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by John Charlton

Obama has a reputation that cannot be denied.

(Feb. 19, 2010) — The Post & Email has received from a private citizen-researcher PDF copies of Associated Press (AP) News Stories which paint a picture of Obama  which we know today is false.

These additional AP reports corroborate the allegations that the AP in 2004 claimed Obama was born in Kenya.  (See our past coverage of this aspect of the story).  They do this because they confirm that the AP was willing to say anything about Obama so that readers would feel connected to him.

The First Fibs

In an unsigned AP report entitled “Harvard Student Tackles Racism at its Core,” which appeared on page 2, section 3, of the Chicago Herald, May 3, 1990 edition, we learn that Obama moved to Indonesia when he was two years old, contrary to the established facts that he did so in 1965, after his alleged mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, married Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian national, who had been a student at the University of Hawaii.

That article reads in part:

His passion is rooted in his background.  He was born in Hawaii, his father an Oxford- and Harvard-educated economist from the African nation of Kenya, his mother a white anthropologist from Kansas. Obama moved to Southeast Asia at age 2 when his parents divorced and his mother married an Indonesian.

You can view the PDF of that article through this link.

For the record, it must be noted that Stanley Ann Dunham did not receive a degree in Anthropology until after Obama Junior stopped living with her, and long after meeting Obama Sr.  And Obama Sr. never attended Oxford University.

Further inconsistencies are contained in the report:

Until the fifth grade, Obama attended Indonesian schools, where most of his friends were the sons of servants, street peddlers and farmers.  Concern for Obama’s education led his mother to return him to Hawaii, where he attended public schools through high school. In 1983, he graduated from Columbia University with a degree in political science.

In reality, it is now known that Obama attended elementary school, for a short time, before leaving Hawaii in 1964-5; and that he attended Occidental College in California before transferring to Columbia College at Columbia University.

As the reporter quotes Obama’s grandiose view of himself regarding his election as President of the Harvard Law Review:

“It’s crucial that people don’t see my election as somehow a symbol of progress in the broader sense, that we don’t sort of point to a Barack Obama any more than you point to a Bill Cosby or a Michael Jordan and say ‘Well, things are hunky dory,'” Obama said.

It is clear that the AP reporter’s source of information is Obama.  And that proves that Obama has been loose with the facts of his life story for more than three decades.

The Second Fibs

In another unsigned AP report entitled “A Major Chance to Star,” which appeared on p. A-6 of the July 15, 2004 edition of Syracuse’s The Post-Standard, we learn that Obama was raised “mostly” in Kansas after returning from Indonesia:

His father was from Kenya. He met Obama’s mother, who was white, when both were students at the University of Hawaii. When Obama was 2, his father left the family and returned to Kenya, where he eventually became a senior economist in the Ministry of Finance.

Obama was raised mostly in Kansas by his late mother and grandparents. He graduated from Columbia University in New York and received his law degree from Harvard Law School.

You can view the PDF of this article, by clicking here.

We now know that Obama Senior did not leave the family; Stanley Ann Dunham left him.  And he did not return to Kenya in 1963, but in 1965, when he graduated from Harvard.  We also know that after he returned from Indonesia, his mother did not raise him at all; his grandparents did.  And no one previously has claimed they did so in Kansas!  Note that this report does not say Obama was born in Hawaii, since just two weeks prior another AP report named him  “Kenyan-born” (see link to previous coverage at top of this article).

Perhaps the reason why these journalistic inconsistencies were hidden from the public was to prevent exposure of Obama as an inveterate liar during the 2008 campaign.

The Chicago Herald article, cited above, also contains this revealing statement, which would have doomed him with middle class voters if it were made public during the election, in which  Obama is quoted as saying:

“I’m not interested in the suburbs. The suburbs bore me. And I’m not interested in isolating myself,” Obama said in a recent interview. “I feel good when I’m engaged in what I think are the core issues of the society, and those core issues to me are what’s happening to poor folks in this society.”

It is now known, however, that after getting his law degree from Harvard, he returned to Chicago to work with slum landlords and other organizations which used Alinsky’s rules to radicalize and exploit the black poor.

It has also been discovered that for nearly six years in the 1990’s, the Daily Herald of Chicago spelled Obama’s first name as “Barak” and “Barack,” in evident admission that he was playing games with his names during that period.

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  1. I have read stuff for over a year about BO and some things saying he was Kenyan born, etc. Then when the eligibility issue started up, somehow things started disappearing.

    I guess what bothers me the most is that they try to make others seem like we’re crazy, when we have a legitimate right to ask questions about the president. But it stands to reason that they are trying to make us look crazy because they are in the wrong and know it. They have to turn this issue away from them and turn it on to us.

    Well, the way that I look at it is, it will come up and bite them in the you-know-what one of these days when they least expect it. They will be found out. It will happen. I’m pretty sure there must be several in government that know something about BO, which is why I say “they.”

    One of these days someone will be totally ticked off at him and spill the beans. Can’t wait for that day. It will be a real kicker!

  2. The “Kenyan born” language lends credence to the Obama-Keyes exchange supposedly deleted from a CNN video. The exchange that included something about eligibility and included: but I’m not running for president.

  3. The news articles don’t prove Obama/Soetoro was lying, but if they were incorrect, why didn’t Obama issue statements and why didn’t “news” agencies correct the “errors?”


    Mr. Charlton replies: Your questions contradict your first statement. Think about it! To allow an error is to consent to a lie; to give out an error is to lie. One way or the other, Obama lied.

  4. If this were Bush, all three news networks and the new york times would have scores of reporters scouring the globe.

    This blog is doing the work of the entire news journalism industry!

  5. I noticed Rush Limbaugh was calling BHO,Barry Soetero yesterday. These comments obviously allude to some sort of conspiracy.
    When can we expect the NECONS at FOX to call Rush out as some kind of 10% fringe kook. After all, implying that the Presidents name is Barry Soetero would suggest that he is an Indonesian citizen.
    Only the10%, you know those of us on the fringe could possibly think that. LOL

    Welcome to the 10% club Rush!!!

    1. Actually, Obama’s whole life seems to be nothing but a work of fiction. The man has never shown himself to be Constitutionally eligible to hold the office he now occupies.

      If you’d like to see something from a different point of view, watch the two short videos below which, even though they start slowly and have a bit of fun, contain a wealth of factual data – more than we’ve seen from Obama.

      In fact in the second video a famous senator is quoted speaking about someone that sounds for all the world like “Our Boy” and really strikes a chord.

      Only thing is the senator was the Roman named Cicero speaking in 42 BC – but the message is still very directed and pertinent for all of us:

      Three Little Words

      Merry Christmas OmeriKa!!

  6. Does anybody besides me remember Barry telling a group of people during the campaign that his father was a goat herder? I know Fox News shot this story down the very next day.

  7. Thanks, well done. Little by little it will unravel and larger cracks will appear.

    It is noteworthy that the “born in Hawaii” of the 1990 AP article appears to have disappeared in the 2004 AP article, the same year the AP elsewhere claimed BO was “Kenyan-born.”

    He continues to make it up as he goes. Last year he said that he watched the first moon landing in HI (= July 1969), although he lived in Indonesia until 1970 or 1971 (I’ve seen both):


  8. Kampala — Ugandans have formed a group to mobilise support for Kenyan born-senator, Barack Obama for the US presidency.” http://allafrica.com/stories/200802180051.html

    US Presidential Polls: Obama, McCain slug it out today. The Kenyan-born Senator will, however, face a stiff competition from his Republican counterpart, John McCain who has taken the presidential battle to the finishing line with vigorous campaign strategies. http://www.nigerianobservernews.com/4112008/4112008/news/news1.html

    1. We need to figure out what the Chicago Tribune did to force a judge to unseal Ryan’s records – then do the same thing to unseal Obama’s. And yes, when the truth comes out we will “feel for” Obama as he did for Ryan.