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December 20, 2010

How loyal is Maj. Gen. Karl R. Horst to the U.S. Constitution?

Dear Editor:  The following letter has been sent this evening to Maj. Gen. Karl R. Horst of the U.S. Army:

From:  Arnie Rosner
Sent: Mon 12/20/10 9:50 PM
To: karl.horst@us.army.mil
Cc: Arnie Rosner; Robert.manning1@us.army.mil; George.Casey@us.army.mil

Dear General Horst,

Please find a letter below that I sent to the designated contact as directed.  However in my opinion general, this set of circumstances is so serious I felt compelled to also write you directly.  I hope you can appreciate the gravity of the situation that requires me to write you on this matter.

I can only describe my feelings as though a subversive darkness has enveloped America!  All of my long-held visions of patriotism and the American system of values have been unbelievably shattered!

I can no longer bear the thought that our magnificent experiment in freedom and liberty has ended.  Ended in such a brutally divisive manner.  Gone with not even so much as a whimper!  Stolen from “We the People” by elected representatives as if by common thieves in the dark of night.  Trusted elected representatives who all have betrayed their oath to protect the Constitution and the people of this once great nation.

And now with over 60% of Americans doubting Obama’s eligibility to hold office and with the senior military continuing to follow what appears to be unlawful orders with no reservations there seems to be little doubt our military has also joined the coup.

General Horst, the burning question that is begging to be answered is whether the military will fire upon civilians when push comes to shove.


Arnie Rosner
Birth certificate readily available upon request.
Editor’s Note: Mr. Rosner’s reference to the “letter below” is to his letter sent to Lt. Col. Manning and published here.

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  1. Did you notice that Lame Cherry has posted several photos of General Horst with obama and biden?
    the fix is in all over the place and if the military is not going to act in the interest of American soldiers ( and hero Terry Lakin), we have much to fear from the government and the military.
    the time is now to take some action.

  2. ” the burning question that is begging to be answered is whether the military will fire upon civilians when push comes to shove.”

    As everyone on this blog knows the answer to the question is “ABSOLUTELY”. There is no difference between firing on the people and the military pawns carting LTC Lakin away.

    The other part of the answer is that we will fire back. This time there will be no stupid ROE’s that we need to follow.

    The military better think very carefully before following the order to fire on its citizens.

  3. Arnie, you are a very astute man. It is a wise statement that one should never ask a question he doesn’t know the answer to. Sadly the answer is yes. There are those in the military who only take orders and are not allowed to decide right or wrong. They are known to us as “the standing army”. That is why they are such a danger.

  4. Great email, Arnie. It’s nothing fancy, but I just sent this to Lt. Col. Manning and Maj. Gen. Horst (in regards to Dr. Lakin):

    Hello General Horst and Colonel Manning.

    My name is Brenna. I live in Fargo, North Dakota. I am writing today on behalf of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin.

    Please forgive me. I have never served in the military, and I do not know all the proper lingo, but I have been paying attention, and I know what happened to Dr. Lakin.

    How can this be?! The good Dr. refused to follow orders from an illegal CIC, and HE ends up in prison?! What is it about Barry Soetoro that has everyone tucking tail and kissing hind end?! Lt. Col. Lakin is an honorable man who has served his country. Barry Soetoro is not! He is quite the opposite!

    In case you haven’t noticed, out country is burning to the ground. ‘Little people’ like me can only get upset and voice our opinions. But you, Sirs, are in a position to do something good and right. Please do!

    I was thinking the other day…I was trying to think of ONE person, group, agency, etc. within the United States government that I felt like I/we could trust to do the right thing. Do you know I couldn’t come up with one?! Not one! I would like to think I/we could rely on our own Military, but I’m starting to doubt that. It’s not a good feeling.

    I don’t know what ability or authority either of you have in this situation, but if you are able to do so, I implore you to help release Dr. Lakin. Please? He does not deserve to spend 5 minutes in prison.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.