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by Ron Ewart, ©2011

(Apr. 25, 2011) — “Oh sweet, sweet America, if you lose your identity, you lose your soul, your freedom and your sovereignty” – Ron Ewart

How is America known, let me count the ways.  She is known as a benevolent super power.  She is characterized by her generous people.  She is steeped in individual liberty that manifests itself in unleashed creativity, industriousness and productivity.  She builds things instead of tearing them down.  She explores the micro and macro universes and expands her collective knowledge, then shares it with the world.  Her bountiful agricultural production feeds all of America and a significant portion of other hungry nations.  In many cases, she just gives free food away to other countries, out of our magnanimous generosity.

Her military might and the bravery of her men and women in uniform have freed over a billion people from the brutality, savagery and bondage of dictators and despots.  She is known for her tolerance for peoples of every race, creed and ethnicity and welcomes them into the land of the free, should they choose to enter legally.

But an evil virus has infected America and threatens her identity and thus her soul, her freedom and her very sovereignty.  We call this new and dangerous virus, “envislam”!  That’s right.  We had to coin a new word to describe what is happening to our identity and our culture.  “Envislam” is the toxic brew of radical environmentalism and medieval Islam and in some respects have similar characteristics.  Envislam has “wormed” its way into the very fabric of our economy, our politics, our education, our legislative and judicial systems and has become accepted conversation under the name of “green” and the scared acceptance of a religion that practices brutality and savagery.  Envislam has distorted our laws.  It is being force-fed to our impressionable children in our public schools and liberal colleges.  It has been written into ordinances, regulations and restrictions, without regard to constitutional limits or safeguards.

Radical environmentalism, the product of the United Nations, the most corrupt organization on the planet, has been adopted into American law through the back door, using presidential executive orders and bureaucratic rule making.  No treaty to adopt radical environmentalism was debated or ratified by the Congress, the only branch of government under our Constitution that has the power to make law.  It has been inserted in large doses into our text books from which our children gain their knowledge, when in fact what they gain is not truth, but pure propaganda.  What radical environmentalism has done is to make America, that was once a country of dream, create and build, into a country of “we can’t”, “tear down” and “conserve”.

Under radical environmentalism, we tear down dams for fish, we inhibit or stop the exploration for new sources of efficient energy and instead force-feed an illiterate population into highly subsidized alternative forms of energy in wind and solar.  We stop or inhibit the construction of energy production and crude oil refineries and we have repealed constitutionally protected property rights by forcing landowners to not use their land because of wetlands or endangered species, without due process, much less just compensation, as required by the Fifth Amendment.

In the name of radical environmentalism we force rural landowners to bear almost the entire burden of environmental protection.  On the other hand, through UN mandates, we force city populations into ever-increasing densities that negatively alter human behavior dramatically.  We fine and penalize landowners for environmental code violations and sometimes even send them to jail, while letting more heinous criminals like burglars, car thieves and rapists go free, or send them back into a naive population with just a slap on the wrist.  In contrast, the judicial system says “death” to the landowner who dares to violate an environmental law, using legal intimidation and fear.

In the name of environmentalism we scare the pants off of our young children, from the irrational fear that the Earth will heat up from man-caused global warming and everyone will die, including their moms and dads.  They make us feel guilty just for living a rich and rewarding life style that we earned and was born out of freedom.

Environmentalists lobbied and got legislation to celebrate Earth Day, in competition with Good Friday and Easter, at least this year.  Earth Day that was also the birthday (April 22) of Lenin, one of Russia’s most brutal dictators.  Was this a coincidence, or an accident?  Our consistent cynicism of government tells us, this was no accident.

Now let’s take on the other part of “Envislam”, the world of radical Islam.  Obama bows to Islam and apologizes for America, then tells the Muslim world that America is a Muslim Country, in direct contradiction with history.  Madras’s, Islamic schools where they teach young children to hate Jews and instill Mohammed’s version of kill all the infidels through an Islamic “Jihad”, exist right here in America, funded by Saudi royalty.  Instead of recognizing that most terrorism is of Islamic or radical Muslim origin, the current administration, under Barack Hussein Obama (a Muslim name) and his minions, camouflage this real serious threat to the Western way of life with other words that have no meaning and paint no pictures, out of undeserved respect for a religion that still lives in the dark ages.

Meanwhile, the so-called peaceful Muslim parishioners, both in America and abroad, are mostly silent about those that practice and believe in radical Islam.  Many American mosques are breeding grounds for radicalizing Muslim Americans and convince them that it is their duty to take up the flag of Jihad and reek as much havoc on innocent men, women and children as they can, in the name of Mohammed and Islam.  An attempt to shove our face into Islam was thwarted by Americans when a group, funded by whom we don’t know, tried to build a Mosque a few yards from ground zero in New York.

Radical Muslim immigration to Europe is taking on dangerous proportions and threatening to eradicate European culture by forcing the institution of Sharia Law.  What happened in Paris not long ago, with the violent uprising of the Muslim enclaves, will accelerate throughout Europe in the coming months and years, as they push their medieval and brutal culture onto an unwilling population, which could precipitate all-out war.  Eventually, it will happen in America as radical Islam becomes bolder in its quest for world domination.

So on top of the fiscal insanity that threatens to shove America over the brink into national bankruptcy, an immigration policy that rewards and benefit those that cross our borders illegally, an irrational social policy based the insane principle of a Social Compact that is totally unsustainable, a foreign policy that smells of negligence and inexperience and the move towards national collectivism and multi-culturalism, we are threatened even more by the policy of Envislam.  America is rapidly losing its identity and with its loss will come the loss of America’s soul, its freedom and its sovereignty.  Radical environmentalism and medieval Islam is America’s curse and will, if left unattended, be her downfall.  What is the solution?  A steadfast, massive, persistent and vociferous resistance to all that is un-American and un-constitutional.

Ron Ewart, President
P. O. Box 1031, Issaquah, WA  98027
425 837-5365 or 1 800 682-7848
Website: www.narlo.org

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