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by Lynn Vogel

Will these two men be running mates in 2012?

(Mar. 28, 2011) — Just when we thought we knew where the 2012 race was headed, it took another unexpected turn. You can find the new twist in Google, just run a search for “trump vallely.”

My first reaction was, “ The field is crowded, they don’t have a chance.“ Then I spent a couple of days thinking about it. I think we would be wise if we all gave it some serious thought.

We have all been saying we are tired of party politics and DC insiders beholden to a system.

We have all been saying we want real work done to repair our economy, bring back American jobs, produce our own energy, secure our borders and nation and stop sending our tax dollars to other countries.

We have all been saying we are sick of the border issues, our military being misused, weak national security and the trend toward Islam in America.

We have all said we want the states to reclaim their just powers and have our Constitution restored as our literal guide for governance.

Who will do this? Career politicians? They never have and never will. Trump and Vallely have been shouting these points from the rooftops all along. Either of them can walk into DC and not owe a single politician, party or lobbyist a single darned thing. That has never happened. Our national security and declining economy are destroying us. Now, instead of making the same mistake by electing more career politicians we can get one of the worlds foremost experts on business, the economy, global trade and taxes standing with one of our foremost experts on national security, world powers and our Constitution.

Isn’t that what we’ve been looking for? That is the definition of a world class A-Team of leadership. I do not see how any candidate could stand at the debates and take control or score points on either one of these men. No one in our political parties has their proven experience.

Five days ago there was nothing about this, now the rumors are flying and they seem to come from everywhere except Trump and Vallely. I did read in several places that Paul Vallely has been asked about it and his replies are a simple, “Run with it.”  Like the rest of us I think he is so frustrated with the current declared field he will gladly run just to get the discussion headed where it needs to be instead of everyone talking like politicians and sticking to the popular, tested catch phrases of the season.  I don’t know about you but what I am sensing is that as soon as politicians get into a presidential race they become a sterile version of themselves we’ve not seen before. They immediately assume a ‘safe’ level of  campaign speak which is, they believe, carefully constructed to appeal to their base without being bold and honest enough to risk offending anyone,

Paul Vallely does not have the ability to filter for effect, he is a straight shooter that will speak his mind, let the chips fall where they may.  He can do this because he is not a politician. He has never been indoctrinated into believing there is a better way to speak to the public than just plain speaking the truth.

Donald Trump is The Donald. If you think anyone could program him to bridle his speech just to be popular then you’ve never watched him in action. He thinks a lot and when he’s done thinking he tells it like it is. He has been broke and back n the black almost immediately. The man has risen from so many flames of doom a phoenix could use him as an example of resiliency.

Paul Vallely is a retired US Army Major General, a 2 star. He has served all over the world since his early days of being in the heat, danger, jungle and death of Viet Nam. As an M.G. he served as the Deputy Commander of the Pacific Region but he served on other continents as well. You may know him as the former Fox News military analyst who described the actions and strategies for us during the years following 9/11, the “shock and awe” missions and beyond.  Since the 1960’s he has been involved with national security and the gathering and use of military intelligence. The man knows more about the players and powers throughout the world than anyone in the race. I challenge any candidate to dispute this. What is more important is that world leaders know of him and they know enough  about him to not trifle with him. They know that Vallely will not be pushed or manipulated by chest-thumping, saber rattling or trickery. He is not a man that would not know how to respond to a crisis or threat without first consulting with the United Nations. As a matter of fact, Vallely has been consistent in stating the United Nations should not receive one more dime of our money and they should be relocated to a 3rd world nation somewhere, anywhere.

Trump has stated the same. The Donald has also said that this business of acting like world cops who serve endlessly for free is insane and should end immediately. Amen Donald! I agree with him that a nation like South Korea that owes their safety and security to our presence should foot the bill for that presence instead of taxing you and I for it.

Trump has much to say about the lunatic financial policies of our nations business with the world and at home. He is always exactly right too. After all, what politician now serving can claim to be able to outperform Trump in any business operation? The nations economy is a business first and foremost and it’s a shambles because the people running it have no business experience. The result is predictable.

Consider these positions stated by either Trump or Vallely :

Close the borders and stop funding illegals and their families.

End capital gains taxes so our businesses can grow and the owners can invest and create jobs.

Shut down useless, expensive government departments and turn their duties back to the states where it belongs. Get rid of the departments of Energy, Commerce, and Education immediately.

No more Czars. Period.

Change our rules of war so soldiers do not give Miranda Rights to enemies in other nations.

Completely scrap Obama Care.

Ban the application of Sharia Law in the U.S.

Block the building of the Ground Zero trophy mosque and halt the spread of Islam in America.

Stop playing world cop. Get these wars over with.

Play hardball with business relationships with nations like China that are playing games with the value of their currencies and more to gain unfair trade advantages over us.

Stop the voter fraud and prosecute the guilty parties so our votes count once again

Negotiate to end the power of international trade groups like OPEC that simply exist to loot America.

Let the California farmers resume their food production so we can stop importing at a higher cost.

Remove union representation of federal employees.

Support the businesses and citizens in the Gulf region so they can get their jobs and economic activity restored.

Seal the Mexican border.

Abolish the IRS and make the tax code simple and fair.

Dill and refine OUR oil.

Stop giving illegal immigrants our taxes, educations, health care, housing and access to our election process.

End the damaging trade deficits.

Support all of our allies and treat the enemies like enemies, not people we can buy friendship from.

Reduce the regulations and  nonsense that has been killing our businesses. Create a favorable environment so businesses do not have to move to foreign nations to survive.

Reduce taxes so working people take home larger paychecks and can spend money to make our economy work again.

Get the government out of the housing business and mortgage industry.

Audit the Federal Reserve then phase them out.

No more free passes for crooked officials. Break a law and suffer the same penalties as the rest of us.

End federal matching funds for political campaigns.

Term Limits. Put a permanent end to career politicians who ignore the voters back home.

End ALL pensions and benefits for Congress.

These are good moves and Trump/Vallely would do it. Isn’t this exactly what we’ve been looking for? Not one politician will make such statements and follow through. These 2 do not need to be in office. Both have very good lives already but they are as sick of our mess as we are. They both want to serve because they love this nation and refuse to sit by and watch us be destroyed when they know how to fix it.

These 2 men have decades of proven track records, no one can deny their experience. Neither of them needs someone to run a teleprompter for them, they have been speaking plainly on public record for decades. They have never changed their tune. Neither of them owe a party or the system anything at all and they could serve without us wondering who they had to deliver the paybacks to. They could not be tricked or manipulated by leaders here or overseas. If you want genuine proven experience and an administration that spends 4 years working hard to dig out the corruption, make repairs and get us and our nation safe and profitable again, who else could do as well?

Just having these 2 traveling the nation saying what others will not say can do us all a lot of good. I think they are worth looking at and if you are tired of getting disappointed by politicians, this is your team.


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  1. This ticket has my vote – as was written – Donald Trump has business sense & common sense and General Vallely is a distinguished Military person with common sense!!

  2. GREAT article – I thing all americans will be very impressed by what they stand for – we the people are sick of lies and a non-american attitude – these two together will not lose.

  3. Until Trump addresses the U.S. Constitution and the NATURAL BORN CITIZEN clause, he is just another Obama supporter! It’s always about the birth certificate. Never about what the Founding Fathers meant by NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

    How long can this charade go on? It’s been over two years now and this “birth” certificate diversion is still being played and most of the American people are still buying it!

    One of the wealthiest men in America and Donald Trump can’t spend the money on resources like buying a copy of “THE LAW OF NATIONS” to talk about Obama’s illegality. With all the money Trump has, he can’t bring to the table for all of America to see the real soul and core of this illegal usurper crime that has been imposed upon America. It’s just the same old rhetoric. If he runs, Trump will not be getting my vote. He’s just a carbon copy of the rest!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: How many Americans knew about “The Law of Nations” prior to the Obama eligibility question arising? For many of us, it began with the lack of evidence of a Hawaii birth, then progressed on to a much wider pool of knowledge. Please join us in helping to educate Mr. Trump with the wealth of evidence that has been amassed over almost three years of studying this subject.

    1. Dear Mrs. Rondeau,

      With all due respect I do believe there is a difference between naive “Americans” and Donald Trump. Trump is up in the public eye as a potential presidential candidate. Especially after Obama, I have higher expectations now that I did not have before regarding presidential candidates. If a person wants to run for office it’s time to tell me and the rest of America what they know about the U.S. Constitution prior to any election. It’s not the job of the people to educate presidential candidates on Constitutional Law. I expect presidential candidates to do their U.S. Constitution homework.

      Furthermore, after Obama. I expect any politician “want a be”, anywhere in the United States to tell people just exactly what they know and think about the work of America’s Founding Fathers and the Constitution of the United States of America before any election. I really do believe that by doing so will be a much needed “game” changer for the betterment and future of America.

    2. Trump has been the only one to get the whole USA attention on the birth certificate issue – we should be thanking him for that – Thank you Mr. Trump – you got the ball rolling.