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March 26, 2011

Will Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely (Ret.) run for President or Vice President in 2012?

Dear Editor:

The following letter has been sent to Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely (Ret.) and Donald Trump:

I am compelled to write this letter of gratitude and encouragement on behalf of myself and the millions of Americans who have been harmed by the fraud that is behind B.Hussein Obama and goes much deeper.  I hope my comments find their way to both Paul Vallely and Donald Trump.

Donald Trump/Paul Vallely might just be the best ‘ticket’ for President and VP at this juncture. What a great idea. Trump is so relaxed, informed and cool about this.  It’s refreshing.  I wish, due to his financial ability, he would fund an all-out war to release all the information and records and I wonder if he just might be having it all investigated quietly and behind the scenes.  He’s not a stupid man and I can’t imagine him running or even speaking without doing his homework. Many of us have read and researched massive amounts of very revealing, credible and damning information that covers far more than a mere birth certificate which could be forged at this point.  The money and effort spent by our government and the Pretender to obfuscate and withhold background information is astounding and proof the continued effort to expose it is a valid and imperative conquest.

What a blast it would be to watch the very capable, informed, successful and confident Trump and Vallely debate the issues facing our country and the methods necessary to correct them.

Many Americans, most of us Natural Born and a good number of us naturalized, have worked tirelessly and with much frustration to force all of the information that has been misrepresented and withheld from us.  At least one Judge refused Discovery on the basis that the information requested would embarass Obama…too bad.  His inexplicable rise to such a position warrants such a release of information.  The complicity of that judge put Lakin in prison unjustly and violated the right of every citizen; including those who choose not to know for their personal reasons and possible gain.  That particular judge is one of many public servants who should be FIRED and denied further compensation of any kind.  I would advocate prosecution as well.

The complicity of our elected and appointed public servants in this fraud is glaring and an almost incomprehensible travesty against our Republic and we have vowed to never forget, never give up and never forgive.  Regardless of what happens in the future and whether he runs again for any office; we will continue to pursue this issue until it is resolved and the crimes are revealed.  WE demand full disclosure and prosecution of all who assisted in perpetrating all of the crimes committed by and on behalf of this Pretender to our White House…without any possibility of official Pardon in the future.

Every single American citizen has true legal and real standing to demand and receive the information we have requested.  We are all harmed directly, individually and collectively now and far into the future by the crimes involved and the fraudulent occupation of the most important and enviable office in our country and arguably in the entire world.

The misfeasance, nonfeasance and malfeasance of our Fiduciaries which includes the probable Usurper, members of Congress, Judges and Justices, officials in our Department of Justice and so many more who enjoy salaries and benefits funded by the backbone of America must be exposed for us to cut out the cancer and heal.  We cannot hope to recover and rise again without this exposure and prosecution.

Will Donald Trump run for Vice President or President in 2012?

Intelligent, reasonable, law-biding, hard-working, pragmatic and sane Americans have been vilified and mischaracterized as ‘Birthers’, Truthers, racists and paranoid freaks.  This effort has been spearheaded and fed by our own Fiduciaries in an attempt to hide their culpability.  It is not only insulting, but also criminal.

I appreciate the heretofore involvement of Paul Vallely and the current efforts by Mr. Trump in the effort to expose the fraud and speak publicly on behalf of those who have valiantly and courageously put themselves in harm’s way to defend our country.  Among those great souls is Lt. Col. Lakin who was imprisoned unjustly for stepping up.

I wrote several years ago that our Shining City on the Hill is sinking into the dark abyss of mediocrity and eventual destruction due to my personal experiences which were a harbinger of what was yet to come. Much of what I feared and warned has come to pass and the slide into the abyss has not only continued but increased in velocity.

I have cried over the total destruction it all wrought upon me personally; fifty plus years of productivity and health destroyed, and the obvious complicity and racketeering of local and higher level officials and agencies.  But I have also cried and yelled into the deafening silence about the harm being done to us all.  I have apologized silently to everyone who died and sacrificed so much on our behalf.  No matter how much proof and documentation and no matter how many witnesses were available to support the viable claims of fraud perpetrated against me and other innocent victims; I met with an astounding amount of fraud and complicity.  Some of it was actually acknowledged and then swept away.  Much of it and the perpetrators have been exposed; yet the perpetrators were allowed to walk without criminal prosecution and some were bailed out by the victim’s current and future tax dollars.  The blatant judicial and court official misconduct I was subjected to without representation was incredible.  They operate with an attitude of contempt and impunity against their employers.  My experience is replicated in lesser or worse examples across the country and is the stuff of a movie many people would view as pure fantasy.  We should be testifying in Congress.  We don’t speak from what we read on blogs; we speak from experience.

I don’t know if you realize how much someone with such a public and powerful persona coming forward with these questions means to people like me.  We have fought relentlessly with our pennies and limited resources.  We have traveled to March in D.C. packed in vehicles with strangers, sick and on a shoe string to be two more boots on the ground.  I know so many people who have spent what little they had to fight this and the other abuses against them.  We should not be required to file the lawsuits and pay for the investigations and be subjected to the dangers, losses, harassment that has been brought upon us while our public servants refuse to do so and while they participate in the intimidation and crimes against us.

The TEA Party movement is composed of Republicans, Democrats, Independents, poor, rich, white, black, Hispanic and so on.  We are Natural Born and naturalized legal immigrants who are grateful and proud to be citizens.  I communicate constantly with a wide variety of these folks on a daily basis and we are proof positive that a true grassroots movement works.  Just look at the November elections.  We are Americans FIRST.  We have come together as patriotic people who were willing to cross all the barriers to work together in our patriotism and belief in the Constitution, rule of law, Sovereignty and this truly amazing country and our goal is to preserve the gift we were given by our Forefathers and those who died for our freedom and a nation ruled by the people…not dictators.

You have my humble support and gratitude and that of countless Americans.

Deborah Warren
Natural Born Citizen and Proud Texan

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  1. In my humble opinion; we need to support everyone who brings this single most important issue into the light of day. Declaring him the next President was not my intent. I believe in thoroughly vetting any candidate and learning all I can before casting a vote or leading the charge. A good number of Americans made the mistake of climbing on the Obama train to hell and now regret it. Thank God I can say I was not one of those unfortunate people. I hope we, as a nation, are careful in the future not to be fooled by another Tar Baby manufactured by our untrustworthy old guard.

    Trump may very well have ulterior motives in addition to an exploratory mission regarding a run for office. But, his interviews and comments have opened the door a bit wider and few will buck him like they have the rest of us. I say help inform and encourage him because few have his money, celebrity and platform. I just don’t want to see people descend upon him like vultures and take angry exception to what he has yet to say. He did point out that there were a lot of troubling issues and a lot of information being withheld besides the birth certificate.

    Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely has proven himself beyond his service; he stepped up publicly on behalf of Ltc. Lakin while most of his peers hid in the closet and violated their respective Oath of Office.

    The mere threat of a ticket like Trump/Vallely opens the door to a wider audience and more discussion. It threatens both sides of the ‘Single Party’ we have operating in politics and I suspect a few politicians will venture into the discussion now. This helps put more pressure on the effort to investigate and prosecute the Tar Baby and other culpable parties and for that I am grateful.

  2. Trump also needs to be speaking out about Nobama’s social security fraud. Trump needs to ask why Nobama is using a SS# from a person born in CT in 1890. Hmmmm…….

  3. How do we write Donald? He needs to understand that BO could have been born on the steps of the White House, but he’ll never be an NBC because Obama, Sr. was a British subject and not a US citizen.

    Also, he should not only have the link to the P&E, but he should also have this link as well: http://www.puzo1.blogspot.com/

    And another thing, Donald should know about the fraudulent SS numbers that BO has. There’s a whole list of stuff he needs.

    I’m grateful that he’s stirring this up, though.

    Do you guys know how to write Trump?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/03/24/breaking-news-presidential-ticket-paul-e-vallely-and-donald-trump/

  4. Another letter needs to be sent to “The Donald” letting him know he is not well informed on the issues of 0bumm0’s Eligibility.

    I’ve watched about 5 different videos of him making statements and have yet to see one where he had it right. Maybe I’m missing it and there is a method to what he is doing.

    No doubt Trump is a smart person, and would have no trouble quickly understanding all the elements involved if say maybe someone like one of the attorneys [Apuzzo, Donofrio] would explain it to him.

    There is also one forgotten part of the eligibility that has for the most part, due to where the focus has been placed, often overlooked. What was John Jay so concerned about when he wrote that letter to George Washington? Was it exactly what we are facing now with 0bumm0? In 0bumm0’s recent history there is an almost 20 year loyalty to a land other than America?

  5. donald trump is wrongly focused. the focus needs to be on natural born citizen. please everybody help me get the word to him. obama is a dual citizen because of his father and this makes him ineligible . the important issue is not where obama was born but who his father was. please get through to gen. vallely on this important fact also or obama is going to get away with this treason and fraud that he has committed and will stay in office indefinitely.

    1. Trump’s word on this isn’t final. It’s not within Trump’s power to allow or disallow Barky to get away with treason and fraud or anything else.

      So far, our courts refuse to hear and rule on the merits any case concerning Barky’s lack of natural born citizenship status. It’s plain that, although you’re right, your way isn’t working. Let Trump try this his way and wait until he’s finished to declare failure or success.

  6. Deborah, you are a true patriot! Most of America is now standing with you. My thanks also goes to the guts and common sense that both Donald Trump and Gen. Vallely are publicly showing. All we, the majority, need to do now is attend more Tea Parties with birther signs held high and MOVE against Washington in Force before we have lost our blessed Republic forever!

  7. Now, that is one hard hitting, earnest letter that is straight from the heart and expresses my feelings exactly. I’m sure it also captures the feelings of all true Patriots across this land. Thank you

  8. What a beautifully written and thoughtful piece Deborah Warren; and you bet The TEA Party movement is alive and well, especially now that we are all talking about the Usurper-In-Chief, along with his band of outrageous thugs, and elected accomplices. Now we are getting somewhere, however we will, and must stay engaged. God bless America’s Patriots.