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December 20, 2010

Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin was denied discovery after questioning whether or not Obama's orders are lawful. Obama has refused to produce any documentation of his citizenship status after more than two years of stonewalling, and the U.S. military has sent Lakin to Ft. Leavenworth rather than ask Obama to produce it.

Dear Editor:  The following letter was sent to Lt. Col. Robert Manning and Maj. Gen. Karl R. Horst today:

From: Redacted
To: robert.manning1@us.army.mil <robert.manning1@us.army.mil>; karl.horst@us.army.mil <karl.horst@us.army.mil>
Sent: Mon Dec 20 17:52:58 2010
Subject: Not a real trial, Lakin is innocent

Hello MG Horst and C Manning:

The concern about Obama is not a “political question” as Obama defenders and tap-dancers would repeat and repeat, hoping their lie will take hold.

Are you foolish enough and so easily duped as to believe this lie?

If it were a political question, people would not be asking for a birth certificate, or why is a man with a foreign father, who hides his personal records, in the office of Presidency.

They instead would be saying that Obama is a terrible president, or McCain should be in office, or the Democrats are a terrible party.

They would not be asking for legal documents! Since when is eligibility a political question! It is a legal situation that occurs in the field of politics, but hardly politicaly. Laws control the office of the President.

Are you so easily fooled?

Also, members of both parties and both races, black and white, would not be asking for documentation, such as Alan Keyes, Dr.. Manning (a Harlem minister).

Lakin followed orders and his oath by refusing to go UNTIL OBAMA WAS PROVEN LEGAL. He did not refuse to go abroad. He refused UNTIL OBAMA IS PROVEN LEGAL. There is a HUGE difference.

He wanted proof that the orders were legal and issued by a legal Command-in-Chief.

He had good reason to question. Fake proof has been shown, natural born means both citizen parents, Obama has been found using other social security numbers by two private detectives, Obama is sealing all person records, and there are no witnesses to his attending Columbia, let alone the other schools. He traveled to Pakistan and hides his passport. There is no proof who his real parents are. Dr. Lakin knows all this, as do millions of Americans.

Dr. Lakin had no choice.

Watching the military judge say that the Commander-in-Chief is not the Commander-in-Chief was quite a shock. We all thought we had a wonderful military until that moment.

I have lost almost all my respect for the military, they are starting to look like a uniformed gang.

Watching the military not follow their own laws and putting an innocent man in prison who has served his country well, in order to protect somebody who hides all his basic information and whines that he would be embarrassed….I would think it clear that the only person who has embarrassed Obama is Obama.

Lakin is a person of high integrity who should receive a medal, rather than imprisonment.

You and your “military court” have embarrassed all of us internationally.

A few real birth papers with signatures and a court decision on “natural born citizen” would have settled this matter in a few minutes.

If you are willing to imprison a man who asks a legal question, and pretend it is a political question, then you are sending men to die on a battlefield for a dictatorship, rather than a democracy of free people.

How on earth do you sleep at night?

I wish you had half the backbone of Lakin, and would make a public apology, ask Obama to clear up the situation and let the courts decide if he is properly and legally seated, and learn to follow the law, rather than make up your own laws, and call this very legal and constitutional question a “political” question. Stop repeating the lie.

That is an Alinsky tactic, a clever device to deflect an argument away from the truth, by calling something other than it is.

What are our men dying for….so that Lakin, a medical doctor, goes to prison for a person like Obama, who does not even have the decency to use his own Social Security number?

Please release Lakin, and handle this legal matter.

Live up to your oaths. Protect our country. Protect our laws.

Fight the good fight.


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  1. The only point of contention is the definition of NBC and interestingly enough S res511 defined it as having citizen parentS. Now, if the senate , Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama especially and by signature, approved of this then how can there be any reason to believe it not the intent to defraud the US of A by allowing a man disqualified by his own hand to even be on the ballot?

    That the senate “spoke” where only the supreme court has the power to speak, the constitutionality of a candidate, opens the door to the court to answer on appeal by any citizen as a protection of equal rights. Yes Equal Rights. http://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/42/usc_sec_42_00001985—-000-.html

    In particular section 3.

    ” But a right implies a remedy; and where else could the remedy be deposited, than where it is deposited by the Constitution?”

    The remedy is quite clear as the answer to that question of location in federalist 43 was so obvious only an insane person not know it. Federalist 28 clearly states why there is a second amendment right.

    We are led to believe that our standing army replaces the militia of the free people. Let us call on them then to do as the founders instruct. Hold accountable, arrest, detain and allow new government to be established free of treason, cabal, despotic behavior and all the manners of corruption having led to the usurpation of the highest office by an illegally interested party by force of deception and fraud. Read also title 18 S842. Progressivism is a the successor to the communist party.

  2. Email sent to both officers.


    I did not sleep well last night. I am terribly upset over the Col. Lakin Court Martial. It’s not so much that the Army Court Martialed a good and honest man for questioning Obama’s eligibility; it’s the Army’s failure to allow him to present his defense. This is unconscionable. Colonel Lind should be reprimanded and reduced in rank for her pre-trial rulings.

    I deal with many people on a daily basis and not one of them believe that Obama is eligible to hold the office of President of the United States. Why is the Army protecting him? This Court Martial was a shame and a sham.

  3. This article has been submitted as supportive evidence in the Whistleblower Protection Act complaint of Robert Laity (filed on 12/19/10) requesting investigation of the Lakin issue, to the DOD-IG,this date,December 21,2010,by Email to:


    ss://Robert C. Laity

  4. So many good editorials, but this one is simply superb. So very spot on.

    What are these so-called defenders of the Constitution thinking?!! Lakin is a hero — Obama is the criminal. Justice has been tipped completely over.

    Do your duty and free Lakin and jail the usurper fraud NOW.

    How can these people sleep at night?