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by Sharon Rondeau

How strong is the resolve of "We the People" to restore constitutional governance in our counties, states and federal government?

(Dec. 1, 2010) — The last few weeks have been extremely busy leading up to the Fitzpatrick and Huff trials, but I would like to take a moment to urge all of our loyal readers to support our two advertisers, CafePress and ProtectOurLiberty.org.

CDR Kerchner has done an outstanding job of educating the public about Obama’s ineligibility to serve as president over the last two years.  His foundation will continue its work despite the highly questionable and unethical ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court this past Monday, which denied the Writ of Certiorari requested by the Kerchner v. Obama & Congress lawsuit, which denied the American people the ability to know whether or not Obama is a “natural born Citizen” and eligible to hold the office of President.  By the court’s words and acts, it is obvious that they have sold out to Obama and his ilk and taken what they believe is the easy way out.

Our courts are completely broken and corrupt, as are the legislative and executive branches of government.  Do We the People start over or try to fix what we now know is a government which has turned against its own citizenry?

Despite this setback, the Kerchner lawsuit has raised the awareness of the American people and forced the mainstream media, which shilled for Obama during the campaign and continues to do so to this day, to air the eligibility issue.  CDR Kerchner and his attorney, Mario Apuzzo, have done countless radio shows and worked tirelessly to expose the truth about Obama, the 2008 election, and the massive cover-up carried out by all members of Congress.

CafePress is a newer advertiser who has unique Obama T-shirts which are thought-provoking, also serving as an educational tool to those in our communities who might not be aware of the eligibility issue.  The manufacturer of the T-shirts is a great patriot and supporter of The Post & Email.  Items offered by others on the site include a wonderful array of calendars for the new year for everyone on your list as well as unique Christmas gifts and personalized T-shirts.  The military posters are the best I have seen anywhere.

Update, December 3, 2010: We have a new advertiser which sells Survival Seeds and other must-have items for your home in the event of economic disaster, which has recently been discussed at length by major media figures.  The seeds are non-GMO, and shipping is free on everything!

When you support our advertisers, you are supporting The Post & Email.  Helping them grow helps us grow!

On another note, in regard to Walter Fitzpatrick’s trial, although the original grand jury which indicted him was tainted, which Judge Blackwood admitted by dismissing a juror from the December 1 trial,, Walt is facing $3,000 in fines and an unknown amount for court costs.  The convictions and remaining charges which arose from the tainted grand jury are ripe for appeal.  Why is Tennessee law applied in one instance but not in another?

I am told that for all its beauty, eastern Tennessee is the “methamphetamine capital of the world,” and outrageous court fines imposed on innocent people may be going to support that criminal enterprise.  Others have reported having to pay similar fines for something they didn’t do.  One Monroe County resident has stated that he believes that the money is going toward human trafficking with a connection to the state of Texas, where ranches containing thousands of acres are being purchased by Monroe County government officials to obscure their victims.

We originally raised about $2,300 for Walt’s Legal Defense Fund.  Of that, $200 was spent to repair the door to his residence so he didn’t have to face that upon his release from jail, and another $528 has been spent on phone calls.  Ten dollars was spent on the audio recording of the November 9 hearing. Other expenses totaling at least $650 have been paid by a private donor while Walt has been incarcerated.

Even if a pro bono attorney is brought in for the appeal, money will be needed for his or her travel and lodging costs, because there doesn’t seem to be one attorney in the entire state of Tennessee who is honest, will fight for a citizen’s constitutional rights to be upheld, and is willing to expose the endemic corruption in Monroe County.

Not even having grown up there, Walt has fought this fight to show the residents of Monroe County how corrupt their government is.  He has given them the chance to see it for what it is and change it.  As he has said before, it’s going to take large numbers of people.  And he has not stopped fighting; he faces another court date on January 19 on the two charges stemming from the October 27 arrest during which he was beaten and tasered.  However, the original grand jury was illicit, and therefore the charges should not be allowed to stand.

Walter Fitzpatrick did a better job of defending himself on Wednesday than any attorney could have done.  He told the truth and exposed corruption from the very beginning.  He has endured much and still has 34 days to go in jail, which will include Christmas Day and New Year’s.

A lawyer who is intelligent, honest and willing to stand up for the Constitution could easily beat all of the charges by demonstrating that the grand jury which issued them was corrupt.  The question is, “Is there one good man or woman in the legal profession standing who will step up to the plate and do so?”

The corruption in Monroe County obviously extends to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Knoxville FBI.  In the coming days and weeks, The Post & Email will be focusing on these investigatory agencies’ failure to act upon the information which they have been provided about the murder of Mr. Jim Miller.  We will name the names of the agents to whom we have spoken who have either done nothing or passed the information off to someone else who has done nothing.  We are no longer going to keep their names in confidence when they have so shamelessly averted their eyes from evidence which has been available to them for over a month which could solve at least one Monroe County murder case.  If the FBI and TBI will not investigate, then they, too, are corrupt and must be brought up on charges.  It is rumored that the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department is involved in the murder of Mr. Miller, and the TBI and FBI are participating in the cover-up.

Please support our advertisers and donate as generously as you can to the Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III Legal Defense Fund.  We have made progress, but there is more work to be done.  Freedom is not free.  I think of it as giving the gift of freedom to one’s children and grandchildren.

Thank you to all of our generous supporters.

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  1. You would not have to go any further than Daniel Morgan’s children to have the incentive to advocate for cleaning up the corruption in Monroe County. Daniel’s story was told here on November 15th. We had the opportunity to meet Daniel’s children in Tellico Plains. They are beautiful kids and don’t deserve to grow up in the corruption that goes on now in Monroe County.