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by Sharon Rondeau

Will Donald Trump run for President in 2012? If so, will the information Obama is hiding have been forced into the public domain? Why is Obama hiding his records?

(Apr. 6, 2011) — At approximately 4:35 p.m. EDT today, The Post & Email made contact with Mr. Michael D. Cohen, Executive Vice President and Special Counsel to Donald J. Trump.

Trump is a potential candidate for president for 2012 and has been featured on numerous television programs since he openly raised the question of why Obama has never released his original, long-form birth certificate proving that he was born in the United States.  Trump released both his short-form and long-form birth certificates last week.  The fact that Trump first released the short version and the next day the long-form version was described by ABC News as an “oversight.”

However, that would appear to be a double standard, as Barack Hussein Obama has never released his long-form document.  The authenticity of the short-form “Certification of Live Birth” posted on several websites during the 2008 campaign bearing Obama’s name has been brought into question.

Was Trump’s release of the two documents a day apart a planned strategy to show the difference between them rather than “an oversight” or a “misstep?”

The Post & Email has been accurately quoted as having told a reporter from the Associated Press in Hawaii that Obama “does not possess a valid one [birth certificate].”

We asked Mr. Cohen how Mr. Trump’s attention became focused on Barack Obama’s eligibility to hold the office of president, and Mr. Cohen replied, “It is an issue that has existed for over four years.  Mr. Trump demands transparency, something that Barack Obama based his campaign on, and he doesn’t understand why something which is so simple is being withheld, even to the point of retaining counsel and spending upwards of $2,000,000 to prevent the release of such common and inconsequential documents.”

Mr. Cohen stated that he is the designer of Mr. Trump’s exploratory website, www.shouldtrumprun.com.

The Post & Email has sent letters by certified mail to Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie, Lt. Gov. Brian Schatz, and Interim Department of Health Director Loretta J. Fuddy.  Telephone calls made yesterday to all three offices yielded no return call nor email contact.  One person answering the phone at Ms. Fuddy’s office stated that she recalled the letter and had forwarded it to Dr. Alvin Onaka, State Registrar and Chief of the Office of Health Status Monitoring of the Hawaii Department of Health, one of the three parties for whom a message was left.

Contrary to some news reports and statements by members of Congress, the State of Hawaii has never released Obama’s “vital records,” citing privacy laws, instead releasing minimal “birth index data.”  A former resident of Hawaii, congressional candidate, and mother whose son was born in Hawaii pointed out to one of her U.S. senators’ aides the differences between the “Certification of Live Birth” and the “Certificate of Live Birth.”

This writer will be on the Revolution Radio program this evening at 9:00 p.m. EDT hosted by Dr. Kate Vandemoer, whose recent article was featured at The Post & Email.  Dr. Kate also arranged a “Usurpathon” last September during which she and others met with Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, which was prior to his court-martial and conviction for questioning Obama’s eligibility and therefore the lawfulness of his orders.

In an interview with Meredith Vieira, Donald Trump stated that he has investigators in Hawaii looking for Obama’s birth certificate and that the investigators “cannot believe what they’re finding.”  Trump also described the U.S. Constitution as a “great document.”



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  1. Listen, if America wants money and jobs than they should be jumping on the Trump Train. Who better than Trump for the job; he knows how to make money and he knows how to create jobs and not just for himself but others also. I love that he might run, I would love to see someone smart and creative to run this country. I think if he does, he will get the job and I believe it will benefit a lot of people in the USA and I hope I’m one of them. I’m jumping on the Trump Train and taking the ride and I hope it rides all the way to the top.

  2. The AMERICAN PARTY wants Trump…The DEM and REP do not know what they are doing..The tea party is a far cry from what I want in politics. The AMERICAN PARTY for the people by the people thats the way we should roll. D Trump would make my day if he would run…he will show the real dirt on these party stand outs…We are being lead by the CRY BABY CONGRESS…No foriegn aid, larger foriegn tarriffs, control our boarders,Repair and Build our roads and bridges, build schools, The war machine must be paid to fight, natrual gas power plants NOW…Electric cars, EDUCATION FIRST and BUILD IT IN AMERICA BUY AMERICANS.

  3. I would love to see Donald Trump become president! He wouldn’t do it for the fame (He’s already famous) although he would be paid he doesn’t need the money & he is one of the top business men in the USA. He has raised his children to have wonderful work ethic! They were raised to work hard and not spoiled rich kids. Donald Trump is a self made man who is not afraid to step on toes. I think we need a business man to run this counrty who has the b*lls to tell people like it is! I hope he runs in 2012 he will have my vote!

  4. As per the latest report from Post and Email News, at the meeting this morning, Trump was made aware of the natural born citizenship requirement and its definition, something he didn’t already know.


    I’ve been wrong about Trump’s reasons for not mentioning the natural born citizenship requirement. If any of you feel that an apology is due from me for my defense of Trump, then I apologize to you.

    PS: I still believe that route to be a dead end due to the courts refusal to hear any case against Barky based on his lack of status as natural born citizen. If Trump can use his weight in the media and his power in big business to change that, I will be as grateful and happy as any Article II “birther” (even though I’m still positive that Barky was born in Kenya).

  5. Great work on contacting Mr. Cohen and hopefully many others in the eligibility movement will share their information with Mr. Cohen and Mr. Trump so that Donald Trump has a very effective information based to use against Obama. I was surprised to learn questioning Obama’s eligibility began 4 years ago. I just received an email from Andy Martin today who is offering his assistance including guidance to Mr. Trump.

  6. Aloha
    I spoke on the jason lewis show today and told him that a nbc is of 2 us citizen parents child born on us soil and bho daddy was never a us citizen
    You can listen to the show from his website hour 3

  7. Donald trump- president and general Petraeus- vice president- Its Time to go in the oil buisness and end three wars while were at it, its time we all get residual checks like the kuwaits get every year ,we up the military age enrolment to 50 and bring back the draft we should all serve in the military, shouldnt be an option min 2 years– itll be worth every minute of service- residual checks for all americans and natural born citizens of any oil rich nations we bail out of problems with regime changes, we are not greedy people were here to help.enough is enough we pay dearly for nothing its got to end – naturaly with the will of the countrys involved.

    1. rockefeller regional system It takes freedom away from the electorate,no one voted for this,these committes will regulate away our personal liberty,& state’s rights.Its up tothe people who are the natural guardians of the constitution[federalist #16.last paragraph]take what action is nessary when the representatives in the federal goverment concur with the usupationsof another branch & there by violate their oathes to preserve the constitution consult webster 1828 dictionary,for definitions.We the people must stop the north american union & the WTO.The Wto sets global corporate agenda.Global cop is on a roll,Africom & nato are now one.CFR wants no borders,&a new constitution,1 world bank-would belong to the rothschilds,with the cfr bankers.The arab league run the UN.

  8. mr trump
    i just seen you on rachel madows show please i was a republican always no more they are an embarasment like you said– peanuts- remember well no disrespect but the aprentice is peanuts compared to being president put cohen in there pre record and knock it out in a month cbs will get compensated in 2012 invite them for dinner in the white house theyl be # 1 no doubt –im out

    1. The people at CNN wouldn’t be able to report the facts and only the facts on this issue if their lives depended on it. From the linked article:

      “Among other evidence of Obama’s birth there is the fact the hospital where he was born took out ads in two Hawaiian newspapers in 1961 announcing the birth…”

      Oh, really? The hospital that CNN can’t name but at which Barky was alleged born took about ads announcing his birth. Did they do that for all babies born at their hospital or only for Barky? And did the hospital pay for the ads, too?

      Worse than CNN’s lies is the ignorance of their readership. I’d reply to some of the readers’ 300 comments to that piece but I wouldn’t know where to start. Should I correct the reader who declared Trump to be ignorant for saying that one must be born in the US to be POTUS because, and I quote, “That requirement does not appear in the US Constitution; if it did, then McCain (born on a military base in Panama) would not have qualified.” (Before any P&E News readers bother to post yet another comment about the natural born citizenship requirement, natural born citizens are, with rare exceptions, born in the US.)

      Or should I straighten out the idiot who said this? “Come on, an interracial couple in 1961 predicted their bouncing baby boy would some day become President and made sure to falsify his birth records.”

      Or how about this one? “Trump is an idiot! McCain was born in Panama…so would he be investigating him? It doesn’t matter anyway…the President’s mother was an American from Kansas. Regardless of where he was born, she was an American…that makes him one.”

      The one who posted this obviously doesn’t know anything at all about who drove this issue and who tried to bury it: “I hope people have learnt a lesson through Glen Beck. He hooked them like flies, and this Trump is throwing his own bait in order to hook them as well.”

      The stupidity and ignorance, and even the ignorance of being ignorant, of those outside the small circle that I travel in always surprises me and sometimes even shocks me. You’d think that by now I’d come to accept the reality that, just because I and others within my circle continue to learn more and to know more about the world around us all of the time, I shouldn’t expect or assume that those outside my circle are doing the same. They’re happy in their ignorance and proud to open their mouths (or post comments) that prove it.

  9. Hoorrah!!! Finally. I have been praying and thinking for months, years, that it would be great if Rush and Trump, even Glenn, got together, made a deal, provided money and people together and went after the fake One. There are countless others that have proven that obummer is a fake but money talks and bullcrap walks! God Bless each and everyone of you that have investigated, made contacts, challenged the establishment and kept this alive! We will get our country back and I cannot wait for the perp walk on live TV!!!

    1. why doesnt any one bring up the issue senators and congressman should pay into social security.Stop Barry and Michele from taking two planes when they go to hawaii on vacation,and their friends to other countries.All they do is party while Soros tells them what to do.I wonder how much money they hide when they leave the U.S.

  10. mr trump
    you have 100% of my confidence as president but you ned to seperate yourself from the republicans or itl be atight race if you run as an independent youl win by a landslide youl take 70% of the vote both partys are a disgrace stay away please from these liars and no good politicians they have the nerve to take a paycheck and cut our soldires with no pay what nerve i would shut down the goverment and fire everyone involved senate and congress and hire top ceos from the big cos that know what its like to balance a budget or thyd be out of buisness dont forget the people who are gona put you in the white house midle lower income people not the rich there 5 % of the vote and you dont need to sell out use your own money and owe no one youll never be sorry. run now you got it you ned help call me

  11. Where do I begin? Excellent article Sharon! Clap, clap, clapping.

    Do you get any sense of where they might be going on this, and does Mr. Trumps camp seem sincere?

    And as for Miki B. and the recently obtained long form BC, YEA!

    See, for the tiny number of people who tried to dispute the video of “The Lady in Brown” ordering her long form BC in Honolulu last July, well – they can stuff it! (Well done Interrogator)

    So wonderful that she went to the trouble to request this. Thanks Miki!

  12. Trump interviewed by CNN Obot. I’m starting to notice a REAL trend here in all these interviews with Trump…


    No one in the media…. and I mean NO ONE is jousting back with FactCheck.org and the newspaper announcements in all the discussions about the COLB. Wasn’t FactCheck.lies and the questionable newspaper announcements used in 2008 as the sole debunking mechanism to fool the public and get Obama elected?

    I mean it just seems odd that a organization two years ago and extremely questionable newspapers announcements (both touted as credible in the media) are now being swept under the rug by the MSM in these discussions with Trump. This CNN hack throws everything at the wall in arguing CNN has done the investigative reporting on the issue and never mentions anything about what was used to fool voters in 2008.

    Not sure, but there seems to be a real story on those facts alone.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I think the big media know that their goose is cooked. They’re letting Mr. Trump tell the story of Obama’s ineligibility because they didn’t have the courage to investigate and report on it before the election. Regarding Factcheck and the others, I believe they will see their day in court after they are charged as criminal defendants for purporting that a fake document was real and defrauding the entire nation.

    1. Lack of courage, indeed. O’Reilly and his nightly panel of two Fox “babes” (didn’t notice which two; was listening, not watching) talked about Trump pushing this issue in the lamestream media. (Of course, they can barely utter a word about anything but Trump pushing this nowadays.) One of the “babes” said, “This could backfire on him if Trump turns out to be wrong.” These two thoughts hit me at once. 1) Wrong about what? He’s made no accusations. He’s only said that he’s suspicious, that he has “people” in HI and he’s shocked by the things they’re turning up, and that he wants to see the birth certificate. 2) So, that’s why none of you would investigate this. You cowards were afraid that you’d not be able to prove a foreign birth and then be forever tainted for your investigation.

      Note: Please, no one respond to this comment with something about how all they’d have to do is air a report about Barky not being a natural born citizen. Knowing he’s not one and saying he’s not one accomplishes nothing. Talking heads continue to define it for their audiences as being born in the US and the courts won’t touch it. It’s a dead end.

  13. I was perfectly willing to be patient and give donald trump the benifit of doubt, but enough
    time has passed, and he is still stuck on the birth certificate rather than advancing the
    issue of obama’s non citizen father. Though obama’s place of birth is a factor, trump
    must be aware having a valid hawaii birth certificate will not change obama’s inelligibility.

    It is time to consider maybe he is just another pawn of the fraud, regretably.

  14. Re; possible forthcoming long form BC.Read a few months back(somewhere) that an original-type printing machine was located in Canada and a BC is undergoing an aging process to be readied for the next election cycle.Looked everywhere and can’t find that article.Anyone come across this?

    1. I am 68 years old, a Vietnam vet and I’m shocked that this is going on
      without anyone really talking about it. Over 600,000 homes went into
      foreclosure in California and I’m hearing about tax cuts all over the
      nation and now we find out that this is why! A Channel 2 Action News
      investigation found that the State Department is sending millions of
      dollars to save mosques overseas. This investment has received
      criticism as the United States makes an effort to slash nearly $4
      trillion in government spending.


  15. A Hawaiian certificate of live birth issued 15 march 2011 shows hospital, doctors signature etc.

    From http://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=7466841558189356289&postID=8792099265296290227

    Here’s link to the CertifiCATE of Live Birth on Miki Booth’s page


    It can be downloaded.

    James said…

    I got breaking news! Miki Booth has been able to obtain a Long-Form Birth Certificate (Certificate of Live Birth) from the Hawaii DOH. Miki has posted the image of the birth certificate on her FaceBook page. The Certificate of Live Birth shows the hospital name and has a date of March 15, 2011. In addition, the Birth Certificate is stamped with State Register of Hawaii who is Alvin Onaka. Check it out if you can.

  16. This issue has been buried by the media for far too long. Hopefully Mr. Trump publicly pressing Obama’s ineligibility will force the media to bring it to the forefront and ultimately have him charged with treason..

  17. There is probably a group that has been planning this, to let the shoe drop right before elections. Maybe they are trying to capture the Tea Party vote and take control. I am concerned about his status on abortion/murder, what are his beliefs. If a man believes in killing children, or that “it is the law”, when in fact, it is not the law, since it is moral, it endangers children and mothers, and it was created based on lies in court, and even the Nazis were told in trials that you are not to obey immoral laws or commands. If Trump supports child murder/abortion, he does not get my vote. His wife would be more attractive with clothes on…it would be embarrasing to have naval shirts in the White House. I think he is playing a game with the voters, and represents a group who have chosen him from the Republican Party to try to capture the Tea Party and control it.

    1. “There is probably a group that has been planning this, to let the shoe drop right before elections. ”

      That’s what anti-“birther” conservatives have said since long before Trump starting pressing the issue in the lamestream media. It was stupid when they said it, too.

      By the way, what’s wrong with the shirts worn by members of the Navy?

  18. Maybe it is more correct to call him “The Mombasaian Candidate”?
    I think some are getting closer to the truth and the game will soon be up.

  19. Has the world turned upside down? I saw the Meredith Vieira interview on NBC’s Today show. NBC!!! Call me suspicious, but I get nervous with such a rapid change.

    If everything is above board here, I’d vote for Donald Trump without question. He is not backing off on the birth certificate issue, he wants to reduce government spending and interventionism. He verbally aligns himself with the Tea Party. He is saying all the right things. But is he just saying what he knows we want to hear?

    I’m still suspicious of all of this main-stream pressure to release Obama’s birth certificate welling up just after Neil Abercrombie takes over as governor of Hawai’i. I’m still suspicious of a newly minted birth certificate finally being released to the public (a forgery). Perhaps I’m just being paranoid. But NBC? Really?

    Why isn’t the issue of “natural born Citizen” being brought up as well? We don’t need Obama’s birth certificate to know that he is ineligible to be president. We know right now that he is ineligible. But then, people can argue about the definition of “natural born Citizen” and we will probably have to have a Supreme Court ruling specifically with regard to Obama to settle the issue. The “natural born Citizen” issue is complicated enough that it does not make for good popular media exposure. Any discussion would soon be ignored by the general public who have short attention spans.

    Whatever the case may be here, I really liked the Donald Trump interview on NBC. He just hammered Obama for his excessive spending and his arbitrary foreign policy. Trump and Vieira spent several minutes on the birth certificate issue and Trump came across very very well. You can tell he is very media savvy. Who knows, this whole issue we’ve been struggling with for years may be coming to a welcome resolution.

    1. birdy ,do you really think he needs this job , he has no choice this countrys been good to him and he feels obligated, like he said if obama could do the job he wouldnt run why are we involved in three wars at our exspense one thing about trump is when war is emenent we must reap the rewards, they must pay in some fasion financially or we own the country thats how trump rolls history will repeat itself finally.our soldiers will not die in vein.thats how you balance a budget , not rebuilding what we blow up.

  20. Sharon,
    I’m shaking with astonishment about this news.
    I’ll send you that new copy of HI BC right away. I’m sorry. I thought I did get it to you. There is no box for religion – but of course we knew that.
    In God’s love,
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, you did, Miki. I just haven’t had a chance to write a story on it. Will do.

  21. Has Mr Trump mentioned mr obama’s “missing” Citizen parent yet?

    This is the “TRUMP” card he should be throwing down every single time he speaks!!!

  22. The only reason the possibility of Barry wanting to hide the word “Muslim” on his BC is brought up is because it’s such a benign thing. Few would care if that were the case. The Obots are searching for a reason for Obama’s spending of millions to hide his BC and his other records that seems relatively innocent, having “Muslim” marked as his religion when he was born isn’t it.

  23. I saw this some where and I don’t know where. Please pass this on to Mr. Trump. Obama born Aug 4 1961 Kenya, Coast Provincial Hospital at Mombasa


  25. Trump’s known about this for four years but waited until last month to say anything. I’m disappointed in him. That’s not to say that I don’t appreciate his recent outspokenness on the issue or that I’m ruling out voting for him should he run. Better late than never, but still…

    Hey, Trump, what took you so long to speak up?

    1. Trump is also fair. I like to think that he was giving Obama a chance. Well , it is long enough now.

      Obama, you must prove who you are, you must show ALL documents or get the heck out of our WH.

    2. I think the reason Mr. Trump took so long to speak up is because he wanted to give Obama enough time to prove himself worthy of being POTUS. Mr. Trump has finally decided enough is enough, that Obama has been taking America in the wrong direction.

      Speak Up or “You’re Fired”, Mr. Trump.

    3. I know, but maybe Trump didn’t want to start anything until he had some investigation done. We don’t know how long he’s been investigating BO. Maybe it’s been going on for a while. I sure hope so, and I hope that we do find out about the results of it.

      1. Thanks, kittycat77, RacerJim, and RO for your replies. Those are reasonable possibilities for his having waited. I’d still like to hear his reason(s) from him but until then, at least I can now see that there actually could have been good reason for waiting until now. Thanks again. :)

  26. Thomas…trust me this issue is not dying down. It’s about to EXPLODE! The end is near for Obama. He and his pitiful family are going to have to make decision very soon: either face the music here in the United States or get out of Dodge really fast.

  27. sharon —– i heard your interview on revolution radio with dr. kate. i would like to inform you that miki booth has made public a copy of a hawaii birth certificate and there is no block or space on it for religion to be named. this continues to come up in interviews with various people. i just wish everybody would check this out before speaking and all would see that is not what obama is hiding. i have corrected several talk show hosts on this matter. i tell them to check the form.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: OK, thanks. I believe I said that I did not think that would be on the birth certificate, but some of the conversation involved speculation based on items which Donald Trump has raised.

  28. sharon, i am so envious of your patience. you are really breaking into the mainstream…you are a serious investigative news organization….you go girl
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Well, thank you, Jane!

  29. Sharon;

    You have left us hanging, breathless, and with our mouths wide open.

    So? Is The Donald now aware of the requirements of Article II? Is he prepared to use the words, gasp, ‘natural born Citizen’? Is the vise going to be tightening as he baits the Enemedia into admitting that they have been covering up the Crime of the Centuries, as they say ‘we have more important things to talk about’?

    Does he figure that the Enemedia will cut him off completely if he exposes too much of the truth of the matter.

    We are breathlessly awaiting your continuing dialogue with ‘Camp Trump’,
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: So am I!

  30. I got breaking news! Miki Booth has been able to obtain a Long-Form Birth Certificate (Certificate of Live Birth) from the Hawaii DOH. Miki has posted the image of the birth certificate on her FaceBook page. The Certificate of Live Birth shows the hospital name and has a date of March 15, 2011. In addition, the Birth Certificate is stamped with State Register of Hawaii who is Alvin Onaka. Check it out if you can.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Maybe that’s why Dr. Onaka refuses to return my call and answer my letter…he’s so busy stamping those official Certificates of Live Birth which Janice Okubo said aren’t available to cover for Obama!

  31. Wow…
    Looks like Donald is getting the goods on the fraud ‘Obama’

    DONALD TRUMP: I am saying I want to see the birth certificate. It’s very simple. I want to see the birth certificate. How come his own family doesn’t know which hospital he was born in? How come– forget about birth certificates. Let’s say there’s no birth certificate. How come in the hospital itself, okay? This is one of the…in the hospital itself, there’s no records of his birth. In other words, it doesn’t say how much they paid, where is the doctor, here’s your room bill. You know, all the

    MEREDITH VIEIRA: You’ve been privy to all of this to know this?

    DONALD TRUMP: Well, I have people that actually have been studying it and they cannot believe what they’re talking.

    MEREDITH VIEIRA: You have people now out there searching– I mean, in Hawaii?

    DONALD TRUMP: Absolutely. And they cannot believe what they’re finding. And I’m serious–

  32. Finally someone going right to the hospital issue, That is what will break this open.

    If he won’t release the birth certificate then publicly try to confirm the data points that would be on the birth certificate, Hospital and attending physician who brought Barry into the world.

    Trump should show up with a camera crew and a million dollar check saying he wants to donate a million dollars to the hospital of birth for the 44th president and force the hospital to come on the record publicly.

    Imagine them having to turn down a million dollars just to protect Barry’s privacy.

    Side note – how could Kapiolni say it cant confirm based on privacy issues if Wikipedia says it is his birthplace? ISnt that already public domain info?

  33. The Trump “buzz” about Obama’s eligibility has seemed to have died down in the media. I hope Mr. Trump is serious about the issue, continues to raise questions and didn’t just use it to get publicity and support without really doing anything about it.

    Since it was Trump who brought up Obama’s eligibility… its interesting in Trump’s “about” section of his website he did not broach the subject of his constitutional qualifications. Doing so would call Obama out directly on the issue. It would be great to see him simply state his birth place, who his parents are and embrace his natural born Citizenship.

  34. Sharon, did you have a chance to share with Mr. Cohen the issue of Obama having been born with a foreign allegiance due to the foreign citizenship of Obama Senior, and that how that fact alone makes Obama ineligible, for a natural born citizen is one who is born in the country and to two citizen parents? This is the issue that no one in the media is willing discuss (and for good reason), but they would be obliged to if Donald Trump were to at least mention it as the legitimate question of Constitutional law that it is.

  35. Great Article!!! When you think about it, Mr. Trump is asking the same question as Chris Matthews has asked, WHY hasn’t Obama resolved this issue??? Three years later and we are still fighting about something that could be solved in 5 minutes by Obama. Yet, people still act surprised that Obama didn’t pass a budget 6 months ago when he had control of the House and Senate. Well, if you can’t solve a $10 Birth Certificate problem, how can you pass a budget, or fix a $14 trillion economy???

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter