“Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God”


by Faithful Friend

The reverse side of America's Great Seal was designed by Benjamin Franklin and shows a scene from the Bible's book of Exodus

(Dec. 1, 2010) — So I went to Monroe County to visit with Walt Fitzpatrick if I could and to see what happened in court if I couldn’t.  I did glean a few things:  #1.  That the prosecutor is a snake and generally evil guy.  He was the one that whomped up the “racism”-card thing and one of the charges against Walt.  The Grand Jury foreman (for 27 years) was carefully coached to make some claim that he “felt” Walt’s racial hatred somehow….even though he acknowledged that when they often saw each other at the public library, he felt nothing and denied that he could read Walt’s mind THERE.  He was the first guy on the stand.

Subsequently, the DA tried to make some racism tie between Walt’s claims against Obama and the citizen’s arrest against this guy.  The next guy was a so-called Captain/detective Bivens, a short stub of a man who was as stupid as he looked (and can prove it, by golly!).  He said Walter cussed and spit at him….pretty obviously a lie…and no corroborating testimony that those parts of the event occurred.  He said no further investigation was necessary.  Obviously, these clowns are sure of their ability to get any kind of BS to fly like butterflies.  This was to corroborate the “resisting arrest” part.  This little ant is a killer, though….a dumb one, but he has the “look.”  Perfect stooge.

The rest of it was the argument that disturbing a meeting of the Grand Jury was a felony…..and I would have said (and Walt did distantly allude to it) that if a person from the Grand Jury shot somebody on the courthouse steps, a SWAT team would hit the door no matter what meeting was going on.  Same thing, actually.  The Grand Jury Foreman has held the position for 26 years feloniously…albeit with judicial permission (also illegal).  So pursuit of a felon would be ample grounds.  For the most part, citizen arrests are a case of home invaders or robbers held at gunpoint until police arrive.   But, the law states that the law officer has the option to arrest or not from that point onward.

The fourth charge had to do with Walt having a grudge against Pettway (the GJ Foreman) because he dismissed the charges that Walt originally brought against Obama and others concerning treason and the rest.  Patently obscure and total BS.  I didn’t even know that having a grudge was against the law…..hell, that’d put most of us away!  The crux of that charge is that Walt called Pettway a “criminal” in several venues and this was “harmful” to Pettway.   How is this jury going to act? Walt did the best he could, and faces fines and maybe more time if they convict, but it depends on how much guts these folks have and how smart they are.

The sheriff’s department had a bunch of deputies in there….and others from other law enforcement people.  Constables, troopers, deputies and Madisonville police……mostly deputies.  Some had good attitudes, and one, in casual conversation, denied that Bivens was dirty.  He also said he was watching all the stuff on the Internet and was trying to learn all he could about the law……but there were two others in there that had the look of stone cold killers…I saw blacks in Detroit and LRRPs in Vietnam that had that same look….the ones that enjoy it.  I think that set p is dirty as can be and that at least three deputies are killers, and very tough guys.  In his closing, the DA a**hat kept talking about “honor” and I got a warning from a Captain deputy when I almost laughed out loud.  Told me that if I opened my mouth one more time, I’d be “escorted” from the courtroom.  That was one of the killer boys…big muscular intimidating guy…..also accustomed to intimidating anyone and everyone.  Interesting.  Those guys are sometimes the ones that are gay.  Thought about asking him if he was.


Editor’s Note: This eyewitness account was written before the verdicts from the Fitzpatrick trial were announced.

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  1. LibertyBelleFox   Monday, December 6, 2010 at 6:28 PM

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  2. Maxim Langley   Friday, December 3, 2010 at 12:01 PM

    I wasn’t “comparing” Manning to the Nazis (I’d never compare anyone to them), I was trying to explain that “he can’t be racist towards blacks because he is black” is a short-sighted notion. His words speak clearly against that.
    (Probably you have no idea that one of the most vile anti-Semitic movies during the Nazi regime, “Jud Süß”, was directed and produced by a Jew.)

    Also I don’t think that his upbringing in a time when it was “OK” to make “abrasive remarks” about blacks and women excuses his rants the slightest bit.

    I think we have way better role-models to follow (such as LTC Lakin or LCDR Fitzpatrick) than this self-proclaimed “Dr.” who tries to break us into factions instead of uniting for the protection of the Constitution.
    The enemy of my enemy is not always my friend, and not everyone who speaks up against the usurper in the White House is someone to be allied with.
    (I wouldn’t join forces with a communist who opposes Soetoro either, just because he happens to agree with me on a single issue.)

    > There are only three races on this planet: Mongoloid, Negroid and Caucasoid

    Where do you put the Inuit or the Aborigines?

  3. Zeb Blanchard   Friday, December 3, 2010 at 10:10 AM

    Civil court is a sub-set of criminal court and where, perhaps, the participants of in the judiciary system first learn to circumvent justice. So on Wednesday, I sat in the civil court for an hour hearing family law cases to verify, I guess, that this part of the Monroe County judicial system was as corrupt as the rest, and it didn’t disappoint. Here is where men are placed in bondage (alimony) against their 13th Amendment rights and when they fail to comply are placed in debtors prison. Children are separated from their parents at the whim of an uncaring judge. Family law is the snake pit of the judiciary and it is alive and well in Monroe County.

  4. Alicia Fitzpatrick   Friday, December 3, 2010 at 12:29 AM

    The judges are the ones to go for. Blackwood and Dixon keep this dragon breathing. Along with the Attorney General. Bivens does as he’s told and finds the thugs to do the dirty work, i.e. intimidation, beatings and murder. These are not intelligent people. They ARE shrewd and cunning. And much like feral animals, they will become vicious when cornered. It would appear there is more of a need for pest control than there is for the FBI.

  5. AuntieMadder   Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 4:42 PM

    There are only three races on this planet: Mongoloid, Negroid and Caucasoid (or, as I prefer to call us, Asians, blacks and whites). Therefore, whites can’t be racist against some whites and not others. Either a person hates all white people or they don’t. Nazis weren’t racist toward other whites.

    Nazis were anti-Semites because initially they needed a common enemy to bond and rally against. As their strength and power grew, they were against anyone and everyone who threatened to stand in the way, between them and their goal of complete global power and control.

    To compare Rev Manning to Nazis is idiotic, to say the least. It’s also indicative of grasping for an argument or comparison where there is none. Rev Manning is what I think of as “old school.” Some of his remarks about blacks and about women, too, are abrasive to some, myself included sometimes. Right or wrong, those very same words and ideas that some of us find abrasive or offensive today wouldn’t get a rise from anyone 50 years ago. They’re from the same old school that Rev Manning is from. If we can get over ourselves and listen to his message(s), it’s obvious that Rev Manning doesn’t hate blacks or women. In fact, he doesn’t seem to hate anyone. He does hate evil and he hates lies and he is very much against the evil liars who are trying to take this country and all of us down with them. If this were WWII Germany, Rev Manning would be one of the most vocal anti-Hitler, anti-SS, anti-Nazis of them all, most likely one of the first Gentiles to be falsely labeled a Jew and put in an oven just to shut him up because the man can’t abide by those who lie and do evil and he refuses to let them hide in darkness. To compare the man to Nazis is absurd.

  6. Bob1939   Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 3:49 PM

    I am so very proud of the real patriotic citizens who are working together so well to awaken America to the problems “We The People” are facing, starting with P&E, namely Sharon Rondeau, and her many supporters/submitters to P&E, who are fighting courageously, and helping “Big Time” to restore our Constitution, by pointing out corruption in all branches of our government, and alerting our people to the presents of evil amongst us, and what it is doing to America and her Citizens.

    Conversely I am so absolutly, totally DISGUSTED with our phoney-BS judicial system, which blatantly continues to support the criminal-usurper, make-believe-pretend-president, while breaching their own oaths of office “to up-hold” the Constitution, all while abdicating the responsibility, and trust given them by the people who elected them, (when we were obviously expecting honesty – not the dishonesty that we are now getting) , and which continues to be such an outrageous abuse of the people, God, and everything that is good and decent. It is pretty bad when you just can’t count our judiciary to do anything honestly or correct in the sight of God. It is actually quite scary when you stop and think about it, because it calls for a revolution, or a revolt by the people, whereby the entire system needs to be purged of every one of these good-for-nothing, irresponsible thugs. If any one of these “make-believe-judges” finds a modicum of conscious, and has a plan of how to redeem themselves, and the Country, he/she had better step forward soon – while there is a Country yet to save. It is also most shocking to me to try and understand how these worthless, misdirected judges can think that they may benefit in some way, by their just aimlessly drifting along, doing nothing responsible, (or that they had pledged to do), when they are literally flushing themselves out into the open, by their actions, and will therefore eventually be flushed down the sewer along with the usurper, et al; when Good finally wins over Evil. THIS IS THE FIGHT OF OUR VERY LIFE FOLKS – AND A VERY IMPORTANT ONE !!! because we did have the best start “as a Nation” with our blessed Founding Fathers, and we did get the furthest along towards Goodly-Right, and we certainly have shed the most Blood for World-Good, so now is not the time to wander aimlessly in the wilderness and away from GOD, is it???. WE HAVE WORK TO DO. (Eph 6:10 – :20)

  7. Zeb Blanchard   Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 9:31 AM

    ” . . . in there that had the look of stone cold killers . . .”
    I saw two of those folks, one was wearing some sort of tactical/camo clothing and stayed in a corner and glared at everyone. It was like he was waiting to go after someone. The other person I saw was a detective who I had a “conversation” with. His eyes reminded me of prisoners I saw in the military who were in custody for murder. The end of our conversation had something to do with me not wanting to take over the courthouse and that my only interest was in Constitutional processes. The detective stated that he supported the Constitution, also. Apparently a sworn oath means nothing to some people. The young detective that was with Sgt. Snake Eyes was sincere and decent. It is unfortunate that he too will be corrupted. Perhaps it is he who is assigned to read the P&E comments and will decide to pursue his law enforcement career elsewhere, preferably outside the state of TN.

  8. Maxim Langley   Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 4:47 AM

    > and for Walt to hold up pictures of each, to show the jury, who probably have no idea who Alan Keyes is and Dr. Manning

    You don’t have to be white to be racist.
    The Nazis were the best example of whites who were blatantly racist towards other whites (as long as they were deemed “non-Aryan”).

    Manning is full of stereotypes towards blacks, with statements to the effect of “it is atypical for a black man not to…”.

    Besides, Obama/Soetoro is not on the card in Walt’s trial.

  9. ch   Thursday, December 2, 2010 at 12:42 AM

    I hope Walt can explain to the jury that if the Obama question was a race issue, why was Alan Keyes one of the first lawsuits, and why did Dr. Manning hold a trial at his church in Harlem, and for Walt to hold up pictures of each, to show the jury, who probably have no idea who Alan Keyes is and Dr. Manning, that there are blacks as concerned as white. The race issue might have worked in 1860 in the civil war, or in 1957 with the civil rights movement, but playing the race card to protect an illegal president who is hiding his birth records is treason. Since Obama is 50/50 black and white, and actually has yet to prove who his parents are, it sort of erases the race card anyway. I hope Walt can carry this flag long and high, and that as many retired military can get to the next trial as possible.

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