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by Sharon Rondeau

Why will the U.S. military not ask Obama for documentation and end this nightmare?

(Dec. 20, 2010) — The following letter was sent by email regarding the illegal court-martial of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin last week and his subsequent incarceration to Maj. Gen. Karl R. Horst and Lt. Col. Robert Manning of the U.S. Army:

Sirs: I have repeatedly told my wife that in these dire times that military personnel are the true patriots. That they would honor their oaths and do so with honor and integrity. That they would protect American citizens (We the people) and uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Boy, was I wrong!

It is sad that only one such patriot is a member of the US Army. I am extremely disappointed and am ashamed for all of you who have such little honor or integrity that you would sell out a distinguished member of the military.

Col Lakin was deprived of his basic Constitutional rights to a fair trial. He was right on target to refuse illegal orders. In the old days I was assigned as both prosecutor and defense for Courts Martial. Aboard ship I was assigned as a Summary Court Officer. I had previously explained to my wife that the UCMJ was the fairest legal system that existed in this country. That was in the days when officers swore an oath and then honored that oath. She has observed what has happened to Col. Lakin and now believes that the whole system makes a mockery of law and the justice system.

Civil Grand Juries are popping up in many states. Many are looking at the lack of respect for law and the Constitution. Some have already indicted members of the administration and Congress for failure to uphold their oath. There are many law suits that show proof positive that Col Lakin is correct and time will prove that he was railroaded. Are you the engineer and conductor on that train?

If nothing else, Col Lakin’s sentence should be held in abeyance and he be reinstated to full status until such time he is proven wrong. To do otherwise is not only a travesty but will show that you have approved of and committed a most serious crime.

LCDR Robert Cipperly USN (Ret.)


UPDATE: An email from Lt. Col. Robert Manning went out to many individuals today instructing them to direct their calls and emails to a Matthew Kemkes.  Mr. Cipperly reported:

Sharon,  Col Manning referred me to Major Kemkes (703-696-6700) for all matters concerning LTC Lakin.  The following was sent to him.

and he then sent the same email to Kemkes at matthew.kemkes@us.army.mil, with the following additional final paragraph:

As you can see above, I do not ask for clemency but I do believe that he should be allowed to present all the facts to a PROPER Court and that he be given all of his Constitutional Rights.  Also, that the kangaroo court headed by a very biased Col. Lind be stricken from the record and all findings and punishments be repealed.  He has asked a valid question, took great pains to go through the chain of command to get resolution.  However, not one person ever answered the very valid question – Is Obama legal?  Until that question is answered, there now and never was a case for the Court Martial of LTC Lakin.  The very fact that the Constitution was ignored by all in the process gives rise to the charge of Treason for those who conspired in this event.  The evidence is overwhelming that Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen and, therefore, not legally eligible to occupy the White House.  It also renders him ineligible to act as CIC. Should this be proven, even in the long run, Col. Lakin will be exonerated – it is just a matter of time.  The General and others will then be faced with very serious charges for not adhering to the law and the Constitutional requirements.

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  1. letter sent to Maj Gen Horst

    The recent Court Martial of LtCol. Terrance Lakin is an abomination and indictment of our Military’s top Brass.
    “We The People” ALSO includes Col Terry Lakin! He has not received Justice, he received
    exactly what these unprincipled and quite possibly conspiratorial high ranking officers wished to “pass-off” as Justice. They and their cronies wish to hold themselves in high esteem, unwavering, etc while quietly and unjudiciously undermining our Nation, our Constitution and the very sacrifices of all American service members retired, living or dead. All of this should most certainly not go unnoticed by its citizens, especially those who serve or may serve in the future, nor should they be denied THEIR OWN unfair and unjust trial when their time comes up.
    How many soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines follow their orders daily with the knowledge that Horst, Lind , Military Courts the UCMJ and the Supreme Court have willingly violated their oaths “To the Defend the Constitution against all enemies , foreign and domestic”?
    These are no small issues for the furtherance of a Nation where so many of its citizens still hold “God and Country” above all else.
    Unforgivable to those derelict in Col Lakin’s conviction, for they longer embrace the principals of Integrity and Honor, they have failed a Nation.
    Good Luck on your “ALL VOLUNTEER FORCE” I will not however , “thank you” for the disservice you have done to your country.

    DianeA USAF ret.

  2. Why would any president REFUSE to show a $10 dollar birth certificate to an officer of the military who had served for 17 years his life for country?

    At this point, it doesn’t even matter if the usurper had a birth certificate, knowing he betrayed NOT only our own but the country as well.

    U.S. Army Doctor Lieutenant Colonel Terrence Lakin has every RIGHT to insure his sworn oath to the U.S. Constitution, so that NO man is ABOVE the law!


    We Americans have grown soft thinking that the government will take care of us, not realizing all along that WE are the government and its our responsibility to take care of ourselves.

    If your government is not protecting you, travel the paths of politics and throw them out and replace them with people who do understand the meanings between right and wrong.

  3. I want to share this with people far and wide:

    From: http://www.orlytaitzesq.com/?p=16654Alan Keyes Comments on LTC Lakin’s Trial and ObamaGate

    December 20, 2010

    “ALAN KEYES: “LTC Lakin’s entire trial has been rigged to ensure the truth of Obama’s deception is never revealed. Justice has been repeatedly denied and due process squelched in the name of dirty, extremist politics. LTC Lakin’s only hope is a massive public outcry where Americans demand justice… not only for the Lakin family, but for the sovereignty of our country and the integrity of our Constitution.”


    To “Alan Keyes Comments on LTC Lakin’s Trial and ObamaGate”

    December 20th, 2010 @ 7:55 pm

    Lets organize a Citizens “Directive” instead of another meaningless “Petition” where we the undersigned Citizens, hereby direct our public servants to take action.

    Order them to Validate the natural born status of President and Commander and Chief, or be removed themselves for willful neglect of official duty. Failure to honor their oath of office.

    The more citizens we get to sign such a Citizen Declaration & Directive, the more pressure we can bring to bare.

    How about it, any support for this idea?

    Maybe, we could start a website just for this purpose. With a forum section where people can share ideas on how to apply even more and more pressure on those neglectful officials.”

    # # # #

  4. Am still reeling from what appears to be an incredible miscarriage of justice. I remain profoundly concerned LTC Lakin was denied discovery by the court based upon what may be the court’s specious argument that LTC Lakin disobeyed orders issued by his immediate superior versus the Commander-in-Chief, thus rendering Obama’s eligibility irrelevant.

    Any legal eagle out there who can shed some light on or otherwise offer up a solid opinion as to the defensibility of the court’s stance on this issue?

  5. Progressivism, the crafty word for the umbrella organization uniting the CPUSA and all it’s branch organizations which are well defined by the Kagan thesis, obviously has found itself allies in the top echelons of the military. That they presume to hold our sons and daughters, who would be the militia of the states, under lawful orders to defend a constitutional usurpation is clear. How many strong are they who lay claim to the right to overthrow our civil constitution? We know those who have voiced their support for LTC Lakin are not among them. We know those who’ve lawfully sought court intervention are not among them. We know all who question who Obama is are not among them. I dare say they are a minority and by every means of fraud, bribe, blackmail, deception and intimidation are attempting to consolidate power in order that they not be found out and brought to answer for their crimes.