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by Neil Turner

If Obama is guilty of treason, is the entire 111th Congress also guilty of the same for ignoring the eligibility issue? And are they about to allow a decorated Army flight surgeon to be sentenced to years of hard labor for asking the question that they lack the courage to ask themselves?

(Dec. 9, 2010) — Let it be known by all Citizens that the CIA COLUMBIA OBAMA Sedition & Treason TRIAL* has ended with verdicts of GUILTY on all counts [1]


Let it be known by all Citizens that the Introduction, Summary, and complete Transcripts [2] of that 9th & 10th Amendment Citizens Court Trial** were formally served [3] on the following members of Congress and the Joint Chiefs of Staff on November 24-30, 2010:


Harry Reid, Majority Leader (D-NV)
Richard Durbin, Majority Whip (D-IL)

Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader ( R-KY)
Jon Kyle, Minority Whip (R-AZ)


Nancy Pelosi, Speaker  (D-CA, 8th)
Steny Hoyer, Majority Leader (D-MD, 5th

John Boehner, Minority Leader (R-OH, 8th)

Eric Cantor, Minority Whip (R-VA, 7th)

Dana Rorabacher, 21-year Member (R-CA, 46th)

Senate Judiciary:

Patrick Leahy, Chairman (D-VT)

Jeff Sessions, Ranking Member (R-AL)

House Judiciary:

John Conyers, Chairman (D-MI, 14th)

Lamar Smith, Ranking Member (R-TX, 21st)

Joint Chiefs of Staff:

Admiral Mike Mullen
9999 Joint Staff Pentagon
Washington, DC 20318-9999

NOTE 1:  One reason for the delay in releasing the Transcripts was to avoid influencing the November 2010 elections, since ALL members of the 111th Congress are now proven complicit in the election fraud and cover-up of the altering of our form of government by knowingly conceding the Office of President and Commander in Chief to a Constitutionally ineligible non-Natural Born Citizen seditionist, Barack Hussein Obama.

NOTE 2:  “Misprision of Felony” 18 U.S.C. § 4:  Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

What can We The People now do?

1.    Individually ‘SERVE’ all elected officials between you and Washington, D.C.:  City council-members, elected Sheriffs, Courts and elected Judges, Commissioners, Secretaries of State, A/G’s, Governors, and State & Federal Representatives and Senators.

You can ‘SERVE’ them by:

a.    Email – directly to them (elected officials) or by COPYING and PASTING the URL www.CRS-Reports.org into the comments section on their website (or whenever you send a free fax via www.NumbersUSA.com, etc.);

b.    Snail-Mail it (registered or not) – just download and print out the 11 pages here: www.CRS-Reports.org;

c.    Delivering the 11 pages in person – ‘SERVING’ them on whomever represents them – at their office or court;

2.    Get behind the efforts to help LTC Terry Lakin, being court-martialed for simply asking Obama to prove his eligibility and authority to act as Commander in Chief, in order that all orders he obeys are, in fact, legal ones.  I am now getting the impression that those on the field of battle are aware that the entire armed forces are on trial here, and may now be prepared to lay down their arms until the legitimacy of his orders are proven beyond any reasonable doubt – lest they themselves be charged with following illegal orders.  Details can be found by searching ‘Lakin’ at www.ThePostEmail.com.

So that none can say “I did not know!”

So that none can say “I was just following orders.”

(Nuremberg Trials, 1945-46, Nuremberg, Germany)

3.    Get behind the efforts to free political prisoner LTCDR Walter Fitzpatrick, being held without valid charges, brought by an illegal Grand Jury, without a named-accuser, – incarcerated in a ‘dungeon-like’ jail in Madisonville, TN.  Details can be found by searching ‘Fitzpatrick’ at www.ThePostEmail.com.

“With the privilege and honor of knowing of, swearing to, and living under our Constitution, comes the responsibility and duty of defending, maintaining and adhering to it.”

We are now in the ‘Sentencing Phase’ of that trial, at which time the jury will be returned to deliberate on any mitigating or further convicting evidence against those found GUILTY at this trial.  Any evidence you may have, either mitigating or convicting should be submitted at www.ATLAH.org (Contact Us).


*          Trial held in NYC at the ATLAH Church Sanctuary/Courtroom, May 14-18, 2010
**        ‘… those rights and powers not delegated to (or abrogated by) the United States (government) … are retained by … and reserved to the people.’

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  1. To my understanding if the president cannot serve his term for whatever reason next in line is the vice president then speaker or the house.
    Our country is in such a big mess that it will take years to overcome it, at least that’s my opinion.
    Start at the top going to the bottom to clear out anyone and all who have committed treason.
    Obama is not eligible to be president for one reason that cannot be disputed his father was not an American was not born in America. In the constitution it states that both parents have to be natural citizens. Case closed
    With that being said everyone holding office is guilty for they should know the laws our American constitution.

  2. I see passion and little reasoning. The new congress is not even seated yet and grumblings about what they have not done are being leveled already. I’ll say this, while we are still vulnerable to a lame duck triumvirate government you shouldn’t poke it in the eye and slash your own wrists at the same time. Let the new congress be seated and the process they determine to be most effective at getting things under control have a chance. I guarantee what starts slow will be a wrecking ball by 2012. Stand behind those who when given a fighting chance to restore constitutional government do so but at least give them that chance. We are in a Mike Tyson bout with socialism, it’s bitten off our ear and we’ve taken only one round in the fight so far. Tactical maneuvering, stamina, heart and obeying the rules are our strengths, work them or risk a knockout trying to go toe to toe.

  3. to harry h. — please dont tell me that sarah palin and john boehner have not had time to take a stand and defend the constitution . they have had two years or more. if they have have remained silent in the past and are silent now they will not speak up or take a stand later. they put politics first.

  4. Neil,
    If the crime is treason, then the parties that knew of it and did nothing committed Misprision of Treason. See below.

    United States Code, Title 18, Part I, Chapter 115
    § 2381. Treason
    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.
    § 2382. Misprision of Treason
    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States and having knowledge of the commission of any treason against them, conceals and does not, as soon as may be, disclose and make known the same to the President or to some judge of the United States, or to the governor or to some judge or justice of a particular State, is guilty of misprision of treason and shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than seven years, or both.

    1. As I have said, our “Representatives” know NOT how to read, write or interpt the English Language and have SEVERE Dementia in regards to their Swearing and Affirmation to the “Constitutional Oath” I feel they are in VIOLATION and therefore Guilty of “Contempt of the Constitution!”

  5. I unsubscibed to Rev Mannings Email News because he accused any Tea Partier of being racist if they supported Bristol instead of Brandi in Dancing With The Stars…He realy disapponted me.

  6. While our brave men and women are out fighting numerous wars around the globe for our freedom, and are keeping the peace in many other foreign countries; here at home we have way-too-many lying-cheating-money-grubbing, wacko-communists liberals, who are seriously undermining everything good and decent. How treasonous is that?, for these evil, socialist-thugs to be undermining our very Constitution, our Country, and our Freedom, while our Patriotic Military are distracted and deployed elsewhere all over the World, (without even a chance to have their vote count). If you really want to understand what’s at stake here then you had best see the following “Wonderful Christmas Poem” written by written by Michael Marks… http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_760614&v=sUGOjNsE4aY#t=1s . The preceding clip should help everyone to better understand a certain reality here; and those who don’t understand, or just don’t care “are very much the problem”. I truly believe that time is so short, and the problem so serious that we should immediately bring our fighting troops back home, until we defeat the evil here in our backyard, instead of trying to save the world, while allowing the home-grown terrorists beat us here “AT HOME”. We have far too many enemy-jihad-traitors “right here, right now” in all three branches of our own government, and elsewhere in the Country, not to take this seriously; and even then it would not be an easy fight. And BRAVO to Patriot James David Manning for all the sacrifices he has made to wake us up, and to help us stay free – what a “Hero!!!”. WAKE-UP AMERICA, We Are Under Attack – All Quadrants.

  7. Larry M. Meyer at 11:15 is totally correct in writing that we must act upon our REPRESENTATIVES in Congress. We ARE a “representative” Constitutional Republic and when OUR representatives have by their OWN VOLITION aborgated their sworn Oath of Office, we MUST hold THEIR feet to the fire! Sign waves at their local and district offices, letters to the Editor, public rallys, etc., TARGETING the action OR the inaction — as in the case of aka’s eligibility AND the monkey trial of LTC Lakin — by the elected representative would be the first approach to HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. IF and when THEY violate their FIDUCIARY relationship with the voters they sh/could be facing civil suits! THAT should get their attention! Nothing changes, if, nothing changes! Keep doing what we’ve been doing (not much) and we will keep getting what we’ve got.

    1. Thank You for the Support Mr. Granath: I believe that it would almost become a Personal Initiative, I am investigating the possibility, and Hurting “Cash-Flow” is a language we all understand; and the Legal Ramifications could Ruin ambitions?!

    1. > President Manning has done all the work.

      Now who made him “President” again? President of what?

      > He deserves to be president.

      It isn’t even remotely known if he is eligible. And no-one has yet voted for him.

      Make any of these guys run for office if you like, but stop the “Manning/Lakin/Keyes/Orly/Berg/… should be President” memes. It takes more to be President than to speak up against the usurper.

  8. I think that what is not readily apparent in the documents of this trial is that Obama’s family were CIA operatives and he, as he came of age, became one also. The CIA can not out him without admitting they used him for their purposes. I wonder how much Bush 41 was aware of as he was the head of the CIA during some of this time but not when Obama was going to Pakistan.

  9. Patriots, ALL of the above mentioned efforts reflect Honest Efforts to do our parts in maintaining our “Representative, Constitutional Republic”, the problem is simply that our “Representatives” suffer from “Inability to Read, Write, Understand nor Implement the English language, and Suffer from DEMENTIA, in regards to their Swearing and Affirming their commitment to “The Constitutional Oath!!” They are ALL guilty and should be Tried for Treason!” They are all Bonded to the “Public Trust” as Fiduciarys and should be Sued in Civil Courts for that “Violation of Public Trust”, and “Contempt of the U.S. Constitution!!”


    Becasue, they know he can’t produce anything valid, and that will expose all of them as incompetent at best and traitors at worst.

  11. I followed this trial. As I understand it, if Congress acts on the verdict as they should, then Rev. Manning becomes President.

    He already is governor of ATLAH (which is the real name for Harlem).

    Does anyone know what kind of leader he would be?

    1. Per the 20th Amendment, if the president-elect is found to be ineligible, Congress names an acting president. Sarah Palin or John Boehner would be logical choices, not Rev. Manning.

    2. > then Rev. Manning becomes President

      How would Congress be able to make someone President who didn’t even run for office and for whom nobody of We the People has cast a single vote?

      > He already is governor of ATLAH (which is the real name for Harlem)

      Is that another invention like his self-given title of “Dr.”?

      > Does anyone know what kind of leader he would be?

      Has anyone seen his birth certificate?

      1. How would Congress be able to make someone President who didn’t even run for office and for whom nobody of We the People has cast a single vote?

        The answer to your question can be found in the 20th Amendment to the US Constitution. You should also read Article II, Section 1, the second through fourth paragraphs, as you seem a bit confused about whom elects the POTUS.

        By the way, has anyone here seen your birth certificate?