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by Sharon Rondeau

The Hawaii Petition Campaign has garnered some response from state officials, but not the release of Obama's records as requested. The records should be available, as Obama is a public figure.

(Mar. 31, 2010) Several members of Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle’s executive cabinet have responded to The Post & Email’s Hawaii Petition Campaign, all of them asserting that their department does not maintain or have access to the requested records of “Barrack Hussein Obama II.”  However, not one of them stated what the proper department is.  We know that it is the Department of Health, which has been avoiding inquiries from the public not only about Obama but also in regard to how the department operates and issues vital records and other data.

More significantly, not one cabinet member acknowledged The Post & Email’s contention that without a constitutionally-eligible President and Commander-in-Chief, our nation has been plunged into a constitutional crisis.

The Adjutant General of the State of Hawaii wrote the following:

March 25, 2010

The Hawaii Petition Campaign
c/o The Post & Email, Inc.
P.O. Box 302
Stafford Springs, CT  06076

Dear “Concerned Individuals who Love the United States of America:”

Our office received the petitions dated March 1, 2010.

Your request to release all vital records which relate to Barrack Hussein Obama II and all government documents pertaining to the public statements made by Dr. Fukino, Director of Health, is not granted because this agency does not maintain the records, nor do we have access to the records you desire.


Robert G. F. Lee
Major General, Hawaii National Guard
The Adjutant General

Apparently, however, the General’s office knows the UIPA laws of his state better than the Department of Health does, as at least they provided a response and stated that they did not maintain the requested information.

The Department of Health has not responded, nor has the Governor or Lt. Governor.  Could it be they are unfamiliar with the state’s UIPA law?

The response which provided the most information as to who might have the requested information came from the Department of Transportation and reads as follows:

March 15, 2010

The Hawaii Petition Campaign
The Post & Email, Inc.
P.O. Box 302
Stafford Springs, CT  06076

Re:    Your Request for President Obama’s Vital Records

Dear Concerned Individuals:

The State of Hawaii Department of Transportation (DOT) is in receipt of your 2-page letter dated March 1, 2010, regarding your request for all vital records pertaining to the individual known as “Barack Hussein Obama II.”  Included with your letter was 101 letters of petition, supporting your request.  Please be informed that the DOT does not have any such requested records.

Very truly yours,

Francis Paul Keeno
Deputy Director

c:   Mark J. Bennett, Attorney General
Dr. Chiyome L. Fukino, Director of Health
Linda Smith, Governor’s Senior Policy Analyst

The response from Attorney General Mark Bennett was reported here.

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  1. In 1798, John Adams signed into law a single payer insurance system for seamen. It also created the first payroll tax. It mandated they buy insurance and charged owners of the ship 20c per seaman to create a fund to pay for their insurance…..it’s true:

    In another embarrassment to those opposing the Health Insurance Reform, arguing that it is somehow unconstitutional, researchers have uncovered an act passed in 1798 which requires sailors to pay for health insurance. Violations by the owner of the vessel would result in a 100 dollar fine. Under 1798 precedent, it seems that another argument against the Health Insurance Reform Act is doomed to failure. See also Salon and another article on Socialized Healthcare and our Founding Fathers.

    In July, 1798, Congress passed, and President John Adams signed into law “An Act for the Relief of Sick and Disabled Seamen,” authorizing the creation of a marine hospital service, and mandating privately employed sailors to purchase health care insurance.

    This legislation also created America’s first payroll tax, as a ship’s owner was required to deduct 20 cents from each sailor’s monthly pay and forward those receipts to the service, which in turn provided injured sailors hospital care. Failure to pay or account properly was discouraged by requiring a law violating owner or ship’s captain to pay a 100 dollar fine.

  2. The Hawaii “Star Bulletin” for Mar. 31, 2010 has an article
    titled “Latest poll offers little to reassure isle GOP”.

    “A staggering 77 percent of Hawaii voters approve of President Obama’s job performance, while 52 percent disapprove of the job done by Hawaii’s most popular Republican, Gov. Linda Lingle.”

    Perhaps the political climate is such that for any government employee
    or elected official to question 0bama amounts to career suicide.
    That may be part of why the Hawaii state officials don’t respond to the
    efforts to get them to abide by their own laws – they know that their constituency
    wants them to ignore anything that threatens their welfare.

    btw, the article can be found at http://www.starbulletin.com/columnists/onpolitics/20100331_Latest_poll_offers_little_to_reassure_isle_GOP.html

    It seems to be a non-issue with the Hawaiians…

  3. Citizens Arrest Attempt!!!!!

    Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, United States Navy Retired attempted a Citizens arrest today in Monroe County, TN.

    I was told by Carl Swensson that early low-res video will be available to stream from here:


    Report is that Sheriff refused to accept paperwork. Local police were called and refused to arrest Petway, the Grand Jury Foreman.

    Fitzpatrick is currently sitting in jail as a political prisoner and has yet to be charged.

    This is NO APRIL FOOL’s joke.