Judge refuses to accept Rhodes' Letter


by John Charlton

(Sept. 28, 2009) — The citizen journalist, Larry Sinclair, has been vindicated; the Rhodes letter will not be considered by the Court; so says Judge Clay D. Land of the Federal Court, Middle Division, Georgia; whose assistant clerk appears to have not observed proper procedures about the admission of documents to the docket.

The Post & Email has covered the letter in a separate article, last week.

Judge Land makes his statements in his ruling, granting Attorney Taitz’s motion to be dismissed as Rhodes’ counsel, in the case Rhodes vs. Mac Donald, to wit:

Moreover, the Court notifies counsel that in issuing its show cause sanctions order, the Court did not rely upon the letter sent by Plaintiff purporting to discharge counsel (Doc. 18), nor does the Court intend to rely upon that document in future proceedings regarding sanctions against Plaintiff’s counsel.


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