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by John Charlton

(Sept. 28, 2009) — Judge Clay D. Land is the Federal Judge before whose bench Dr. Orly Taitz pleaded for a stay of deployment for Captain Connie Rhodes, in the case Rhodes vs. Mac Donald. Rhodes is now in Iraq, following Judge Land’s rejection of her stay.

The Post & Email will from time to time publish Spotlight reports on public officials in the news, to highlight their background and personal history, available from public sources and those who have known them in life.

A ‘Southern Boy’ turns Scholar

Clay D. Land was born in Shreveport, LA in 1960.

He attended the University of Georgia and graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration, graduating magna cum laude.

He then went on to the University of Georgia Law School, where he earned a Juris Doctor in 1985, graduating cum laude.  He was a member of the staff of the Georgia Law Review and was inducted into the Order of the Coif, a honorary scholastic society for law students.

From the Bar to the Legislature

He was in private practice from 1985-2001.

In 1992, he formed the law firm Buchanan & Land LPP, with Jerry A. Buchanan; they specialized in civil litigation.  Both attorneys had been partners in the Columbus law firm of Hatcher, Stubbs, Land, Hollis & Rothschild. (This Rothschild seems to have no relation to the Banking family).

Land then entered politics; starting first as a member of the Columbus City Council from 1993-1994, and then serving three terms in the Georgia General Assembly, as a state senator, from 1995-2000.

In 1996 he donated approx. $1,600 to Republican causes.

From the Legislature to the Bench

He was recommended for a seat on the Federal Judiciary by U.S. Congressman Saxyby Chambliss, a Republican.

He was nominated to the Federal Bench by George W. Bush on September 21, 2001, to a seat vacated by J. Robert Elliot; he was confirmed by a voice vote in the U.S. Senate on December 13, 2001, and received his commission on December 21, 2001.

According to the court docket there have been over 1,500 Cases filed before Judge Land.

As a Judge, Land has engaged in various charitable and civic activities with his alma mater.  For example, he was enrolled in the Joseph Henry Lumpkin Society, in 2003-4 after making a charitable donation of $1,000 to $2,500 in conjunction with Shannon F. Land, and was a Board of Visitors member for the Univ. of Georgia Law School in 2004-5.

Financial Disclosures have been problematic

Judicial Watch publishes the public financial disclosures of Judge Land.  A number of them have had to be amended due to an apparent failure of Judge Land to keep track of his numerous investments.

In 2003, Judge Land had to follow a follow up report for failure to report various investments in Mirant Common Stock and Worldcom Common Stock.

His reports filed for the years 2003-7 list investments in many of the largest companies backing Barack Obama, such as Microsoft and Comcast.

In his 2004 report he also lists and investment with Time Warner, Inc..

In this 2005 report he lists salary from Buchanan & Land, LLP.

In his 2006 report he adds a follow up report, once again, for failure to disclose some 25 investments in Banks and Mutual Funds; in addition to his 62 other investments in a slew of companies. He also reported income once again from his law firm.

In this 2007 report he claims income as a self-employed lawyer, and that from his law firm Buchanan & Land LLP, along with 56 other investments in Mutual Funds, Banks and other industries and services.

It is difficult to understand how, with so many varied investments, Judge Land has managed to avoid conflicts of interest in the numerous cases he has heard.  Moreover, seeing that many of these companies would be impacted if  the laws signed by Barack Hussein Obama’s were declared null and void, on account of his lack of eligibility for office, it also seems reasonable to ask why Judge Land did not recuse himself in the case Rhodes vs. Mac Donald.

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  1. The BC/NBC issue is a Live Wire that will Kill anyone that touches it. Since Pretty much All of the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches are in George Soros’ Pocket, is it any wonder why NO JUDGE will touch this? All of the US Government (except for a very few Senators) are working hard on a daily basis to bring the United States into the New World Order. All they have to do is Kill the US Dollar and put the US into the Global Banking Community. Ameros instead of Euros. Honduras is messing up the whole all countries being Socialist thing. That is why Hillary and Obama are mad at them and STILL trying to instill a Communist Dictator there.