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April 29, 2011

Arizona Governor Janice K. Brewer vetoed a bill which would have demanded certain documentation from presidental candidates in the future

Governor Brewer, you stated to John King during a recent CNN interview that those of us who question the President’s citizenship are leading the country “down the pathway to destruction.”  Much more than the questionable birthplace and his possible lack of even basic citizenship, IT IS HIS admitted lack of NATURAL BORN CITIZENSHIP that is a clear violation of our United States Constitution, Article II, Section I, Clause 5.  You have sworn to uphold and defend this Constitution but have utterly abandoned this oath on at least two occasions in connection with this issue.

First, as Secretary of State in 2008, you received Presidential Candidate Nomination Forms from both the Republican and Democratic National Committees in August 08 following the respective Conventions.  Although the RNC declared their nominated candidates to be “constitutionally qualified”, the DNC form you received DID NOT contain any such declaration.  Curiously, Hawaii was the only state to which the DNC did make that declaration.  Governor Brewer, you violated your oath to defend Article II, Section I by placing candidates on the ballot who did not even state, nevertheless establish, that they were constitutionally qualified.  You need to tell the State of Arizona why you did this as Secretary of State in 2008.

Second, your recent veto of HB2177, which would have gone a long way to preventing what you allowed to occur in 2008 from ever happening again, is a second failure to defend what is said in our US Constitution,  being that “No person other than a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, or a citizen at the time of the adoption of the United States Constitution, shall be eligible for the office of President.  You have told the State of Arizona why you vetoed this bill but your explanation contained some misrepresentations, misinterpretations, and perhaps a lack of understanding the real purpose of the bill as well as the constitutional basis of the bill.

Governor, because you do not seem to care whether or not a U.S. President truly qualifies as a NBC, let me explain a little about this and why it is so important.  The founding fathers who wrote Art II, Sect. I, Clause 5 were citizens and they were also born in the United States.  Yet they wrote, in the grandfather clause highlighted above, that those like themselves who were solely born here as citizens would be NO LONGER ELIGIBLE for the Presidency in the future (after the grandfather clause was expired) unless they could also be determined to be NATURAL BORN CITIZENS.  Governor Brewer, therefore one needs to know just what constitutes being a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN (NBC).

For the answer to the latter question, there are many resources to consult as did the founding fathers (i.e., Vattel’s Law of Nations) but let us just look briefly at Senate Resolution 511 signed on April 30, 2008 and which resolved that John McCain was a

NBC because he was born on a military base in the Panama Canal Zone to American citizen parents (plural).  This resolution was signed by five Democrats (including Barack Obama!) and one Republican.  Barack Obama admittedly was born to a foreign (Kenyan) father and therefore does not meet the parental citizenship NBC test and has never been constitutionally eligible for the Office he currently occupies.  Governor Brewer, as I said in the beginning of this letter, the DNC Nomination Form signed and sworn to by Nancy Pelosi on 8-28-08 and accepted by you should have given you your first clue as to this lack of constitutional eligibility as a NBC.  Again you need to explain just why it did not alert you and why you placed an ineligible candidate on the ballot and John McCain also needs to explain his role in Senate Resolution 511 as to a quid pro quo done with the Democrats and Obama.

Governor Brewer, it is public officials like yourself, John McCain, all of our Congressmen and Senators, our courts and our corrupt media who are leading the country on a pathway to destruction because of your refusal to defend this requirement of our Constitution regarding Presidential eligibility.  The Constitution is being destroyed by your lack of action to defend it.

Disappointed In You,

Jeff Lichter

Surprise, Arizona


Editor’s Note: Arizona Governor Janice Brewer vetoed a bill passed by both chambers of the legislature on April 18, 2011.




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  1. I had once believed we had a governor who did not fear the federal government and represented “We the People” in her fight concerning illegal immigration. I mistakenly placed her on a high pedestal of hero status. On the issue of presidential eligibility she took the coward’s way out when both AZ Senate and House passed the eligibility bill by a wide margin, but she decided to apply the brakes and veto an important bill, the first of its kind in the nation. I was so proud that AZ was leading the way in America with many states following our leadership, but it was too much for Gov. Brewer to handle for it appears she’s too tired to take on another fight in preserving our U.S. Constitution and honor of this country — Gov. Brewer, rather, took the easier coward’s way out. We have an imposter putative president in office who is committing treason daily given he is in no way a “natural born” citizen from evidence available, rather an unvetted progressive plant. The so-called long form certificate of birth is a fraud done in haste by an individual(s) who either didn’t possess Photoshop skills or purposely left obvious flaws as a distraction for other unconstitutional acts performed by this regime. I have years of experience with Photoshop and understand how this birth certificate was created and what to look for to determine its legitimacy. What amazes me is the fact layers used were not even flattened which made it easy to dissect this scam layer by layer. This is a very basic step that wasn’t done. It does not take an expert to reach such a conclusion concerning this document for many folks out are able to determine authenticity because Photoshop is a popular powerful program used by many for it is state of the art graphics.

  2. It’s http:// NOT hppt://www.orlytaitzesq.com

    That’s why you can’t get there.

    And to Jeff Lichter, good one!! I hope she heeds your advice or it’s over for her political career.

  3. I-am-so-fracking-TIRED of all the BS!! I can’t even stand it anymore!! But we have allowed this to go on, and there’s nothing (civil or ‘peaceful’) we can do about it. I stopped writing letters and signing petitions a while ago. It’s a waste of time. The people we cal ‘our politicians’ are not working for us!!

  4. I’m afraid that Gov. Brewer is proving to be a self-serving, unprincipled, spineless political opportunist. Not much more than that. She needlessly blew it on the illegal immigration front by failing to nullify a baseless federal judicial decision which left Arizonans less able to defend themselves against illegal mmigrants, and now she cavalierly and mindlessly vetoes a perfectly understandable and much needed bill which would preclude unvetted and ineligible candidates’ getting on the ballot in the state. Political correctness? Political expediency? Kowtowing? What? It certainly doesn’t smack of bold, constitutional leadership. Who the H can we trust. We the People are really all that’s left.

  5. it’s the gold fringed flag that rules the state.. check it out……even your city flag has a gold fringed flag…so who DO you think she works for…. ‘THE LITTLE PERSONS” or the ”d.c. peoples”?

  6. All I’ve got to say is that it makes me speechless. I mean, is she that stupid, or has she been forced to say what she says, and act the way she does (in the vetoed bill that basically tells the Secretary of Arizona to do the job for which they were hired to do). It may be she is actually that stupid, heck, look at Pelosi if you want stupid.
    It deosn’t take a whole lot of imagination to see a bunch of patriots taking up arms against the corrupt (and stupid) politicians who are supposedly representing us. That being the case, Gov. Brewer was just added to someone’s “things to do list while we take back our country”.
    If I had Brewers’ ear, I’d tell her to make an effort to save heraself, because if she stays attached to Obama’s ship, she’ll end up going down when he does. And I’d tell her to do it now.

  7. This is an excellent letter, and as a fellow Arizonan, I plan on contacting Governor Brewer in a similar fashion. Thank you, Jeff, for contacting her and spelling it out in very clear terms as to the crisis she has/is creating.

    @blacksunshine–“Error establishing a database connection”–couldn’t get to her site as well.

  8. Uhmm, I think there is a little confusion, either on MY part or in your wording.

    “The founding fathers who wrote Art II, Sect. I, Clause 5 were citizens and they were also born in the United States. Yet they wrote, in the grandfather clause highlighted above, that those like themselves who were solely born here as citizens would be NO LONGER ELIGIBLE for the Presidency in the future (after the grandfather clause was expired) unless they could also be determined to be NATURAL BORN CITIZENS.”

    The Founding Fathers became U.S. citizens, or actually State Citizens, at the writing of
    “The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America”

    Prior to that, they were officially British Subjects. Although they may have been born on this continent, I’m pretty sure that NONE of them were born in the actual “United States” as at the time of their birth there was NO United States!

    The grandfather clause was to ensure that there could be a POTUS, which would have been impossible because ALL of the eligible men for POTUS, at the time of their birth, were indeed British Subjects and the Crown of England “governed” their citizenship at birth! HEY, just like 0bama!!

    The necessity of the NBC clause was to make sure that NO ONE who might have a dual allegiance would EVER become POTUS or more importantly CIC of our Armed Forces!

    The eligible men for POTUS of the Founders generation had proved their allegiance by their participation in the Revolution from England.

    NO one alive today, or the next generation after the Founders, would qualify for POTUS via the grandfather clause. THAT is VERY clear!