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August 17, 2010

Dear Editor,

If Obama is a usurper, will we ever see justice served and adequate punishment carried out?

The Obama “Presidency” is nonexistent. The media refers to Barack Obama as “President Obama.”  I have said it many times in the past and will reiterate it now:

Barack Obama has never been the President of the United States of America.  Under the U.S. Constitution, one has to be a “natural born Citizen,” which means born in the U.S., of parents, both of whom are American Citizens, in order to become President of the United States.

Given the facts and circumstances of Barack Obama’s birth, Obama had only one American citizen parent. Obama’s father, Barack Obama, Sr., was a British citizen. There is some talk that Obama may actually be the son of Malcolm X. Who really knows who Barack Obama is and if that is his real name?  His entire past has been purposely obfuscated.

Obama just fired his “transparency Czar.” I suppose that he will be looking for an “Obfuscation czar.” After all, Obama paid his lawyers to help him “evade” the constitutional “natural born Citizen” requirement. Indeed, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas laughingly told the U.S. Congress that the Supreme Court was also “evading that issue.” John Paul Jones, American Revolutionary Naval Hero, once referred to England as a “country of illegitimate corruption.” Has the United States arrived at that same juncture?

Obama is a criminal, a radical Islamist supremacist. Two hundred and thirty four years after declaring independence from Britain, a British-born citizen rules the U.S. This is the second Brit to do so. The other was Chester A. Arthur. Arthur had his staff salute the British flag. Obama waved the Red Chinese flag over the South Lawn of the White House in 2009.

Obama has a very dark side.  He is a quisling, a traitor to the United States of America. I am of the opinion that he should be arrested and tried and if convicted, executed by firing squad (See 18 USC, Part 1, Chapter 115, Sec. 2381).

As reported by the BBC, Obama went to Kenya and while having owed allegiance to the United States, campaigned for Raila Odinga, a known enemy of the United States, giving Odinga aid and comfort. It was Odinga who wanted to be President of Kenya. He ran against President Mwai Kibaki, a Roman Catholic. Kibaki was/is an ally of the U.S. Obama campaigned against Kibaki and for Odinga. Obama has given a great deal of money to Odinga and has helped him lead Kenya down a billabong (Obama is ‘leading” the U.S. down the same billabong). Currently, the U.S. State Department is downplaying Obama’s activities in Kenya and his having sent taxpayer money there. Odinga instituted Sharia law in Kenya and collaborated with the same Muslim groups which bombed two U.S. embassies. Obama interjected his support of these activities. By campaigning for Odinga, Obama became a traitor to the U.S.

It is important to note that Hillary Clinton, an Obama cohort and accomplice to fraud in the 2008 presidential election here in the USA, is the current Secretary of State. The U.S. is having mid-term elections in November. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is making plans to run as Obama’s Vice-President in 2012.

The adage “O, what a tangled web we weave when we first practice to deceive” is appropos here. Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and many others in the same cabal have failed to take said adage seriously. This writer is a co-charging party in an International Criminal Court investigation of the Kenyan Election violence. I have submitted numerous documents to the ICC regarding Obama’s activities.

Obama’s name will go down in infamy in the history books. The names “Benedict Arnold” and “Barack Obama” are synonymous.  The terms “traitor” and “quisling” will have, as an addition, the term “obama.” “You are an ‘Obama'” will be heard to describe one who has betrayed his duty to America.

Robert C. Laity
Founding President
Society for the Preservation of Democracy
and Human Rights


Editor’s Note: This letter was sent to whitehouse@autoresponder.govdelivery.com on Sunday, August 29, 2010, and received the following response:

Due to the high volume of messages received at this address, the White House is unable to process the email you just sent. To contact the White House, please visit:


Thank you.


The same letter was sent to Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s office on September 1, 2010, and received the following response:

We have received your e-mail.

Your message will be routed to the appropriate person.  Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

All the best,

Sheriff Joe Arpaio & the staff of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

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  1. Obama still walking around free after (14) years. The Justice system needs attention. It isn’t working properly to say the least.

  2. Just after Obama went in office in 2009 I wrote my senators asking why the Senate held a special meeting to question John McCain but declined to question Barack Obama. They gave the same answer; he was ‘investigated’ and is eligible. I wrote them back asking where they had found that information and why wasn’t it passed down to the general public that obviously wanted to know. I’m still waiting for an answer.

    1. Yogiman,

      Biden,Obama,Pelosi and Harris should all be in Guantanamo Bay Military Prison facing charges for treason and espionage against the U.S. Pelosi helped Obama usurp the Presidency, by fraud, during time of war. Biden was complicit. Now, Biden helped our newest usurper, Kamala Harris, usurp the vice-presidency. Again, Biden is complicit. They are ALL traitors.

  3. thank you oh so much for this wonderful article. i had a blog page called obamatrons.blogspot.com but google yanked it for violating terms of their service which actually means they violated my freedom of speech. go figure.

    i would like to make it clear as a comment here for the record i believe frank marshall davis the black communist is barry soetoro’s aka barack hussein obama’s father… we still have no official long form birth certificate. ann dunham and her cia psyop as a pornographic model and barry’s alleged mother… well only occidental college and larry sinclair know.

    i really appreciated your article and was completely surprised to find this almost 10 years too late but moonbattery and my general investigative prowess kept me up to date on the ‘shroom gang’.

    thank you,
    great work.

  4. Twelve years now passed since Obama usurped the Presidency by fraud,during time of war. An act that constitutes both treason and espionage against the United States.

    Joseph Biden, Obama’s illegitimate Vice-President, illegitimate because Obama was not the bona-fide President, is now running to be President himself. Biden is complicit with Obama’s treason and espionage during a time of war. Biden is guilty of misprision of treason and treason.

    Biden,if convicted, would be prohibited by law from holding “any office under the U.S.” and face the death penalty under UCMJ Sec.103-spies.

    With this in mind, Biden is considering two or more Vice-President candidates that are not “Natural Born Citizens” of the U.S. They are Tammy Duckworth and Kamala Harris and Tulsi Gabbard. He is also considering a pro-Fidel Castro candidate named Karen Bass.

    Biden,the phony VP to a phony President is now seeking to empower a phony VP to himself, an accomplice to Obama’s treason and espionage against the U.S. This illustrates to me that the government has indeed been or in the process of being overthrown by the treasonous subterfuge of Obama and his malicious and treasonous cabal of anti American miscreants.

    1. Congress is elected to serve the people and should be an investigating factor on any issue. But Congress does nothing but set on their posteriors and collect their unearned pay.

      Question: How many in Congress supported President Trump even though we citizens elected him to the Oval Office?

  5. Again! It happened again! Facebook just sent me another notice that THIS very article goes against “community standards” and that only I can see my post. One thing is for sure. Facebook IS an Obama sychophant!! They do not tolerate any criticism of Islam either. #StopTheHijrah

  6. The subterfuge continues. Joe Biden faux VP to a faux President now is considering faux President Obama’s faux “First Lady” to be HIS VP.

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”- Sir Walter Scott

    1. Can you imagine there are millions of people in the communist (Democrat) party that would knowingly vote for someone like Biden who can’t put two words together to complete a sentence? It looks like Obama is still in office with his unofficial office a couple of blocks down the street.

  7. Obama must be brought to Justice. President Trump must be petitioned to act on this longstanding threat to National Security. Where IS Obama now? He belongs in the Brig at Ft. Leavenworth, Guantanamo Bay or other appropriate Federal Penitentiary. Obama is a fraud,traitor,usurper and spy.

    1. Obama will never be brought to order because our government is in his usurpation with him all the way to a one world government… pure treason.

      Question: Why did no one in our government raise a question when it was known he was a British subject who became a citizen of Indonesia as a child… and it has never been noted he has ever become a citizen of the USA?

  8. Thinkwell, Furthermore, Obama had access to our nation’s secrets, was privy to them and classified and sealed his own records. He was not legally authorized to be ANYWHERE wherein the conduct of war was being engaged in, including the Pentagon, the War room, any U.S. military base or ship. You get the point. Of course Obama is a fraud and an enemy of the U.S. As you said, since no one knows from whence he really came, he is either a domestic or a foreign enemy. But, he IS indeed, an enemy of the U.S.

  9. Thinkwell, we are in total agreement. Obama usurped the Presidency by fraud, during time of war, gave a false oath of office and entered confidential U.S. facilities without legal bona-fides. That makes Obama both a traitor and a spy, for which he could be tried by a military court martial or tribunal under 10USC, 906.106 – Spies and if convicted, executed by the military. See also 18USC, Part 115, Sec. 2381 -Treason.

    1. Obama didn’t usurp that office on his own, he had full agreement and acceptance by our government.

      Have you ever heard anyone in our government make a negative comment about him… I haven’t.

  10. Mr. Laity,

    No knows who aka obama really is. All the purported facts about his nativity are likely fraudulent. All of his identity documents are forgeries. His birth parents, birthplace and birth date are unverified and likely fake. This makes him an unindicted criminal identity fraud, which, in turn, makes him an illegal, illegitimate putative president regardless of whatever the true facts about his nativity may be. The man is an evil, seditious anti-American subversive who, if justice were served, should be in prison or hanged.

    1. When I saw his father’s race as African on his [birth] certificate, and the letters and numbers not the same in shape or size nor on a level line… I was convinced it was a fake.

      And when I heard his paternal grandmother and half-brother say he was born in Kenya, I believed them much more than him as he had proved himself to be one of the biggest liars on mankind.

  11. JM, You did a lot of research. Great! One point however, in arguendo, even if he were actually the son of two US Citizens out of wedlock and born in the US. Obama still attained to the office of the POTUS by fraudulent means by lying about his real background. In that BHO’s BC is a forgery, no one really knows for sure WHO BHO really is.

  12. Yogiman, If one is born in the US to two US Citizen parents one is a “Natural-Born Citizen” with NO chance of losing that citizenship. All other “US citizens” are ineligible to be President or VP. Obama was never eligible to be President and can do nothing to make himself eligible under current law. Over (8) attempts to amend the Constitution in recent history to allow non-NBCs to be POTUS, have all failed. See: “Imposters in the Oval Office”-by me. (IUniverse Press, 2017).

  13. There is no debate on Obama’s constitutional eligibility, his autobiography is accepted as factual. Thus he is the son of a British subject who become a naturalized citizen of Indonesia as a child. A British subject who becomes a citizen of Indonesia is not a natural born citizen of the USA.

    Even if he had been, once you loose it, you cannot renew it.

  14. Lame Bear, my argument is not negated. The fact still remains that Obama was NEVER eligible under our laws to be POTUS. See my book on the subject in bookstores near you. Soon.

  15. The Usurper Obama is, and has been since his adoption by Lolo Soetoro, a citizen of Indonesia – therefore, ineligible to the Office of President of the United States.
    Further, the fact of his adoption by Lolo Soetoro and his Indonesian citizenship by virtue of said adoption negates any, and all, arguments concerning his place of birth and his “parentage”.

  16. Obama aka barry soetoro was born in Kenya (per his paternal grandmother & his 1/2 brother that also showed the real birth certificate), moved to Indonesia where his mammy married soetoro, and where he started muslim schooling……….as a teenager he was sent to Hawaii to live with his grandparents……..then he started doing drugs, which he stated he is still doing today…………am sure he graduated to the hard stuff, and now we have a idiot with brain damage and a big mouth……….

  17. McCain is also not eligible. Neither is Rubio,Jindal,Cruz and Swarzenegger. For those interested, the matter of Robert C. Laity v The State of New York, Rafael “Ted” Cruz, Marco Rubio and Piyash “Bobby” Jindal is scheduled for June 1, 2017 at 1 pm in the NY State Supreme Court Appellate Division, Third Department in Albany, NY.

  18. JM, A “Natural born citizen” is one born IN the United States to parents who are BOTH US Citizens themselves. Minor v Happersett, USSCt, (1874).

    1. I believe it was altered in the First Session of Congress a ‘natural-born citizen’ is one who’s parents are both citizens of the same nation regardless of where they are born. That’s what made McCain a natural-born citizen born in Panama because his father was on duty there serving in the US Navy.

  19. Bellonia, Cruz is ineligible to be POTUS or VP as is Jindal and Rubio. Cruz may be appointed to the Supreme Court but he certainly best brush up on it. He either knew about Art. II and flouted it or was sorely incorrect about his understanding of it. I have a pending lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court, 3rd Department, Appellate Division suing NY State, Cruz, Rubio and Jindal for violating Art. II, Sec. 1, Clause 5. DJT has been apprised of this fact. See: Laity v NY, Cruz, Rubio and Jindal, #001561-2016, NYSSCt. App.D 3D

    Phil, Stanley Dunham and Barack Obama, Sr. were never legally married. Senior was still married to Keshia Obama when he “married” Stanley. He was a bigamist.

  20. I have spent years researching the Obama story. http://www.terribletruth.marthatrowbridgeradio.org has been out there for years and hacked 24/7 to cover the truth. Obama’s mother was Elizabeth Ann Newman who had an affair with Malcolm X in 1960 before his murder. Newman is one of the guarded secrets of the Obama family ruse. She was in The Weather Underground with Bill Ayers in the 1960’s and bombed the Washington Navy Yard Computer Building and the Pentagon and was on the FBI Most Wanted List for years. She operated under the alias “Ann Duke” in the Underground for years and WAS and IS a Domestic Terrorist and eventually was put in Federal Prison. She was arrested and years later illegally released by Black Muslim Eric “Gun Felon” Holder (a gun felon in Columbia Law School) simultaneously with Bill Ayers wife “Bernadette Dorn” who was in the notorious Charlie Manson Murder Gang when Holder illegally installed a level 1 Judge in a level 3 Judges position to falsify the release of both woman. Elizabeth Ann Newman, Obama’s real mother, was a child of Dr. Fred “Delano” Newman of the Bronx and Jackie Salit who had two children, Elizabeth and David. They divorced in 1967, both were “Community Organizers” of Communist/Socialist propaganda and Saul Alinsky students as was Hillary. Ayers wrote the book “Dreams Of My Father” as a decoy to keep citizens away from the truth of Obama’s lineage, a Domestic Terrorist Mother and a radical Black Muslim father. Orly Taitz had a copy of Obama’s Long Form COB out there for years. After the affair, the mother Elizabeth took the pregnancy to Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya and then on to Hawaii where she married Soetoro. They eventually took young Obama to Indonesia to Jakarta’s Muslim Boy Prep School where he was for 8 years. In order for Obama to attend that school as an adopted student child, by Indonesian Constitutional Law, Obama had to become a citizen of Indonesia. Obama was born of two U.S. Citizen Parents, even though of to wedlock and the U.S. he still was “natural born” under Constitutional Law BUT to be POTUS you CANNOT be a DUAL CITIZEN which he became. Now the DNC had a problem for the boy wonder! So, along come old Joe “Shotgun” Biden, a sing song attorney, who decided to get Obama in the CIA as a Farsi Interpreter from 1981 to 1984 to cover up any ills from being a dual citizen that wants to run for POTUS. Then on to the U.S. in 1984, Obama applied for a foreign student scholarship, then on to Chicago where he mysteriously became a Senator. Six American Veterans were illegally imprisoned by DNC Operatives over 8 years that realized Obama was illegal as POTUS and that criminal intent was the agenda, they were imprisoned to keep their mouths shut. Fitzpatrick-Navy (who is still rotting in a Tennessee prison), Huff-Navy, Butler-Navy SEAL, Bennett-Army, Wood-Army, Lakin-Air Force 1 Flight Surgeon. Trump is our new POTUS and he has been informed about what has been done and who was involved. Our Veterans and Military have been used as pawns and Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Extortion 17 will not be forgotten. There will be further investigations and the DNC members that have murdered, lied and stolen Trillions from their positions are on notice. They have committed High Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud, Murder, Sabotage, Misprision Of Felony, Constitutional Fraud and have damaged millions of Americans, Veterans, Elderly, Youth and the Future Of America. America’s Veterans will be demanding, vigilant and unrelenting in prosecuting and seeking imprisonment of all DNC criminals as they are revealed. Donald Trump knows many who are responsible and he has the support of all the conservative Veterans, citizens and families who were damaged or lost loved ones caused by this criminal cabal. We will seek out those who are responsible and hiding under DNC cover and any and all in other departments of government. Comey is on the HSBC bank board that is in with The Clinton Foundation money scam. The DNC has corrupted every Federal Agency in the U.S. inventory including many areas in our Military. Our wars are internal now in the U.S. and must be won to remove all the criminal elements before America can normalize and prosecute crime and criminals and prosecute people in the system and on the street and clean the sewage out of our system.

  21. What a great article! Back in 2009 I was part of American Grand Jury, who unanimously voted to have “Barry” investigated as, by his statement alone, he only had one American parent. It has later been determined that he is really a “Manchurian” candidate and we don’t even know what his real name is. For 8 years, the globalists and others have covered all this up. It will be an interesting 4 years. I look forward to stopping Agenda 21,2030 or whatever they call it now. It also means no bills that BHO (or whoever) signed are binding. They are all null and void.

  22. Having said all this, I agree that Ted Cruz, Jindal, and the other one that ran for POTUS this year aren’t eligible either. So what then do we do about the fact that Trump’s considering putting Cruz on the SC?

    1. Although Cruz is not constitutionally eligible to be president or vice-president, he has became a naturalized citizen and is eligible to on the Supreme court.

  23. Yes, Obama must be tried for Treason! Since 2008, I have stated Obama is a Fraud, Phony, Liar and an Imposter! Obama is “Constitutionally INeligible” to be President. Obama was born in Kenya; his parents divorced; his mother remarried; and Obama was adopted in Indonesia.

    Read ObamaScare, my book available on Amazon, that has Documents & Facts to prove Obama is a Fraud.

    Obama should be tried for Treason!

  24. We have just 19 more days before Donald J. Trump, Sr. becomes President of the United States. I hope and trust that he will have both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton prosecuted for their treason and espionage against the USA.

    1. Considering Trump beat 16 well known Republicans for the nomination you would think the Republican party would support him on his ‘run’ for office. It didn’t.

      You would think the Republican party would support him as president when he won the ‘race’. It didn’t.

      You would think The Republican party would support him on his re-election campaign. It didn’t.

      Why? Because they are afraid he will bring out all negative issues on them.

  25. Amazing to read this again, and to see all of my old friends responding!,
    Truly amazing that every word is still true and un disputed by those who know.
    WE must NOT let him get away with this !
    Neil SANKEY

  26. Despite four attempts, Obama has NEVER successfully stated his OATH OF OFFICE with his hand directly on the BIBLE.
    I pointed this out to many people, who should have been interested, but I didn’t receive a single reply.

  27. Almost Six years after I wrote this article, Barack Obama remains in the White House impersonating the President of the United States. Hillary Clinton Democrat nominee for President, faces indictment and imprisonment for espionage and Donald Trump is the GOP nominee for President.

  28. Now, we are into the 2016 Presidential Election season. We now have three GOP Candidates again attempting to usurp the Presidency by fraud and subterfuge. Neither Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio OR Bobby Jindal are “Natural Born Citizens”. Subterfuge is afoot.

  29. Dear Editor,
    You should make your editorial a “pb”.
    When Obama came on the scene running against Alan Keyes in Chicago, 2004 the writing was on the wall. Two opposing philosophies of life: Keyes was offering education and jobs; Obama offered Food Stamps and Welfare checks.
    When the DNC gave Obama’s name as their presidential candidate, my wife and I went into overdrive spreading the news that Obama was not who he said he was.
    We spent (in a large multiple of six-figures) and gone through quite a few sets of tires spreading the word, traveling many thousands of miles, speaking to one-on-one and small groups of Patriots the danger that Obama brings to our country.
    And look what Obama has done for us: gave us Number One Muslim lover Eric Holder as our Attorney General and Mrs. Heinrich Himmler (Janet Napolitano — “Veterans are ‘domestic terrorists’.”) as head (now retired) of our very own Gestapo, the DHS, with unlimited powers to censor anyone at anytime anywhere for any or no reason.
    FOGBOW ( a reminder from “Loggia”, thank you) was after OPOVV because I was a Birther; attacking the idea BUT NEVER THE FACT.
    Had my life threatened for attempting to expose the fraud that is the de facto clown (the joke’s on us) so-called president of the USA.
    I’ve ALWAYS said that there is just ONE PARTY: I call it “The Federal Reserve Party”, others call it the “New World Order”, but call it by any other name it’s “Goodbye Constitution and, by proxy, Goodbye America” (Remember the, “This ain’t America no more?”)
    The Court Martial of LTC Terry Lakin was the turning point: will the military side with the Muslim in the White House and turn their backs on their Oath to the Constitution? It was the most telling moment in the history of the United States: will they allow LTC Terry Lakin to have his day in court?
    They did not.
    The Joint Chiefs of Staff sided with the “Forces of Evil” and just look at the world today.
    We say it’s worse but if one were on the side of world domination by Islam, things are rolling along pretty darn good.
    The really sad part about the whole demise of our country was so how cheaply it was bought.
    “Thirty pieces of silver”, that’s all it was sold for.
    Our liberty sold for nothing: “Hope and Change”; “Fundamentally change America”.
    Join the NRA. At least go down fighting, rather than placidly wait for your turn to be hung at the lamppost; thrown off the building; or taking your turn in the showers, such as they had at Dachau, Sobibor, Buchenwald, Auschwitz, et al, or maybe in our very own FEMA Camps.
    Yes, Obama is an usurper, but to what end?
    God gave us the power to reason: let’s do it.

  30. If any of Mrs Rondeau’s readers remember GRETAWIRE blog in the beginning of Obama’s residency in the White House, her site became overwhelmingly “birther .”

    The infamous “Fogbow,” who support(ed/s) Obama at every step, was omnipresent there.

    The notion that Barack was, perhaps, not even “POTUS” was a notion one read frequently on that site.

    A constitutional question was raised by a number of bloggers, that, under the Constitution, WHO is the REAL “POTUS” if there is NO POTUS due to usurpation?

    One would imagine that at ALL TIMES and in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES the Nation follows Constitutional order, even if the presented order is flawed, albeit, invalid.

  31. It should have never gotten that far,but “the last clear chance” to stop the usurpation of our Governmental structure was in the Electoral College.Incredibly,Vice President Cheney said nothing even though lawsuits had been filed. How can he dare to criticize Obama policies while still ignoring all the “administration ending” crimes committed both before and after Obama took office?

    1. BOTH Bushes and Obama have publicly advocated the “New World Order”. Bush and Cheney knew Obama was not qualified as did Pelosi and Biden. We are being led into a world governance. Google: “Global Governance 2025” if you want more proof that both parties are involved in the subterfuge. The book I referred to is a US Publication.

      1. Everyone in Congress knew/and know Obama is not constitutionally eligible for that office.

        I asked my senators why the Senate help a special meeting to question John McCain but declined to question Barack Obama. Their answer? He was investigated and is eligible.

        I wrote back asking where they had found that information and why wasn’t it passed down to the general public that obviously wants to know. I’m still waiting for and answer and they’ve both retired.

        If you haven’t, read ‘rense.com/general32/americ.htm’ and note it was written 58 years ago.

  32. The subterfuge continues. Rubio and Cruz have entered the race for the Presidency. BOTH have Cuban ties and BOTH are constitutionally ineligible to BE President. Neither are “Natural-Born Citizens” of the United States of America.

  33. Obama has usurped the Presidency, by fraud, during time of war. That alone makes Obama a spy under 10USC. Obama belongs in the BRIG. The GOP is now doing what the Democrats and the GOP did in 2008 and 2012. BOTH parties are proffering candidates that are clearly NOT Natural-Born Citizens. These include Cruz,Rubio,Jindal,Santorum,McCain and Obama,et al.

  34. October 17,2014 update. Still at it trying to have Obama arrested for usurpation. What a sad state of affairs that he has gotten so far into his faux term. Atrocious.

  35. The Society for the Preservation of Democracy and Human Rights, founded on September 17,1987 on the Bi-centennial of the U.S. Constitution has changed its name to more appropriately reflect its mission. It is now called Society for the Preservation of our American Republic.

  36. A brilliant article, Robert Laity, back in 2010 as well as now. One important thing that I’ve noticed is that when we have leaders who we look up to and who are corrupt, so goes the nation, and corruption increases exponentially across the entire country. I first noted this phenomenon when the Clintons were elected. Well, with obama (who isn’t even legally elected), it is much, much worse because he has brought into his administration like-minded corrupt entities (can’t call them people). Now the uneducated populace and the democrat party worship this corrupt entity without even knowing its real name or anything about it, for that matter. It is absolutely sick that such a group of entities who hate America so much can actually get away with doing what they are doing and nobody lifts a finger to stop them, which only proves that the entire administration, Congress and the judiciary all need to be replaced; every cursed one of them! We need State Sheriffs (like Sheriff Joe Arpaio) to declare Martial Law and have Citizen Grand Juries start mopping up this abhorred, ungodly mess.

  37. The battle wages against Obama’s crimes. He will not escape Lady Justice. I am more determined now to have him brought to the bar of Justice. Obama is a traitor and a spy.

  38. April 20,2013 and the usurper is still being allowed to continue his treason unscathed.His BC has been proven to be a forgery,he forged his selective service card and he has used multiple social security numbers. Obama is a trraitor,spy,fraud and RICO criminal. The effort to have Obama arrested continues.

  39. Obama is a Traitor and a Fraud. If we want America to remain free,he MUST be arrested and tried for Treason amd his other crimes. Obama belongs in the Brig.
    See 18USC,Part 1,Chapter 115,Sec.2381

    Obama is also a Spy under the UCMJ at Sec.906,Art.106.

  40. I have been sharing this Editorial. I put it on my Facebook account. Facebook has informed me that other facebook users have complained that this editorial contained objectionable material. Thought I would apprise you of this interesting development.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: Sounds as if the Thought Police have taken over, or always had control over, Facebook.

  41. Why is the State Department sponsoring an Imam on a worldwide Islamic advancement tour? Why are they downplaying Obama’s treasonous activities against the USA,in Kenya,while a US Senator.

    “Could it be Satan”-The Church Lady
    “Satanic Verses” Salmon Rushdie
    “Fitna”-Geert Wilders

  42. I have heard several newscasters now refer to Obummer, not as Prez Obama, but as Mr. Obama. I think we all should do the same if we observe the niceties and refer to him as Mr. Obama…personally, I no longer refer to him as anything but Obummer.

  43. Chance, Obama has a legal burden on him when he ran for POTUS. He was encumbered by at least (2) unsurmountable obstacles. One,he has never been a “Natural-Born American” and can never be one,no matter what he does. Secondly, his treasonous acts (ie. campaigning for an enemy of the US,Raila Odinga,giving him aid and comfort and complicity with the murder of americans and terrorism against Americans),while a US Senator,having owed allegiance to the US,prohibits him from entering “any office” under the US.
    See 18USC,Part 1,Chapter 115,Sec.2381

  44. Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama is a grifter. He comes from a family of grifters. He is supported by the super rich corporate elite, the greedy thugs, traitorous elected officials & corrupt policticians who all have their own selfish & creepy agendas. He does not care about this country, this is a man who has no country. He does not care about the American people because he is not an American – he only cares about himself. He only wants to know, “What’s in it for me?” What should really be bothering American citizens today is that every branch of our government and all major media sources are complicit with this fraud, this major hoax, that’s being perpetuated on us. That is a fact. That is huge. That is disturbing.

      1. Please remind your readers what the VERY FIRST thing this usrper did after being “sworn in”……
        his first “Presidential” Executive Order was to completely SEAL up all his records!
        Mrs. Rondeau replies: You have just done so!

  45. I have wondered, Why him? Why Now?

    If I could objectively just watch this play out it would be fascinating. Tom Clancy in collaboration with Charles Dickens could not have come up with a more intriguing plot.

    The usurpation of the US presidency by a numb-skull poser with a dark past who moves rapidly to destroy the last vestiges of liberty from the USA and thereby the globe.

    All of this on the heals of an orchestrated financial meltdown of global proportions after making half of the western world feel guilty for even existing via the global warming hoax. Add in the global threat of Islamo-fascisim that the self-loathing-metrosexual people of the west think they can appease in true Neville Chamberlain fashion.

    Of course there is the arch villain, who happens to look and act like an arch villain, George Soros, the puppet master of the man-child usurper. The hundred years machinations of the global leftists aligned with the religion of death personified in the poser-in-chief. To round out the plot the government-media-complex is either in on it or silent in fear.


    Allowing it to continue is very dangerous though. For evil not to triumph we, those that have read history and have learned from it, need to be resourceful and unpredictable. We need to write the ending to this story so we can write an accurate history for future generations to learn from.

  46. Excellent Robert, Great and, if I may say, very accurate article. Did you see “The Globe” this week? Also an excellent job and laid out the facts as we know them. Problem is, no one takes any notice. I have also been shouting this, as you know for over a year now. He is a fraud, ever since the SS#’s which I listed with the false addresses, and the Kenya BC, which I was sent and passed on to Orly. He should be treated as the common criminal that he is, along with his co-conspirators. If the “officials” wont hold up the Oath to defend the Constitution, then it seems “We The People” must
    Neil SANKEY

    1. Based on the Social Security issue, I filed a formal charge with ICE against Obama as an illegal alien. I approached no less then (15) Judges and Justices about Obama (all 9 SCOTUS Justices,Five USDC,Western District of NY Magistrates, and Chief Judge Richard Arcara,WDNY,along with Ms.Kathleen Mehltretter,US Attorney,WDNY and Ronald Machen,USDC,District of DC). I was informed by one Magistrate that I must first contact law enforcement. I did so. I filed with my local police after the FBI,Secret Service and DOJ passed the proverbial buck. My local police sent my complaints to the INS and the FBI through their system. See City Of Tonawanda Police,Criminal Information against Barack Obama,#10-002896,filed March,2010.

  47. His father was a British Suject NOT a Citizen. Citizens do not exist in the English two-tier system. People are either Subjects (commoners or titled). They still have a caste system.

    1. The type of government in Britain is a Constitutional Monarchy. Since the Magna Carta subjects have been morphing into citizens. In the present scheme of things in the UK,the BBC says Brits share both statuses. They are subject to the Laws of England and the limited power of the Queen yet they DO have input and control through the House of Commons and the House of Lords of those laws.

  48. Mr Laity- may I suggest you go IN PERSON to your local FBI District Office and file criminal charges against Obama. From my career in law enforcement, I can tell you that you don’t have to “witness” a felony- you merely have to have evidence of it to report it. Here are two really good (in my opinion) charges and the sources you can use as evidence (print out the evidence and take it with you to give to the FBI) when filing the charges with the FBI: 1) SOCIAL SECURITY FRAUD AND/OR IDENTITY THEFT. http://www.theobamafile.com/_eligibility/SocialSecurity.htm 2) FALSIFYING AND/OR CONSPIRING TO FALSIFY SELECTIVE SERVICE REGISTRATION FORM(S). http://www.debbieschlussel.com/4428/exclusive-did-next-commander-in-chief-falsify-selective-service-registration. Yes, I know the FBI is “in on” the conspiracy to keep Obama in office for at least one term (else there might be a civil uprising- I say so what- what about our Constitution and our democratic republic as we once knew it) and that Att Gen Eric Holder, the FBI’s “boss,” is little more than a weasel, a thug, and someone who is guilty of misprision of treason himself. But, really, WHAT IS THE FBI GOING TO TELL YOU? That Barack Obama is above the laws of our land? In my humble opinion, the FBI is DUTY-BOUND to receive and investigate all alleged violations of federal law, even if the alleged crimes are reported by ordinary everyday citizens of the United States of America and even if Congress and the Supreme Court are “in bed with” Obama! I believe that they (the FBI) will have to respond to your accusations. IN MY OPINION, THEIR RESPONSE THEN SHOULD BE USED AS FODDER (IF THAT’S THE CORRECT WORD) FOR OUR CAUSE, WHICH IS A RIGHTEOUS ONE, I.E. GET THE USURPER OUT OF OUR WHITE HOUSE AND OUT OF THE CHAIN OF COMMAND OF OUR TROOPS AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE! What do you think?

    1. Are the Black Panthers behind the threats?
      Are they ready to back up those threats?
      Are those threats made against people and places
      in our capitol of DC, controlled by the Panthers?
      Are the convert convicts part of the threat/force
      ready to charge when broken out/released from prison?
      Are those people racist, hate whitey, black liberationists?
      Am I racist for bringing this up?
      Things that make you go Hmmmmmmm!!!

    2. I am a member of the American Grand Jury. We have accumulated extensive evidence that Obama is a fraud and a traitor. The American Grand Jury has already filed formal charges against Obama and Pelosi. Pelosi assisted Obama and is complicit with Obama. In addition, I personally wrote to no less than (15) Federal Judges,which includes all (9) US Supreme Court Justices. I have charges filed with the DOJ,FBI,INS,ICE and the Hague.
      This is a conspiracy of immense magnitude. When I approached the Federal Judges in my US District Court,Western District of NY,I was apprised that I must first contact law enforcement,which I did. The FBI told me that “we do not take charges,we are only an investigative agency”. I knew better,because I had filed charges with the FBI on other occasions.They gave me a phone number to call,(716)856-7800, which I did. I was directed to another number. That number (716) 551-4401 ended up to be the “Secret Service”.They asked me if they hadn’t “spoken to” me “before abou this”.I said no but they insisted that they had. two days later,two DOJ agents appeared at my home asking if I wanted Obama arrested,if I owned guns and if they could come back. They also inquired regarding any medication that I took and asked if I had any psychiatric problems. I assured them that I am quite sane.My local Police were approached and apprised of these facts. The Tonawanda City Police. They apprised me that the DOJ was asking questions about me. My Criminal information file no. is #10-002896,City of Tonawanda Police Department,Tonawanda,NY.
      I was informed by their Chief of Police that my complaints were “Forwarded to the INS and the FBI”. That was in March,2010.

  49. Right you are on all points!!

    Let’s get on with the task! The Kerchner et al case should soon be goint to SCOTUS and, who knows, possibly even the LTC Lakin case.

  50. Fantastic editorial! Thank you Mr. Laity for laying it all out there and pulling no punches. You are so right–if one is a faux president (pun intended), one is no president at all. Just a lying snake in the grass who can only carry his charade just so far. It is still Friday, but Sunday is coming!

  51. Billary Clinton–that is, the Clintons, they are a team–is/are not eligible to be in the line of presidential succession because he/she/they have already had their limit of two terms of presidential power. Returning the co-president Clintons to the White House would violate the 22nd Amendment, but of course that matters not at all in these days of a non-republic, so if Obama’s managers want Billary as VP, so it will be–unless he is forced to resign forthwith.

    Way to go, Mr. Laity, in pursuing Soetero/Obama’s illegal and treasonous participation in Kenyan politics. Even if it is his true homeland, he was a U.S. Senator then and our putative president now and as such was and is barred from participating in the politics of foreign countries.

    1. First Lady is not an elected office. Hillary may run for V-P if she is otherwise qualified. With respect to Obama’s activities in Kenya,Hillary,the Secretary of State is downplaying those.
      18USC,Part 1,Chapter 115,Sec.2381
      Clinton v. Jones,520US681(1997)
      The Logan Act

  52. Obama is a one-term pResident! Hopefully even less than that! He will not run for a second term because too many States will require him to show his birth certificate or some proof of being a Natural Born Citizen, which we all know he cannot do because his father was a subject of Great Britian.

    For God and Country, we’ll get him sooner or later! The sooner the better!

    1. Obama is a NO “term”,private citizen who has never BEEN “President”. He was encumbered from the onset from ever attaining that office.

      1. Mr. Laity. I am not sure what you mean by “he was encumbered—“. He seems to be doing alot to destroy this country and nobody is stopping him.

        Thank you for a great article. Right on!

  53. Everything in this editorial is undeniably true. But with the complicity of Congress, the judiciary, and soon to include the military how can we get anyone to act since no one will even listen???