American Citizenship Is Rendered Irrelevant, Worthless And A Handicap


by Nick Fotunato

According to Wikipedia, these "radicals" were "awaiting deportation" in the year 1920. What does the U.S. do today with "radicals" who come here illegally?

(Nov. 30, 2010) — A Connecticut woman gives an impassioned speech, proudly declaring that she is “undocumented.” She goes on to say that she suddenly realized that her “legal status or social security number may stand between her dreams and her future.”

There are people from all over the world who didn’t come here illegally who also have dreams about their future.  Why should anyone be rewarded for breaking a country’s laws?

She says; “We (illegals) won’t stand on the sidelines anymore. For years I learned to be quiet and to live in the shadows and to hide.”

Did it ever occur to her there was a reason why she hid and stayed in the sidelines?  It was because she broke the law.  She says that her legal (illegal) status or social security number may stand between “her dreams and her future.” Why should a trivial thing like the law matter, or that she violated another law by having a fraudulent social security number?  This compounding of law-breaking is like telling a lie and then telling more lies to protect the lies you’ve already told.  The sad thing is that the very people who represent us as citizens and hold us accountable to obeying the laws are aiding and abetting those who do not.  The status of illegals is being elevated while the taxpaying citizens are being reduced to a lower standard.

Connecticut Democratic Senate Majority Leader Looney said; “This will be a substantial opportunity for children who are in every way like other American children other than the circumstance of their birth.” Children all over the world are like American children except for their birth; what a looney thing to say.

Looney said he has a commitment from Democratic Gov.-elect Dan Malloy that he would sign the bill.  No sooner does a Democrat get into office and he’s siding with illegals, making government bigger, and looking to raise the cost of taxes and spending.  Governor Malloy, we’re already in debt; you should be looking to cut spending. Connecticut is out of sync with the rest of the country, except perhaps the bankrupt California. Who is going to pay for our indebtedness as we subsidize people who break the law?

Liberal, progressive Democrats, don’t worry about such things as multibillion-dollar deficits; they’re either too rich, too guilty, illegals themselves, working for the state, or are simply the beneficiaries of free entitlements.

Many Connecticut residents can’t afford to go to college, so why are we subsidizing foreigners when we can’t even take care of our own? Why discriminate for illegals and against citizens? I think it’s because the Democrats are hedging their bet that they can turn illegals into legal Democrat voters in the near future. I think it’s obvious that morality and ethics are not important attributes in the eyes of many Democrats.  Apparently they’ll sell out the relevance and importance of citizenry, rendering it to be of no consequence, opening the door to one-world, global government.  If you can sneak your way into the country, there are liberal Democrats who will help you at the expense of legal taxpaying citizens.

Mayor DeStefano and state lawmakers are supporting an in-state tuition bill for undocumented students to provide full college tuition for residents who graduate from New Haven public or charter schools.

Laws that mandate in-state college tuition to include illegals are created in conflict with and circumvent the federal law. Giving citizen rights to illegal invaders who have not paid their dues is a slap in the face to those immigrants who have paid a price to enter here legally.

This is typical liberal progressive doctrine; once they sneak their nose in the door using Orwellian deceptive language and methods, they incrementally, a step at a time, increase the size and cost of government at the hardworking taxpayers’ expense.  Illegality is irrelevant to liberals except, of course, when it concerns citizens.  They want to reward immigrant illegality while punishing those citizens who abide by the law.

Obama wants to rush through the DREAM Act to give citizenship to undocumented young people.

Should children be punished for what their parents did?  Should the children of bank robbers derive any benefits from the money that their parents got from robbing a bank?

In-state tuition at the University of Connecticut is $8,064, while tuition for out-of-state residents is $24,528.  Constance Fraser, spokeswoman for the state Department of Higher Education, said illegal immigrants would pay out-of-state tuition because they are not considered legal residents of Connecticut.

What hypocrisy:  They won’t acknowledge illegals as being residents even though they live in Connecticut?  Fraser said illegal immigrants would not be eligible for state or federal financial aid.  Not today they won’t, but down the road, when they’re allowed to vote and/or become citizens they will eligible; remember, the liberals work in increments. The citizens, like the proverbial frog, won’t realize what’s happened until the water begins to boil and then it’s too late.

12 Responses to "American Citizenship Is Rendered Irrelevant, Worthless And A Handicap"

  1. AuntieMadder   Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 5:03 PM

    “Should children be punished for what their parents did?”

    I can’t answer this any better than Kathleen Gotto did in an article I read here at P&E News.

    “[T]he pain their parents are causing them is simply the fruits of a decision the parents made when they decided to take a shortcut to live in America. The illegal alien parents are the ones responsible for any pain their children experience as the result of our Constitutional laws, not America.”
    by Kathleen Gotto
    (Jul. 2, 2010)

  2. RacerJim   Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 1:10 PM


    No, it does have benefits over being a legal U.S. Citizen.

  3. RacerJim   Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 1:00 PM

    Montgomery County (Maryland) College does not require students to prove that they are in the country legally. That allows illegal immigrants who graduated from Montgomery County Public Schools to pay in-county tuition.

    Tuition is $321 for a three-credit course for a county resident, $657 for Marylanders from outside the county and $897 for everyone else.

    Last year Montgomery College delivered 11,000 credit hours of instruction to students without full documentation.

    For fiscal 2011, $215 million in tax revenues go toward Montgomery College’s operating budget. Of that, 45.6 percent ($98 million) comes from Montgomery County and 14.2 percent ($ 30.6 million) from the state.

    “redistribution of wealth” from legal citizens to illegal immigrants personified.

  4. NUTN2SAY   Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 9:42 AM

    America has evolved into a vast wasteland composed of cowardly citizens who lack the guts to stand up to a criminal government of their own making! America is a place where foreigners are thought more highly of by this criminal government than the tax payers who pay the bills. America had a Constitution at one time but not no more. We the People of yesterday as mentioned in the Preamble are all gone and had been replaced for the most part by a public society of self absorbed and self serving tax payers who behold a pride and dignity level equivalent to that of marshmallow and an attention span of the latest electronic toy. The American People of today are nothing but mindless puppets in the eyes of government who are to be manipulated day in and day out by government with the aid of the Main Stream Media who has joined forces with the government in its quest. The people of America has allowed this government to convert and invert basic common sense into a cesspool of daily criminal activity that includes robbing the tax payer blind right before the eyes of the tax payer in the guises of bailouts and government claims of emergency social needs that the tax payers are to fund! Over the passing of many decades a gigantic disconnect has taken hold in America when public complacency arose and the government took full advantage of it! The government plays us for fools and does so with a smile….the government knows the people will do nothing! And now it has reached the point where America has become a Constitutional Lawless country! Those who swear oath to serve and protect the Constitution are professional perjurers who spit on the Constitution every chance they get for the Constitution is an annoyance to them and gets it their way! You want proof? here’s proof! There are many citizens of America who believe they have been denied the opportunity to participate in a civil discourse about the Constitutions Article 2 Section 1 as it pertains to the term “Natural Born Citizen” because those citizens with their knowledge of the Constitution and American History see a conflict which therefore asks and begs for questioning and answers from this corrupt government. Just to be able to have a discussion about it with government officials! It can’t be done! Every attempt to bring this matter to a level of national discourse and discussion gets doors slammed it its face! That’s where the truthful revealing heart of the matter lays that says America has evolved into a vast wasteland! When the tax paying citizen can no longer communicate to its own elected representatives in regards to such significant matters like Constitutional problems….then its over! The people have lost and the corrupt government of tyranny has won! We are slaves now….get used to it!
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I, for one, cannot get used to it. Give me liberty or give me death!

    1. NUTN2SAY   Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 12:19 PM

      Well Mrs. Rondeau this is why I generally try to make a disclaimer such as “for the most part” to make allowance for that few who feel otherwise. I hope this writing will motivate and inspire others to feel differently too. But unfortunately I am a person who likes to think that I see the world from a vision of reality and right now things aren’t looking to good in general though. Until I actually see something occur in the future that says and shows the people are rising up in mass to overthrow this present corrupt political machine…my outlook isn’t going to be a positive one.

  5. Michelle   Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 9:38 AM

    Another problem I see is illegals who openly flaunt the laws of our land, commit various and sundry crimes along the way in addition to being in the country in the first place, should they ever become citizens (fair means or foul) how could you ever trust these people-they are not worthy of the status Citizen of the United States of America.
    It is unfair to the NBC’s of our country nor those who were naturalized via the legal process. Talk about the worlds biggest discrimination case, legal citizens being the victims. This begs the question why are the laws of our land NOT being enforced, to the illegals eyes these laws must be a joke-makes you wonder what other laws they consider a joke-bank robbery, murder, theft etc.

  6. Peri McMillan   Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 9:05 AM

    As an American, I think it’s outrageous that we are treated as second class citizens today while illegals and muslims seem to get all the breaks at OUR expense. We have our own SO-CALLED representatives in government to thank for it. I think most of them would sell their own mother for a profit and more control over our lives. As far as I can ascertain, it’s break our laws and you’re home free. Only Americans are expected to follow our own laws. Pathetic.

  7. A pen   Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 8:51 AM

    To non-citizens looking at America it is as if they are window shopping. Once let into the store they can see all the great things and want them. All that is required to create a store is to copy our success. Rather than return home and demand their own store be built as is legitimate they return to pilfer at first then demand employ and now they have broken out the windows and are looting it. BHO, the manager, stands by helping them through the broken windows with a grin. He hated window shopping since he was a kid and couldn’t wait to do his trickery by becoming the manager so he could refuse to call the police until the store was no more. He forgot one thing, the owners of that store are waiting him out. Have fun while it last Barack because once the store is shut, you’re unemployed, under investigation and unwelcome in the neighborhood you once lived since the citizens there can no longer shop in that store you destroyed. I will hazzard a guess they will do much more than turn their backs to you or play tricks. They will seek your removal from their midst and demand you never be seen again.

  8. 12thGenerationAMERICAN   Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 8:29 AM

    Obama set the example, and he has multiple SS numbers!

  9. Gary W   Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 1:23 AM

    Wow. The writer forgot to mention that the American people have not seen definitive proof that Obama is even an American citizen.!

    We know Obama is not natural born…and we are not sure if he’s native born…but we do know he was most likely a dual citizen based on his own representations as to who his mother and father were. But..we also know that he became an Indonesian citizen through adoption AND there is absolutely no evidence that he ever became a naturalized American citizen thereafter!!!! He is most likely an illegal alien!!!!!!!

    The author is right. Citizenship doesn’t matter. Any citizen of the world can become “president!” What a joke!

  10. Paul   Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 8:56 PM

    I no longer have any confidence or trust in the US government. A nation cannot act in the manner the united states has and not gain the attention of God. I pray that those in government turn away from their wickedness and turn to God.

    I believe that this probably won’t happen because I also believe that we are living in the “End Times” and from Christ’s description (…….”as it was in the days of Noah”) it’s only going to get worse. I pray that anyone who reads these words considers them and that they turn to Jesus for salvation.

  11. 2discern   Tuesday, November 30, 2010 at 8:34 PM

    Absolutely preposterous. If this insanity of a bill gets passed hard working students of all states will demand their student loans paid off. Why? The parents and they themselves worked and paid into the system their entire life. The privilege of education is not for illegals to again rip off our country (like all health medical, food stamps, public schools, etc.)

    I can attest to many schemes paid by the gov that illegals extort all the time. I know other scenarios that government programs penalize the hard working student. My own son, for example (now graduated with huge student loans to pay) shared classes in college with a former junkie. The former heroin addict was afforded free college through a prison rehab program. My son never took drugs worked hard since a young teen and pays his bills and now teaches at a community college. The fellow student was a thief to support his drug habit, multiple arrests, no restitution to the thousands of dollars stolen from law abiding citizens, plus, the prison & legal costs to the state. He gets a free education if he stays in the program. Wow! On the surface it appears it is best to break the law, cross the border illegally, and wait for the liar-in-chief to give you America wrapped in an enchilada.

    The only reason barry soetero can propose such idiocy is because he himself lacks citizenship and any love for this country.


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