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by John Charlton

As of 11 pm ET, Jan. 24, $240
has been donated in response to this appeal

(Jan. 16, 2010) — On January 4th, The Post & Email began what is perhaps the most important petition drive in the history of the United States of America:  the one that targets and can obtain the direct answer which dozens of law cases could not achieve:  the release of Obama’s original vital records.

I say, “perhaps the most important petition drive in the history of the United States of America,” because, with the release of his original vital records, it is quite nigh but impossible that the documentary evidence sufficient to remove him from power will not be found.

And since Obama, as a Marxist usurper, bent on tyranny, is the greatest threat to the Union in our history, his removal from power is a most important goal of the political activity of every freedom-loving American.

But it’s up to you to do your part.

Those who think disclosure of Obama’s BCs is not important don’t quite understand the issue

First, the disclosure of Obama’s original vital records or birth certificates is not an unimportant issue, because whatever Obama claims about himself, nothing can be proven without the disclosure.  With the disclosure we can see who the documents claim his parentage and place of birth were and how probative they are in demonstrating that claim.  Without documents, Obama can change his claim and escape any prosecution of his ineligibility in the public forum or the courts.

But since Dr. Chiyome Fukino, Director of the Department of Health of the State of Hawaii, claims to have seen Obama’s original vital records — yes, in the plural:  “recordS” — you can be sure there is something anomalous about them; and since Obama has fought more than 50 cases to prevent disclosure of these plural records, you can bet that if there is one thing that can bring him down, it’s their disclosure.

So it is up to you, to waste your political activity in tea-parties, letter writing to Congress, and yes, even in voting, if you want to: because these are wasted if the most basic and fundamental thing is neglected:  actually doing your part as a citizen and voter to demand the release of Obama’s vital records to pierce the one chink in his political armor.

The Petition Campaign needs to be brought to Main Street America

Since launching the “Petition the Hawaii Government” Campaign, The Post & Email has collected 5o signatures, and that will result in the issuing of more than 4,500 petitions.  But as petition drives go, that is not quite a success.

So if you have not signed on, please consider it your patriotic duty.

However, The Post & Email has not been idle about promoting this Petition Drive:  we have spent all available funds, $250, on advertising it.

If we had more, we would spend it.

At present the Drudge Report’s advertising agency has agreed to take an ad for the Hawaii Petition Drive; all we need now is the money.

It will cost $40,000 to have our ad for the petition drive remain on the Drudge Report’s principal site, as a top banner, for 24 hours.

If we go with paying for the ad according to the rate at which it is clicked, it will cost perhaps $7,500.

So The Post & Email is launching a special fund raising drive to raise the $7,500.

Obviously, those of you who hesitate to spend $10 to sign on to the petition drive so as to have your 90+ letters of petition go to each member of the Hawaii Government might not be willing to donate anything to promote the petition drive.

But those of you with the means, and with friends with the means, it is you who can help us.

This is the best investment for anyone who wants to make a political impact in America in 2010

Making a donation to The Post & Email to promote our petition drive imposes no limits upon the size of your donation, since we are not a political campaign nor a political organization; we are merely offering this as a service to our viewers to assist them in communicating with their elected officials.

So you need to ask yourselves:  How much is my liberty worth to me?  How much is a free market worth to my company? my job? my family? my fortune?

Once you have an answer, send in that amount, and I guarantee we will spend it on buying up ads, first at the Drudge Report, and then all over the Internet, in newspapers and on TV and radio (yes, even in Hawaii itself); the only limit being how much money comes in. Note, however, that donations are not tax-deductible.

I don’t want to gather merely 1,000 signatures, nor even merely 10,000 or 100,000.  I want to gather at least 1,000,000 signatures so as to send 90+ million petitions to Hawaii.  I want to make it too politically costly for the Hawaiian government NOT to grant this petition in full.

With your help alone, can this be done.

Those wishing to make a donation to this cause can use the “Make a  Donation” on our top header bar, or click here. Donations can also be sent by surface mail to our address:

The Post & Email

POB 302

Stafford Springs, CT 06076


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  1. Are you working with WND and Orly ? It would seem to be a no brainer that they would want to help you.


    Mr. Charlton replies: We are not legally or financially associated with either group; this Petition Campaign is not endorsed by any other group, nor have we sought such an endorsement. It’s simply a grass root initiative.

  2. I’ve already sent my $10, but I have a problem with a statement in this article:
    “So it is up to you, to waste your political activity in tea-parties, letter writing to Congress,; and yes, even in voting, if you want to”

    I do NOT feel it is a waste of time to VOTE!
    I also do not feel it is a waste of time to be involved with the tea-parties.

    I feel that all activities that you participate in (this petition included) is a necessary part of the whole in accomplishing the intended outcome.

    To say it is a waste of time to vote, is saying that the election on Tuesday between Coakley and Brown is irrelevant. It is not irrelevant, as it is most important to attempt to restore some sort of checks and balances to the single party control of all 3 houses of our government. While it will not solve the issue of Obama’s ineligibility, it could at least serve as somewhat of a stop-gap of a totally out of control government.


    Mr. Charlton replies: Sally, if you take anything out of context you can find problems with it; read past the semi-colon in that sentence, and you will see that what you think I said, I did not say; and what I did say certainly affirms what you say.

  3. We need a patriotic celebrity or some otherwise “well-heeled” patriot to back John and more importantly: “We the People” in this critical venture! If any of you readers out there fit this bill, have influence with someone that does, or even know someone that knows someone willing to back this financially; please help get this project underway and completed. It just may be one of the most important things you have ever done for yourself and ultimately AMERICA?!? God bless you and God bless AMERICA!

  4. Two readers have asked me the same question: it goes like this,

    “Mr. Charlton, I would feel more comfortable paying the $10 to sign this petition, if you only would implement a way so that we your readers could see the counter increase as the signatures are added. Can you do that for us?”

    Here is my frank answer:

    As the petitions are being gathered by a secure site, we have no way to access that data
    from the Post & Email, other than to set up a secure server, get a SSL certificate and pay
    a programer several thousands of dollars, so that viewers could see the counter update

    If you are willing to pay for it, I will implement it. But as the articles states, we
    just spent our last $250 promoting the campaign.

    IF you are willing to pay for it, I’ll get an esimate from a programmer, and send the
    invoice to you.

    Mind you the estimate just to implement a counting system for our internal use, was $3500;
    what you are asking for is more difficult.

    I use the cheap solution; I log on to the secure server and count by hand. And I told you
    how many in the article.

    We have to spend $1000 to purchase the software just to tabulate all the signatures when
    time comes to printing, and I have not even mentioned that yet. The estimate from FexEx just to print the petitions for 1,000 signers will be $8,500, then there is about $750 in paypal fees, and the rest is for contingency expenses. So you see its not profitable for us.

    So, please see the realism behind what you are asking me to do, so that you can feel
    comfortable to spend $10 to save your country.

    I have not even mentioned that The Post & Email has to pay taxes on your $10 !

    1. I donated $15 and immediately got cut off from access to this site for a couple of weeks. The cause is correct and absolutely just. Charlton is still a forerunner on this issue and he should be helped.


      Mr. Charlton replies: Thanks, JG, for the donation to The Post & Email and your endorsement. We appreciate it.

      BTW, when we moved to our new server on Jan 6th, we lost most of our readers with your same Internet Service Provider; what the cause was, we are not sure; but several days ago, one of you complained to the ISP and the problem disappeared in an instant.