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by John Charlton

Orange Revolution, the Movie, told the story of the stolen election in the Ukraine, and the popular revolt which restored a Constitutional government in that Republic.

(Jan. 15, 2009) — The Hillbuzz.org, an online political news site, has published an editorial calling for an Orange Revolution.  The unsigned essay expresses the now widespread expectation that Scott Brown will win the special election in Massachusetts to fill the U.S. Senate seat vacated by the death of Edward Kennedy. In response to numerous reports that the democratic-controlled state government in that Commonwealth will take steps to forestall the seating of Brown in the U.S. Senate so as to prevent him from voting against the joint version of the Health Care Reform Bill, the author insists that extreme measures should be taken:

“If they really and truly do try to block the seating …, then Republicans need to rally this entire country to march on Washington and take back our government from the Liberal coup.”

The author of the article explains that what he is calling for is Revolution:

“VOLCANIC needs to be what we set our rage to. The response to Democrats’ efforts to stall Brown’s certification and ram a Healthcare Rationing Bill through before he can get to Washington to save the day must be met with all the resistance, verve, and passion of our forefathers when they battled the British in our first War of Independence. We’re serious when we say that, should Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and our current president really do this, every man, woman, and child with a car or enough money for a plane or train ticket needs to head to the Capital and FILL THE ENTIRE CITY OF WASHINGTON, DC with protests the likes of which have only been seen in European and Latin American countries when their governments falls…and people like Marie Antoinette and her narcissist husband lost their heads. Protests should be so strong, so loud, and so prolonged that Democrats resign from the Senate in droves so Governors can replace new ones, because the people will have so lost faith in the current Gang of 60 that the people force cooler heads to prevail in the Liberal-Socialist Democrat Party.”

And finishes his essay with a call for preparation and grassroots planning for organization.

However, The Post & Email notes that nowhere in the essay does the author use the phrase,”Orange Revolution,” even though what he is calling for is precisely that.  However, it should be noted that the author believes the current Republican Leadership, or Sarah Palin, have the kind of verve to pull it off.

For more information on the risk of an Orange Revolution breaking out, click the Orange Revolution tag at the end of this article.

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  1. Bill Owens in New York’s 23rd Congressional District was sworn in by Nancy Pelosi before the election results were even certified. I guess if this is the standard, then if Scott Brown wins, the Democrats in the senate should swear him in, even if the MA Sec. of State delays certifying the election. We’ll just see how crooked the national Democrats are.

  2. It was nice to see a mention of one of my favorite Democrat websites… Hillbuzz! As a Democrat, I agree with much of what I read there.

    We were told when the majority in this nation voted for Obama, that they voted for change. Well, I can only surmise that Obama must be saddened that the change genie has been let out of the bottle. The change genie has veered sharply to the right, and citizens from both blue and red districts in our country are not particularly thrilled with the change and proposed changes that have been initiated by the Obama administration. In response, they have pressed for further changes, and to Obama’s detriment, these changes go counter to what Obama is proposing. Yet, Obama and his Democrat gang pretend that they cannot hear the people, and continue down their reckless path. Can you hear us now, Mr. President? I know you will for sure in 2010 and beyond because we are not through with you or the (un)Democratic party. Change is here, and that is so sweet for those of us who have been ridiculed for questioning anything about the current administration. We were right about Obama all along, but yet our fellow Democrats viciously attacked anyone who did not partake in the Obama madness that occurred during the Democratic nomination process, and the general election.

    Democrats deserve any defeats that they WILL receive in the future. These defeats will occur because of the Democrats desire to go against what the majority of the people want.

    The next change to come will be within the Democratic party, and for that I am preparing myself. The party will either become what most will consider moderate centrist, or progressive, but not a combination of both as has been the case in the past. My guess is that the leftist element will be purged, and for that, I will be most thankful.

  3. Hillbuzz is conservative?
    I thought it was dedicated to Hillary. More a PUMA kind of site.


    Mr. Charlton replies: I corrected the attribution.