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by Sharon Rondeau

Two members of the U.S. Air Force complete the retreat ceremony at the end of the day in Afghanistan

(Aug. 16, 2011) — On August 15, 2011, The Post & Email published an article regarding an Air Force Staff Sergeant who stated that he had stopped carrying out orders from his chain of command because he considers Obama, the putative president and commander-in-chief, to be a criminal.

We had asked SSgt Moran about his first name, as someone stating many of the same details had been identified differently in a WorldNetDaily article on July 26, 2011. A reader of The Post & Email had contacted us stating that Moran had given his name as “James Daryn Moran” in his interview with Dr. James David Manning.  We had identified him as “Daryn Moran” in yesterday’s article according to his email identification and the way in which he had had typed his name.

The Post & Email has independently confirmed that a “Daryn J. Moran” is in the Department of Defense database as having begun active duty on July 11, 2002 and is currently listed as being on active duty in the U.S. Air Force.

The following is our email to SSgt Moran sent at 10:41 PM, August 15, 2011:

Hi, Daryn, is your first name James?  Someone said that you identified yourself as such, and I wanted to clarify that for my readers.  Thank you.

Is there any news to report since you kindly answered all of my questions early today?  The story I wrote is here:  http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/08/15/air-force-sergeant-refusing-to-follow-orders-speaks-with-the-post-email/

Take care.

Sharon Rondeau
The Post & Email, Inc.

SSgt Moran’s complete, unedited response, received at 8:02 a.m. EDT, is as follows:


This is an extremely important email.  I ask that you not treat this email as other ordinary emails.  It must be read and reread, thoroughly comprehended by everyone.  Your patience with this request is appreciated.  Please inform me when you receive it and if it is continued as the prior information in your Post and Email.  I cannot stress enough the urgency and I will explain why, alright?  Only follow carefully and please don’t add or subtract or be mislead.  However, you may use it as you see fit, and I’m at the mercy of your profession.

Let’s start by answering the question of my name.  My full name is Daryn John Moran.  At the time that WND reported my story, the journalist was aware of my name, but the website used a pseudonym for security reasons.  After the story was out, I actually had the very same question as you and your readers about my name.  I spoke with WND leadership and was satisfied with their explanation for the pseudonym in my first name only.  They asked me if I’d like them to correct it at the time, and I felt it was unnecessary at the time in order to see what would be coming next.  I knew that in time, even now, my correct first name would be known.  There is a lesson in this.  This story is not just about me.  It is about everyone else who feels like I do.  And, it’s about truth, and as such, it’s about God’s working in our country.  WND has been honest and straightforward with me, as you have, and therefore I can only regard both them and you as friends.  I don’t like to exhibit weakness in presenting my position; however, at this time maybe you and the readers need to accept the human side of myself and that this entire process has been taxing and vexing.  I really need Americans help.  Of every Name, Race, Creed, and Color.

So the first emphasis which I do not want missed is that these events are not all about me, or even the one I’ve identified in this fight, B. Obama.  It’s about every American whether they pity myself or support the President.  This is critical to think about.

Let’s continue.  My life and the life of my family has changed for the good.  Because I didn’t give up, finally other people became aware of my argument against B. Obama and also we’ve seen many responses of support and some of disdain or mockery.  It is in this vein that the next point of emphasis is brought up.  I, like everyone else ever born have sinned too and am not perfect.  I said that to say this.  For those who hear me and support me, I will gladly respond.  For those who wish to defeat me and point out any time I’ve cursed, spit, got angry, used mean language or whatever else which could reflect poorly, they have missed the entire point of my argument and chosen instead of tackling B. Obama’s records and proof of such to “prove” to the rest of the country that I’m a sinner.  Well, I am, I have sinned with the best of them.  However, I am neither proud of past sins to date, do not wish to repeat them, and believe in the grace, mercy, forgiveness, and victory in God.  My past failings are no excuse not to do right today.  In presenting this concept to you now, the Lord allows me to avoid feelings of growing anger to any one particular respondent as I can ignore them.  This is sincere, for what it’s worth.

So the obvious continuation of this second emphasis is that I believe in God’s Love.  When we hate, He loves.  When we fight He loves.  He may be angry, but it is easy to appease His anger by changing our foolish ways.

Whether we are private people or public people, God’s truths do not change.

A short story will reveal the application of my 2 points of emphasis.  Then I will tell you more directly about events between the Air Force and myself.

The short story is that this morning my wife gave myself and my two children our breakfast.  I offered prayer in general terms and then specifically prayed for B. Obama.  It seems strange to pray for my enemy.  However, in identifying him as my enemy and claiming him to be the enemy of the entire country, I squarely placed myself in the same situation as himself.  B. Obama and myself are now looked at critically, asked questions, forced to think about our “defense” or reasons for what we’ve ever said or done.  How I can handle it is part of the emphasis above, my trust in God.  How he handles it I’m concerned.  So, when I’m weak, I think only selfishly and worry what B. Obama will do or try to do to me.  When I’m unselfish, and thinking as a father, a husband, a patriot and a God-fearing Christian, I place my care in the Lord and pursue the fight against sin and lies and the false birth certificate.  What I’m saying is that only B. Obama really has the power to change what I will say against him.  That is why I pray for him.  Because God can work in anyone’s life.  God is great.  To this point in my public charges I have not been able to come close to addressing what exactly I’d like to see done or my hope’s for the future.  In the story about praying for B. Obama with my children at our breakfast table, I want to now, with your assistance, present my hopes for America’s future and B. Obama and myself.

In length, I’ve identified why I will not follow orders in the military anymore.  Should B. Obama provide an original birth certificate from Hawaii that professionals prove valid, it would be nice to know he was born in our country, instead of still having no rational reason to believe he was.  He cannot change the fact that his dad was never an American citizen, and I won’t be addressing the natural born citizen clause at this moment, except to say, of course, I believe as an American, that the founders meant two citizen parents and that our history of court rulings etc fully validate this. But, the points are two, whether he was born in Hawaii and how our leadership, and country as a a whole both interpret and apply the natural born citizen clause.  It should be completely clear that what I am doing is addressing B. Obama’s place of birth, not his parentage as actually we all know that, and his records documenting his place of birth.  Summarizing my expectation regarding his place of birth and the records of it, it shall be impossible for the Dept of Health in Hawaii or any hospital there or any person anywhere to provide from their ‘vault’ or vital records or any other place a legitimate, true match to the forgery which we had in April.  The only way is with another forgery and then our fates revolve in the computer expert testimony.  These experts are not to be discounted, which is how I’ve been convinced.  It should be added and duly noted, and should be of complete clarity, that if in the struggle regarding the birth certificate there came to be some kind of chessic stalemate where experts are literally both for and against his documents, and as that proposition has no application to reality or common sense, and which the complete lack of reality in politics and common sense at this time allow for such a crazy scenario, I will not be convinced by the delusions and magic acts of confusion and would proceed to the next basic principle that his dad was not ever an American and he is still ineligible.  There is a huge difference in the repercussions to Mr. Obama though between lying to us purposefully, or merely being in place wrongly because we as Americans don’t enforce the Constitution.  It is wrong in both counts, but we have ourselves to blame in the latter more so than in the former.  Or, in other words, B. Obama has more blame in the former than in the latter.

But, all conversation about this is but rambling and a waste of time.  Futile.

The crux now lies in what will B. Obama do.  If B. Obama learns not to lie, and indeed tells the truth, he deserves credit for his change of heart.  My personal primary concern is to be as solid as a rock in my battle against his known lying and forgery, for this I will die.  However, all other issues and circumstances can be worked out and there is no need for such rock solid standing.  For example, and this is quite crude.  But I’m trying to make a point.  If you would reference the ex-ruler in Egypt, he is on trial for his life.  Also, Saddam Hussein ended up dying by hanging for his crimes.  There may be some Americans who wish an execution or death to B. Obama whether due to their motivations by their perceived justice or by mere hatred.  It doesn’t matter.  We’ve all been angry about the mystery of the man.  I hope you will emphasize to your readers and the American public that I, Daryn J. Moran, at this time, am not concerned about as yet unapproachable thoughts relating to what could become or happen to B. Obama.  Why?  Because we have not crossed this first bridge for one.  And two, because I’m a Christian, I love the Lord and know the Lord loves me, and that the Lord loves B. Obama just as much as He loves me.  Christ died for me and B. Obama.  Within the context of my refusal to follow him as my Commander-in-Chief, it doesn’t mean that I won’t pray for him, for him to obey God, and for him to be a valuable part of the solution of my personal situation.

In essence, I have placed myself squarely against B. Obama, and will continue to do so under the present circumstances.  If B. Obama will reach out to me, help me, talk to me, be honest with me, seek the Lord with me, hear other Americans with me, correct his lies, and allow the blessings of God on himself and this country, I would be happy.  I’m in no position to prevent God’s blessings on B. Obama, but currently B. Obama is preventing that himself.

I believe in God and any man who repents from sin in his life, whether lying, drugs, abortion, murder, stealing, disobedience to parents, cursing, laziness, etc., any man or woman who repents and seeks God, I will support them, befriend them, pray with them and join them in begging God for mercy from such sin and asking for blessing.

So, I am speaking directly for myself.  I have shouted “Arrest B. Obama or arrest me”  This was my heart.  And still is.  But I don’t want to be arrested by the Air Force or by the President.  Even if B. Obama is an illegal President, God still allows him to sit in the Oval Office, and both the Air Force and B. Obama may yet arrest me at any day.  I submit to my God in these matters.

However, if, as I’ve asked, we arrest B. Obama, I have not said what should become of him.  There is no conclusion with me regarding this, because today, in this email, by your website, I’m reaching out to B. Obama.  Further, I would not be the one sitting in a court judging him.  However, I can render, as an American, who has taken sides against him, my current thoughts.  One possibility was expulsion from the country.  This is extreme.  One possibility was merely removal from his usurped position and let him live his life.  This is quite mild.  To my thinking, the correct result is something in the middle, but I believe neither you nor I are in any prepared position to either know, worry, or lay down results at this time.  Why?  Why?

The battle is on right now, that’s why!

Let us resolve the battle, and judge the manner in which it was resolved.  Not because I negate anything from the yesterdays in your lives, my life or B. Obama’s life, but because Christ first loved us.

My vision for this country is success under God and I will proceed to that vision carefully.  I advise all Americans to do the same.

Until then, I wait.  I’m here.  But I’m no longer reaching out only to my supporters.  I’m reaching out to B. Obama and all those who side with him.

God willing, you may expect consistency from myself.  I pray God will guide each and every one of you.  It is only in Him that we can have blessing.  It’s why we say, “God Bless America”

Later, if you wish to know how I stand on all of the issues of the day, Mosques, Islam, gun control, the economy, sexual orientation, hate crime, abortion, etc. etc. ad nauseum, I wish to be a voice about that too.  However, you may find your answers in Scripture.

If you doubt or discount Scripture, we may not agree, but we can be Americans and still shake hands.

The above issues, many of which have defining framework in the personage of B. Obama, does not mean that he cannot change and hear our country.

Ladies and Gentlemen, and B. Obama, it boils down to this.  I will not change, as God is my witness.  B. Obama may choose to continue the counsel from all those who have helped lead his life to this tragic point, or he may choose to listen outside the box for a change.  Or, B. Obama, will adopt the same words as I take, that he will not change.  I pray God will help him not fear those wicked, evil people who love and embrace sin and would hate him for seeking our God and doing what’s right.

But, if you and I, normal Americans and Christians do not offer something to B. Obama, where does he have a place to turn from his current crowd of friends.  This is very serious.

I am your friend, and a grateful American to my God for life, for my family, for this opportunity to speak.  May God’s presence be upon us all and may we resolve these conflicts in God’s way.  To God be the glory.

Finally, in nearly neglecting to update the current situation in Germany, suffice it to say that the Air Force has placed me on leave or vacation, and we are waiting an opportunity of discharge, basically paperwork.  The First Sergeant who was in contact with me by phone the other day does her best to work with me under these circumstances.  She is to be commended by her leadership for the burden she has had in dealing with me and the great patience and restraint she has shown.

However, she passed on the advice to refrain from more internet activity.  She knows I cannot do that, because I want to end this crisis.  For my family, and for the Constitution and my country, and for B. Obama.  Though currently an enemy, I want victory for him if he’ll seek it the right way, as I will not stray from the right way to seek victory for myself.   It was the devil in the form of the snake in the Garden of Eden, long ago, questioning God saying to Eve, “Yea, hath God said ye shall not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.”  And, “ye shall not surely die, but ye shall be as gods knowing good and evil.”

The devil lied and humanity world-wide dies daily.  My God says “I am God and there is none else”.  When will Americans believe God again?  Now is the time, today is the day.  This includes me and B. Obama.  God waits lovingly for us all.  My heart breaks for America!  We suffer too much for our wickedness and folly.  It’s not necessary.  Let’s kneel together in prayer to the One Who gave us this country and gave us the Scripture.  “We love Him because He first loved us.”  Revival and restoration is in our hands.  I don’t even want this fight.

I need B. Obama’s help to end it.  Please pray for me.

Will you help me with getting the information of this email as far and wide as humanly possible?  Thank you.


Daryn J. Moran


Update, August 17, 2011:  Fox News has reported via the Associated Press that SSgt. Daryn Moran will be discharged from the U.S. Air Force following his decision to stop following orders detailed above.  The article contains one external link for “Hawaii” but no citations for any of its claims.  Rather than present links to the numerous reports from professionals who have stated that Obama’s “birth certificate” is a forgery, it simply states, “…But many birthers contend Obama’s birth certificate must be a fake.”  There is no reference to Obama’s non-U.S.-citizen father.

It appears that some text is missing from the latter part of the fifth paragraph of the article.

A video of the Fox News ticker reporting the story is here (h/t Nobarack08).

The Post & Email has contacted Moran, who said that he expects to be returning to his home state of Nebraska soon and will issue a statement to us in the near future.

Update, August 19, 2011:  In an interview recorded on August 18, 2011 with Dr. James David Manning of ATLAH Ministries, SSgt. Moran called for a citizen’s arrest of Barack Hussein Obama.  His statement followed an announcement that he had been honorably discharged from the U.S. Air Force and Moran’s statement to The Post & Email confirming that fact in an email exchange.