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by Jack the Marine

The Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 men, the oldest of whom was Benjamin Franklin at age 70

(May 25, 2011) — IN CONGRESS, JULY 4, 1776

The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. — Such has been the patient sufferance of these Colonies; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their former Systems of Government. The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.  (Underline added by author.)

Check out the list of repeated injuries and usurpations. Do they sound a little too eerily familiar?

Calling all critically-thinking American Patriots! Our once-great Republic and bastion of freedom for the world is being forced over the edge of the precipice!

America has been completely infiltrated by evil marxist/communist/islamist destroyers, from the office of POTUS, the DOJ, the SCOTUS and all the way down through the state governments and courts, to some county sheriffs. Apparently corruption does run downhill. And let’s not forget that they own and control all of the main-sleaze-media. Most American citizens were raised on television and are completely programmed to accept whatever propaganda that spews forth from the pieholes of the traitorous media/talking heads. The coup is now complete. The US Constitution and Rule of Law are completely disregarded and the ugly reality is that We the People have absolutely nowhere to go for redress of grievances.

So the time for writing letters, faxes and emails or calling our so-called representatives, signing and sending petitions, going to Town Hall meetings, filing endless eligibility or treason lawsuits in corrupt courts, or even voting in elections, the results of which are foregone conclusions due to voter fraud and electronic voting machine manipulation, is OVER!  Ever wonder how Reid and McCain could ever have been reelected?

All they do is laugh at us and send, if anything, insulting responses to our legitimate grievances. Every one of our concerns falls on deaf, corrupted ears. We the People have been completely marginalized and are deemed insignificant by our so-called elected representatives. The Will of the People is simply a joke to these elitist scum. This evil, totally corrupt government MUST be replaced with extreme prejudice if this nation is to survive at all.

We know Barry Soetoro is Constitutionally ineligible. We know he is guilty of treason and fraud. We know all of the COLBS and the most recent so-called LFBC are ALL electronically manipulated forgeries. We know the usurper is using  fraudulent Social Security numbers.  We know he is guilty of committing a long list of felonies.

We know, we know, we know!  The problem is, the coup is complete and the enemy is fully entrenched. It doesn’t matter if we have 100%, ROCK-solid, irrefutable PROOF; none of the lower courts, the DOJ, or the SCOTUS are going to hear it. No elected complicit criminal official is going to listen. The alphabet law enforcement agencies will not listen. The military will not listen. The media certainly will not listen. They have ALL been corrupted, coerced or threatened into submission.

We can NOT vote out the corruption. Let me say that one more time for effect:  We can NOT vote out the corruption. The traitors Scott Brown, Allen West and the 112th Congress are proof enough of that. There is absolutely no difference between Republicans and Democrats. They are all selected, vetted, inserted and ultimately controlled by the same elitist scum. I’ll say it again:  We the People have absolutely nowhere to turn for redress of grievance, nowhere.

Now for the million-dollar questions:  How do We the People remove, arrest and convict Barry Soetoro?  How do we arrest, convict and replace the entire treasonous, complicit government and media? How do we restore the Constitutional Rule of Law and the Republic?  I don’t know yet.  What I do know is that these things must be done NOW!

That is the point of this editorial:  to begin to focus the  indomitable American spirit and intellect on what MUST be done now, figure it out, and get it done NOW, without violence and bloodshed while we still can. After all, the writers and readers of The Post & Email and all the other Constitutional websites, blogs and forums, the “We the People” who are awake, aware, and “get it,” are the Sheepdogs! It’s up to us to figure it out and get it done now before it’s too late!  So what’s a Sheepdog, you ask?

Here is the nasty little secret that Barry Soetoro and his handlers don’t want you to know. We the People have ALL the power; yes, that’s right; we just don’t realize it. We have been deceived into believing that the federal government has all the power, as in the wimpy little wizard behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. There are over 300 million Sovereigns in America vs. 535 corrupt officials in the District of Criminals. Even if you added in all of their evil minions and their numbers rose to 535,000 it would still be an easy rout for an enlightened We the People.

So therein I suggest lies the answer to restoring the Republic. Big numbers, huge numbers, galactic-sized numbers. We the People/Sheepdogs en masse with at least six zeros. Million(S) of serious, dedicated, fearless Patriots who will gain great strength and conviction from each other’s presence. Combine these huge numbers of the great American spirit with something called an “Orange Revolution” and we may have the key to regaining our Republic and destiny.

Now serious credit needs to be given to the tens of thousands of hard-working, dedicated, fearless Patriots who have worked non-stop for the last three years to expose the ineligibility of Barry Soetoro and corruption on all levels of government. To all of them we extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.  We would not be winning this war without them.  Thanks to all of you for all you do for America.

Having said that, the observation could be made that this huge, powerful source of intellectual energy has of late been  focused on the seemingly infinite minutiae of the latest fraudulent  birth certificate or Social Security number details. By all appearances, this known-to-be  fraudulent LFBC was intentionally released to confuse and distract the opposition. Meanwhile Barry Soetoro and his evil minions go merrily about their business of destroying America with full protection and immunity by the DOJ. They don’t even care that it’s fraudulent. I’ll possibly catch a lot of heat for that comment, so just hear me out.

We all know that there is by far enough evidence against Barry Soetoro to warrant a Congressional investigation with full subpoena power. However, all “normal” avenues for redress, as stated previously, have been co-opted, corrupted or threatened into complicity. Maybe now is the time to start looking at ways to arrest and convict Barry Soetoro and his criminal cabal who are outside the norm. Think outside the box and get very aggressive with it.

I am by no means suggesting that anyone quit fighting the usurper on all fronts: non-NBC status, fraudulent COLBs and LFBC, fraudulent Social Security numbers, fraud, treason, etc., etc.  What is being suggested is that it may be time to simultaneously start looking at how to use our power (Big Numbers) to achieve the End Game, which is the removal, arrest and conviction of Barry Soetoro and all those complicit in treason and fraud against America. We must always be looking for additional ways to fight smarter and more effectively.

Trump showed us what CAN happen when you have national traction. The original Tea Party march on DC had some big numbers; however,  it was downplayed by the state-controlled media and was ultimately ineffective and dismissed by the DC criminals. Why? Because they left and went home and were soon forgotten (out of sight, out of mind). IF we were to “lock down” DC  repeatedly or permanently, then our voice would be heard very loudly and clearly, and our redress of grievance would be taken seriously. There would be no way we could be ignored. Think about it.

So, as stated previously, the We the People/Sheepdogs have ALL the power. We just have to assert it, use it effectively, focus it intelligently and we can win back the Republic. And I believe in my heart that at this point, it can be done peacefully.  However, if we don’t focus our collective power now, if we wait too much longer, maybe not so much. Time is of the essence, and again, we are being forced over the precipice.

There are tens of thousands of extremely intelligent We the People/Sheepdogs from all walks of life, all seeking the truth on the Internet. There is no denying that there is great strength and wisdom in great numbers. I am only one person and do not presume to have the answers. I am simply putting forth this idea of using our greatest strengths as Americans, which include but are not limited to our indomitable American spirit, our superior intellect, our fearlessness, and our unbounded creativity.

I just want to plant a reminder of what great stock all Americans come from. We are a great and fearless people who have and will again move mountains to remain free and strong. So now all of you honorable Americans, if you deem it to be worthy, take this idea and brainstorm it, run with it and forge it into something so powerful that it can never be denied. Something so righteous and true that evil will scurry away from it like roaches from sunlight.

Here are a few suggestions that may help get the ideas flowing which are certainly dynamic and not at all complete:

OBJECTIVE 1:  Remove, arrest and convict Barry Soetoro and anyone else guilty of treason, fraud, or misprision of treason or fraud against America, and 2) Secure the Republic.


  1. Organize a committee of citizens to execute a Citizens’ Arrest of Barry Soetoro, backed up by thousands of Military, Law Enforcement, and Citizen Soldier personnel loyal to the US Constitution.
  2. Organize a Military coup, backed up by thousands of Military, Law Enforcement, and Citizen Soldier personnel loyal to the US Constitution.
  3. Create a formal list of  criminal charges including evidence for Soetoro, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, etc., in order of severity:  1) Treason 2) Fraud 3) Forgery/Document Fraud 4) Various Felonies, etc., etc. Our many fine Patriot legal minds would be invaluable here:  Mario Apuzzo, Leo Donofrio, Philip Berg, Dr. Orly Taitz, etc.  Also Bob Schulz of the We the People Foundation and the Articles of Freedom.
  4. We the People/Sheepdogs will need a LEADER who isn’t a politician. We will need a fearless, Constitutionally- committed LEADER! Possibly Ann Barnhardt; she is certainly fearless, intelligent and trustworthy.  Or maybe Dr. Alan Keyes or both. Maybe LTC Lakin or one of our fine retired Military men. Possibly Sheriff Mack or Pastor Chuck Baldwin. I’m just throwing out ideas here; maybe all of the above or a “team of leaders” or a “network of leaders.” Jump in here anytime with anyone you feel has the moral fortitude and grit to lead this movement: Ann Barnhardt; Sheriff Mack; Pastor Chuck Baldwin.
  5. We will need to network, utilizing all available communications technology to start and maintain the en masse movement and ongoing operations of We the People/Sheepdogs. Also, contingency plans should be put in place for alternative forms of communication, should Barry Soetoro decide to cut the Internet.
  6. We will need active-duty, veteran and retired Military and Law Enforcement personnel and Security professionals to step forward and help train the civilian We the People/Sheepdogs in confrontation avoidance and de-escalation techniques. They will also be charged with the general Security Operations of the movement.
  7. We will need to be prepared to implement possible coordinated national strikes, local and national sit-ins, and to lock down DC repeatedly for extended periods or possibly permanently. This will be tough, so maybe we could organize support/relief teams to protest in shifts. We will need to dig deep to find the resolve to pull off an Orange Revolution. So what? Do we want to be free men and women or slaves? Are our children depending on us for their future? Is Western civilization depending on us as the last bastion for individual liberty and freedom? Do we not need to secure America from the threat of islam? Do we not need to secure our northern and southern borders?  These imperative operations and so much more can only be accomplished AFTER the Republic is secured. There will be many who say “I have to work,” or this or that. Fine, just get out of the way and we will carry your load. When the destroyers collapse the country your job won’t be there anyway.
  8. One of the biggest hurdles will be to overcome conditioned apathy, soft tyranny and oppression, and to organize the solidarity and BIG numbers necessary to achieve the objective. I truly believe in the spirit, courage, resolve, and ingenuity of the American people. Additionally, any critically-thinking American can no longer deny that we have been completely infiltrated by a vile, cancerous mix of marxist, communist, islamist, America-hating criminal thugs intent on destroying America and We the People.  Denial is no longer an option, nor is failure.
Is it time to stop anti-American influence in American with an Orange Revolution such as occurred in the Ukraine in 2004?

There will be naysayers who will say this could never happen or is not feasible.  However, as recent history has proven, Orange Revolutions are very effective. There is great power in MASSIVE numbers of peaceful protesters demonstrating solidarity for a common cause of righteous good:  as an example, reclaiming our Republic, securing our future, and removing, arresting and convicting known traitors and usurpers.

The final and most important question is:  What are We The People/Sheepdogs going to DO about it, and if not NOW, when?

Thanks for hearing me out. And thanks to The Post & Email for continuing to step up and fight the good fight. May God bless and protect all of you and yours and America.

I’ll close with a quote from Winston Churchill:

If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly;

(this is where we are today, but for how much longer?)

you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.

(this is where we are headed, and very quickly)

— Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

Semper Fi,


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  1. “In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated, and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, For then it costs nothing to be a patriot”

    Mark Twain

  2. God Bless you, Jack, and all the wonderful responders to your fantastic post.

    For the first time in 3 long years I see a glimmer of hope for our great land.


  3. You and I and our neighbors possess INDIGENOUS POWER with which to knock down the corruption that surrounds us at home. In so doing, we can effectively create lasting positive change locally, trusting other counties to do the same, perhaps by our example.

    Let’s begin organizing and apply this power within our counties, which is where we have absolute control. With effort, major changes will begin occurring in a matter of weeks, not only locally, but in most other of the 3300 counties across this land that participate in this plan. Positive change, once begun, will grow at an accelerating rate.

    Anyone else (teachers, police, firefighters, cops, banks, bureaus, commissioners, judges, representatives, senators, etc.) have only the SURROGATE POWER that WE GIVE THEM, which ultimately is used to first feather their own nest, where necessary, and only then to apply the minimum required effort to placate we the voters who keep them in power. This surrogate power has grown outrageously rampant, stemming from you and I feeding them what is asked of us, and can only be halted when we begin where we live to stem that flow of power.

    Let’s clean house by cutting off the surrogate power at its source … us! Strip them of their enabling courts and statutes. Trim local government down to size, or outright throw the bums in jail or out of the county. Seems peaceful enough that even women and children could safely participate.

    Consider reading the County Stronghold Initiative: http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/05/14/county-stronghold-initiative/, and
    County Stronghold – Mission

    1. Sim,

      General Vallely’s name comes up on a regular basis. Maybe you could contact him and ask if he would be interested. Thanks for your suggestion.


  4. I recently got SOME movement from the Federal Elections Commission and have filed complaints with Social Security Administration, ICE,the FBI, ICC,NY State Board of Elections,Elections Assistance Commission OIG ( I think this guy locked out my email. My emails,once accepted, are now returned undeliverable).

    This battle must stay on multiple fronts,complaints,letters,emails,articles,lawsuits,protests,inter aliia. There may come a time when bloodshed,a legitimate action of “We the People” to arrest those who have usurped OUR government becomes the only option. The overthrow of legitimate government is illegal.. It is not illegal to curtail illicit government.

    I remain “Ever vigilant” and ready to defend my Country against usurpation. We have had hundreds of thousanbds of descendants that have paid the ultimate price in order to pass our freedoms down to their posterity,us. It is up to us to do the same for OUR posterity.

    If those errant and criminally treasonous anti-American politicians and Judges think for a moment that they will suceed,they are sorely lacking in an understanding of what resistance that they will inculcate into “We the People” if they go too far to stifle the American way..


    1. Look Robert, those are great words you wrote, but I’d leave myself a little elbow room, I mean, there is absolutely no dishonor in retreating in order to stay alive to live to fight another day.
      There is absolutely no need for you to die for our country, but there’s a whole lot of need for a heck of a lot of people that need to be “taken out” in order for America to have her Constitution back.
      The police and other law enforcement agencies are just as much the enemy as Muslims: each wants to overthrow the Constitution, to trash The Bill of Rights, to have a police state.
      Not that I’m advocating violence, but arm yourself, and stay off the radar, understand?

      1. OPOVV,

        Sir, you definitely have the heart of a lion and it sure is in the right place. We all thank you for your service. However you might want to rethink casting our police and law enforcement “as much the enemy as muslims (capital M not deserved)”. While it is true that much of upper echelons of the alphabet agencies are indeed corrupted and need to be routed out and we do have an encroaching “police state” problem from this regime, the majority of the “boots on the ground” of law enforcement are fine Constitutionally committed Patriots. Many are very good friends of mine who will defiantly stand with We the People when the time comes.

        Semper Fi,


    2. Robert,

      Thank you sir, for your efforts with the FEC, SSA etc. If you want to continue with your complaints, letters, emails, articles, lawsuits by all means do so. Personally, I see it as “beating a dead horse” as they say.
      As was stated in the piece the End Game is to Secure the Republic peacefully, without any bloodshed at all. Your willingness to die for your country is admirable, however, your country needs you alive and well. Let’s focus on fighting smart and taking the Republic back from these treasonous, cowardly criminals peacefully.

      Semper Fi,


  5. Awesome. Keep the thoughts coming. You have said publicly what many have said in hushed tones, behind the scenes. It is time to put your plan into motion. Plenty are frustrated, waiting for what used to be “trusted agencies” to take action. You’ve revealed that they are not worthy of trust, only we the people are. Bravo Zulu, Marine. Navy vet sends.

    1. p3 driver,

      Sir, thank you for your support. As as you are defiantly a Sheepdog, we are depending on you to “keep the thoughts” coming as well. Well said that We the People are the only ones worthy of trust. Lets get the BAMCIS going and un-FUBAR this mess!

      Semper Fi,


  6. May I suggest Dr. James David Manning as a leader?! He held the Harlem Trial back in 2010 against the crook Obama and would make an awesome leader! He’s a black pastor for those that aren’t familiar with him and he’s been on the case of the crook in the WH all along. http://atlahmedianetwork.org/ Click on Featured Videos and take your pick. lol Awesome idea with great possibilities!

    1. Absolutely ma’am, Dr. James David Manning has been fighting the good fight for a long time. May I suggest that you contact Dr. Manning and suggest your idea to him. You might also forward this editorial to him as well. Thank you very much for your comment, idea and support!

      Semper fi,


  7. its been months since i tried to post here never been published —not in the loop i talk to an awful lot of people they are of the same mindset —no matter who you are where you have been or what you know —-if you are not in the loop you are nothing and will not be heard —–i have fought in three wars —an at all times i was alone —so its still true i fight any way i can –i am still very active at 91–so there’s not a lot that can be done to me —so i will be on the front line ALONE—–if you ever expect to pull this off –best you forget your little loop and reach out to who ever will join-and try and work wit them -stop playing in the sand box —GROW UP—–ray
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Sir, I recall your posts coming through before. On multiple occasions, I have explained that so many comments are being made that apparently not all of them come through properly. When they do, and if they adhere to our guidelines, they are approved. And you are right; there is strength in numbers.

    1. Ray Hawki,

      Sir, you are an American, a Military Veteran and a Patriot. You will NEVER be alone, not as long as We the People are still breathing. We need your expertise and wisdom. Please feel free to share your input, ideas and support. Thanks!

      Semper Fi,


  8. Who has better credetials as A TRUE PATRIOT to take America back from the communist CONGRESS and AP owned by Reuters- owned by Rothchilds Banking who is The Federal Reserve, Bilderbergs, New World Order other than Cdr. Charles F. Kerchner??? Name the person who has fought the COMMUNISTS for 2 and a half years to stop THE FRAUDSTER and petition HIM for President! The name is Cdr. Charles F. Kerchner Can ANYONE name 1 other person who exposed this userper straight to the fraudulent supreme court! Before election. he MUST sign papers to ARREST ALL TRAITORS for TREASON!!! FIRING SQUAD seems like a GREAT EXAMPLE to the next party of TRAITORS!

    1. Barbi Dee,

      CDR. Charles F. Kerchner is an OUTSTANDING choice for the leader of the movement to Secure the Republic, Please contact CDR Kerchner ASAP and explain how America needs him to lead this movement. Please provide him with a link to this editorial. Thank you for your suggestion and your comment. Stay in the fight!

      Semper Fi,


  9. Nice Call To Arms! Many good responses also. Gen. Boykin (Ret) would be a good leader from the military. Any County Sheriff can arrest the President and the FBI cannot interfere. I prefer Gitmo as a detainment center and water boarding for info of the guilty. I also give merit to the city shutdown idea as a way to start. Governors and Secretaries of State have enough power to force the issue on Obama. Georgia’s Gov Deal tried to get an investigation while still in Congress. He was ignored. He should step up again NOW! AZ Gov. Brewer should step up NOW and give us a venue. Trump is back in the game! The Tea Party needs to step up and support this idea. Post this article everywhere! Palin should step up NOW! Beck needs to shift his hopeless banter to this project! Thanks, Jack!

    1. ColorMeRed—-“Any County Sheriff can arrest the President and the FBI cannot interfere” Copies of P.I. reports of SS fraudI. identity theft,, forged BC, etc. etc!!! AMAZING how the Democrats are so secure to run this FRAUDSTER again—ONLY because the MEDIA is owned by 6 COMMUNIST corporations! Let’s have thousands of complaints to local Sheriff offices about FRAUD in the presidency!!!! Will anyone have COURAGE to uphold the law? Even if 1 sheriff upheld the law——-Is there 1 judge that WILL NOT BE BRIBED???Cdr. Charles F Kerchner for President——-WILL STOP ALL the FRAUDS and put them before FIRING SQUADS! –GITMO for CONGRESS!

    2. Sir, thank you for your your support and excellent suggestions. Please contact Gen. Boykin (Ret) ASAP with your ideas and include a link to this editorial. We the People need him now.
      Your idea of “starting with city/local/state shutdowns” is excellent as long as they are coordinated to happen simultaneously NATIONWIDE!!! This will gain the national traction and media awareness necessary to eventually take the movement to the District of Criminals.
      Also, your idea of having any County Sheriff arrest the usurper is simply brilliant!!! Maybe we could convince some of our legal minded Patriots to draw up a document detailing the County Sheriff’s authority to do so, including a list of charges, treason, fraud etc. and then have this document delivered to every County Sheriff’s office across the entire nation.
      Thanks again for the outstanding comment. You are a true Sheepdog, stay in the fight!

      Semper Fi,


  10. Civil disobedience is a powerful weapon. But I agree with you -we lack something. We need that leader, that one central, charismatic figure whom people will follow– the Moses, the Ghandi, the Martin Luther King, the whatshisname from the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine, or the group of leaders like the Founding Fathers (who were truly exceptional because there was an entire group).

    Glenn Beck is a wanna-be but proved the American people can gather in great numbers and peacefully, but the problem with Beck, (as I see it), is he is self chosen, self promoting. I don’t know, I guess I’m saying IMO Beck is not chosen by Providence or destiny. Heaven doesn’t want to sell you a T-shirt or ask for your donation. Heaven doesn’t need organized advertising, okay thats in my opinion, but I’m just being honest. Maybe they’re out there, maybe they just don’t know it. My personal choice would be Bill Whittle from PJ TV but really I know I want God’s choice. The Founding Fathers had that sense of being born for such a time as this and knew the Hand of God was on their endeavors.

    Oh gosh, your article touches my heart because I so want for We The People to realize that we can do this, we must do this, I too believe there probably is no other way. I mean look at what the union thugs accomplished in Madison Wisconsin with their rotten-to-the-core cause? Just think what the good cause that depended on truth and freedom with God as our Helper could do. I’m so glad you wrote the article we must at least begin tossing ideas around and be ready to act when the right circumstances come together.

    1. Trac,

      Thank you for you excellent comment and support. Please contact Bill Whittle from PJ TV
      ASAP with your suggestion and provide him with a link to this editorial.
      We are in 100% agreement about the spineless traitor beck. He nothing but a self promoting media prostitute whose only concern is money and selling his books. America is DROWNING in the deep end of the pool and beck is sitting high, dry and comfortable on side of the pool with a life ring that he refuses to throw…Instead he chooses to DESCRIBE THE WATER to America.
      Stay in the fight Trac, America needs you!

      Semper Fi,


    2. “If you build it, they will come”. We know where that came from. Well-that one leader just has to say the word and we’ll be there.

  11. I made a mistake on my last posting. NESARA is National Econonic Security and Reformation Act. Sorry
    What I have been reading I would say that Tenn. is a very corrupt state and I would say there are more. I came across this process tha is called NESARA. It stands for National Economic Security and Reformation Act. I think it is time for “We the people to implement this. It used when government corruption gets out of hand and the need for us to start anew. Last I heard was the SCOTUS put a gag order on it. And everyone knows how fair they are – releasing 50,000 crinimals. This is ridiculous.


    1. Tom,

      Thanks for the comment and input. Could you please provide some additional information/links for NESARA?

      Semper Fi,


  12. What I have been reading I would say that Tenn. is a very corrupt state and I would say there are more. I came across this process tha is called NESARA. It stands for National National Security and Reformation Act. I think it is time for “We the people to implement this. It used when government corruption gets out of hand and the need for us to start anew. Last I heard was the SCOTUS put a gag order on it. And everyone knows how fair they are – releasing 50,000 crinimals. This is ridiculous.


  13. I agree this piece is right on target. Thank you! For my .02 worth, I would put more emphasis on bringing local, city, county, state governments to a virtual standstill with people who cannot afford the time off or the expense of traveling to D.C. Do that and we may see miracles! One caveat: whatever is done MUST be peaceful and non-violent.

    As stated above, I too would love to watch bho, aka the Kenyan pervert, being perp walked out of the WH. I’ve only been waiting to see it for three years.

    1. michaelsr,

      Thank you for your .02 cents worth. You and ColorMeRed are I think right on target with bringing local, city, county, state governments to a virtual standstill first that way they can be coordinated to happen simultaneously NATIONWIDE!!! This will gain the national traction and media awareness necessary to eventually take the movement to the District of Criminals.
      Affirmative, this is a civilized, intelligent, peaceful protest for redress of grievance!

      Semper Fi,


  14. Here’s an idea for leaders:
    Charles Kerchner, Ann Barnhardt, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
    I would also suggest that we put people like Sharon Rondeau, JB Williams and Breitbart in charge of keeping the populace informed. GOD forbid the media would be able to continue to misconstrue and obfuscate the facts.
    Might I also recommend that each individual State look to leaders from some of the Constitutionalist parties like “The Constitution Party”, “America’s Independent Party”, and a few choice others, with perhaps the help of Tim Cox from GOOOH, and Jim Condit from WagtheDog, to set up Constitutional officials in individual States until all perpetrators are apprehended and new elections…..LEGAL elections, could be held.
    All perps would be IMMEDIATELY transported to GITMO, and held pending their indictment, prosecution, and sentencing.
    Just know this, you are talking MASSIVE numbers of perpetrators. Just in Illinois, I would expect the apprehension of Kirk, Durbin, Quinn, Madigan and MANY others. You would need to plan on having MANY new inmates at GITMO.
    We would also have to order the U.N to VACATE American soil IMMEDIATELY…….sounds AWESOME! Maybe, since I am sure security at the U.N. building is top-notch, we could hold perps there until we could fill a military transport for shipping to GITMO? I’d leave that mission to OPOVNV! he won’t allow any escapes on his watch!
    Sounds exciting, though, I would LOVE to see BO perp-walked out of OUR White House!

    1. On an additional note, I would set former Justice Roy Moore up to head a new SCOTUS.
      Message to OPOVNV: if you decided to accept your mission, might I suggest that NO precautions be taken for any type of “suicide watch”. If the perps are determined……let them save We the People the money! LOL!

    2. Mairi

      Thank for this simply OUTSTANDING comment. This is exactly what I meant by brainstorming, running with it and forging the idea into some powerful. Thanks for getting in the fight, please make contact with everyone in your comment, explain your ideas to them ask them to join the fight to Secure the Republic, and provide a link to this editorial. I also live and breath for the day barry and his cabal get to move into their fancy new digs at Gitmo! And yes the un MUST be given the boot!

      Semper Fi,


  15. Seems to me that Obama, or whatever his real name is, is a Muslim spy who paid his way into Chicago politics and then ran for the Senate. If you ever studied Chicago voting, then you know that 65% of those that vote in Cook County are zombies, ain’t that a kick?
    If they ever made a documentry of the cemeteries and graveyards on voting day in Chicago, nobody would believe it, they say it was all made up, special effects and all.
    Actually, if it wasn’t for the Daley Machine Kennedy never would’ve been elected, and had we someone else in the White House during the Cuban Missile Crisis, who knows?
    But I digress. Sorry. Getting back to spies: we shoot spies, don’t we?