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by Sharon Rondeau

(Oct. 22, 2009) — Here follows the transcript of The Post & Email’s interview with Dr. Orly Taitz, esq., lead counsel in the case Captain Pamela Barnett et al. vs. Barack Hussein Obama et al., in Santa Ana Federal CourtThe Post & Email has already published an interview with the lead plantiff.


Mrs. Rondeau:  First let me say that I am honored and delighted to have the opportunity to interview you, Attorney Taitz, because of your outstanding work to Defend the freedoms of all U.S. citizens.  Since you have become a media celebrity, no introduction is necessary; however, your fame has sparked great interest.  So I ask if we could begin with some background questions.  I have heard, for example, you were born in Russia .  Can you tell the readers of The Post & Email about that?

Dr. Orly Taitz, esq.
Dr. Orly Taitz, esq.

Dr. Taitz:  Well, I was born in Kishinëv, which was part of the former Soviet Union, and this is the reason why I am so concerned about this issue, because I can see very clearly that where Obama is leading us is towards a communist regime, which of course I wouldn’t support in a million years, and I wouldn’t want my children to be anywhere near such a regime.  It’s a regime with a total lack of freedom.  So that is my concern.

Mrs. Rondeau:  Most of us Americans have never known tyranny or communist dictatorship. We have a very naive view of them. Can you tell me something about what the Russian people suffered under the Soviet system?

Dr. Taitz: For example, now, with Obama’s supporters, particularly all of the attack dogs in the media, are saying “Well, you haven’t won a lawsuit yet and so many people have filed lawsuits and couldn’t get his birth certificate,” I’m telling them, what is wrong with these people, are you completely brain-dead?  When you live in a regime, in a dictatorship, you never win, and that’s what it was like in the Soviet Union.  There was never any lawsuit that was launched by the citizens or their attorneys against Stalin or Breshnev or any other dictator, and we are on the road to dictatorship, where the U.S. attorney’s office is supposed to be there to safeguard our rights as citizens and yet they are involved in hiding and obfuscating all of the records.  We have the politicians involved in this fraud, so this is something that makes it very difficult.  Hopefully people will oppose this regime, and hopefully each and every citizen of this country will become a plaintiff to obtain the records from Obama.

Mrs. Rondeau:  What did your family and relatives suffer?

Dr. Taitz: Well, I had an uncle who actually was sent to the gulag, a great-uncle, so I am intimately familiar with this system, and I don’t want the United States to fall to that.

Mrs. Rondeau:  Did your family and relatives also suffer during the Holocaust, or did they flee deeper into Russia when Germany overran the Ukraine in 1941-3?

Dr. Taitz: You know, when I was in Georgia on behalf of Major Cook, I stated to Judge Clay Land that my client, Major Cook, and later on, Captain Rhodes, MD, was questioning the legitimacy of the president and the legitimacy of orders coming from above.  They needed to know whether those were lawful orders, but the indications were that this can’t be done, and it’s horrific.  To read the transcript from the Rhodes case in Columbus, GA, you would see.

I’ve mentioned that my three sons are named after relatives; actually, three younger brothers of my father-in-law who were killed.  About three officers told those three kids to dig their own graves, and later on they were shot and thrown in those graves, and those officers never questioned the legitimacy of their commander-in-chief, they never questioned whether their orders down the line from him were lawful.  That is why there is such a concern for me; I want to make sure that in this country, the military does not blindly follow the orders coming from above.  It was horrific that with all the information that was provided in Georgia, Judge Land decided not only to dismiss the case but also to retaliate against me so viciously with $20,000 sanctions.  He tried to scare and intimidate me after all the information that I provided, not only on behalf of Capt. Rhodes, but also the evidence that I brought into court, only shows how corrupt the system is.

Mrs. Rondeau:  Can you tell me something about how you came to America, and what America means to you?

Dr. Taitz: Well, I came here because actually my husband brought me here, and he proposed marriage.  I came here and he actually proposed marriage on the second date.  He came out with it very quickly.  I came here on April 29 and the next day we drove to Las Vegas and we got married there, and it was a chapel on the streets in Las Vegas and it doesn’t exist anymore.  There is a big hotel on that spot where the chapel was over 20 years ago.  That’s how I got married…and later on we had a bigger ceremony and reception for the whole family.  That is how I ended up being an American citizen, and that was 23 years ago.  I have three sons who were born in this country, and I have to tell you, I was so happy for so many years to live in this country, and hear the difference between what I had seen in the Soviet Union and what I was seeing here.  It’s hard to imagine the difference; there are so many different aspects.

For example, the Soviet Union was decisively a communist atheistic country with no freedom of religion, and the fact that the U.S. provides so many opportunities of freedom of religion; the technology, the fact that the free market economy has given the citizens such power.   I remember a joke:  somebody who came from Russia mentioned that he stopped at a store here in the States, and for some reason he didn’t see a tomato.  He was a new immigrant, and he said, “Well, when are you getting tomatoes?”  In Russia, there are tomatoes only in the summer; you couldn’t find fruits and vegetables in the winter.  He thought that the clerk was going to tell him in a few months, but he said, “Oh, probably in an hour,” so that’s the difference.

I think a lot of American citizens, particularly journalists from the mainstream media, should visit Cuba and North Korea and go to Siberia where people still live as they did in the communist Soviet Union, go to villages in China, and see the way people live, see the difference, see how this socialist/communist system didn’t work, see how their stores are empty, see how their leaders are worshipped, and then they will come back and they will appreciate what they have.

Typically, people don’t appreciate what they have; they start appreciating it when they lose it.  I guess it’s a common trait of human nature.  When do you miss you loved ones?  when they’re not with you.  I think all of these reporters should spend some time, that should be a must, before they ever become political reporters, and talk about the differences of a free market economy and socialism, communism.   They need to go there and spend a year or just half a year in those societies; then they would be able to provide an opinion of value on the issue.

Mrs. Rondeau:   What was your personal reaction to the rise of Obama and his election “victory” last year?

Dr. Taitz: I was absolutely horrified, absolutely, truly horrified.  When I started hearing about this whole issue of Obama not being legitimate for the presidency, I at first brushed it off like many others, thinking, “Oh, it’s impossible…somebody in the government should do something to check the records.”  But I decided to check for myself, so I wrote to the Secretary of State of California, Deborah Bowen, and I emailed her and asked what information, what documents, what records did she use to verify Obama’s legitimacy for the presidency?  Well, sure, she responded and I thought she would say a birth certificate and other documents.  But to my horror, the response was that they used nothing, they didn’t check anything, that it’s an honor system, and they just used the declaration of the candidate as valid on its face.  I started blogging and I asked my followers, my supporters, to provide information what was done in other states.  Did any secretaries of state check any documents, and I was even more horrified to find out that nobody did; nobody checked anything.

I have observed such a lack of integrity in our top echelons of power, and that includes politicians, elected and appointed officials that are too scared to stand up and be counted and demand that the Constitution be upheld and that Obama produce all of his vital records, including a real birth certificate.  As you know, what he posted on the internet is a joke.  It’s not an original birth certificate issued in 1961; it is something that was issued only in 2007 that does not provide any vital information:  not the name of the hospital, not the name of the attending physician, no signatures.  This is garbage that he posted on the internet; and even then, according to experts, could be forged, and it cannot be considered a genuine document until compared with the original from Hawaii, and the fact that Obama refuses to  let the public see his original documents —that some employee from Hawaii said that she saw it, what does she mean, she saw it?   What did she see?  To me, this behavior, this arrogance, is inexcusable.  Obama’s arrogance, in my opinion, equates to his just spitting in the face of each and every American citizen, each and every member of the American military, the way he was talking about transparency in government and then sealed all of his vital records, and issued an executive order on January 21 to hide all his vital records was just unbelievable.  The way he spends over $1,000,000 on legal fees to keep the documents sealed   that would cost only $10.00 to produce, his whole behavior is just a travesty of justice.

It’s great to read information on the blogs, but we cannot become warriors on our computers.  I would like to see every citizen become a plaintiff and demand impeachment and removal from the bench of all the judges who are corrupt, who are refusing to respect the Constitution of this nation, who are refusing to respect the Constitution of this nation and refusing to handle cases on the merits, whereby they are simply aiding and abetting this massive fraud and treason.  I hope that each and every American citizen joins Oathkeepers; I hope that each and every member of the military, police, and sheriffs’ unions join Oathkeepers and Citizens’ grand juries and, as we know, there were already indictments of Barack Hussein Obama all over the nation by citizens’ grand juries, indictments for massive fraud and treason, and I hope that those citizens’ grand juries continue working and indicting not only Obama but each and every judge, each and every member of Congress who are aiding and abetting this massive fraud.  I am convinced that good trumps evil, that we will overcome this evil, that we will see justice prevail, that this massive fraud will end and all of the people who are part and parcel of this massive fraud will be brought to justice.

Mrs. Rondeau:   When did you become part of what is now called the patriotic movement or the Article II patriot movement?

Dr. Taitz: From the moment I found out that Barack Obama was committing fraud, that’s when I decided that I had to fight it.

By the way, if I can mention to your readers that they can find out about my legal action on the internet at my website at www.orlytaitzesq.com.  I would greatly appreciate it if you click on the link to my website and read all of the latest information and documents.


Sharon Rondeau is an average citizen who wants Obama brought to justice for his fraud and a return to constitutional principles and free enterprise, she graciously acted as citizen journalist in conducting this interview for The Post & Email.

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  1. We are VERY MUCH in support of Obama’s guilt. We believe that he SHOULD NOT be a president of any country, let alone the US. YOU HAVE OUR COMPLETE SUPPORT. And we do appreciate that you have done as much as you have. Thank you, Thank you, VERY MUCH.

    Sharon Jacobson

  2. CHECK MATE!!!!! I LOVE IT. Barrack Husein Obama has been Checkmated!

    WHEN WILL HE ACTUALLY HAVE HIS ASS DRAGGED OFF THE CHESS BOARD?? In a real game of chess, the King is taken off IMMEDIATELY!

    Where does the King stand now???

  3. Thanks for the interview. Glad to see Orly’s fighting spirit is still strong. After fighting so long, she could understandingly be weakening by now–but she’s not, which is an inspiration to us all to keep on keeping faith.

  4. Orly’s likely all aware of the below, but just so your readers will keep the faith after the Kerchner dismissal:

    Orly’s two cases (Fed District Cts. in Ga and Ca) are pivotally different from Kerchner (Fed District Ct. in NJ).

    In fact, it’s no coincidence that Kerchner was dismissed — after waiting many months — right after the the two Orly cases successfully provided avenues to get Obama to account in a way which would NOT throw the courts and nation into constitutional crisis — the big fear of the federal courts (re political question etc.).

    Judge Land (Orly penalty) case is currently all about Orly merely showing her case not frivolous (premised on need not to chill the rest of Americans from addressing their constitution). Checkmate against Obama!

    Likewise, Judge Carter (Keyes) case does not have to deal with the constitutional nightmare of ousting Obama, that is, merely recovery of damages in fraud tort (even nominal) by Candidate Keyes against “Candidate” (not “President”) Obama will do the job — since Congress and the Dems would be politically compelled to oust Obama. Again, checkmate against Obama!

    Were either and/or both Orly cases to move forward (standing is ALL that’s needed since it’s SLAM DUNK that Const Art. 2 requires two citizen parents for POTUS eligibility), it’s all over for Obama, because politically his remaining in the Whitehouse, again, would be completely untenable even for the Dems and Congress.

    Thus, after Orly files for Motion for Summary Judgment, premised even on all facts in dispute going for Obama (noting that Obama has declared to the world in what as admission against interest, that his dad was Kenyan/British citizen on Baby O’s birth) the Courts can take the case without ever having to deal with discovery on the sole legal issue of meaning/applicabability of Const. Art. 2.

    This leaves Team Obama really with its last remaining legal argument (noting that Fed. Ct. can get pendant jurisdiction over Keyes’ tort action):

    Const. Art 2. “natural born citizen” = “citizen by birth”

    Const. Art 2. “citizen” = “citizen by naturalization”

    Nice try, but no cigar!

    … especially since all the fuss about McCain and the Senate Resolution would be shown.

    So, take heart — and if I’m wrong that’s the current end of our Constitutional Republic (and could mean the second American Revolution since all other means have been turned back by a Government currently under unconstitutional coup d’etat).

    I truly sympathize with Judge Carter, and our prayers should be with him, as he says he reads the internet and is aware of these factors (including the possible RICO implications recently filed by Orly and ongoing scrubbing of Obama-foreign born refernces in the Honolulu Advertiser just last week before our very eyes — and during the pendency of Stay on Discovery (apparently being exploited by the “Government” and Dept. of ‘Justice’, no less).