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by Andy Martin, ©2011

Andy Martin considers himself an "internet writer, columnist and investigative journalist"

(Mar. 27, 2011) — Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin will convene his Third National Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate and College Records in Washington, DC on April 1-2, 2011. Martin’s original research and bestselling book created the “Birther” movement that continues to fuel doubts Obama’s origins. Please go to our blog (below) for prior conference details.

Coincidences happen. We have been planning the Third National Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate and College Records. Just as we were getting ready to announce our event Donald Trump and the mainstream media created what Geraldo Rivera calls a “firestorm” and “hot button issue.” We hope you will be able to attend next weekend, April 1-2 in Washington, DC.

Please spread the word.

We are inviting Donald Trump to be our keynote speaker.

As all of you know, I am currently a Republican candidate for President. I am the only Republican presidential candidate who is raising the “Birth” issue. Trump has not yet formally declared. Until then, I am alone in trying to get Republicans to pay attention.

Because I have always limited myself to searching for the truth and finding the facts about Barack Obama, I enjoy worldwide credibility as the first investigative scholar on Barack Obama’s early years. My book on Barack Obama, “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask” continues to sell through the publisher, www.OrangeStatePress.com, because it is an attempt to get at the truth and facts behind Barack Obama.

Obama continues to refuse to release his original typewritten 1961 Hawai’i birth certificate. He refuses to release any of his Punahou School (Honolulu private school) records, his Occidental College records, his Columbia University records or his Harvard Law School records. Obama’s says “trust me;” do you trust him?

Third National Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate and College Records

Washington, DC; April 1-2, 2011

Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama



Andy Martin, J. D.

Professor of Law (Adj.)

P.O. Box 1851

New York, NY 10150-1851

Tel. (866) 706-2639

Fax  (866) 707-2639

1. Location

The conference will be held in Washington, DC April 1-2, 2011.. We have reserved a suite at the Capital Hilton. We plan a Friday evening session, 7 – 9:00 P.M. and a Saturday morning session 10:00 A.M. – 12 noon.. We are hoping someone will donate funds to videotape the conference for future broadcast on the Internet.

Capital Hilton (please ask for Andy Martin suite)

1001 16th St., NW

Washington, DC 20036

2. Conference Registration fee and ID requirement

As always, we need some advance indication of how large the attending group could be to make space-planning decisions. Therefore, we have a nominal $25 advance registration fee which covers both sessions. There will only be pre-registration, no at-the-door registration. Please fill out the attendance form and mail it back with the $25 to arrive in New York before March 31st. Please include a copy of a photo ID so we can confirm your identity when you arrive at the conference. Once we know how many to plan for we can do our final space planning.

3. All are welcome—but please bring evidence, not illusions

Anyone is welcome to register and attend our conference. But please, if you want to express a theory, bring some rational, tangible evidence to support your claims about Mr. Obama. Those of you who know me know I am committed to working only with accurate information and, as we lawyers say, “reasonable inferences drawn from the available facts or documentation.”

Pie-in-the-sky will not fly. Hucksters who use bogus documents to obtain anti-Obama publicity only undermine legitimate inquiries into Obama’s opaque past. We need to search for the truth and look for the facts.

4. Security

We will have adequate arrangements for security in case Obama’s desperate sycophants try to disrupt us again.

5. Media

Media are welcome, but we would suggest you let us know in advance. We will be providing twitter.com updates during the conference (twitter.com/AndyMartinUSA).

6. Visitors to Washington, DC

Just a reminder: April 1-2 a holiday weekend in Washington (Cherry Blossom Festival) If you plan to stay overnight, we suggest you make early plans. We will be issuing updates of this letter, so please feel free to make suggestions.

And please also remember we operate on a shoestring, so contribute any shoestrings you can afford. We are going to issue a separate fundraising letter.

With best wishes,





For a registration form, please go here.

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  1. We don’t have to prove he is NOT “natural born,” HE has to prove he IS.

    He and his handlers have tried to turn the tables, but all we have is assurances from people with a conflict of interest, like the DNC and MSM. No credible, trusted sources have provided even an iota of evidence, smoke and mirrors.

    Mature people do not behave like this, therefore I conclude he is not eligible. It’s hard not to conclude that he’s a fraud.

    The burden of proof is on HIM … not us.

  2. Does Andy ever mention the Natural Born Citizen requirement under the Constitution or has anyone challenged him on his own eligibility and did he respond?

    It seems if you’re gonna go gun ho on this issue – AND – write books about it – shouldn’t you address ALL the requirements of being eligible to run for the Presidency? And shouldn’t you KNOW that Barry is not a NBC?

  3. Andy Martin is not eligible.

    He is on record as saying… “the law is on my side because the Supreme Court has said we ain’t ruling”
    (those are Andy Martin’s word’s, not those of SCOTUS)

    That is precisely what Obama is saying…to himself.

    Martin knows he is not eligible. Right and wrong is relative to him.

    The MSM wants to “interpret” the Constitution differently from its original intent and previous Supreme Court decisions.

    Andy Martin is joining Obama/Soetoro and the MSM with overt acts of subverting the Constitution and the rule of law with impunity.


  4. How is WND going to promote Corsi’s book on TV? I don’t think so. The MSM is for intents and purpose, state run Obama media. We the people would have done the same thing long ago if it was remotely possible. I believe this a crafty means for promoting the book, creating buzz and actually having us patriots spread their videos throughout the blogosphere. It’s called clever marketing and free advertising. I wish I was wrong but that’s th reality I fear.

  5. I have been following Obama’s ineligibility for quite a while, but when Sharon Rondeau and Walter Fitzpatrick started hammering on Treason again, it became cryst,al clear exactly why the non-representing representatives were so eager to cover for Mr.Obama. Since I am not a lawyer I decided to see if there was such a thing as “misprision of treason,” and for sure there is from Cornell University Law School here:

    There must be many politicians quaking in their boots right now because there has been documented proof presented to them. I reckon we will be required to find out the outcome, but the Treason train is picking up steam, and if I were a politician, I do believe I would leap from the train before it goes into the abyss.

    1. The leadership of Congress, according to a recent call to my Senator’s office, has told their Congressional members to lie to protect them. I doubt they used those words, but telling all 535 members of Congress to repeat the words from the now completely discredited April, 2009 Congressional Research Document…and nothing else, is a renewed effort to put the responsibility on a bunch of lawyers the Democrat led Congress enlisted to write a document saying Obama was eligible, the end result was the document had to report Barry is eligible, no other conclusion would be accepted, to heck with the evidence and the truth.
      One would think even lawyers would choke on that duty….but I guess it’s all in a day’s work for them.

      Yes, they are afraid, but they believe the total control they still have over all of Congress, the media and the courts will prevent anything from happening before those most involved can sneak away and enjoy a lavish retirement on taxpayer money.

      We must not allow that to happen.

    2. WOW – You are right, Bill. The Cornell definition that you have linked to, warrants copy/pasting in full – everyone should read this. It is not too late for the culprits to admit their culpability or negligence and take action now. They will then be able to plead for mercy from the new Supreme Court that should replace the current cabal of traitors.

      TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 115 > § 2382

      § 2382. Misprision of treason

      Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

    1. That’s great! Just donated and got the “T” shirt too. Those magnetic bumper stickers are a hit too. I change them all the time so I have people walking behind my truck just to see the days statement. I’m surprised at how many people are afraid to speak out. Respect God, guns and government, in that order. Liars fail the first and third tests, the second just keeps the peace between the two.

    1. That’s not a problem, it leaves us with an estimated 250 million plus people to choose from who are natural born Citizens.

      I’m sure someone from that group will be OK so we don’t have to ignore the Constitution.

      Nothing sad that I can see except what we allowed to happen with Obama.

  6. “Martin’s original research and bestselling book created the “Birther” movement that continues to fuel doubts Obama’s origins.”

    At least, Martin does not claim that his original research created the Internet – this one has already been claimed by Al Gore!

    1. LOL! I called “bullstuff” (but with a word one letter shorter than “stuff” following “bull”) in my head over the claim of Martin birthing the birther movement (pun intended) and had planned on keeping it there in my head, but since you brought it up, I call “Bullstuff!” (sort of, see above) out loud.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: Thanks for following the rules, Auntie.

  7. Best wishes, Andy, for an illuminating conference, with or without the illustrious Trump. But since your own eligibility for prez is dubious at best, do you really seek the presidency or is your goal to bring so much clarity to the eligibility issue that Congress must act? What is your intent, Andy?

    Whatever you do, don’t put yourself on any ballot unless your father was a U.S. citizen at the time of your birth.

    1. Actually, being put on the ballot is exactly what he should do. Then someone should bring a lawsuit against him for not being eligible, that is, if he is actually not a natural born citizen. Then Andy should support the challenge and agree to have it settled on the merits.

      1. I agree, not being a natural born CItizen, in Andy’s case, is a good thing. Since there is zero chance of him winning though, any lawsuit would probably be tossed out, or delayed until after the election when it would become moot.

    2. I thought someone already put forth evidence showing that Andy Martin’s father naturalized 5 years after Andy Martin’s birth, which would make Andy Martin not a natural born citizen.