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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet


Easter celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God for the purpose of forgiving all of Man's sins

(Apr. 8, 2011) — Have you noticed how easily people get offended these days? I tell you, it seems as if anything and everything get people riled up over nothing. Take, for instance, calling an Easter Egg Hunt an Egg Hunt. “Mommy, why are people looking for colored eggs?” “Shhh! Don’t say ‘colored;’ you might upset someone. And to answer your question, I’m not allowed to tell you about the symbolism of birth, of being made anew, or anything that may even reek of Christianity.”

But I will tell you that not too long ago, people wouldn’t be afraid of calling something by its name. The Egg Hunt used to be called an Easter Egg Hunt. Spring break used to be called Easter vacation. And Christmas? Well, Christmas used to be a very special time for everyone, from one to ninety-two, but nowadays you can’t even hint at the religious aspect of winter vacation. But why? What happened?

Fear, that’s what happened. Here’s an example. Towns used to decorate a Christmas tree and have a nativity scene until some atheist whined that they didn’t get to have their very own Non-Christmas tree and their very own Non-Nativity scene. So the end result is that everyone got pablum: a watered-down version of Christmas that, had you just awakened from a coma, you’d think it was a brand new holiday celebrating …nothing. Yes, welcome to Zilchville, U.S.A., where the brain-dead compete with news anchors and politicians on who can be the most mundane, boring, and insignificant humans around.

We must respect the minority, so the saying goes. But is that true? Were not the American Indians a minority and, if so, how much respect have they received since, say, 1492? I’ll tell you, not much. So if America didn’t respect its native-born, in a manner of speaking, why in the blazes is America respecting anything whatsoever to do with Muslims, a people who say daily that they would really enjoy beheading each and every one of us? They also say they want to make Americans bow to Sharia Law and that they want the flag of Islam flying over the White House.

Wait a minute, what about offending me? Don’t I count? I can get offended too, you know. Of course, when I really got offended I used to back off and calm down but my days of taking a deep breath are numbered, and not because I’m a day older, but because my “offensive fuse” has been shortened since, well, there’s a good question. Remember John McCain saying, “Oh, I apologize for the announcer saying Barrack HUSSEIN Obama”? Maybe then. Maybe when Clinton gave China “Most Favored Nation” trade status. Maybe when Carter met with the Palestinian (No Jew Between Me and the Sea) Muslim murderers (PLO). Maybe all of the above.

And, then again, maybe when the United States put a Muslim in the White House. Yes, that, without a doubt, shortened my fuse. If anyone ever had any doubt that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party aren’t one and the same, their mutual cover-up of Obama’s birth certificate should prove it to you. Now I am offended, so I propose starting our very own jihad; why not? The Muslims have theirs and no one seems to be offended.

That’s right, our very own jihad where we give what our enemies deserve. Our very own enemy list…besides all Muslims, let’s add everyone who had a part in putting and keeping Obama in office. That’s right, an American version of jihad: JOIN IN HALTING AMERICA’S DESTRUCTION.

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  1. AMEN to that. Our country has been raped by people who get offended by living in our CHRISTIAN Nation, One Nation Under GOD. This is OUR COUNTRY and IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT THEN LEAVE!!!!!! When I grew up, we had not only CHRISTMAS vacation but EASTER vacation. We had CHRISTMAS plays and song recitals in our schools, the Santa Claus Lane Parade every year where the kids couldn’t wait to see Santa Claus end the parade on his sleigh. We would go out before CHRISTMAS, as a family, and look at all the CHRISTMAS lights on houses.
    In December we say MERRY CHRISTMAS, not HAPPY HOLIDAYS.
    Yes, I’m offended also, very much. I’m tired of walking on eggshels having to think about what I’m about to say before I do so I don’t “offend” anyone. Damn it, this is MY COUNTRY, MY CHRISTIAN COUNTRY!!
    I agree, I think-I KNOW we should have our own JIHAD LAW in OUR COUNTRY, THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, and if you’re “offended” then by golly go back where you came from. We didn’t invite you here. We didn’t promise you anything. Yet you come here, wearing your own country’s costumes and threaten our lives because we won’t buy or wear your costumes. Their idea of punishment is to “throw rocks and stones” at each other and beheadding anyone they feel deserves it.
    We are Americans, people. This is and has been OUR COUNTRY and if we have to deal with the spoiled brats throwing temper tantrums because they feel it’s THEIR RIGHT to change or punish us for not saying “we’re sorry, I’m sorry you’re mad and upset”, then GO HOME AND TELL YOUR MAMA OR YOUR DADDY, IF YOU HAVE ONE. Go to your room and lay on your bed or dirt floor which ever you’re accustomed to having, lay down, pound your legs and arms until you feel better and if you don’t then that’s just too bad. There will not be any Allah Claus nor any Allah vacation.
    Oh, but we should have a new tradition. Instead of turkey on Thanksgiving, we’ll have PIG, HAM, BACON, HAMHOCKS, SAUSAGES AND “PIGS IN A BLANKET”. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My “offended fuse” burned out during the 2008 Democratic primary when, standing on a flat-bed trailer with all the other major Democratic primary candidates, Barack HUSSEIN Obama gave the “crotch salute” to America during the playing of our National Anthem.

    Join In Halting America’s Destruction

    Another PISSED-OFF Vietnam Veteran

    P.S.: Tonight will be the 6th Anniversary of FreeRepublic’s Friday night “Support Our Troops” rally on all four corners of the main gate entrance to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC — 312 consectutive Friday night “Support Our Troops” rallies! I invite everybody to go to http://www.freerepublic.com/home.htm, single-click “Forum” on the menubar, single-click “WalterReed”, single-click the first link “The Friday Before April 8, the 6th Anniversary at Walter Reed! – Week 311, April 1, 2011” and take a look. God Bless Hal and Margaret of Aleethia Foundation which has been sponsoring “Friday Dinner Out” for our Wounded Warriors since October 2003! On the “HONOR ROLL for April 1, 2011” I am “Lurker Jim” (since I hadn’t joined the Free Republic yet) and if you scroll down to “April 1, 2011, Photos (courtesy of Mrs. Trooprally) I am “Jim” (left most person) in the 2nd and 7th photos

    1. Hey Jim.

      Your Rally is missing a sign. Where’s the one that says:

      ” If it were not for the United States Armed Forces there would be no Free World ”

      And that’s a true Fact!

  3. Amen! Could not have said it any better. I agree, we should have a list of everyone that has aided and abetted in this cover-up posted for all to see. The truth will come out sooner or later and all those involved must be charged with Treason against the United States of America.

  4. I like this guy. I did not serve in Viet Nam but I remember how they were treated when they came home from a war they were “ordered” to fight.

    Now, we have to fight our own war on our own shores. We “have” to stand up to political correctness and behave like real Americans.

    We have to take our country back from the muslims, non representing representatives, and the in-justice department of our illegal government.

    Just the opinion of a dumb ole (Natural Born Citizen) country boy!