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by John Charlton

(Sept. 23, 2009) — The filings for Captain Connie Rhodes, M.D., in the case Captain Connie Rhodes vs. Colonel Thomas Mac Donald, can be found on the internet at archive.org.

It is a curious fact that Dr. Orly Taitz’s appeal for a second Emergency Stay pending the filing of a Motion to Reconsider,  which Judge Land castigated as “frivolous” on 3 counts, now appears as a document among the docketed filings (date of Sept. 22 —419.7 K application); but without a docket time stamp, putting in doubt whether Judge Land’s court even recognizes it as filed.

Yet, Judge Land’s reply to that filing is docketed, which evidences that he did consider it validly filed.

A clerical error, or has Judge Land decided to slight Dr. Taitz on the docket?

Contrariwise, has news that Dr. Orly Taitz intends to file for Rule 11 discovery in response to Land’ s threat of a $10,000 sanction, moved the Judge to use a back door escape? That is, an ex post facto rejection of the filing on which basis he threatened sanctions?

This seems to be a possible explanation, seeing that Land’s assistant clerk has already accepted into the docket the now famous Rhodes’ Letter, which Mr. Larry Sinclair argues has been filed by an ex-boyfriend, and which contains a material error of fact, namely that Rhodes spoke with the assistant clerk, which fact Sinclair now claims the clerk has denied.

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