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by Sharon Rondeau

The Fox News Channel was launched on October 7, 1996

(Mar. 30, 2011) — The following letter will be sent to Mr. Roger Ailes, President of Fox News Channel and Chairman of Fox Television Stations Group:

March 30, 2011

Mr. Roger Ailes
President, Fox News Channel
1211 Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York 10036

Dear Mr. Ailes:

Despite your leadership of the “profit engine” of News Corporation owned by Rupert Murdoch and a recipient of $23,000,000 in salary and bonuses last year, you have failed the American public by refusing to report the questions regarding the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to serve as President and Commander-in-Chief of the United States.

One of your recommendations for success is for your staff to “read the U.S. Constitution.”  When is the last time you read Article II, Section 1, clause 5, which states:

No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

With your extensive and impressive history in media production, politics, consulting and business, you have steadfastly refused to allow your staff to report on the most pressing matter possibly in the history of the country:  whether or not the person currently occupying the White House has a constitutional right to do so according to Article II.

Another of your slogans is reportedly “See things other don’t. Do things others won’t.”

Then why won’t you?  Why haven’t you?

During the 2008 presidential campaign, your reporters asked Obama no tough questions.  You must have heard that even Chris Mathews of MSNBC stated in 2007 that Obama was born in Indonesia, as did a reporter for a Hawaii newspaper.  Did that not make you curious?

Apparently not.  The fine investigative journalism which millions of Americans had come to expect from Fox News Channel was glaringly absent.  The tough, tenacious questioning of E.D. Hill disappeared, only to be replaced by other blondes with shorter skirts and increasingly lower necklines but no ability to investigate anything.  You allowed a man who has hidden his past completely from the American public to gain a place on the ballot in every state and to actually be elected president without one scrap of evidence that he was constitutionally eligible.

None of your reporters ever performed any in-depth questioning of Obama during the campaign nor gained access to his background.  Just when did he go to Indonesia, and what proof did you obtain that he was born in Hawaii?  How many people did you interview who knew him as a child, either in Hawaii or Indonesia?  Why did you not subpoena his Illinois state senate and U.S. Senate records so that they could be open for inspection by the American people?  And your pompous, overrated evening host, Bill O’Reilly, whose slogan is “We’re looking out for you,” lied when he stated on-air that he had “seen” Obama’s original birth certificate.  He never saw any such thing, because no one has, at least not anything issued in this country.  O’Reilly has seen only what the rest of us have seen:  an online image which has been widely debunked as a forgery due to its four different versions, alterations (affirmed by the state of Hawaii as invalidating the certificate), and contradictory statements made by two different Hawaii governors unreported by a complicit media, which includes you.

If O’Reilly had seen Obama’s birth certificate, then Donald Trump wouldn’t be calling for it now.

Of all the cable channels, Fox News Channel has refrained the longest to report anything about the question of whether or not Barack Hussein Obama has a U.S. birth certificate.  Only recently have you been forced to allow the airing of this urgent matter because Donald Trump has raised it as an important constitutional issue.  Until now, your anchors nervously laughed off the question posed by Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, a decorated 18-year Army veteran and former flight surgeon, misrepresenting the matter by calling it “a political statement.”  Again, another blonde anchor who, instead of investigating before Lakin’s court-martial was posing, failed to report when Lakin was sentenced to six months at Ft. Leavenworth, having been denied discovery by a complicit, treasonous military as if he were living in the former Soviet Union.

Your reporters remained complicit about this travesty of justice and over more than two years as multiple lawsuits have been filed against Obama and even Congress, as the military ran scared, and now that a citizen is facing criminal charges for publicly exposing Obama’s lack of proof that he is constitutionally eligible to serve.

And what about that alleged Kenyan birth certificate, Mr. Ailes?  Did you know that Mr. Smith has publicly stated that he will testify in front of Congress about its authenticity?  What if he is telling the truth?

Recently your popular showman, Sean Hannity, has been labeled a traitor by a veteran of the U.S. military.

The fact that Donald Trump has recently released both his short-form and long-form birth certificates proves that O’Reilly was misinforming the public when he stated that he had seen Obama’s.  Why would Trump and millions of Americans still be demanding it if O’Reilly, your all-powerful arrogant media mogul, had seen it and shown it on national TV?

Besides, read the Constitution, Mr. Ailes!  Being a “citizen” is not enough to be President!

Several months ago, Fr. Jonathan Morris made the statement on Fox & Friends Weekend that Obama was “born in a Muslim country, Kenya,” after which the three anchors nervously and vehemently denied it.  Rather than asking how Fr. Morris obtain his information, they tried to quell any curiosity about it and correct the record as quickly as they could to state that Obama was born “in this country.”  How do they know?  Have they seen the birth certificate and not said anything?

In early 2009, I personally mailed to you presentments from the American Grand Jury charging Obama and others with treason and fraud.  You did nothing.  Obama has unconstitutionally taken over the health, banking and automobile industries, and your anchors continue to soft-pedal and smile as they silkily mention “President Obama.”  If the man is ineligible to hold the office,  is a usurper who has committed massive election and possibly identity fraud against the American people, why are you even referring to him as the “president?”

Because you received the AGJ presentments, you also received a copy of the criminal complaint for treason filed more than two years ago by LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick, a retired Naval commander with 25 years of service.   More than 3,100 other citizens have done the same, and the FBI refuses to respond.  What do you think that means, Mr. Ailes?  A retired military member accusing a seated “president” of treason should have been arrested, but he has not been.  Neither the FBI nor the Secret Service has taken any action; instead, the complaint remains open and unanswered.  Why do you think that is, Mr. Ailes?

Now that your obscenely-paid anchors such as Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, Gretchen Carlson, Greta Van Susteren and Geraldo Rivera have had to choke out a few questions about Obama’s birth certificate and therefore his presidential eligibility with Donald Trump, you might as well have them begin reporting the following:

There are multiple ways to obtain a birth document in Hawaii, one of which includes merely a  statement from one relative who has resided in Hawaii for a minimum of one year claiming that a birth took place.  Particularly in Obama’s time, no corroborating information was required.  Perhaps this is why Obama does not seem to have an original birth certificate from the state of Hawaii and the reason why the state of Hawaii has obfuscated and refused to answer questions for almost three years.  Neil Abercrombie, the new governor, has even gone so far as to say that no original birth certificate exists for Obama, agreeing with former Hawaii elections clerk Tim Adams.

There is more than ample circumstantial evidence that Obama’s birthplace is Kenya, not Hawaii.  Kenyan officials such as th[e ambassador to the United States and members of Parliament have stated such on the record.  Why would you not report such information to the public?  Is that not the purpose of Fox News Channel, or is your real purpose to push an agenda?

While on Monday evening, Greta Van Susteren played dumb when Donald Trump stated that Obama has spent millions of dollars to hide his original birth certificate, if he even has one, and lamely stated that she “hadn’t seen her birth certificate lately,” Trump truthfully affirmed that Obama has concealed his past, official public service records, and that people “on the internet” are asking legitimate questions.

A follow-up report on his telephone interview with Van Susteren inaccurately stated that Trump “doesn’t want to become a ‘birther.'”  He never said any such thing; rather, he said that the term “birther” is a pejorative to marginalize those who are asking justified questions about where Obama was born, whether or not he is eligible to serve, and what he is hiding about his past.  So despite having to now cover the issue, your reporters are still trying to deny that there is a serious question about Obama’s truthfulness, birthplace, qualifications and therefore a constitutional crisis in which every law and treaty he has signed, every appointment made, and every executive order issues, might be subject to invalidation.

Your staff has known about this potential problem for over two years but pretended that it didn’t exist, much to the detriment of your company.  Years ago, I and millions of others relied on Fox News for accurate and timely information, but you have lost any credibility you once had.

I am in possession of documentation from the state of Hawaii which shows that the Hawaii Democrat Party changed the required wording on its nomination certificate for Obama and Biden in 2008.  I had to prepare to file a lawsuit to obtain this information.  There is also evidence that it sought cover from the Democrat National Committee to certify that Obama and Biden were constitutionally qualified.  Therefore, officials in Hawaii would not have been the ones to certify his eligibility if what we are now discovering was uncovered.  Why has your huge news organization not obtained and reported on such documentation which clearly reveals election fraud?

Moreover, why aren’t you reporting that Obama could never have been eligible because he inherited British citizenship from his father?  Even Obama himself admitted it.  Why have you let all of this slip by without one report on it?

Instead, your anchors make fools of themselves by reporting that the “first celebrity” was “bounced from ‘Dancing with the Stars'” as our country sinks deeper and deeper into a Marxist coup and unparalleled economic crisis under a constitutionally-ineligible de facto chief executive.  And you continue to pay them their outrageous salaries for sitting there and looking good rather than reporting what is really happening.

And how about the accusations and evidence that Obama committed social security fraud?  When will you be reporting that to the American people?  Notice how the report states that Col. Hollister could be brought up on charges when Obama is suspected of criminal wrongdoing!

Mr. Ailes, the charade is over.  There is no “President Obama.”  There is a man who is foreign-born with a foreign father who no more qualifies as a “natural born Citizen” than the Pope.  Instead of trying to cover up the truth, why don’t you return to your original mission which included the late Tony Snow and other reputable journalists who sought the truth, regardless of where it led?  Had you done your job in 2007 and 2008, our nation would not be close to destruction due to the election of an ineligible person to the presidency.  Instead, you aided and abetted the usurpation and have masked the many crimes of which there is ample evidence he has committed.

Even if only one or two of these charges prove to be true, Obama’s crimes against America far outweigh those of President Richard Nixon.  Wouldn’t that be worth reporting to save your $23,000,000 salary, Mr. Ailes?

Could there be any more pressing issue than whether or not the man making decisions to send our servicemen and women into war, sign legislation passed by Congress, appoint Supreme Court justices, signing treaties with foreign governments and invading sovereign countries is legitimate?

And what about his treason, Mr. Ailes?


Sharon Rondeau
The Post & Email, Inc.
P.O. Box 302
Stafford Springs, CT  06076

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  1. Thank you…I am just finishing up my letter after watching Bill O’Reilly spewing lies about Obamas father living in Connecticut in order to explain why Obama is using a dead mans social security number..which , by the way Mr O’Reilly, ..is a FELONY…

    I am a devoted viewer of Fox News but I will no longer watch O’Reilly after this, unless Laura Ingraham is hosting the show. Greta is also going soft on Obama…whats going on here ???? Thank God for Sean Hannity….. the only one with cajones to say it like it really is…..and please keep Alan Colmes off the show..he is sickening..worse than Chris Matthews and thats pretty bad… O’Reilly sold out to the Obama zombies ..so now we will tune him out….

  2. Sharon, let us hope that the Executives of Fox News all read and ponder upon your letter. I do think there is some sort of dangerous reason behind FOX and others, especially, the Congress not approaching this ineligibility issue. I doubt “We the People,” will ever be privy to the REAL REASON behind their treasonous offenses to not proceed officially to remove this man, Obama, from office and hold him and other accountable regarding their actions against our constitution and our great country. Possibly, if Trump continues to press this crucial issue action will finally come into play.

    Your investigative and thorough reporting is great!!
    “In God We Trust.”
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you, ma’am.

  3. I am looking for the day when all the ad sponsors run out of money to promote their products and the MSM has to shut down. What a wonderful black out that would be that we would not have to listen to the media praise that fraud 24/7. I would love to see the media people waiting in line to draw their unemployment and lose their homes! Sorry it is the way I feel having to face months of their laughing and attacking us and any of our leadership as Palin, Bachmann, Tea Party Patroits, and now Mr. Trump.

    Maybe we can convince the manufacturing of products we buy would keep the price down for us and not raise the price for them to advertise it. We know what their product is they do not need to advertise it. Maybe if we sent them emails and or letters and phone call expressing respectfully our opinion.

    God Bless America

    God Bless Lt. Col. Terry Lakin and keep him safe from harm.

  4. A first-rate letter, Sharon. You really did what you said you’d do, and you’ve been hitting ’em right between the eyes. I also very much liked your ltr to Trump which summarized the salient issues.

    What I would LOVE to see is a leading talking head, like Hannity for example, invite you and/or Corsi, Donfrio and an Obama apologist to verbally duke it out for all the world to see. Can you imagine the ratings for such a program? So much of the discourse, what little there is, is superficial and uninformative. Since $ motivates these media moguls, perhaps those moguls should be enticed with such a proposal. Someone just might bite. Ratings to them is just about everything. Just a humble thought.

    Again, a stellar effort, Sharon. You are to be commended for your service. Truly outstanding.

    1. Very great letter! Sommeday, hopefully soon, they will be forced to listen to your words.

      Found this interesting. Apparently in 2003 Ol Orin Hatch knew the difference between a citizen and a NBC being eligible for POTUS. Even the fact that you MUST be a NBC “believe the time has come to address the antiquated provision of the constitution that requires our president to be a natural-born citizen,” said Hatch,
      *antiquated* Wonder what may have changed his mind in 8 yrs???? Why isn’t he on this now?
      “I believe the time has come to address the antiquated provision of the constitution that requires our president to be a natural-born citizen,” said Hatch, from WND 2003

  5. You can add George Soros to this list. I asked Dorthy Rabinowitz at WSJ why we have never seen an in depth report of the life and times of Soros.Nothing.
    No response. Between Soros and the POTUS , we are in a helluva fix.

    1. To be fair, Glenn Beck has been hammering Soros, whom he calls a “spooky dude.” Now if only he would go one step further and investigate, and I mean really investigate, an equally sinister character, namely the one illegally squatting in the White House.

  6. Sent an EMail to friends@fox 2 nights ago. Told them about this magnificent letter and suggested they make copies for ALL employees.

  7. My nomination for Zinger of the Year: “The tough, tenacious questioning of E.D. Hill disappeared, only to be replaced by other blondes with shorter skirts and increasingly lower necklines but no ability to investigate anything.”

  8. Have mercy on Fox News, Sharon! You absolutely leveled these folks with damning information that they have to be dreading that they are in for the embarrassment of their lives. I have to think all this will go down in history as the mother of all lessons, as far as the Constitution is concerned. Courage among the media elites is in such short supply these days. Thank God for real intrepid journalists like you who don’t act like deer caught in the studio lights when it comes to this issue. I sure hope Ailes got an earful from your readers.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: There is no mercy for liars, those who perpetrate cover-ups, and traitors.

  9. I’ve read a lot about the so-called current office of president. There are opinions addressing the title on the internet. Let’s face it: Barrack Obama doesn’t have a clue who Barrack Obama is. He can’t even tell you where he is from! Does this speak to a deeper difficulty in that the USA doesn’t have a clue what the USA stands for anymore? Barrack Obama is just another of the actors put up on the stage to play a part that furthers a dark agenda. The Constitution insures that the people have the right to get rid of vermin and set things right. So, hello, America? What’s the delay?

    1. Absolutely; well said! I hope that Americans can wake up to what is happening to this country, but sadly we have too many that have been brainwashed in this country. Deceived as to what is right and good.


    Thank God ALL of this is finally being addressed….and thank you too, Sharon.:)

    For the love of our Country – this MUST be fully explored.
    I’m sending copies to EVERYONE I know – and sending a link to this site.

    Thank you Sharon.

  11. Great, great letter, I am making several copies of it and distributing them to supermarket bulletin boards, Walmart and wherever I can.

    Excellent Sharon, just excellent !

  12. Another poisoned arrow straight into the heart of the ‘Enemedia’. Everyone shoud email it to FOX and other media – with their own introductory comments.

    We need to call a spade a spade, and Treason Treason.

    I borrowed this thought from Martin Niemöller (14 January 1892 – 6 March 1984) :

    “First they came for the Patriots and Constitutionalists, and I did not speak out –-
    Because I was a Congress-member;
    Then they came for the Tea Partiers and peaceful protesters, and I did not speak out –-
    Because I was a Judge;
    Then they came for LCDR Walter Fitzpatrick and LTC Terry Lakin, and I did not speak out –-
    Because I was a General Officer;
    Then they came for the sovereignty-declaring people of the Republic, and I did not speak out –-
    Because I was usurper-loving, brain-dead OBOT;
    Then they came for me –
    And there was no one left to speak out for me.”
    A 21st Century American SLAVE

  13. I agree this is an excellent letter, but it also needs to be sent to every major news outlet as well as local news outlets as well. They have danced around this issue long enough.

    The reason the government has turned on its people is the people have “allowed” it to, by being complacent and not resisting when necessary. Governments, by their nature, live to feed and grow themselves. It’s an inevitability our founders realized all too well. We have allowed the jackals and hyenas to take over, and it’s far past time we roust them. It won’t be easy, but it can be done if we have the will to do so. The question is, do we have the will to stand fast?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I have an email list of major media outlets. Is there a volunteer who will do just that with the letter?

    1. Dear Mrs. Rondeau:

      A superb letter and I agree that it needs to be emailed to all major media outlets.

      I would be delighted to email all news outlets on your list!

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

    2. Sharon:

      I would happily volunteer to send the letter to the major media outlets. I sent your letter to my local media outlet and received a read receipt but no answer. Your letter needs to go viral. I would request delivery and read receipts so that they cannot deny receipt. In the end, those that stood by and did nothing are just as complicit in this massive fraud.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thank you. I will send you some media contacts via email.

  14. Why did the chicken cross the road? daaa.. Cause he didn’t want to show his Birth Certificate! Dotdotcom, thanks for sharing the poll at the O’Reilly website.
    “Is Donald Trump smart to raise the birth certificate issue?”
    No Spin Poll VOTE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 73% VOTED YES SO FAR. Put that in your pipe and smoke it O’Reilly. Any bets that if he does not like the results ” he won’t report and you don’t decide”.

  15. Sharon, thank you for the best letter I’ve seen, sent to someone who is in a position to actually change what has not been reported. For a long time now I have told those who listen as well as those who wouldn’t that O’Reilly was just part of the “elite media”. Now that he has added “I don’t care about that” to his retorts to everyone who has an oppinion different from his I have trouble watching HIS spin. If it were not for some of his guests I would no longer watch him at all. I gree with you that Fox New used to be an organization where I could get information that the MSM did not provide but no longer. Fox has melded so well that the spin no longer stops there.

    I tell everyone about P&E sending them links to your valuable and well written articles. In my opinion Sharon, YOU have taken over from Fox and are the most undiscovered source of unvarnished truth I have the opportunity to read. Please do not stop and I pray that God will keep you safe and healthy. In the interest of full diclosure, I have a selfish motive as I’m sure others who have become accustomed to reading P&E do as well.

  16. This is a Great Letter, every word TRUE Sharon! You are a real patriot who relentlessly stands up for the truth and for the American people. Thank you so much!

    Fox is on its way to the dumpster to rot with CNN, which is now even a tiny bit more open on the Obama birth certificate issue. Fox’s traitors are being exposed . . . thanks to a powerful and patriotic catalyst–Donald Trump!

    I hope he cleans out the whole rats’ nest in Washington–Democrats and Rhino Republicans like Boehner and the rest in the House and Senate.

    The Tea Party will win because “We the People will win” on the Obama birth certificate and social security fraud issues. We WILL get our country back!

    A firing squad is waiting for traitors of the highest degree!

    1. I’m sorry, Larry Brian Radka, but the POTUS can’t clean out the legislative branch. As much as I’m sure the current Dictator In Training Pants likes to think otherwise, the executive branch has no power over the legislative branch. Flushing out the vermin is our job.

  17. An Email sent to Bill O’Reilly after the Trump interview on March 30th:


    This will be the last time we email you and the last night that we watch your show, Mr. O’Reilly. (We have watched you for many, many years).

    Your unbelievably smug, arrogant and wildly disrespectful treatment of Donald Trump was DESPICABLE. Who the HELL do you think you are??? You not only INSULTED Trump but you insult us too — the listeners!!! We are highly educated people — more educated than you are!! This is NOT Journalism!! The more you IGNORE the birth certificate issue, the more foolish and laughable you become. You also look JEALOUS of Mr. Trump – but that is understandable – you being a fading commentator who is having a tough time keeping up with the likes of Beck and Hannity. You have NO PROOF, NO FACTS and NO UNDERSTANDING of the U.S. CONSTITUTION!!! If you did, you would know that Obama is INELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT. Just so you know something: Obama put a forged Certification of Live Birth online. It was proven to be forged. It was NOT certified, not verified, not real. He has NEVER produced his U.S. Long Form Birth Certificate, like Mr. Trump produced.

    Obama will ultimately pay for all his lies. Just wait for it…….Congress has been alerted to this matter and each member was mailed a copy of Obama’s KENYAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE, that was obtained and certified at the hospital in Mombasa, Kenya last year. They are working on it. So, you will look like the real FOOL when this breaks…..

    If you place SO much importance on two, 50 year old suspicious newspaper ads, (what a JOKE) then why not turn your limited attention to the Texas based Newspaper ARTICLES on Obama BEFORE the 2008 Election — only a FEW YEARS ago — that definitively state that Obama was “KENYAN BORN” in their HEADLINES!!! I believe the newspaper in question is called “The Observer” — an African newspaper based in Dallas, Texas. ( By the way Mr. Trump is CORRECT in saying that NOBODY places baby postings in newspapers — and you were WRONG to say that people do this — they do not!) In addition, the KENYA NATIONAL ASSEMBLY stated in their minutes (this is like their Congress or Parliament) that Obama was “BORN IN KENYA”. They should know. Even the Kenyan Ambassador stated for the record that Obama’s birth place in Kenya is a “national attraction”. How can you be so ignorant on this subject???????????????????? It is baffling — or you are just worrying about your fading ratings………….

    You are not a real journalist — you have no respect for others — you constantly interrupt — you should be off the air.

    Trump just wants the facts on the birth certificate — everyone does!! Just go look at the voting on the FOX news web site — 75% of people AGREE that Trump was RIGHT to bring it up!! We ALL want the Truth — apparently you don’t.

    I could go on and on — why don’t you read a book SPECIFICALLY on this subject — by experienced attorneys — “Obama – Ineligible To Serve – Lies, Crimes and Deadly Ambition” at Amazon. THEN see what you think you believe…………………………………….

    good bye O’Reilly


    1. Just an FYI: O’Reilly isn’t a journalist and isn’t billed as one. He’s the host of a political opinion program, which is an entertainer. The same for Hannity and Beck. (I’m not sure about Susteren.) They’re not journalists, never were, nor were any of the three of them formally educated in journalism or to be journalists. O’Reilly was a school teacher, Beck a drunken disc jockey, and I’m not sure what Hannity did before political opinion.

      Just thought you should know.

  18. Please people do not watch O’Reilly tonight! It is all about ratings He does two three part stories to get his ratings up because I think he is falling below his high ratings. I do not and have not watched the fool for a very long time and do not watch Hannity very much.

    Any way… his bashing with Mr. Trump will be on u tube watch it and not the fool O’Reilly!

    God Bless Lt. Col. Lakin and may God continue to protect our HERO.

  19. I just wish you had mentioned the Connecticut social security number. FOX is partly owned by a Saudi prince. Why would anyone be surprised that they only cover what they want?

  20. What a letter, what a chastisement to someone in a leadership position who is selling his soul to the highest bidder. The puppets who work ( to deceive ) at this propaganda mill should all be tried with those in the government for treason. Felons who flock together should roost together. This will cost the country a lot, as all will get three hots and a cot. Nuff said!!!

    1. Just watched the clip of tonites show. O’Reilly actually states that Obama’s father was from Kenya. Nothing was said about it. That’s the whole point Don and Bill. That alone makes Obama illegal to be President. Will someone please contact the Don and tell him.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: It’s in the letter. You may also print that off and sign your own name to it and send it, or send your own letter. It’s going to take LARGE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE!

  21. Great letter Mrs. Rondeau!!

    I could only add that the great State of Hawaii is really missing out with not being able to place the “44th U.S. President’s Birthplace” plaque at either one of the two hospitals obama has claimed to be born in! A definite missed opportunity with tourism!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Feel free to make that addition and send it to Mr. Ailes.

  22. People like Rove and Pawlenty keep referring to the “Eligibility” issue as a “distraction” In fact it is the most important issue of our time. It goes to the very legitimacy to govern and our adherence to our own law and Constitution. It is fundamental to our existence as a Nation.

  23. Ok, so for all those that say they’re not watching Fox News anymore, what are you watching? Surely not ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC or CNN, none of these even pretend to cover the news ‘honestly’ anymore.

    Bob1943, did you see my comment above. Surely they can’t get Hollister in trouble, to do so would be to admit that ‘the won’ had a fraudulent SS no.

  24. The reason he won’t or can’t run with this issue is he doesn’t have a 24/7 detail of heavily armed patriotic servicemen at his disposal to guard him from the ones Soros has, that’s why.

  25. Sharon,

    Your last two letters to Trump and now Ailes have both been masterpieces. Thank you so much for staying in this fight as I will continue doing also here in Arizona. We need more Americans who support us to stop being spectators and cheerleaders and become active in demands to their public officials even if they are by nature the quiet types who have never been politically active. The survival of our country and their children and grandchildren demands it.

  26. Mrs. Rondeau, your definition of “birther” could not be better expressed. It should be
    added to the next edition of every American dictionary.

    You also hit on a sad fact I find all to often among many I associate with. Many people
    would rather discuss their favorite T.V. programs, ball teams,or who is dancing with who
    on america’s most wonderful, than discuss real issues that have a real impact on their
    lives. This is a sad situation. Their only excuse is what can one person do. We are not
    just one.

    There are enough of us, perhaps we should offer these cowards of the media and the
    quivering officials of corruption in our government our protection if they speak up. of
    course it has gone to far and for to long to offer them complete amnesty.

  27. Great summation of our plight, Mrs. Rondeau. Whether Mr. Ailes has integrity enough to acknowledge that plight is another matter. But the pressure is building, and something has to give sooner or later. Thank you for your inspiring efforts to restore constitutional governance.

  28. My family hasn’t watched FOX news in over five years because we got sick and tired of hearing O’Rielly say the phrase, night after night, “moderate Muslim”.
    You are 100% right on target. FOX is owned by a Saudi so the paychecks come with the price of selling the United States down the river.
    I’m sorry, but you can’t pay me enough to sell out my country. Ailes and the rest of the lowlife at FOX just may find themselves in front of a firing squad. It’s possible, you know? Very possible.

  29. Our sentiments exactly. The O’Reilly scam has been a joke. I quit watching him and FOX due to this one issue alone. The same obfuscation of MSM exists on FOX. It’s $, all about $. The truth is secondary with these reporters. Glenn Beck included. For all the good that Beck promotes he falls way short by NOT allowing his team of only 10 to gather the known facts of the liar-in-chief. For all the great coverage Beck has done, it diminishes in scope due to the cover of barry soetero in office. Why attack Sustein when all the czars can be taken down with the proof of an illegal usurper?

  30. This is particularly interesting:
    “And how about the accusations and evidence that Obama committed social security fraud? When will you be reporting that to the American people? Notice how the report states that Col. Hollister could be brought up on charges when Obama is suspected of criminal wrongdoing!”

    when I was reading that story, I was thinking, wait a minute. If he actually used Obama’s actual SS no. then that might be illegal, but it would prove that Obama has a SS no. for a person registering in Conn (or wherever), but not Hawaii. On the other hand, if it is ‘no one’s SS no.’ then it wouldn’t be a crime. So, if they charge Fitzpatrick, then we’ll know that Obama is using a SS no. that is most likely someone else’s SS no. and we can then ask why he didn’t legally register and get a legitimate SS no.
    Why would the SS Admin allow Obama to continue to use someone else’s SS no.?
    There sure a lot of unanswered questions.

  31. All true Sharon, and I personally have ZERO RESPECT for any of the talking heads on Fox News, especially O’Reilly, Beck, Hannity, who I haven’t watched in six months. I once was a fan too; in fact I used to be a strong promoter of Fox every where I went. Now I do the opposite of course. Only because of Mr. Trumps announcement today… http://www.youtube.com/user/trump#p/a/u/0/10IVR9Z_9W0 I will try against my better judgement, to tune in and see what a fool O’Reilly will make of himself. I am really only tuning in today because of Trump, and to see how he carries himself. It is all getting rather foolish why criminal-obama is not now in Gitmo.

  32. Sharon, I noticed you mentioned Col. Hollister. Have you seen this just released today?



    Drudge links the articles which say Hollister may be in trouble.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Yes, a link was included to a story which I received via email. Hollister shouldn’t be in trouble for exposing Obama’s fraud. Our government has turned against those who are trying to expose the treason!

    1. Former Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein have been heralded as two of the most famous journalists in America and are known as the reporters who broke the biggest story in American politics…Watergate.

      Watergate pales in comparison to Usurpergate and, therefore, Woodward and Bernstein’s fame will pale in comparison to whomever sees Usurpergate through to its rightful fruition.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I like that term, “Usurpergate.” Let’s adopt it.

  33. Mr. Ailes is obviously guilty of Treason and Conspiracy per the Rico Act. All finances under Mr Ailes’ family is to be confiscated and Mr Ailes can face the firing squad with Mr Obama and the long list of co-conspirators.

    America needs a cleansing. Clean up the rotten corruption. Let’s get back to God and Country.

    The clock is ticking. Time for Mr Ailes to embrace the TRUTH is running out.