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by Sharon Rondeau

What kind of judge and jury will hear the cases against Huff and Fitzpatrick?

(Dec. 1, 2010) — On Wednesday, December 1, Walter Fitzpatrick and Darren Huff will be tried in the Monroe County courthouse for the alleged crimes of “Riot; Disrupting Meeting or Procession; Disorderly Conduct; Resisting Arrest; Retaliation of Past Action; and Civil Rights Intimidation” stemming from a citizen’s arrest he attempted on April 1, 2010, which is legal in Tennessee.

A document labeled “A True Bill” was signed by Angela Davis, Foreman of the Grand Jury, on June 3, 2010.  Davis was designated jury foreman for that one day, temporarily replacing Gary Pettway, who has served as foreman for 20+ years.

Fitzpatrick has contended, and The Post & Email has reported with documentation, that a person named Angela Davis served as a petit juror during 2009 and by law, is barred from serving again on any jury until 24 months have elapsed since her last date of service.  When The Post & Email contacted the court about the same person serving during two consecutive years, the response we received was, “Mr. Fitzpatrick didn’t prove that it was the same ‘Angela Davis,'” and “Our jury selection process is fully automated.”

LCDR FITZPATRICK: The news tonight is that once yesterday and three times today, and I was taken into Capt. Wilson’s office at the end of the day, have tried to first, trick me into going and purchasing a suit to wear tomorrow, and today they tried to force me to wear civilian clothes at tomorrow’s trial.

This is really weird.  The fourth attempt that took place this afternoon, which is the time I was taken into Capt. Wilson’s office and Trent Prock was standing there as well, was a court order from Judge Blackwood forcing me to declare, above my signature, that I was either going to accept their offer to go and get clothes from my house or to decline that, and I refused to sign.

I will tell you that this court is doing everything they can to manipulate events, so again, the power of this court is being used to exercise an extraordinary prejudice against me, and that’s why they’re so concerned about me dressed in a suit tomorrow.  I’ll walk in like this.

MRS. RONDEAU: Why would there be an order from a judge for you to give permission to get you a suit?

LCDR FITZPATRICK: They’re scared to death about how this is going to blow up in their faces.  There are going to be a lot of people there tomorrow, I would imagine.  The document was a “court order,” and earlier in the day I was told that they would drive me to my house, and I declined.  I said, “No, I’m wearing what I’m wearing here.”  At the end of this, the jury could come in and say, “No, we’re not going to convict Fitzpatrick.”  It’s up to a jury now.

First they told me that they were going to drive me out to the house and pick up the clothes, and I said, “No,” and then they came back and asked me again, and the third time I said “No,” and then the fourth time they came over with an order from the court that attempted to obtain my signature, checking off one box or another, and I said, “No, I don’t have to sign that.”  They made four attempts because they’re concerned about how I will look like when I walk in.

MRS. RONDEAU: I’ve heard from some people whom I know are going.  However, someone called the courthouse and said he was told that very little information was available but that the public cannot be in the courtroom.


MRS. RONDEAU: That’s what a commenter, said, yes.

LCDR FITZPATRICK: Well, that’s kind-of amazing, isn’t it?

MRS. RONDEAU: Yes, I thought these hearings were open.  The person said he was told that people could attend and could perhaps gather outside in the lobby or outside the building, although I didn’t verify that myself.

LCDR FITZPATRICK: Well, we’ll find out tomorrow.

MRS. RONDEAU: Are you alright?

LCDR FITZPATRICK: Well, you know, it’s another day, Sharon.  You take this one day at a time.  This is a demonstration to everybody who’s watching, and it’s about the Constitution, and we’re seeing exactly how this is playing out.  It seems the Constitution isn’t nearly as important…you know, there’s a talkin’ part, and a doin’ part, so that’s how this thing plays out.  I’ve been in here now for 35 days.  You can’t construct a defense in here; this is all being done with purposeful intent.  This is the power of the government being used against the person who stood up to challenge the government.  And nobody seems to see how important this case is, so there we go.

MRS. RONDEAU: Do you know what time the hearing is tomorrow?


MRS. RONDEAU: They don’t tell you until they come and get you?

LCDR FITZPATRICK: That’s correct.  You can put the attorney’s name out there, and he’s abandoned ship, and that’s OK with me; that’s just the way things go.  We’ll see how this plays out tomorrow.  God’s moving the chess pieces around; we just have to depend on what he’s doing here.  We’ll talk tomorrow.

Document obtained from the Monroe County court clerk's office containing three counts against Darren Huff and Walter Fitzpatrick

Page 2 of criminal charges document containing counts 4, 5 and 6 against Huff and Fitzpatrick

"A True Bill" signed by Angela Davis. But is it legitimate, since Davis's eligibility to serve is in question? Why does the court refuse to state whether or not she is the same "Angela Davis" who served last year?
Is the "True Bill" true? Is the foreman who signed it eligible to serve?

Of those listed under the heading “Summons for the State,” Darren Bivens has been accused by Walter Fitzpatrick of lying in court “to establish probable cause,” including statements that Fitzpatrick had spit at Bivens and “used foul language,” which Fitzpatrick denies doing.

Detective Travis Jones has been accused by a Monroe County resident of making an attempt on his life.

Foreperson Angela Davis has been identified as a juror on the 2009 pay roster and is currently serving on the grand jury in 2010.  The court has stated that the onus of proving that it is the same person rests with the defendant.

When Fitzpatrick spoke with The Post & Email, he did not know what time the trial was scheduled to begin.


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  1. Darren,

    I wish that I had known that Walt planned Citizens Arrests on 4-20-10 and I would have advised you against it.

    I wish you the best possible outcome in your Federal case. It appears to be a clear case of entrapment. As I recall from the interview with Arlen Williams, the FBI agent came to your home in Georgia and gave you the clear impression that what you planned to do on 4-20-10 was lawful. If he considered what you were doing was a threat to the safety of yourself or the people of Monroe County, he had a legal obligation to advise you accordingly.

    By secretly moving a 200+ man SWAT Team into Monroe County to police 20 peaceful protesters, the Tennessee authorities did indeed create a threat to everyone in Monroe County. I am certainly thankful that I never have to travel on 1-75 between Chattanooga and Knoxville, Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg.

    I don’t know if you have seen the crime reports or not but Nashville is now the 7th most dangerous city in America and Memphis is number one.

    When I moved to Nashville 25 years ago, it was one of the best places to live in America, but the democrat Governor of Tennessee, the democrat mayor of Nashville and the democrat DA have ruined Nashville.

    1. Amen Leo. Add the do nothing State Attorney General (Democrat) to your list. Let’s hope the new Republican Governor can make some positive changes to our state. He says all the right things…. we’ll see!

  2. LCMD Fitzpatrick is in command. His purpose is clear and I have every faith this situation will be resolved however long it may take. God help the denizens of Monroe County who attempt to thwart this cause. I would be proud to fight with this man to the pits of hell if necessary.

  3. What needs to happen now is the Monroe County Clerk of the Court must be forced to disclose all grand jury records for the past 20 years to reveal the true nature of their “fully automated” system to a competent authority. I requested them during the investigation I conducted in January and I believe the Clerk of the Court was lying when she said “no such records exist”. See Exhibit C of the Appendices here: http://usgrandjury.org/reports/MonroeCountyTN_021110.pdf

  4. Found these stories about the Trial today:


    While Fitzpatrick will go to trial on the charges from his April arrest today, the charges incurred from his October arrest won’t go before the Monroe County Grand Jury until Jan. 6 and if indicted, he won’t appear in criminal court on those charges until Jan. 19.


    A Dalton, Ga., man who traveled to Madisonville, Tenn., on April 20 to “take over the town” was sentenced to six months probation Wednesday.

    Darren Wesley Huff, 41, was found guilty of disrupting a meeting, a Monroe County Circuit Court official said Wednesday.

    The prosecutor moved not to go forward for now with two other charges, riot and retaliation for a past action, court officials said. The ruling of nolle prosequi means those charges were dismissed but could come back again, records show.

    Investigators said Huff traveled to Madisonville to support U.S. Navy retiree Walter Fitzpatrick III, 56, of Sweetwater, Tenn. Fitzpatrick has been challenging grand jury panels throughout the country, charging that grand jury foremen and forewomen have become “tools” of prosecutors and judges.

    On April 1, Fitzpatrick barged into a closed grand jury meeting to make a citizens’ arrest of Monroe County grand jury Foreman Gary Pettway. Fitzpatrick was arrested.

    On April 20, Fitzpatrick’s scheduled arraignment date, Huff drove from Georgia to Madisonville. An FBI agent’s affidavit said Huff told officers he and others were going to help Fitzpatrick.

    Fitzpatrick’s case was still going on late into the afternoon Wednesday, according to the court official. He faces charges of riot, disrupting a meeting of procession, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, retaliation of past action and civil rights intimidation.

  5. Another of my favorite TN grand jury issues: look at the pre-printed indictment in the attached graphics. Isn’t it nice of them to pre-print “A TRUE BILL” on the document, just in case the grand jurors aren’t already biased enough? I understand, and accept to some degree, that a defendant has few due process rights in the grand jury process, but this document presumes an indictment will be returned. The whole process is set up to allow the court and/or state to put more than a little extra weight on the scales of justice. There is no call for this prejudicial text to be pre-printed on a bill of indictment. Surely someone can neatly write it on the document, should a true bill be returned.

  6. The courtroom was open to the public. Mr. Fitz is holding his own in court, although he looks like a court jester in his odd fitting stripes and uncared for full beard. Pettway is a fool and Fitz made this quite clear to the jury on cross. I did not stay as there was snow in the mountains on the way in. The trial could go into tomorrow. My hope is that the jury of local folks can find for Walt. My concern is that if they do he can’t go home as he will lose the protection of the jail. There were 28 people in the courtroom, perhaps 6 or 8 local plain clothes, FBI, and reporters.

  7. Blackwood is a drama queen, and can be gently inspired to lose his temper in a most unattractive way. He is also a coward, afraid of adverse publicity, as the LCDR has found. He has also shown a talent for “piddling in the jury pool.” Instead of remaining impartial in cases where he and a defendant are at odds, he attempts to contaminate local attitudes by feeding the local press derogatory, misleading, or outright fabricated characterizations of the defendant. I saw him in action for 2 years, and find him a small-souled martinet whose ignorance and hubris are eclipsed only by his arrogance. More than I disrespect the man, I disrespect the system that has allowed him to remain on the bench all these decades. /end of rant

  8. Sharon,

    Have you gotten any updates? I read on Darren’s faccebook page that he pled out!! I am so nervous for Walt that I have blisters on my fingers from my rosary beads.

    Someone else posted over there that a jury was picked and trial has started! I cannot believe some lawyer jumped ship on Walt and he is by himself! That is so UNFAIR! Who was that guy anyway?

    I know you are bizzy but if you could give us some updates, that would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


  9. > all one would need to do is get all Angela Davis people to sign their name

    Assuming all Angela Davis’ will cooperate (at least the one serving illegally would certainly not, but there may be others unwilling for other reasons).

    > Are they also corrupt & part of this coverup?

    Yes, everyone including the court dog and the homeless on the streets are part of the coverup, as is the Japanese Tenno and the Pope.

    1. This is business as usual in Tennessee, for defendants who have the temerity to try to assert their rights. It is also not unique to this state. People is people is people, no matter where you go, and absolute power corrupts them absolutely. Question ultimately becomes: how do we regain reasonable power over the judicial system without unreasonably exposing district attorneys, judges, public defenders, et al., to a crippling stream of civil litigation? I like Arizona’s relatively new system, in which judges are appointed rather than elected (both have their problems, but appointment insulates judges from election cycle/campaign finance/conflict of interest pressures), and all candidates must be vetted and evaluated for competence according to what looks to me like a fair set of criteria. Arizonans seem to like it quite well, and a northeastern state (PA? VT?) is getting ready to adopt a similar system.

  10. Question… regarding that Angela Davis person who was assigned as forman for the 1 day… can’t someone look up how many people are named Angela Davis in the county & go interview all of them? Basically to prove what Walt said… I would think it would be easy to tell as all one would need to do is get all Angela Davis people to sign their name & match up their signatures… IMHO

    Where the heck are any reporters in that county/town? Are they also corrupt & part of this coverup? This is a total outrage & needs to STOP!! If the people of that county don’t speak up they are then just slaves to the corrupt police, judges, gov’t, etc… it is time for the citizens of this county to clean house or loose their freedom.

    I just hope there will be other news org at this trial of Walt… bless you Walt