One Thing is certain about Obama

AND NATIONAL SECURITY REQUIRES ITS RECOGNITION by John Charlton (Oct. 17, 2009) —  The internet has a way of attracting attention to the most peripheral of stories and facts; but in the case of the stories surrounding Barack Hussein Obama this is even more true, because so little is known for certain about the man, […]

Omolo says Lucas Document a "Master Forgery"

LIFE LONG FRIEND OF BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, SNR., DISCOUNTS DOCUMENT whereas Internet Sources confirm some of its facts By John Charlton (Sept. 4, 2009) — Dr. Orly Taitz has once again stunned American with the filing of an apparent birth transcript for Barack Hussein Obama II, the currently recognized U.S. President, procured by Lucas Daniel Smith, of […]

Editorial: Aug. 28, 2009 — The Mystery Behind "Barack"

By John Charlton  I was very glad and fortunate to have as my first post, an interview with a seasoned journalist from Kenya, who was a close personal friend of Barrack Hussein Obama, Senior, and a familiar associate of Sarah Obama, the US President’s co-grandmother. One of the first things to strike my interest was […]