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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

What do We the People do when every person in government has become a Benedict Arnold?

(Jul. 21, 2011) — What do you think I’m doing, just sitting around whistling “Dixie?” Let me clue you all in:  these low-life scumbags who actually think that they’re going to get away with destroying our country scot-free, get away with grand theft on a grand scale, get away with turning their backs on their oath and continuing their charade of “serving the people” are wrong. They’re going down.  Just as all those who knew that the de facto Mr. Multiple Social Security Number President is a Muslim plant, people in all the facets of our government, from the Hall of Records in Hawaii to the United States Supreme Court and all those in between, such as the JCS and Homeland Security, and the Department of Justice: they, also, are going down.

If I were to run for the office of President, I’d first check in to some mental health clinic to determine just how nuts I really was. It’s not a question of making our homeland a safer environment nor the world a safer place in which to be afforded the opportunity to fulfill our hopes and dreams for a better future for the following generations, but rather, it’s a question of dealing with a population that is so ignorant as having elected a Muslim and applauding gasoline prices more than doubling since the day that he sneaked his way into the White House, ushered in by the holder of the largest Vatican Slush Fund account, Chief Justice Roberts.

Alright, dealing with crooks and lowlifes such as ambulance chasers and defense attorneys who get serial child molesters off because the cops failed to prove “probable cause” is all part of life in Washington, D.C. This I understand. The part I don’t understand is that they actually think we Americans are just going to sit back and let them do it to us. Are they for real? Are you kidding me?

Look, this is how it very well may be: let’s say, for discussion’s sake, mind you, that I’m a presidential candidate, that I’m actually going to try and convince people that I want the top city job, or county job, or government job, whatever you want to call it, and I’m going to give a speech at one of my rallies, let’s say in some auditorium.  Are you with me so far? Now here’s the deal: you can’t come in to hear me speak unless you are armed. A rifle would be nice, and have a box of ammunition on you, too. Everyone will have a gun or you can’t come in; now how simple is that? We don’t need no sorry policemen like they have in Quartzsite, Arizona, to protect us.  If so, who’s to protect us from them?

The show will start by The Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the showing of the movie FITNA, and then we’ll talk about who the real targets are: traitors. Those who supported Obama and his band of thieves, his band of America-haters. We’ll list names, we’ll make up lists on whom to go after with names and addresses; no one is going to slide on this one. And they know who they are, and some of them are reading this, and thinking, “I’m too powerful. I’m not afraid.”

The political party is OPOVV. You know what it stands for. It stands for everything our elected officials fear the most: the truth. Now how is it that the rest of America gets Obamacare but not Congress, huh? Or they just serve for a little and get a pension. Or they give themselves a pay raise every year, it’s that last thing they do before Christmas; oh, sorry, Holiday Vacation. Hello? It’s Christmas, and if you don’t like it, leave. My country celebrates Christmas. In my country we have Silent Night sung in high school Christmas pageants. In my country we have crayon-colored Christmas trees around the third-grade classroom wall, each one drawn by a little legal American girl or boy, who speaks the language of the land: English. “A-men.”