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by Jane Menta

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill is the largest in U.S. history. British Petroleum (BP) has been publicly charged with the costs of cleanup.

(Jun. 6, 2010) — BP wanted a big deal with Libya, and Libya wanted its nonsick Lockerbie terrorist in exchange for a HUGE contract (Britain doth protest).  Obama didn’t stand in their way; he just told Libya not to celebrate too much.  Though 190 Americans died in the terror attack, Obama said nothing about them.

BP gave Obama a lot of money during his campaign.

Obama seems friendly with Qadafi:  Obama devised a plan to give Qadafi $2.5 million recently.   Obama’s mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, along with Louis Farrakhan, met with Qadafi in Tripoli. Qadafi called Obama a “Muslim brother.”  Qadafi is also linked to Odinga for whom Obama campaigned in Kenya (illegally, in violation of the Logan Act (watch video).

In March 2010, Obama ended the moratorium on offshore drilling.

Obama wants to pass cap and tax. Obama mocks “Drill, Baby, Drill” in 2008.”  Obama mocks “Drill, Baby Drill” in 2010 (after the spill).  He doesn’t like conservative bitter-clingers or “anti-government,” tea party gumps.

Obama wants China to buy more U.S. debt; is it in exchange for it taking over the decimated gulf seafood industry?  China (among other countries) is ready to fill the gap.  Seafood from China is sparking concerns over quality.

He also wants to raise taxes on oil and eventually nationalize the oil industry (into ruin, as Hugo Chavez did).  And BP would not be harmed financially because American taxpayers would pay billions in claims and has insurance to cover the rig loss.  BP also has limited liability for Gulf damages.

Never mind that hay works better than any chemical and is practically free and nontoxic and adsorbs oil at a 1:200 ratio), all nontoxic remedies are being ignored; there is no money to be made with a solution that simple.

BP won’t stop using the EPA-deemed toxin Corexit (2-butoxyethanol) being used in the Gulf, although it has apparently agreed to use less of the product in the absence of less toxic agents.  It kills fish and bottom feeders.  It is a respiratory toxin making workers sick.  According to one report by a medical doctor, Corexit increases uptake of carcinogenic compounds in fish, which means people who eat the fish will dose themselves with more cancer-causing chemicals.

Halliburton, which had “finished a cementing operation” less than a day before the explosion, and some bloggers say —blew–the rig (every safety valve had to have been turned off simultaneously), would have its former subsidiary KBR  rewarded with a $500,000,000, no-bid contract directly from the Obama regime.  And nobody would be the wiser since Obama sent in SWAT teams (to prevent any other investigators?).

This all keeps the U.S. dependent on foreign oil and security-wise, it makes us weaker.

Wayne Allen Root says that Obama’s goal is in “purposely overwhelming the U.S. economy to create systemic failure, economic crisis and social chaos — thereby destroying capitalism and our country from within.”

The oil is going to swoop around to the East Coast sooner rather than later.

With a ruined fishing and tourism industry, future health costs, the Palin Tea Party Gulf Gumps will probably wind up dependent on the government after all.

This exactly conforms with the Cloward Piven strategy which Obama adheres to: to overload the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.

The Top Kill method was started and suspended several times. It was being attempted only half-heartedly.


“The real money is in the use of dispersements. There is a company called NALCO.  Goldman Sachs, Blackstone and Apollo all purchased NALCO.  NALCO is based in Chicago with subsidiaries in Brazil, Russia, India, China and Indonesia.  NALCO is associated with the University of Chicago Argonne program. The Obamas both worked for the University of Chicago.  UChicago Argonne received $164,000,000 in stimulus funds this past year and just added two new executives to its roster:  one from NALCO, the other from the Illinois Department of Education.

If you dig a little deeper you will find NALCO is also associated with Warren Buffett, Maurice Strong, Al Gore, Soros, Apollo, Blackstone, Goldman Sachs, Hathaway Berkshire.  Warren Buffet/Hathaway Berkshire increased their holdings in NALCO just last November. (Timing is everything).  The dispersant chemical is known as Corexit. What it does is hold the oil below the water’s surface. It is supposed to break up the spill into smaller pools. It is toxic and banned in Europe.  NALCO says they are using older and newer versions of Corexit in the Gulf.  (Why would you need a newer version, if the old one was fine?)  There are big money and even bigger players in this scam. While they are letting the oil blow wide open into the Gulf, the stakes and profit rise.  The dolphins, whales, manatees, sea turtles and fish suffocate and die. The coastal regions, salt marshes, tourist attractions and the shore front properties are being destroyed, possibly permanently. The air quality is diminished. The Gulf of Mexico fishing industry is decimated.”

(So is tourism, and disease rates will be going up).

Obama reinstates moratorium on offshore drilling.  OPEC plans largest increase in offshore drilling.  BP to strike it rich with Libya contract.

A BP executive sold one-third of his stock just before the oil spill.

A portrait of Obama during the campaign in Louisiana now looks quite different.

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  1. OT but:
    Tim Adams, former Chief Elections Clerk in Honolulu during the campaign and elections, says THERE IS NO LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE FOR OBAMA BECAUSE HE WAS NOT BORN IN HAWAII.
    He says his superiors openly admitted that there was absolutely no documentation for Obama.
    Further he says absentee voting records for members of the foreign service were stolen as they are political appointees, to determine who they voted for.

  2. Would it not be appropriate to bill the Democrats for all the damage done by them and their leader, obama, following the 2008 election fraud that installed him? Let those who caused all the damage be the ones to make restitution to the American people for Soros’ meddling, for TARP funds that were nothing but slush funds for Democrat reelection campaigns, for the Wall Street bailouts, for obama’s queering the BP oil spill debacle, for Paris dinner dates, for political payoffs and so on, ad nauseam. After all, most or all of those named in this article are Democrats or foreign agents employed by Democrats and they plus any and all other named principals ought to be the ones to forfeit their own fortunes making repayment to Americans. All the funds in the Democrat party coffers and any contributions, ought to also be used to make restitution to the American people. Such mandated forfeitures would enable a decent period of time in which to rebuild and reestablish America’s greatness.
    Finally, the mainstream media ought to bear a share of the damages since they were the main ones who spread obama’s lies, who misled us, and who deliberately put out misinformation. These media companies should be allowed to remain in business only through legal agreements to abide by fair and balanced on-air reporting and print presentations, plus repayment of their share of the damages.

  3. One important realization should be and is the truth, is that there is a completely safe and environmentally friendly method of neutralizing oil-spills and has been. See the video. At 1/10th of the cost now being proposed by BP and the greedy minions of Kenyan boys regime of, “never let a good crisis stop you from lining your pockets on the backs of the American taxpayer”, civil and social-order society their way, club. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VfypUzx1tI&feature=player_embedded

  4. It would not surprise me to find out some type of “Foul Play” or “Act of Terrorism” is behind the Oil Spill Crisis, because this Disaster will continue to cause damage for years to come.

  5. Again, How long will the treason of the media and congressional enablers be allowed to continue? Are We the people that weak-willed?

    1. I don’t know what the trigger point between passivity and action is for many Americans…of course you don’t need all of them awake, even a few percentage points can totally change the course of things.

  6. Bookending this entire scenario of destruction, we see that BP and Libya both profit because BP and Libya will go ahead with their contract, Libya and the oil cartel will develop offshore while the US kills its own offshore oil which takes years to develop. The US will be even more dependent on foreign oil and thus more vulnerable security-wise. Obama has stated time and again his intention to make the US weaker.

    Destroying the conservative Southerners helps Obama’s Alinsky/Ayers Cloward-Piven strategies and political stance because they are now DEPENDENT upon him, just where he wanted them. They are a depressed region now and into the future, with no prospect of economic return and future disease rates to add to their burdens, are less likely to be anti-government.

    It was clear Obama hated Palin bitterly, and his obsession with her may have played a role in this choice of modes of retribution.