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by Tom Spaulding

Did Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill introduce an eligibility bill to ultimately provide cover for Obama, who has a British citizen father?

(Mar. 24, 2011) — Mr. Lolli, it is good to hear a careful and reasoned analysis of the situation. For most citizens the subtleties of legal reasoning are foreign. Their conscious hours are spent with tactical problems: jobs, family and taxes. The “birther” campaign has been successful because those who know they haven’t the facts to argue are inclined to dismiss claims that a president must have two citizen parents as political extremism. They have heard too many fantastic stories about forged documents and the claimed testimony from wisened supposed relatives in Kenya.

It doesn’t help that the claims are so often made by people who clearly haven’t read our legal history or that there is no way to substantiate such claims. That ploy was also exercised by Chester Arthur, who always had a birth certificate from Vermont but abetted the rumors surrounding his Canadian birth by providing false dates and false ages for his parents. His problem, like Obama’s, was a British subject for a father.

Without having experience in the power circles who stand to gain or lose from exposing Obama’s illigitimacy, it is hard for many to grasp that pundits like Levin and Limbaugh, financially comfortable, could so easily be ruined by the quiet financial giants manipulating Obama. Nathan Deal, Georgia congressman, only asked, and faced the IRS and ethics charges which he knew he couldn’t fight. The financial assassination of Scooter Libby by a corrupt Justice Department, Democratic enforcer Patrick Fitzgerald, even while GW was President, is what a legislator knows he will certainly face if he threatens exposing Obama officially. Our State Department and Colin Powell (and GW Bush) always knew Bill Armitage leaked the information about Valerie Plame, as did Fitzgerald, and still prosecuted a lie. That is a taste of the justice we are headed for. Probably, there are exigencies we don’t know about, but it was still all a lie.

Obama’s handlers control the media. No private individual can prevail against a corrupt Justice Department. “My People” Eric Holder insures that we are probably in a holding pattern (no pun) until he and Obama are removed. They have played their hand, and unless the revolution is concluded before 2012, which is quite possible, the Constitution is an historical artifact, as Obama described it in 2002. Judges are captive because for any decision, there is another judge to stay it. California’s initiatives (Prop. 8, for example) can be dismissed by a judge. Obamacare can be declared unconstitutional, but there is no legal authority to effect the injunction. Union-controlled government employees are bankrupting the nation by design and will eventually impose tyranny because they know that their families will suffer if they don’t. They don’t, most of them, realize that bringing down the nation will still cost many of them their jobs, along with the freedom for their children.

Judges who threaten to do their duty, like former Marine Officer David O. Carter, who promised discovery if Orly Taitz, regardless of what anyone thinks of the quality of her legal work, would forego her right to discovery when Justice Department lawyers missed their reply date, found himself co-opted. Carter suddenly acquired a Bob Bauer clerk, a Middle Eastern attorney with a degree from an Eastern European Law School; then Carter broke his promise. We appear to be playing by rules from the former USSR, which is probably what drives the Moldavian native Taitz to fight with what tools she has. She escaped it once, and doesn’t want her refuge for her new family, natural born children, destroyed by similar forces.

Meanwhile, as described by David Horowitz, the alliance of Islamism and Communism is making major inroads to control the energy supplies to the Democratic Socialist world by disrupting the fragile Middle Eastern nations, one after the other, with the help of Google and the U.S. Military. The model is probably Iran, though Iran, up until Jimmy Carter, was rapidly evolving into a country where individual rights prevailed over seventh-century religious fanaticism, and women attended school, even college, with men, without burqas. People forget that it was the KGB-controlled socialist party in Iran which skillfully undermined the Shah, controlling “youth movements” to incite responses from the Shah’s police which were lavishly covered by the Western press. What the Soviets got was Khomeni and the return of religious-political tyranny which they knew they could easily defeat when necessary and manipulate in the meantime; while religious extremists die willingly and their management structures are inefficient and relatively ineffective, as the Israelis have shown again and again.

Some of us have recently learned something of our founders’ and framers’ intent, in no small part from independent journalists such as Sharon Rondeau, and attorneys without so much to lose (but their freedom) such as Mario Apuzzo and Leo Donofrio. Perhaps we can help others understand? There really aren’t legal questions any more. More than a dozen justices of the Supreme Court have repeated the idea, cited by John Marshall, “born on the soil of parents who are citizens.”

Many of us would like to see an amendment or clarification, a careful one, taking a cue from Claire McCaskill, who, like every other senator, blackmailed Republicans who might have raised the issue when she filed SB 2678 in Feb 2008 – “A Bill to Insure That Foreign Born Children of Citizens in the Military are Eligible to Be President.” Obviously, she knew.  Her bill was a warning to McCain to play ball or throw the election to Hillary. The bill failed to clear the Senate, but was never meant to pass. It was meaningless unless filed as an amendment. Our framers were clearly concerned less with jus soli – birthplace – than with allegiance, as Federalists 2-5 by John Jay indicate – fearing most a child who inherits his allegiance from a parent without sole allegiance to our republic, paraphrasing 14th Amendment author John Bingham. The allegiances of Barack Sr. were never a secret but were never enough, in our world of cultural relativism, to concern today’s voters. They certainly concerned our framers, which is why natural born Citizenship was made a requirement for the presidency.

Keep up the good work.  More and more people are showing that they understand the truth. It will only be too late when we have lost our 1st Amendment rights.

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  1. So our only hope now is that Trump forces Obama to disclose a birth certificate which will probably be fraudulent but accepted by the media, Trump, and others and the birth certificate issue could disappear, the real focus should be on Obama never having a US citizen father but who knows the real truth? Obama has successfully sealed his records under his right to privacy and not one reporter has been able to circumvent him!

  2. Let us not forget, obama’s father already had a wife in Kenya, which would nullify his parents’ marriage, if they truly were, and make obama a bastard son.

  3. “For most citizens the subtleties of legal reasoning are foreign. Their conscious hours are spent with tactical problems: jobs, family and taxes. The “birther” campaign has been successful because those who know they haven’t the facts to argue are inclined to dismiss claims that a president must have two citizen parents as political extremism. They have heard too many fantastic stories about forged documents and the claimed testimony from wisened supposed relatives in Kenya.”

    There are a lot of subtleties to this issue. To add to the confusion, there are four different Hawaiian birth documents, one of which isn’t the same document as was the one bearing the same title in 1961. There have been several online COLBs posted, one of which was an admitted forgery by Kos, and each of those posted have copied and copied and reposted and reposted all over the Internet. There have been two completely different supposed Kenyan birth certificates presented, one of which has been verified to be a forgery, the other one not verified one way or the other. The subject, himself, has used at least two different names during his lifetime, and he’s used either one social security number of a questionable source or numerous social security numbers including the one from a questionable source. His family members have made statements about his birth Kenyan birth and/or his homeland of Kenya and then later retracted or explained away their statements. Kenyan Prime Ministers have made statements in their Parliament about Kenya being the country of his birth. Online news sources have posted articles mentioning Kenya as the place of his birth, including the AP in an article posted prior to 2008, and then edited or removed those pieces later (or in the case of the AP, to completely ignore that they’d every published/posted an article about the Kenyan-born new Illinois Senator as they repeatedly post/publish in articles statements about a birth in Hawaii and presentation of a Hawaiian birth certificate that never happened). There is also a lot of misinformation and disinformation about this issue floating around, too, being repeated over and over again and sometimes even reported as factual discovery by well-meaning blog writers. It’s absolutely no wonder that there are still so many who aren’t well informed about this and so many who think they are but they really aren’t.

    Mario Apuzzo has compiled an easy-to-read list of facts on this topic. His catalog of evidence is a numbered list of the facts that have people questioning Barky’s eligibility. Each list item is described in concise wording. Only the facts, not the rumors, made the list. It was last updated January 1, 2011, and I assume he’ll continue to update the list as new evidence and facts are presented. Apuzzo’s list is the best tool I’ve found for informing the uninformed and getting them up to speed quickly. I also use it as a quick reference guide. Whenever you run across someone who doesn’t know the facts but truly does want to know (as opposed to the obot who pretends to be interested as a way to disrupt discussions), tell them to read Apuzzo’s list.
    A Catalog of Evidence – Concerned Americans
    Have Good Reason to Doubt
    that Putative President Obama Was Born in Hawaii
    by: Mario Apuzzo, Esq.


  4. @jtx
    “Arthur’a daddy who obtained naturalized citizenship when Arthur was well into his age of majority”
    Chester was 14 and still a minor when his father naturalized.

  5. When the media refuse to publish the truth or facts, the majority of people will believe what they see in the papers, tv or hear on the radio. It’s too bad that our current news outlets will only report on “their” side of the news and not just the facts so we can make up our own minds.

    1. that is why we need to make copies and recordings of the facts that are true,have get togethers with friends,put every where you can,example church parking lots.God Bless America

  6. Surely Sen. Claire McCaskill, who was an ardent Obama supporter, intended to help Obama by focusing attention on McCain’s ineligibility by declaring McCain to be eligible. If it takes special legislation to clarify a candidate’s birth status, that candidate is not a natural born Citizen (nbC). At birth an nbC naturally, automatically, indisputably belongs to this country and to no other country. McCain was born a Panamanian, and not on a military base.

    Getting back to McCaskill’s bill, Spaulding says the resolution re McCain failed, whereas I thought it did receive Senate approval. In any case, it was a nonbinding resolution and had zero legal force vis a vis the Constitutional mandate that the prez must be nbC. It was a political ploy designed to muzzle McCain on the eligibility question. Since McCain was not in fact nbC, he could not challenge Obama’s eligibility.

    1. Two different bills.

      Many of us would like to see an amendment or clarification, a careful one, taking a cue from Claire McCaskill, who, like every other senator, blackmailed Republicans who might have raised the issue when she filed SB 2678 in Feb 2008 – “A Bill to Insure That Foreign Born Children of Citizens in the Military are Eligible to Be President.”

      The other is Senate Resolution 511, A resolution recognizing that John Sidney McCain, III, is a natural born citizen. http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=sr110-511

    2. Mc Cain was only born a Panamaian, if Panama recognizes children born in the country to foreign parents to be citizen.
      I’m not sure about that.
      Otherwise he would be stateless and later naturalized US citizen.

      1. Any American military personnel assigned to a foreign posting who sires a child with their American spouse while in the foreign country that child is a Natural Born Citizen. Natural Born Citizen means both parents are of the country of origin, Not the place of birth.

    3. What proof is there that McCain was born a Panamanian? As I pointed out to you elsewhere, common-sense logic says that his parents, who were living on a US Navy base at the time, would have gone to the on-base hospital for his birth where they were entitled to free healthcare by US Navy medical personnel and free immediate evacuation by US Navy med-evac aircraft to the United States in case of emergency. For his parents to have gone off-base to a civilian hospital for his birth flies in the face of common-sense logic.

  7. I have been surprised, and somewhat amused, at the attention being paid to obama’s birth certificate by none other than Donald Trump. He at least is saying the words and not backing down from his belief that obama should release his long form birth certificate even when confronted by the ‘sirens’ of “The View.’

    While I believe his notoriety is helpful to public awareness of the issue, and while he may be occasionally outrageous, he is NOT considered to be a crackpot — which gives his comments credibility.

    And, Trump even says what we, proud ‘Birthers,’ believe; that there is something on his birth certificate he doesn’t want seen!!! No kidding!!!

    He, however, only touches on where obama was born, not that this admitted dual citizenship at birth automatically disqualifies him to sit in the White House.

    BUT, there is no such thing as bad publicity????

    1. While it’s true that there’s no such thing as bad publicity, the publicity that Trump has brought to this issue isn’t bad publicity by any measure. As you stated, he’s lent his credibility to it and, more importantly since the issue of eligibility to serve as POTUS is credible on its own merits, he’s lent credibility to “birthers.” We should be grateful to Trump for helping restore to us what the lamestream media maliciously ruined. (I am grateful to Trump for this.)

      People are sweating too much about him not (yet?) mentioning natural born citizenship and its definition. Let Trump work his finesse on this one. I think he knows more than he’s letting on because he is, as he said, a smart guy and, being a smart guy, he’s not going to go onto national tv and run his mouth about a subject that he’s not informed on. Being a salesman at heart, however, he knows better than to show all of his hand at once because that would leave him no trump cards (pun intended) for later.

      I’m hardly comparing Trump to a car salesman, but only providing an analogy of how a good salesman saves himself a trump card or two, when I mention the car salesman who could have offered you the sports package for little to nothing when he first started working the numbers for you. But he didn’t. He waited until he’d worked the numbers for you and you said it was too much and started to walk away. Then he offered to throw in the sports package to lure you back in. Had he included it from the beginning, he’d have had nothing with which to lure you back in when you started to walk away.

      I think Trump may see working through this issue the same way. First, Barky should present his long form birth certificate. After he’s done that (if he can) and starts to walk away, thinking all is fine, then bring him back in with his lack of natural born citizenship. He’s stuck. Alternatively, hit with demands of both at once, all up front, Barky will continue to run away by way of avoidance and evasion.

  8. A lot of information about Obama, his communist/marxist ties, terrorist friends, the nutty Reverend Wright and Obama’s 20 years at his church, Tony Rezko, etc,. was available in 2008. The problem was so many people were hung-up in Obama mania and Bush hate the Devil himself could have been elected……and we got very close.

    1. You’re right about that. The way many Barky supporters/voters were talking back in 2008, and the things that they said, it seemed that many were laboring under the delusion that Barky was running against incumbent Bush. It was all about emotion, not logic or facts, which was most obvious by the red rage they’d go into in response to even the suggestion that they might ought to learn a little more (which was a nice way of saying that they should learn something, anything) about their pick before casting their ballot for him. With all of the swearing, spitting, screaming and sometimes even threats of violence, their rages reminded me of Hollywood’s depiction of demonic possession.

      Some of those who voted for Barky were simply uninformed and lazy. They said it was time for a change (from what and to what they didn’t say) and so they were voting for the Democrat. Nothing more or less to it. But the rest of them, the ones who went into the red rages, the ones who swarmed Internet blogs and forums, ready to verbally assault and destroy anyone who even spoke about the possibility of not voting for their Obamessiah, the ones who wished gang rape and death upon the running mate of the Republican candidate’s running mate and her children…I’ll never forget their behavior then and that they still walk among us now.

      1. I’ll never forget the stark difference in the usual chant of the crowd at Obama’s campaign events vs the crowd at McCain’s campaign events…”O-BA-MA, O-BA-MA, O-BA-MA” vs “U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A”. Told me all I needed to know.

  9. I keep asking those in the HR to please start impeachment proceedings against obama. He must be removed from office before 2012. We are in danger of losing our great nation as obama hates us so much. You can see it in his eyes, the way he looks down his nose at Americans. obama’s eyes are the eyes of EVIL. I will be back on the congress people today on impeaching him. Maybe if everyone would contact their congressperson with the same message it would get accomplished. Thank you for a great article.

    1. I’m glad you said that about Obama’s eyes. In 2008 when people were talking about Barry’s great smile, I was thinking, “when I look in that guys eyes, I see pure evil.”

  10. Thank you for supporting the “sovereign” of this country … WE THE PEOPLE. Republicans could have said “I’ll show my birth certificate, if you will show yours! John McCain showed his, but Republicans didn’t even ask Mr. Obama for his. I am not sure we know all the dirt the “DNC INC” are holding over the “RNC INC”. Corporations can be sued for damages. A NATION CANNOT SURVIVE TREASON: CICERO
    On the night of December 23, 1913 the United States Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act and thereby committed the greatest act of TREASON in history. Well documented article.

  11. Chester Arthur had no official proof in any form that he was born in Vermont. In 1829 Vermont, birth certificates were not issued and government recordings of births was not required. The only published support for a Chester Arthur Vermont birthplace was provided by 1829 neighbors still living in 1880. The account of a 10 year old neighbor was the most important testimony offered by the press and was strictly hearsay.

    1. The key thing about Chester Arthur – much like Obama – was not WHERE he was born, but had to do with his father who was not an American citizen when the guy is question was born.

      The same thing applied to Obama’as pappy who was a Kenyan when the Big O was born – and remained so till his death unlike Arthur’a daddy who obtained naturalized citizenship when Arthur was well into his age of majority.

      Obama could have been born in the Lincoln Bedroom and STILL not be lawfully eligible to to hold the ofice he now occupies. Some don’t realize that (or don’t want to).

  12. The allegiances of Barack Sr. were never a secret but were never enough, in our world of cultural relativism, to concern today’s voters.

    >>>never a secret? In 2008 the public never heard the real issues behind OBama’s
    background. Now a lot more people are informed, the next election will tell if the voters
    are concerned or not sans any current ongoing eligibility challenges occurring on many levels.