed the latest sensational stories of “secret Muslim missions to Pakistan” or “adventures of a teenaged Obama sent to do clandestine work for the CIA while scooping ice cream at a Honolulu Ben & Jerry’s” to sidetrack us off the path, we argued amongst ourselves over “the mystery years,” which in the end only divided us further and made us look like the fools we were.

But then came April 27, 2011. In the most profound exhibition of arrogance the United States has ever witnessed from the White House, the putative Obama proclaimed his validity with a digitally-fabricated document, forcing the MSM and their acolytes to either put up or shut up—and shut up they did.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the Bill O’Reilly Fox News videotape shredder: a host of citizen forensic-experts, Dr. Jerome Corsi, the ever-vigilant WorldNetDaily, The Post & Email, the thorough investigative Social Security number work of Susan Daniels, and the continuing efforts of Orly in Taitz v Astrue continued to jam the wedges of thousands of tiny crowbars into the iron monolith of the Obama totalitarian regime.

Initially following the April LFBC release, the Obots, the Regime, and the MSM declared victory over the Birthers, but the more they crowed, the more attention was paid to the emerging evidence of criminal coverup. And at this point—the summer of 2011—they had but one card left to play: Utter Blackout.

Enter now the Birther Summit scheduled for March of 2012, where it is the hope of Dean Haskins [and mine as well] that by March of 2012 The Birthers will prove by force of physical evidence that we are lovers of the Rule of Law, lovers of the Constitution, lovers of our fundamental freedoms, lovers of civility in discourse, and are not a bunch of racist, name-calling kooks.

I hope we have all learned our lessons over the past three years. Now more than ever before, we must unite over the physical evidence and the Rule of Law. We must show the world the nexus between the criminal acts of Obama and Rezko, Obama and the fraudulently obtained and abused social security number, Obama and the fake Selective Service application, and Obama and his forged birth certificate.

Only the revelation of truth can stop the usurpation of power.


Yes, there will be a heavy price to pay when Obama’s presidency is nullified. Let us not be persuaded to give up by those who assert that ‘it won’t matter after he is out of office’. Oh yes it certainly will. The nullification will rip through all four years of his presidency and beyond, if it takes that long.


But the Constitution will survive. Indeed, she shall be strengthened by the power of truth. Unite now.