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by Sharon Rondeau

Donald Trump was born on June 14 (Flag Day), 1946 and according to one source, mentioned running for President as early as 2000

(Mar. 24, 2011) — In an email exchange with Maj. Gen. Paul E. Valley (Ret.) of the StandUpAmerica blog and former Fox News military analyst, a citizen asked the general of Donald Trump, “Are you saying here that you are willing to run with him?  If so, can this be posted publicly?  Certainly wanted to ask before doing it.  What a wonderful ticket it would be!”

And the general answered:

Yes..you can test the waters on this. It has been suggested by others

Paul Vallely
MG US Army (Ret)

The email continued:

AS I’M SURE YOU KNOW BY NOW, DONALD TRUMP HAS FORCEFULLY CALLED FOR OBAMA TO SHOW THE REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE TWICE THIS WEEK AND JUST YESTERDAY ON THE VIEW.    http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2011/03/donald-trump-on-abcs-view-defends.html

Contact Donald Trump  — Let’s give him the ammunition with which to come back on the air and say that he has heard more about this issue than any other in his lifetime!

To get in touch with the Trump Organization, you can write to 725 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10022. You can also call them at 212-832-2000 or fax them at 212-935-0141.

I think faxes might be the best (because it leaves the paper trail), but please do what you can, even if it is the phone call.


THEY RECOMMENDED GOING TO THIS WEBSITE www.shouldtrumprun.com and posting your support for his statements there.  To do that go to the “Contact Us” bar along the top and that will give you the box within which to post your comment.  Please take the 1-2 minutes it takes to do it and send this to your email friends to ask them also. Thanks.

Donald Trump has been invited to speak at the Lincoln Day Dinner to be held in June by the Iowa Republican Party.  He appeared on ABC’s “The View” yesterday and stated emphatically that Barack Hussein Obama should present his “birth certificate.”  Trump also described himself as a “very conservative Republican.”

One of the panelists on “The View” brought up the issue of race to Trump following his demand for Obama to make his birth document public, after which Trump replied, “Has nothing to do with that.”

Trump also stated that no one from Obama’s grade school years seems to remember him, and that “there’s something on that birth certificate that he doesn’t like.”

In an interview with The Post & Email last year, Maj. Gen. Paul E. Valley called for Obama, Congress and other officials to step down due to corruption

Maj. Gen. Vallely is a former Fox News military analyst and author of the series “The Battle for America” as well as several books on military strategy.  He is an avid researcher of the Middle East.  He is co-founder with Brigitte Gabriel of Veteran Defenders of America, which asks that “all able-bodied veterans to join Veteran Defenders in an alliance to ensure our freedoms. REMEMBER, we ALL can contribute some of our skilled training, in some small way. Over 18 million strong, we are a valuable and frequently overlooked resource to our nation.”

Vallely operates the educational blog StandUpAmerica and last June called for “resignations of Obama, his cabinet, and members of Congress.”  He stated the same to WorldNetDaily.

His columns are published at Family Security Matters and The Post & Email as well as StandUpAmerica.

BREAKING NEWS: It has just been announced at Human Events that Michele Bachmann, congresswoman from Minnesota, will seek the presidency for 2012.  Bachmann has recently stated that she would show her long-form birth certificate if she were to seek the highest office in the land.  In an interview with George Stephanopoulos, Bachmann did not unequivocally state that Barack Hussein Obama is a U.S. citizen or a “natural born Citizen.”  Rather, she said, “When the president makes his statements I think they need to stand for their own.”

Update, March 25, 2011: The New York Times is reporting today that Bachmann “leaked out the possibility” that she might run for President.

Independent evidence has been presented to every member of Congress that Obama was born in Kenya.  Obama himself claimed dual nationality at the time of his birth due to a British-citizen father.

After a continual blackout on the subject since its inception almost three years ago on the internet, Fox News’s Sean Hannity and Greta van Susteren aired the video of Donald Trump stating that Obama should show his birth certificate.  Van Susteren had briefly blogged about the eligibility issue in October 2008 after first stating that it was “a waste of keyboard time.”

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  1. Huckabee tells Geraldo at Fox he welcomes Trump in the race and there will be lots of documents to complete to run EXCEPT one does not need to submit a birth certificate to the Federal Election Commission. If Huckabee is right then the Congress needs to change the law making that organization responsible for obtaining and reviewing one birth’s certificate. Why make each state responsible for the vetting when we know in 2008 it Never happended??

  2. PJPony, I agree. We are always looking in the wrong direction first. Vallely is another demon that needs to be watched. He is an expert on mind control and worked closely with Col. Aquino on a project they named MindWars’. Aquino was indicted but never convicted of multiple counts of child rape. He founded and heads the Temple of Set.

  3. Google ‘Aquino and Vallely’ to see what kind of man Vallely is! Also, go to scribd and read ‘Soldiers of Satan’ to really understand Vallely is a devil and shill. People never learn.

  4. I don’t think the UN is going to allow another election before they do their takeover. World governance is being set up to be implemented within months, people. We are going to be at war within our own borders within months. It’s planned and coming to fruition. They are planning civil unrest within weeks, which will put us in the position of Obama imposing martial law.

    Obama was put in deliberately to take our eye off of the ball. The true conspirators are getting off scott free. They are going to hit us when we aren’t looking. Obama was chosen to be the one to kill off our sovereignty and introduce America into the New World Order.

    It is time to seriously worry about this issue. Obama’s birthplace can be settled AFTER we rid ourselves of the traitors within.

  5. No to General Vallely. He supports an activist who flat out lied to patriots when she stated that John Boehner was going to take citizen letters with the Resignation Letter Drive to the floor of the House last June. Lost all credibility with a LOT of people.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Who was that activist?

  6. A few things:

    1) All those who are upset that Trump hasn’t mentioned natural born citizenship need to calm down. I told you yesterday that Trump knows more about the reasons Barky’s ineligible than he’d mentioned at that time and I was right.
    New Interview: Donald Trump Goes Full Birther; A Lot of Missing Records; Bill O’Reilly Cowards Down to Donald Trump on the Birther Issue
    Trump didn’t become a gazillionaire by being stupid or by being ignorant. He’s been successful in most everything he’s ever attempted. We, on the other hand, have failed repeatedly in resolving this issue. So, calm down and let Trump do his thing (as if anyone could stop him). Wait until he’s finished to criticize him and his technique and declare him and his efforts a failure.

    By the way, when he said that the president must be born in this country, he is absolutely correct. That he didn’t say that both parents must be citizens at the time of birth, that the candidate must be at least 41 years old, and that s/he must be a resident for 15 years at the time of election doesn’t render that false. Please, calm down.

    2) Trump and Vallely in 2012? I’d vote for Vallely but, while I appreciate what Trump’s doing for this country in regards to exposing Barky’s ineligibility, I don’t know that I’d support a President Trump. Also, I’ve heard several talking heads on cable news over the past couple of days mention Trump’s “baggage.” I think that’s code for “We, the lamestream media, will smear the man and his name without mercy. We’ll dig up his skeletons to be put on display right next to his dirty laundry. We’ll tell you nasty things about Trump that you never even imagined.”

    3) I adore Bridgette Gabriel. That Vallely has partnered with her for a project boosts him in my eyes.

  7. i am disappointed that ret. gen. vallely has not come forward more blunt and aggressively in his interviews and in his writings on the eligibility / birth certificate subject which is of the utmost importance.

  8. America needs strong people like Donald Trump and Paul Vallely to undo all of the damage that Obama and his henchmen have done to the great United States. Providing a real long-form birth certificate must be a primary requirement for anyone to run for president of the United States (POTUS). That way, we will avoid in the future any “Manchurian Candidate” to run for office and win. We must get back to the basics in America, which means to get back to being “strict constructionists” constitutional conservatives.

  9. The book: “Obama – Ineligible to Serve – Lies, Crimes & Deadly Ambition” should be widely circulated! You can get it at Amazon. It is Obama’s lack of U.S. Citizenship 101. It dicusses the LEGAL FACTS on Obama’s ineligibility in a clear and concise way.

  10. Speaking of Trump and his raising the BC issue. We all need to email Rush to get him talking about BHO’s ineligibility.




    To: “elrushbo@eibnet.com”

    Sent: Friday, March 25, 2011 6:25 AM

    Subject: Rush, PLEASE comment on BO’s NATURAL BORN CITIZEN STATUS

    Keep the message simple. Here is Vattel’s simple definition of the term, Natural Born Citizen.

    “The natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens…it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.”


    1. to leo patrick haffey ——- the format that trump farah hannity limbaugh and many others are using is wrong. the format needs to be that obama is not a natural born citizen and is not eligible because he has a dual citizenship. his father was kenyan from africa and was never an u. s. citizen. the birth certificate is secondary.

      1. While I agree, they should raise the NBC issue, it is necessary to raise the Fraudulent BC, Adoption and Fraudulent Social Security Number issues as well. I have been communicating this information to all of the above except for Trump for over 2 years now.

        Yesterday and Today, Hannity discussed the BC issue and he deserves credit for that.

        I have known Joe Farah for over 12 years, I have very high regard for him.

        I have never had the opportunity to speak with Rush but I do appreciate that he has at least mentioned the BC issue.

        I don’t know Trump but I appreciate that he has made the BC a hot issue in the media.

      2. First, Barky’s parentage must be determined (or verified, if Obama is, indeed, named “father” on his long form birth certificate). Once parentage is determined, then natural born citizenship can be verified or ruled out.

  11. We are in serious jeopardy. The unions are planning to start rioting soon. SEIU is planning on crashing the stock market and taking down the banks. They are just one of the unions who has been outed to be planning a rebellion. I am sure the others will join in, as well as students from various universities, etc.

    Their protests are planned to begin within the next month or so. Also, George Soros is planning a little meeting himself, on April 8th in New Hampshire. He is meeting with 200 various elite to plan for the introduction of a new currency, after the unions crash the economy, as well as a new police agency. This is the introduction to One World Government. They are starting in Europe and the Middle East now and plan on finishing with us by June.

    Oddly enough, Ben Bernanke’s last QE ends in June, at which time, he will either have to do another QE, or allow things to go out of control. With Soros planning a new currency, which do you think it will be? There may not be a 2012 election if their plans work for them, as they will have created enough chaos to possibly call off the election and proclaim Martial Law. If this occurs, it is over and we have lost.

  12. The last person in Washington, D.C., to bad mouth China, Rep. James Traficant D-Ohio, ended up in prison. Hearing Donald Trump say that “China is not our friend” gets a thumb up from this Vet. Trump won’t kiss up to China as Bill Clinton sure as heck did, even allowing a Chineese spy to get away from Los Alamos with the nuetron bomb blueprint, but, then again, China paid for Clinton’s library, so I suppose it was an equal trade (NOT!). “Give us our spy plane back!”. Well, they did. In pieces, remember?
    Will the General be able to deport millions of illegal immigrants and Muslims? And will they demolish the Federal Reserve and erase the national debt? Will they?
    I’m sorry, but the enemy doesn’t have any rights. They want to kill you and your family, what you going to do? These guys might just be the ticket, sure as hell beats anything else out there.

  13. Pray for Peace, Prepare for War Si vis pacem, Para Bellum Trump is arrogant enough that he can say anything and it will not hurt as he has nothing to lose, he is in the international business landscape for his real estate business. The General would clearly boost the debate and Trump would follow. So does Trump know anything about the Fair Tax or trade agreements? What Peace Accords can he define? This ticket would make the General very busy as Trump would be on the search for yet another hair stylist?

  14. I am so impressed with Donald Trump. This is the first, really, the very first time that someone has the guts to get on national television and say “show it”, did you see Whoopi almost have a breakdown. It was soooooooo great! And yeah I know, Trump is the king of bankruptcy which is great too, after Odumbo bankrupts our country, he will know what to do to put it back together. He’s got my vote! Sombody that has some guts and speaks the truth. He reminds me of Chris Christie, the bullchit has to stop and it is so refreshing to hear some truth for a change!

  15. Mr Trump should start becoming familiar with the constitutional restrictions on government and not get drawn into acting like another NWO proponent by making statements that ignore the law that is the foundation of our nation and the sole protection of liberty. General Vallely can speak well on that subject, the Donald, so far, not so much. In any case the real need is to get serious people into the field to dominate and direct the issues toward the law and away from pandering to others who would skirt it for their own interests. In other words, if it’s a states issue it doesn’t belong in a presidential debate. It’s time the people were respected enough to make that a clear point. There is no loss in upholding the tenth amendment. We are all tired of hacks trumpeting methods the federal government can pursue to make public life better. We know it is not the federal governments duty or function to interfere in our lives and it’s time to put the blame where it belongs for that, squarely on the states whose socialist spending has broken them too.

  16. The Donald is probably one of the few public men in this country with enough spine to tell the truth as he sees it without equivocation. I’d love to see it – even if it only serves the purpose of making the red hats and the blue hats sweat.

  17. At least Donald Trump has said more about the eligibility issue than any other person who is thinking about campaigning for the Presidency. He is being honest and he does deserve a HAND SHAKE. He has shown more patriotism than any other prominent figure. Hopefully, his statement will make some type of positive impact relating this critical issue. Consider, that if he did campaign for the Presidency and win, he would not be beholding to anyone….he would be his OWN MAN…..It would be a novelty for us all to experience, if this is the way it would develop. “In God We Trust.”

    1. I wanted to mention also, that I really think Paul Vallely would be an excellent Running Mate. Donald Trump would be very fortunate to be able to have Paul Vallely as his Running Mate. Paul Vallely’s knowledge and wisdom and his never ending patriotism would give Donald a run for his money, in a very good way!!!! This would really make for a very interesting campaign, to say the least.. “In God We Trust.”

  18. For someone at the ‘top-of-his-class’-learned as The Donald, you would think that he would know that the Constitution does not ‘state profoundly that you have to be born in this country to be President’. It says that you have to be a natural born Citizen (period).

    Perhaps, being such a learned person, he was baiting the ditzy-dumbo-dimbulbs who were calling him a racist, or saying that his request for some documentation on the ‘ghost’ was ‘the biggest pile of dog mess that I have heard in years’.

    Maybe arguing at their stupid and ignorant (and treasonous, I might add) level was his way to get them to show their stupidity, while forcing the media to talk about what 270 million Americans already know – Article II, Section 1 still counts if you want to be considered for election to anything.

    The half-way step to say that “I will show my birth certificate, if asked” is actually the biggest pile of dog mess that I have heard in years. To get my vote, and those of a majority of those 270 million who now question, they must do something about the credentials, or lack thereof, of the biggest pile of dog mess to occupy our White House in years!

    Treason, by any other name – even by the name of ‘pile of dog mess’ – is still Treason. And the PC (Political Cowardice) shown here, is like trying to pick up that pile of dog mess by the clean end. You’re going to get soiled either way.

    A Trump-Vallely ticket is not very realistic, but it may just be our ticket to exposing the treason of installing a usurper in our White House before it’s too late to do something about it.

    This is just one more straw on this traitorous muslim camel-jockey’s back. Let’s turn it into a whole bale of hay!

  19. Thanks so much for the contact info. for Donald…I just faxed several letters available for anyone to use as is or edit however you wish at http://www.stamppeeve.com under the link “Presidential Eligibility”. There is also lots of contact info. there under the letters, scroll down. Feel free to use anything there, let’s keep up the pressure on this issue!

  20. I called the number listed to support such a ticket and was told to contact the website:
    shouldtrumprun.com to leave a comment. I left a supporting comment at the site.

    1. I found this on a message board about Trump’s eligibility, but it will need to be verified:

      Donald Trump Meets The Eligibility Requirements For Article 2 Section 1 For President

      This is what we know about the Billionaire who might run for President,

      Donald Trump
      born June 14, 1946 (Meets the 35 years Minimum age Requirement)

      in Queens, New York, NY (Meets the Jus Soli Requirement)

      Parents were:

      Father: Frederick Christ Trump, born October 11, 1905 in Queens, NY, died June 1999 in Queens, NY

      Mother: Mary Ann MacLeod, born May 10, 1912 in SCOTLAND, died August 7, 2000 in Queeens, NY. Arrived in US October 5, 1935. Married January 1936. Naturalized as a US Citizen March 10, 1942.

      Both parents were US Citizens at the time of his birth (Meets the Jus Sanguninis Requirement)

      Donald Trump is a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN with sole allegiance (due to both his parents being US Citizens) to the United States and thus meets the founders intent to meet Article 2 Section 1 of the constitution for President.

  21. First, the View dimwits need to apologize to Trump. They made a “racist” inference that a “white” would not be required to produce a birth certificate. But Trump apparently was not aware of the inquisition of McCain in March of 08 conducted by the Dem Senate at which time he was required to produce his.

    Second, Bachman needs to not only “show” her long form birth certificate but she needs to establish her eligibility under Art II, born in America to American citizens, and challenge all other candidates to do the same. Be cautious of the “words” which candidates will use to describe this process. Think about it Bachman could get up on stage and say, “here is my longform birth certificate, and by that live up to her promise. Trust no one, and do not believe their words-only their actions-we must learn something from what has been done to us-and our Constitution.

    1. Stock, I need a link for when Senator McCain was hauled before that tribunal or whatever it was and had to take his long form. We need to send that out to Trump seeing as he’s raising all our other “concerns” day after day!!!

      Go! Go! Go! General Vallelly…I’m actually not quite so “sure” about Trump for President, but he’s certainly “going great guns” with raising the eligibilty issue!

  22. No we don’t need Trump the Bankruptcy qween nor do we need any more lawyers or Military criminals. Obama did not start a war with Libya; your generals did that by following an unlawful order. Wake up, America. You just can’t fix stupid.

  23. Wow, this appears to be progress toward restoring the republic. Trump has to be applauded for calling out Obama, and Gen. Vallely would add a strong defense component to the ticket. I would not commit my vote to Trump at this point, but more power to him if he wins the nomination and runs with Gen. Vallely.

    Bachman should be as brave as Trump and stop being so shy about Obama’s ineligibility. What on earth does she mean by saying that Obama’s statements “need to stand for their own”? Let’s see her own stance on eligibility be strong enough to stand on its own.

  24. This is the guy that has the guts and integrity to call for full vetting of present fraudulent liar-in-chief usurping the Oval office. It would do DC a great impact to rid the swamp of all the career money wasters. He knows the financial end game as well. It will be very exciting to have the final votes and the line from Trump to barry soetero, “your fired”.

    1. We need a strong military now for america not working for the un.What their doing is treason,their traitors now, and they need to follow the oath they took to america &we the people.People say 2012,if they dont wait till then it would be a mess.People it is already a mess.The truth and nothing but the truth,now.The domestic enemies are in action now.